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The Kosher Convert: Chanukah Beignets

The first episode of The Kosher Convert features a delicious New Orleans style Beignet recipe.

Jacques Pepin’s Chanukah Celebration – Trailer

Celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights with a light, French-inspired Chanukah dinner menu. It begins with a sparkling Consommé Printanier with a colorful sprinkling of carrot, turnip, zucchini, and miniature Chicken Quenelles. Then its a silky Cold Mousse of Chicken and Pistachios with a beautiful garnish set in aspic. A soulful Veal Roast with buttery braised lettuce is the hearty centerpiece of the meal. And Jacques serves it with crispy, golden Vegetable Pancakes Tempura — his homage to the traditional Chanukah potato latke. For dessert, theres a spectacular Frozen Citrus Soufflé surrounded by a crown of freshly-baked lady fingers served alongside a classic rum-soaked Holiday Fruit Cake, brimming with Jacques own homemade candied fruit.

Happy Hanukkah – recipe for Sharon-Fruit Latkes presents: Israelicious – Israeli cooking show with Phillis Glazer. this is a great video recipe for Persimon Latkes, a special dish for Hanukkah