Rabbi Riskin on Shmini Atzeret 24JEWISH ALERTS החדשות האחרונות סוכות SUKKOT 24JEWISH ALERTS

Rabbi Riskin on Shmini Atzeret – Torah Lights” 5774

“Love Your Neighbor” — Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s Insights into Shmini Atzeret, Simchat Torah and Parshat Bereishit

EmunahChannel’s channel

Hallel Sukkot -2013 at Yeshivat Chut Shel Chessed 19th Tishrie and more…


Biden Hosts Sukkot EventThe Jewish Press

Vice President Joe Biden hosted Jewish leaders at a sukkah set up at his residence. The sukkah, provided by American Friends of Lubavitch and decorated by 

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Sukkah for SukkotSun-Sentinel

Whether of simple construction or something more elaborate, spending time in a sukkah this past weekend was a favorite activity for many in the Jewish 

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Simchat Torah — A Festive HolidayJewish Times of Southern New Jersey

Israel Simchat Torah Stamp (Sept. 1996 issue) shows a colorful illustration of the inside of a synagogue during the Torah reading, with the pulpit, open Torah 

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The Jewish Pavilion establishes ‘The Bunny Club’Heritage Florida Jewish News

The Jewish Pavilion establishes ‘The Bunny Club’  The fund will be used to enrich Jewish holidaycelebrations in 54 long-term care facilities in the Orlando 

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Sukkot party hosted by Chabad of TamaracSun-Sentinel

Rabbi Mendy Engel of the Chabad of Tamarac says that every Jew should perform the mitzvah of eating in a sukkah. “Every Jew should make it their business to 

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The Supersized Sukkah Hits Los AngelesHollywood Reporter

The temporary holiday structure for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot gets the A-list  Thursday marks the last night of the Jewish festival of Sukkot, much of which 

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PHOTOS: Sukkot In IsraelSan Jose Mercury News media center

Thousands of Jews make the week-long pilgrimage to Jerusalem duringSukkot, which commemorates the desert wanderings of the Israelites after their exodus 

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Iran Jews mark Sukkot with hopes pinned on RouhaniThe Malaysian Insider

Iranian Jewish men read the holy Torah at a synagogue in downtown Tehran. – AFP pic, September 27, 2013.The Sukkot holiday has come at a time of raised 

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Groups celebrate SukkotHillsdale Collegian

Last week, the Delta Phi Alpha German honorary, and Hillsdale Chavarah partnered to celebrateSukkot, a week-long Jewish holiday. Both organizations spent 

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Federation celebrates mission trip with Sukkot partySun-Sentinel

With its mission trip to Israel about six weeks away, the Jewish Federation of Broward County hosted a pre-mission Sukkot party on Sunday, Sept. 22 at the Coral 

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Drive-thru sukkahSun-Sentinel

For Sukkot, Bet Shira Congregation in Miami constructed a drive-thru sukkah in its parking lot where guests drove into and said the blessings. One event where 

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Highlights From ‘Hakafot Shniyot’ CelebrationsArutz Sheva

Thursday night saw communities across Israel take to the streets singing and dancing with Torah scrolls in the customary conclusion to the Sukkotand Simhat 

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Harvest festival recalls Jews’ exodus from EgyptPlattsburgh Press Republican

“The Israeli pronunciation is ‘Sukkot,’” said Segall, who attends an Orthodox synagogue in Montreal. “Instead of an ‘s,’ there is a ‘t,’ so a lot of people pronounce 

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Christians from HaYovel Assist Harvest Effort in SamariaArutz Sheva

A recent Sukkot event at Har Bracha in the Shomron saw dozens of Christian volunteers join families for their annual harvest. By Kochava Rozenbaum.

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The magnificent continuity of do-nothingness in Israel’s education Haaretz

So there we go, we’ve moved from the Yom Kippur side to the Sukkot side. No big deal, three days and there we are. Simple, no? This decision by the Education 

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Just in Time for Chanukah – MAMA DONI’S JEWISH HOLIDAY Broadway World

Embracing and honoring Jewish tradition with a fresh, new approach, two-time Parents’ Choice winner Mama Doni (Doni Zasloff) sings, dances, and cooks her 

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CAJE storytelling program a real hitSun-Sentinel

Each month she acts out a story about Shabbat, Jewish holidays, Israel, Jewish heroes and heroines, or Jewish values. Families join in with Judy as she strums 

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Iran Jews mark Sukkot with hopes pinned on RouhaniAFP

Tehran — The Sukkot holiday has come at a time of raised hopes for the small Jewish community in Iran of a new approach towards minorities under the Islamic 

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Sukkot celebration of the harvest at Wakeman Town FarmMinuteman News Center

Sunday School children from the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism (CHJ) will be among those celebrating the harvest at a Sukkot party at Westport’s 

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More joyous holidays follow SukkotJewish News of Greater Phoenix

We are saddened to see the joyous holiday of Sukkot come to an end, but wait! There is more. G-d is also disappointed that the end of Sukkotis here.

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Or Chadash Religious School students participate in Grow a RowHunterdon County Democrat – NJ.com

Sukkot, a Hebrew word meaning “booths” or “huts,” refers to the Jewish festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest. It also commemorates the 40 years of Jewish 

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Eyes on the Street: Rabbi Ditches Pickup Truck for SF’s First “Pedi Streetsblog San Francisco (blog)

Up until this year, Rabbi Nosson Potash used a pickup truck to haul his sukkah — a structure used in ritual celebrations of the Jewish holiday ofSukkot — to 

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Capturing the world through photography, video and multimediaLos Angeles Times

Ultra-Orthodox Jews carrying the four species (the four plants mentioned in the Torah as being relevant to Sukkot) recite a special prayer in celebrating the 

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3 Palestinians detained for renting land to settlersMa’an News Agency

Three people are accused of allegedly renting land to settlers near the Gush Etzion settlement bloc to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The land was used 

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What’s Simchat Torah? | Coffee Shop Rabbirabbiadar

Simchat Torah (seem-CHAT toe-RAH) or (SEEM-chas TOE-rah) is a joyful day on the Jewish calender. It concludes the fall series of Jewish holidays.

Coffee Shop Rabbi

HaShem’s Avatars: Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torahpunktorah

While Shavuot probably deserves the title of Least Appreciated Jewish Holiday among progressive Jews, I’d also like to argue that the trifecta of Sukkot 


Geulah Perspectives: Simchas Torah & Breishis – Full CircleAri Goldwag

Why do we immediately return to the beginning of the Torah as we complete it? Why is the ‘party’ on the eighth day of Succos – the one that is just for the Jewish 

Geulah Perspectives

Simhat Torah cakeJerusalem Post

As an architect who loves birthdays, chocolate and baked goods, Elisheva Menachem uses fondant to model the shapes she wants and creates something new 

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Living TorahJerusalem Post

Each country has its own traditions regarding the encasing and decoration of its Torah scrolls. In Morocco, for example, it was customary to cover the scroll with a 

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Sefer Torah Represents a First for Canadian CityChabad.org

At first glance, it looked like any other community day in the park. Kids dabbled on arts-and-crafts projects while the adults mingled, enjoying refreshments on a 

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Opportunity knocksJewish News of Greater Phoenix

The Torah explains that Cain first wanted to bring an offering to G-d, and he did so with p’ri ha’adamah (fruit of the earth). Abel followed suit, but with sacrifices 

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Torah & Norman SolomonAlgemeiner

As we approach Simchat Torah, the festival of the Torah, the question of its source and authority remains at the very center of our current religious debate. But it’s 

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Simchat Torah Celebration for Boaz Albert at JailArutz Sheva

Supports of Boaz Albert, the Yitzhar resident prevented from living at home due to a restraining order will celebrate Simchat Torah in front of the Russian 

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Torah celebration honors Aleph-Bet preschool directorJewish News of Greater Phoenix

Chabad of Arizona will hold a completion ceremony for a community Torah that was written in honor of and merit for the continued recovery of Sashie Levertov, 

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Is this a way to star ta Torah?Jerusalem Post

Without naming the narrator or disclosing where the information comes from, the reader is plunged, without any introduction, smack into the grand drama itself.

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Relaxed Parking For Jewish Holidays of Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Patch.com

Simchat Torah, which begins on Thursday night means “rejoicing of the law,” when the annual cycle of reading the entire five books of the Old Testament (the 

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All the cool kids are studying Torah these daysThe Times of Israel

Are traditional Torah commentators like Rashi and Ramban not hip enough for you? Then consider a new collection of scriptural interpretations by 54 of North 

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Relaxed Parking For Jewish Holidays of Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Patch.com

Shemini Atzeret means the eighth day of assembly (following the Sukkotholiday). There’s a Jewish legend that says that as we come to the end of the almost 

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Sukkot celebration goes globalThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

Attendees enjoyed the multicultural music and dance performances on the main stage of the Israeli American Council’s Sukkot Around the World festival in 

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Jerusalem Sukkot Street Fair Brings Music, Food and CultureArutz Sheva

Jerusalem Sukkot Street Fair Brings Music, Food and Culture  eco sukkah, a blind-folded chess master, and new olim from around the world celebrate Sukkot.

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Scenes from Sukkot 2013Jewish Exponent

Enlarge Image » A boy explains the etrog and lulav to man who stopped by the Chabad of Center City’s sukkah in Rittenhouse Square. Photo by Leon 

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Students make kites to celebrate SukkotThisWeekNews

Second-grader Eva Bassik of New Albany works on a kite to celebrate the Jewish holiday Sukkot last week at the Columbus Jewish Day School in New Albany.

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Artists’ Palettes Add Flair to SukkotChabad.org

Night had fallen the Tuesday before Sukkot in Union Square, between 14th and 17th streets in New York City. The usual crowds of protesters, street hawkers 

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Sukkot Jerusalem Street Fair Special!Arutz Sheva

Audio: Sukkot Jerusalem Street Fair Special! Blind-folded chess players, an organic permaculture eco-sukkah, Jewish musicians and delicious holiday food.

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Big Bang Bentsching: Celebrating the Beginning AgainHuffington Post

Once after eating a meal on our porch in the festive tent in which we celebrate the holiday of Sukkot, my then ten-year-old son announced that he was not so 

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60000 cram Jerusalem for Sukkot marchThe Times of Israel

Thousands of Christian Evangelists attend a parade in the center of Jerusalem, marking the Jewish holiday of Sukkot or the Feast of the Tabernacles. Oct 04 

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Share this ArticleAlgemeiner

A series of photos documenting the observance of Sukkot in the Lodz Ghetto in 1941 were recently revealed by the Shem Olam Institute. The photos show the 

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‘Are You Jewish?’Jewish Daily Forward

For the thousands of Chabadniks who comb city streets in pairs overSukkot, efficiency is paramount — they aim to discern who is Jewish before they even 

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Watch: Simchat Beit Hasho’eva Celebrations Across IsraelArutz Sheva

As the festival of Sukkot draws to a close, footage from joyous celebrations Sukkot, with its unique Biblical command to “rejoice” over a new year and harvest 

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Jewish ritual goes mobile for Inland Empire faithfulSan Bernardino Sun

Sara Harlig, 9, helps her father Rabbi Sholom Harlig (center) administer the ritual of Sukkot to La Verne businessman Kenny Schonfeld, who owns Warehouse 

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Tourist tip #343 / Train service between center to south is disruptedHaaretz

From Wednesday afternoon to Thursday evening all public transport is offline anyway, for the Sukkot holiday’s end with Simchat Torah. Specifically, Israel 

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Hoshanah RabahJewish News of Greater Phoenix

The last days of Sukkot are here. Hoshanah Rabah began at sundown Tuesday and is followed by Shemini Atzeret, which begins at sundown Wednesday.

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‘High’ Holidays, Indeed: Chabad Takes to the SkiesChabad.org

In addition to whiffs of salty air, residents and visitors were able to take in the breezy notes of Sukkot as an airplane bearing a holiday message flew above them 

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Laws and Customs: Hoshanah Rabbah, Shmini Atzeres and zalman

Rabbi Shmuel Lesches, Maggid Shiur in Yeshiva Gedola of Melbourne, Australia, has compiled a guide to the laws of Hoshanah Rabbah, Shmini Atzeres and 

CrownHeights.info – Chabad News, Crown Heights News, Lubavitch News

Judaism: The Seamlessness of TorahArutz Sheva

Rabbi Berel Wein is a noted scholar, historian, speaker and educator, admired the world over for his audio tapes/CDs, videos and books, particularly on Jewish 

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Rabbi R. AppleAbout Simchat TorahArutz Sheva

Attached to the Sukkot holiday are the holidays of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. In Israel they are celebrated on the same day, in the Diaspora as two days 

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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Hachnosas Sefer Torah At Mir Yeshiva Yeshiva World News

On Monday night chol hamoed, thousands of people gathered by the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim to not only participate in the annual simchas beis hashoeva 

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Temple to host event for Simchat TorahEdison Sentinel

Temple Emanu-El, 100 James St., Edison, will celebrate Simchat Torah on Sept. 25. The event will be complete with singing, dancing and reading from the 

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Loving and dancingJerusalem Post

This is what it is called in the Torah, and this is how we refer to it in prayer.  two festivals remain separate; first Shmini Atzeret and then Simhat Torah the day 

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L’shanah Tovah

Odessa American-Sep 7, 2013
18, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, Sept. … Shemini Atzeret, the “Eighth Day of Assembly” of the festival of Sukkot will immediately follow …

Jews preserve identity in South

Shreveport Times-Sep 18, 2013
The two days after the festival, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, are separate holidays but are related to Sukkot and are commonly thought …

Give us shelter

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix-Sep 18, 2013
26 (counting Shemini Atzeret as the eighth day of the festival), is to be the season of our joy, then the call to build a temporary shelter sounds …

Q & A: L’David Hashem Ori (Part III)

The Jewish Press-Sep 18, 2013
Question: In L’David Hashem Ori – which we recite from the beginning of Elul until Shemini Atzeret – we read the following: “Bikrov alay …

Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah 101

Jewish Exponent-
Coming at the conclusion of Sukkot are the holidays of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. In Israel and among liberal Jews, they are …

Weather: Scattered Showers in the North and Center

Arutz Sheva-9 hours ago
Fair and slightly warmer weather is forecast for Thursday’s Shemini Atzeret holiday, followed by clear to partly cloudy skies and no significant …

Spare Times for Children for Sept. 20-26

New York Times-Sep 19, 2013
From 11 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.; until 8 p.m. on Thursdays; closed all day this Friday for Sukkot and next Thursday for Shemini Atzeret; 1109 Fifth …

After the Yom Kippur fast, Sukkot is a welcome feast

Tallahassee Democrat (blog)-by Travis Pillow-Sep 20, 2013
The first day is a sabbath-like holiday when work is forbidden, followed by the intermediate Chol Hamoed and Shemini Atzeret. The Hebrew …

  1. First rain of the season falls in Israel

    Jerusalem Post-Sep 21, 2013
    Later this week, Jews will recite the prayer asking for a plentiful season of rain during the Shemini Atzeret holiday which marks the end of …
  2. 2013 Palm Beach Sukkot Calendar

    Palm Beach Daily News-Sep 17, 2013
    25 — Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. Services and … 25 — First night Shemini Atzeret: Mincha 6:50 p.m.; candle lighting, 6:54 p.m..
  3. The harvest festival: Time to reestablish a vegetarian diet

    Jerusalem Post-Sep 17, 2013
    A shift to vegetarianism is a way to be consistent with many values and teachings related to the joyous festivals of Succot, Shemini Atzeret, and …
  4. Dances with Torahs: A roundup of Simchat Torah events

    Jewish News of Greater Phoenix-Sep 19, 2013
    26, on the heels of Shemini Atzeret, which begins at sundown Wednesday, Sept. 25. These are some events around the Valley that celebrate …

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