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10/9/2013 – Sefer Haftarah, Lekh-Lekha and more!

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October 10, 2013
A New Play Wakes up and Smells the Russian-Jewish BorschtFor years academics have been arguing over what makes today’s Russian Jews Jewish. Religion? Language? Yiddishkait? No.

Covers, a new production by the Russian-Jewish-Americantheater group Lost and Found offers an answer to this question: books.

Based on personal stories of its young performers and writers,Covers is a multigenerational family drama: immigrant parents worry about their son, whose career climb is thwarted by a mental breakdown, and the cousins next door grapple with the death of their grandfather.

Always present in these dramas is Russian literature. Lots of it. Piled up on tables and floors and flung across the stage, some of these books are even used as sex toys. At the play’s end, in a lyrical denouement, each character, including the grandfather’s ghost, recite Russian poetry until their voices blend into a chorus.

In contrast with some of the immigration dramas of yesteryear, such as The Melting Pot by Israel ZangwillCoversdelivers no celebratory message of America the beautiful. Instead, the characters keep questioning their choices as they vacillate between nostalgia and resentment. They lost the old home, but what did they find in the new one? And who did they become in the process?

– Olga Gershenson

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Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy

by Sara Debbie Gutfreund
Real pleasure and self-esteem come through genuine challenge.

Helping Children Overcome Fear

by Sarah Chana Radcliffe, M.Ed., C.Psych.Assoc.
Cultivating trust in God.

Thank God for Shabbat

by Mrs. Lori Palatnik
Disconnecting in order to relate to each other.

If It Ain’t Broke; Fix It

by Rabbi Yaakov Salomon
What are you waiting for?

On Leadership: The Courage Not To Conform

by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
To be a Jew is to be willing to challenge the prevailing consensus.
Editor’s Pick:

Body Electric

by Rabbi Akiva Tatz
What was Abraham’s major contribution to the world? It’s not what you think.
Flyer- Krohn and Wein
The Destiny Foundation & Congregation Edmond J. Safra present:
A Conversation with
Rabbi Berel Wein
Rabbi Paysach Krohn 
and Rabbi Elie Abadie
Moderated by Rabbi Yaakov Astor
The Future of Orthodoxy in America
Join us for an evening of observation and insight as experiences are related and views offered on the Jewish world as it was- and what the future might hold.
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
7:30 PM
Cong. Edmond J. Safra
11 E 63rd St.
New York, NY 10065
Admission: $18 Open seating, $25 at the door
Program Sponsors – 
Reserved Seating: $500, $360, $180 – with gifts. Dedication in memory or in honor will be listed in the evenings program
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Theater, classical music and culture events: “My Mother’s Italian, My Ventura County Star

Steve Solomon’s mother was Italian, his father was Jewish and, he readily admits,  “Kiss Me, Kate”: Cabrillo Music Theatre kicks off its 20th anniversary season 

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Jewish Community in Quebec Stands FirmShalom Life

An analysis of Canada’s 2011 census suggests that Quebec’s Jewishpopulation had not dropped below the 90,000 threshold, a stat that was a concern for 

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Study: Jewish Israelis Don’t Trust Obama on IranShalom Life

A new study conducted by the Israel Democracy Peace Index and Tel Aviv University between September 30th and October 1st surveyed both JewishIsraelis 

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Stephen Colbert to Jews: Stop ‘Cockblocking’ Our HolidaysShalom Life

Last Wednesday, Stephen Colbert implored the nation to fight back against the Jewish encroachment on thanksgiving this year on his show, The Colbert Report.

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Estonian Jews Invest With Confidence in Community’s

A youngster when change came to Estonia with the dismantling of communism, Dmitri was witness to the dramatic transformation in Jewish life here. In 1990 

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Jewish Film Festival to bring more than 6000 viewersRU Daily Targum

The festival began when a Rutgers alumna approached the Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life and offered funding from the Karma 

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Kibbutz exhibit traces movement’s journey, historyDaily Californian

In “To Build & Be Built: Kibbutz History,” the Contemporary Jewish Museum investigates the social movement that redefined Jewish life in the modern era.

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How about shiva for the divorced?Jewish Telegraphic Agency

For a people who tend to apply ritual to almost every aspect of life, I wonder why we Jews haven’t yet prescribed a set of shiva-like rituals for divorce. When a 

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Promoting Jewish Medical Awareness In Boca RatonThe Jewish Press

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) will present Life in the Balance: Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas, the institute’s new six-session Fall 

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Jewish leaders get advanced degrees at first Spertus

He added, “We have a cadre of people who have studied together, who are in the same mindset ofJewish life, and they will be able to work together in the way 

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In Kiryat Malachi, saving Ethiopian families and livesJewish Post

The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona fund a variety of programs in our TIPS (Tucson, Israel, 

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MazelTotz’ share the joy of Judaism in Woodcliff

Through the program, parents and grandparents can share the joy of Judaism and the Jewish holidays with their young child. The group, available to the Jewish 

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READER SUBMITTED: Food & Foodies Open The 21st Annual Hartford Courant

The year-long festival includes three more signature author events, children’s events, book club programs, and Jewish Book Week. Tickets to Jewish Book 

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Jewish Rapper Urges Viewers to ‘Boycott Israel’Tablet Magazine

 while events calling for the boycott of Israel draw angry protests and charged rhetoric. That’s why, when Jewish reggae singer Ari Lesser was approached by 

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Giving HopeConnecticut Jewish Ledger

Since Sukkot is a harvest holiday, the folks at Congregation Beth El in Fairfield figured it  And so, the synagogue’s annual Sukkot Interfaith Luncheon was born.

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Hobby Lobby’s Hanukkah Decoration Fiasco

by Yvette Alt Miller
The company inadvertently reminds us the meaning of the holiday.

Staying Jewish at Penn State

by Laura Deutsch
Did I do enough? Reflections of a mother of a college freshman.

Dating and Texting

by Aleeza Ben Shalom
She uses text as a form of conversation. I prefer to have a meaningful conversation over the phone.

Simple and Healthy

by Elizabeth Kurtz
Easy recipes for getting back to a healthy routine.

Q and A for Teens: Afraid to Enjoy the Joy

by Lauren Roth
I have a good life, but I’m afraid something bad is going to happen.

Actualité – [Vidéo] Lorsque Ra’hel Iménou protégea ses soldats à Gaza…

9 Octobre 2013

A l’occasion de la Hiloula de Notre Matriarche Rachel le 11 ‘ Hechvan pendant laquelle la Yéchiva “Vayizra’ Itshak” de Jerusalem priera pour toutes vos demandes, voici une histoire datant de Janvier 2009, lorsque nos soldats d’Israel combattaient à Gaza lors de l’opération “Plomb Durci”.
– Accès Vidéo : Rachel notre Matriarche à Gaza –

Ce dimanche 21 octobre 2012, le soldat de Tsahal Avner Azoulay s’est entretenu à la radio israélienne « Moréchét », et a raconté de sa propre voix l’histoire avec « Ra’hel iménou » lors de l’opération « Plomb durci » à Gaza.

Au cours de l’opération « Plomb durci » et après cette dernière, une rumeur sur des soldats ayant racontés que Ra’hel iménou se serait dévoilé à eux durant la guerre, en les mettant en garde contre l’entrée dans des bâtiments piégés, a parcouru tout le pays.

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Torah-Box & vous – Vos Prières pour la Hiloula de Notre Mère Rahel

8 Octobre 2013

Hiloula de “Rahel notre mère” dans quelques jours !

Le 15 Octobre 2013 aura lieu l’un des plus grands moments de l’année soit la Hiloula, l’anniversaire de décès de Ra’hel Iménou, notre sainte Matriarche Rachel”, sa mémoire est source de bénédictions.

Nos Sages nous enseignent que le jour de la Hiloula, les portes du Ciel sont grandes ouvertes, et les Saints peuvent intervenir en notre faveur afin que nos prières soient agréées.

Le commentateur “Rachi” (Midrach Raba-Berechit 49–7) rapporte que notre Mère Rachel fut enterrée sur la route de Beth Le’hem afin que ses enfants en exil puissent prier sur sa tombe et qu’elle puisse prier pour eux, tant c’est important !

Plus que cela, le Zohar (3 – 70b) affirme que “sans les prières des Tsadikim, le monde ne pourrait pas perdurer un seul instant“. Les Tsadikim protègent le monde, plus encore après leur mort que pendant leur vie terrestre.

Profitons ensemble de ce grand moment.

Notre Yéchiva prie pour vous – transmettez vos demandes !

Le jour de cette Hiloula, les étudiants et Rabbanim de notre Yéchiva “Vayizra’ Itshak / Torah-Box” dédieront une journée d’étude de Torah et prieront pour toutes vos demandes de bénédictions : réussite matérielle, mariage, enfants, santé, téchouva, chalom bayit, élévation d’âme, bonne délivrance,…

Pour envoyer vos demandes de bénédictions :

1/ Cliquez sur le lien :

2/ Transmettez vos noms à travers le formulaire : elles seront transmises à la Yéchiva le jour de la Hiloula de Ra’hel Iménou.

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Education des enfants – L’enfant ? Lui apprendre à apprendre

7 Octobre 2013

Le Roi Salomon nous dit : חֲנֹךְ לַנַּעַר עַל פִּי דַרְכּוֹ גַּם כִּי יַזְקִין לֹא יָסוּר מִמֶּנָּה (“Eduque le jeune homme dès le début de sa vie, afin qu’il ne s’en écarte pas en vieillissant.”)

Ce verset de Michlé précise que le ’Hinoukh consiste à faire acquérir à l’enfant une bonne conduite afin qu’il la préserve quand il ne sera plus sous la tutelle de ses parents. Le Saba de Kelem remarque une anomalie : Chlomo dit d’éduquer l’enfant ‘afin qu’il ne s’en écarte pas’ – à quoi ce ‘s’en’ fait-il allusion ? A une bonne conduite ? Ce complément d’objet manque dans la première partie du verset ! Et de déduire : afin qu’il ne s’écarte de s’éduquer en vieillissant ! Le devoir d’apprendre à l’enfant à apprendre est explicite dans le verset !

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Actualité – L’accès difficile au Tombeau de Ra’hel Iménou à Bethléem

7 Octobre 2013

A l’occasion de la Hiloula de Ra’hel Iménou le 11 ‘ Hechvan (ce 15 octobre) pendant laquelle notre Yéchiva priera pour toutes vos demandes depuis le Tombeau, voici un article qui nous rappelle le mérite de pouvoir accéder au Tombe de notre matriarche Rachel, ce qui n’a été possible qu’étape par étape depuis des décennies.

Même pendant les périodes les plus difficiles de leur histoire, les Juifs ont toujours fait leur pèlerinage sur le tombeau de Ra’hel Imeinou, (Rachel) à Bethléem. Mais aujourd’hui, grâce aux efforts de militants dévoués, ce sont des milliers de Juifs qui peuvent effectuer cette émouvante visite.

Une de ces militantes est Myriam Addani, de Bayit Vegan, fondatrice et directrice du Fonds pour le Kever Ra’hel et présidente de l’association ” Yech Sa’har liféoulate’h “, qui œuvre inlassablement à la préservation de l’accès juif au Kever Ra’hel et au maintien d’une présence juive en ce lieu.

Il n’a pas été facile de rencontrer Myriam Addani, mère de sept enfants qui est occupée jour et nuit par sa famille et par le Kever Ra’hel ; la première fois que nous l’avons contactée, elle préparait la visite au Kever Ra’hel du Rebbe de Sanz, qui est arrivé une demi-heure plus tard, accompagné de centaines de ‘Hassidim… Pendant notre interview, elle a été interrompue plusieurs fois par des appels de l’Agence juive, qui rénove le site, et qui avait besoin de l’autorisation de la police pour effectuer des changements sur les lieux. En quelques minutes, Mme Addani a obtenu l’autorisation nécessaire : ” Tout a commencé il y a 16 ans, raconte Myriam Addani, lorsque j’ai voulu faire quelque chose pour le Klal Israël. J’ai organisé une grande conférence à Jérusalem avec quelque 3 000 femmes, sur le sujet de l’unité d’Israël. À l’issue de cette réunion, nous avons décidé de travailler sur un sujet qui fasse l’objet d’un consensus pour tous les Juifs, et nous avons choisi le Kever Ra’hel “.

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What the Pew Study Can & Can’t Teach Us

The recent Pew survey on American Jewry has sparked interesting debates and some hand-wringing already, but Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz is wary of those who jump to conclusions or misread the data. MORE>

A Surprising Finding About Spirituality

Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan encourages us to rethink how we talk about spirituality in light of the finding that 2/3rds of American Jews believe in God. MORE>

Thoughts on the Government Shutdown

Nos Sages – Rav Ovadia : “On sauve une âme juive avec dévouement et empressement”

9 Octobre 2013

A la fin de son cours hebdomadaire après ChabbathRav Ovadia Yossef descendait les marches de la synagogue quand un juif, qui semblait avoir opéré depuis peu son retour aux sources, l’aborda et lui embrassa la main.

Il lui demanda : « Le Rav pourrait-il écrire quelques mots à l’attention de ma femme, pour lui dire qu’il est interdit de posséder une télévision à la maison ? C’est un sujet de tensions importantes entre nous qui risque de mettre en péril la paix dans notre couple. »

Le Rav lui répondit : « Je viens immédiatement chez vous pour lui expliquer que posséder cet appareiltamé est interdit. C’est un instrument qui abime et détruit l’âme des enfants et de tous les membres de la maison. »

L’homme lui dit : « Cela me gêne que le Rav se dérange, en particulier à une heure si tardive. Le Ravpourrait se contenter d’écrire une petite lettre, c’est suffisant. » Mais Rav Ovadia Yossef s’obstina : « C’est inutile. Je viens tout de suite et avec l’aide de D.ieu, j’espère la convaincre ! » L’homme accepta et ajouta : « S’il en est ainsi, je vais avertir ma femme que le Rav va venir demain. Quelle heure convient au Rav ? » Cependant, le Rav réitéra sa volonté de venir immédiatement : « Il est interdit d’attendre jusqu’à demain. Où habitez-vous ? » « Dans le quartier de Ramot à Jerusalem », répondit l’homme. « Venez, mettons-nous en route rapidement », décida le Rav.

Le mari téléphona à sa femme et l’avertit de la venue du Rav : « C’est un grand honneur et une bénédiction pour notre maison. » La femme s’en réjouit et, en attendant, prépara l’accueil de cet invité prestigieux. A leur arrivée, le Rav s’installa avec le couple. Il commença à dire des paroles de Moussar, à expliquer combien cet instrument détestable s’appropriait et détruisait tout ce qu’il y a de bon dans les foyers juifs, que D.ieu nous en préserve.

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Monde de la Torah – Hesped du Rav Ovadia : “Une vie sacrifiée pour le peuple d’Israël” (Rav Banon)

9 Octobre 2013

Hesped (oraison funèbre) de notre maître et guide Rav Ovadia Yossef : 

– Son assiduité, chaque seconde était consacrée à la Torah… dormant 2h par nuit
– L’amour pour la Torah, un coeur puissant vis à vis de son prochain
– Quel coin et recoin d’Israel n’a pas accueilli le Rav Ovadia pour un cours ?
– Son sauvetage des femmes “Agounot” après la guerre de Kippour
– La fausse image que la presse laïque souhaite lui donner comme “chef d’un parti politique”…
– Sa seule inquiétude : combien de nouvelles écoles de Torah, synagogues et mikvés construits ?
– Accès Vidéo : Hesped Maran Rav Ovadia : par rav Banon –
Par le Rav Ouri Banon, Roch-Collel et directeur des institutions Kol It’shak dans le quartier de Ramot 06 à Jerusalem.

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Chabad’s Learning Series Returns With End-of-Life

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) will present Life in the Balance: Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas the institute’s new six-session Fall 

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Startup Club: Clear Sky AppsShalom Life

Jewish businessmen and innovators continue to excel throughout these  Shalom Life is pleased to present: Startup Club, highlighting the best and the brightest 

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Are Young Jews Actually More Connected Than Believed?The Jewish Week

After a long wait, the American Jewish community once again has a rich, large national demographic study of American Jewish life to learn from and argue about 

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The number of Jews in Denmark has dropped, partly because of anti European Jewish Press

“For young people that are considering how to live their lives, it is of course tempting to choose to live in Israel or the United States, where to beJewish is not 

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Seeking to engage disaffected

The center’s Religion & Public Life Project, which interviewed 3,475 Jewsfrom February to June, found that 62 percent of them believe that beingJewish is 

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18th Century Haggadah Found in U.K. GarageShalom Life

A rare 18th-century Jewish Haggadah has been found inside a random cardboard box located in a U.K. garage, according to the BBC. The Haggadah, which 

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Amid negative engagement trend, Jewish funders see validation in St. Louis Jewish Light

That’s the question facing major funders of American Jewish life following the release last week of the Pew Research Center’s survey on U.S. Jews. The study 

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Pole who helped save Jews donates items to museumValley morning Star

The multi-media core exhibition at the museum is to open next year and will document the thousand-year-long history of Jewish life and culture in Poland.

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A Plea For Diversity In WorshipThe Jewish Week

But the conundrum is even deeper than this: Were everyone to have more or less the same image of what the ideal Jewish communal life is (in worship, study 

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Are you a good Hebrew?Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

After all, the nation of Israel was formed years later, during the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. But Abraham was certainly the first “Hebrew.” But why this 

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Shas Council of Torah Sages backs Lion for Jerusalem mayorJerusalem Post

Shas’s Council of Torah Sages endorsed Jerusalem mayoral hopeful Moshe Lion as the party’s preferred candidate in a letter published on Wednesday.

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Shaare Torah begins monthly Sephardic Shabbat

A Sephardic Jew of Egyptian and Turkish ancestry, Avi Avishai was raised in a pretty secular household, but with a strong sense of cultural Sephardic identity.

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Chabad of Phoenix dedicates ‘Sashie’s TorahJewish News of Greater Phoenix

Joining in the Torah procession of “Sashie’s Torah” are, from left, Rabbi Moshe Levertov with his son, Chezky; Rabbi Shlomy Levertov; and Sashie’s father, 

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Council of Torah Sages Comes Out for Moshe LionArutz Sheva

In a special meeting convened by the Council of Torah Sages last night (Tuesday), it was decided to formally back Moshe Lion as candidate for mayor of 

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Tarbut V’Torah student aces essay contestOCRegister (subscription)

Matthew Cohen, a senior at Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School in Irvine, placed in the top 23 honorable mentions in an essay contest sponsored by the 

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Without Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Shas could splitHaaretz

Analysis || Without Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Shas could split. What happened to the United Torah Judaism party could happen to the more powerful Shas.

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Voices of Faith: What place does personal identity have in faith?Kansas City Star

Rabbi Mark H. Levin, Congregation Beth-Torah, Kansas City, Mo.: Identity influences faith. Formative childhood experiences often determine adult religion.

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FBI, Ramapo police raid Monsey yeshivaThe Journal News |

MONSEY — The FBI descended late Wednesday on Yeshiva Shaarei Torah in connection with an investigation into a gang that pressured men into giving their 

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A View From The Beis MedrashThe Jewish Press

In the largest levayah in Israel’s history, police estimate that as many as 850,00 people were in attendance in Yerushalayim in tribute to this Torah giant.

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NYBC Auditions – Jewish Music ReportKol Isha

AUDITIONS FOR THE NEW YORK BOYS CHOIR A fun-filled & uplifting music program for boys ages 6-14 that are talented and passionate about music AT THE 

Jewish Music Report

Spielberg brings musical talents to NighttownCleveland Jewish News

Spielberg has sold more than 1 million copies of her 16 CDs, her music is played at people’s weddings and funerals, and many fans have told her she’s helped 

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September Tourism Drops by 16%Arutz Sheva

The Ministry said that the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot all fell in September and that contrary to what some think, the festivals do 

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Bubby’s Noodle KugelBaltimore Sun

Claire Green from Parkton was looking for a recipe for a noodle kugel like the one she remembers her grandmother making for the Jewish holidays when she 

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Sharsheret raising awareness through eventsSun-Sentinel

Sharsheret is raising awareness of breast and ovarian cancer this month by sponsoring several events throughout the tri-county South Florida area.

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Expanded Series of Lectures, Conversations, and Events Begins in Broadway World

The Jewish Museum’s diverse program offerings in October include gallery talks with artists Elaine Reichek and the avant-garde fashion collective 

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Jewish Bookfair has full slate of authorsThisWeekNews

The Columbus Jewish Bookfair will mark its 50th year with a series of events from  The eventbegan 50 years ago as a celebration of Jewish Book Month.

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Muslim, Jewish women celebrate SukkotNew Jersey Jewish News

Atiya Aftab, left, and Amaney Jamal were among the Muslim women from the Sisterhood of Salaam/Shalom who celebrated Sukkot with Jewish friends.

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Shalom, Vienna: A Jewish Culture GuideShalom Life

The nature of Jewish life in the city over the centuries can be characterized by times of prosperity, punctuated by times of extreme discrimination and persecution 

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Promoting Jewish Medical Awareness In NorthbrookChicago Tribune

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) will present it’s new six week fall course, Life in the Balance: Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas, 

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At centennial, United Synagogue aims to retool Conservative JudaismJewish Telegraphic Agency

“This convention is an opportunity to pull all those people together who care about the future of an egalitarian, pluralistic and traditional approach to Jewish life

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Holocaust survivor shares life experiencesThe Stylus

She told the crowd that for 500 years Poland was known as the Jewish paradise.  Later on in life, she said she found out that a lot of the children at the convent 

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A call to healSun-Sentinel

With this special issue of the Journal we are reminded of the many lives that  Rabbi Yaakov Thompson is the producer of To Life, L’Chaim, seen on Jewish Life 

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Jew or Not JewShalom Life

Shalom Life speaks to the founders of the popular ‘who’s Jewish?’ site on their latest venture: using Kickstarter to crowd-fund a new book called ’50 States – 50 

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Documentarian Explores the Significance of Custom Yarmulkes Shalom Life

The project seeks to answer the question, “What does it mean to be Jewish in the modern world?” With yarmulkes depicting images of Batman, Homer Simpson, 

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Jews at Williams’ documents minority struggle at CollegeThe Williams record

The book, commissioned by the College, shines a light on both the positive and negative aspects of Jewish life. The book’s author, Benjamin Wurgaft, combed 

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Jewish leader resigns from European Jewish ParliamentEuropean Jewish Press

”Religious freedom is under attack in Europe and I need to concentrate all my efforts in protecting Jewish life in Europe,” says Rabbi Margolin. Based in 

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I’m No Pew Survey Poster ChildJewish Daily Forward (blog)

Until recently, I was a poster-child for the kind of attrition from Jewish lifethat the recent Pew Study, subject of so much angst in the media, describes. I eschewed 

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Torah Dedicated to Arizona Shlucha’s Recovery | zalman

Friends, family and members of the local Jewish community gathered at the Chabad of Arizona Jewish Center in Phoenix to celebrate the completion of a Sefer – Chabad News, Crown Heights News, Lubavitch News

Another Setback For Amb. Ron Prosor – The Torah RevolutionAriel ben Yochanan

B”H – Under this man’s watch the PA became a UN state. Now Iran gets top disarmament position. This UN Ambassador evidently is incapable and should be 

The Torah Revolution: Everything that Hashem has spoken we shall do (Shemos [Ex.] 19:8)

Alpharetta Congregation Gesher L’Torah wins two

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The Gesher L’Torah was chosen out of 175 applicants for two Centennial Schechter awards through the United Synagogue of 

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Sinai And The Social ContractThe Jewish Week

The Torah explains that all of us were present to accept the Law at Mount Sinai (Deuteronomy 29:14). How can this be – if I was not physically present, let alone 

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R’ Shteinman Shlita: Stop Talking Elections! Learn Torah!Yeshiva World News

sht HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita opened the winter zman with a schmooze in his yeshiva, Orchos Torah in Bnei Brak. Among the points 

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Reflections After The Petira Of Rav Ovadia Yosef ZATZALYeshiva World News

Perhaps it is because I am still in shock from yesterday that I find myself penning my thoughts after the Petirah of the Great Torah Giant, HaRav Ovadia Yosef 

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MK Kalpa: No Cuts to Foreign Students in Torah BudgetArutz Sheva

MK Kalpa: No Cuts to Foreign Students in Torah Budget. MK Zevulun Kalpa (Jewish Home) announced today (Tuesday) during the Cabinet Finance Committee 

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Political leaders, thousands of followers pay respects to Yosef’s familyJerusalem Post

“He would say constantly ,’What will be with the yeshiva students? What will be with the Torahworld?’” he said. “We implore you from the heart: Do what you can 

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Can People Live Longer than 120 Years?The Jewish Press (blog)

Interestingly enough, the Torah Temimah does this and more. He quotes the Jerusalam Talmud in Nazir that asks how it’s possible for people to only live to 120 

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Rabbi Nagari: ‘Jewish State’ beat ‘State of Tel Aviv’Arutz Sheva

“The Torah ultimately won, and in its purity, will continue to win,” he said. “He wasn’t just shut up in a beit medrash [hall of Torah study – ed.], he was ‘in the 

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Prof. Gilon ‘Moved’ by Rabbi Yosef’s ‘Welcome’ on Entering RoomArutz Sheva

He was particularly moved by the efforts Israel’s leading Torah scholar had made to welcome him to his hospital room and thank him whenever he was able.

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Friday service to be held outdoorsNews Transcript

Friday service to be held outdoors. MARLBORO — On Oct. 11 at 8 p.m., Temple Rodeph Torah, Mohawk Drive, will host its first Shabbat Under the Stars service.

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Big bash planned to celebrate 5 years of giving Jewish books, music jewishpresstampa

PJ Library’s 5th Birthday Extravaganza – a giant celebration featuring singing, dancing, pizza, punch, party games, birthday cake and, of course, PJ Library 

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Broadway musical ‘Soul Doctor’ to close

“It tells the fascinating story of the father of popular Jewish music, Shlomo Carlebach, and his unlikely friendship with Nina Simone,” the synopsis said.

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Special Prayers at the Kotel - 40 days until the 8th of Chanukah!!

Rabbi Mourned in New York, Becomes Divisive Issue in Mayoral RaceWall Street Journal

 events at synagogues and schools throughout the city on Monday, and he expects more events over the next 30 days. “It’s a monumental event in the Jewish 

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Candidate: Prioritize Jewish Culture Over Formula 1Arutz Sheva

We need to focus on Jewish cultural activities too,” King stated. He added he was not against such cultural events but lamented prioritizing them over Jewish 

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Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, founder of Shas and Sephardic sage, dies at 93Jewish Telegraphic Agency

“He worked greatly to enhance Jewish heritage and at the same time, his rulings took into consideration the times and the realities of renewedlife in the State of 

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Gobble tov! American Jews ready for ThanksgivukkahRichmond Times Dispatch

An extremely rare convergence this year of Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah has created a frenzy of Talmudic proportions.

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Holocaust Survivor Found ‘Home’ at 92nd Street YWall Street Journal

She is donating $500,000 to support the Himan Brown Senior Program and the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at the 92Y. The gift is in her name and that of 

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Promoting Jewish medical awareness in Hunterdon CountyHunterdon County Democrat –

Life in the Balance is designed to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish 

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Bradford’s hidden historyJewish Chronicle

 The Bradford Jewish Heritage Trail celebrates 140 years of Jewish life. “The fortunes of Bradford Jews rose and fell in line with the city’s general prosperity 

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Jewish Rapper’s ‘Boycott Israel’ Suggests You ‘Boycott Other Shalom Life

Ari Lesser is making a run to become this generation’s Matisyahu, and he’s doing a fairly decent job at it. The Cleveland-born songwriter, rapper and spoken 

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AboutThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

If you’re pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Jewish identity building, what  number of U.S. Jews engaging with Jewish life and religion is plummeting?

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The Passing of a Revolutionary Rabbinical LeaderThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

Ashkenazi Jews don’t register people for marriage between the fast of the seventeen  compromise is halachically allowed should it lead to the saving of lives.

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Netanyahu, Peres remember ‘Torah giant’Jerusalem Post

“Rav Ovadia was a giant in Torah and Halacha and a spiritual leader for tens of thousands,” Netanyahu said. “He worked hard to enhance Jewish heritage, and 

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Israel Strikes More Oil in Area Discovered on Basis of Torah VerseThe Jewish Press

Moses made the right turn after all. In his song at the end of the Torah he spoke of ‘precious things of “Givat HaOlam.” The hidden meaning of “precious things” 

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1828 Czech village synagogue restoredHaaretz

Torah scroll found in the synagogue’s attic during the restoration was used in  “It was really very exciting because obviously the Torah had not been used in 

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Jewish Rapper’s ‘Boycott Israel’ Suggests You ‘Boycott Other Shalom Life

The Cleveland-born songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist, “raps from the perspective of various personalities in the Tanach,” and tries to bring “the Torah to 

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Maran’s Condition is Critical: Fighting for his Life [UPDATED 10:44 IL]Yeshiva World News

We must undertake to be more diligent in adherence to Torah and mitzvos. The rav’s entire life is dedicated to bringing all of us closer to Torah and we must all, 

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Author Dale Stanten to speak about novelWicked Local

 will present author, Dale Stanten, who will speak about her novel, A Hooker’s Daughter on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton 

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Levaya Of Reb Avrohom (Abe) Schwartzman Z”LYeshiva World News

He leaves behind his wife and a beautiful Mishpacha of Bnei and Bnos Torah all following in his ways or Torah and Chessed which he was well known for.

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No Chayn, No GainArutz Sheva

The Torah tell us that there is one trait that mitigates strict Divine judgment, and  The Torah tell us that there is one trait that mitigates strict Divine judgment, and 

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Netanyahu: Yosef’s halachic decision took into consideration the Jerusalem Post

Rav Ovadia was a giant in Torah and halacha and a spiritual leader for tens of thousands,” Netanyahu said. “He worked hard to glorify the heritage of Israel.

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Kosel Rav Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz On Petira Of Chacham Ovadia Yeshiva World News

His spiritual guidance and ahavas Yisrael aside his greatness in Torahbrought him to reestablish the greatness of Sephardic Jewry and he left special mark on 

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Best bets for Oct. 7Times Herald-Record

“SONGS FROM ATLANTIS” — “Songs From Atlantis: Exploring a Jewish Music Archive From 1948″ interpretive talk is at 5 p.m. at the Honors Center at SUNY 

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A Minute With – Conductor Fischer on his “blood libel” first operaReuters India

The gruesome story, set to music in Fischer’s one-act “The Red Heifer”, is based on an incident in the Hungarian village of Tiszaeszlar, where Jews were 

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Gobble tov! American Jews ready for ThanksgivukkahAsbury Park Press

An extremely rare convergence this year of Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah has created a frenzy of Talmudic proportions. There’s the number crunching: 

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Fight Continues to Close Schools for Islamic

State law requires Maryland schools to close on the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter, and eight out of 24 counties close on major Jewishholidays as 

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Jewish Rapper’s ‘Boycott Israel’ Suggests You ‘Boycott Other Shalom Life

Throughout his music, under the moniker Ari the MC, he sings and raps about religion and the Torah, notably about Jewish holidays, but is now also venturing 

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