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New Zealand Muslim and Jewish leaders gather in solidarity eventSt. Louis Jewish Light

(JTA) – Leaders of New Zealand’s Jewish and Muslim communities participated in events to promote solidarity and understanding. The Jewish and Muslim 
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Judaism: Vayera: Denying LogicArutz Sheva

But is this not the nature of things in today’s Jewish world as well? After the most negative of extraordinary events of sadistic cruelty that we call the Holocaust, 
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UJS leader warns of new threat — ‘free Judaism’Jewish Chronicle

David Brown, who joined UJS in June, said groups offering these events were detracting from the work of campus Jewish societies. He said: “The UJS believes 
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70th anniversary of Minsk ghetto destruction to be marked 20-21 News of Belarus

MINSK, 18 October (BelTA) – Events timed to the 70th anniversary of the liquidation  The Union of the Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities 
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The Real Jewish Day School Crisis

by Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
The American Jewish day school system has failed in epic proportions.

Fighting in Front of the Children

by Emuna Braverman
Kids need to see some disagreements: and amicable conflict resolution.

Judgmental Fiancé

by Rosie Einhorn, L.C.S.W. and Sherry Zimmerman, J.D., M.Sc.
He’s wonderful and caring but he has a hard time seeing that there are other valid perspectives.

Our Mother Rachel

by Dina Coopersmith
What is so special about Rachel that we commemorate her death more than any of the other matriarchs and patriarchs?

Be a Giver

by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
How to bring the reality of God into the world.

Way #1: Be Aware of Every Moment

by Rabbi Noah Weinberg
To achieve significant results in life, the effort must be constant. Don’t waste a minute.
Editor’s Pick:

Jewry Duty

by Jeff Astrof
I wear the kippah for 15 minutes and I’m already bad for the J

Real Life in the Heart of Judea-Samaria aka ‘West Bank’The Jewish Press (blog)

She alluded to the lack of freedom and honesty she feels where she nowlives. She has no problems living peacefully with Jews and Israelis. I have no doubt 
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Troubling Stats Released About European Anti-SemitismShalom Life

A survey of 5,100 Jewish Europeans in nine countries revealed that fear of prejudice and even violence is affecting the daily lives of Jewishcommunities, who 
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JLI offers adult courses on medical

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute will offer “Life in the Balance: Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas” at some 600 locations around the globe 
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In a sign of Polish Jewry revival, new JCC set to open in

( In a sign of the growing revival of Polish Jewish life, a new Jewish Community Center is set to open in Warsaw on Oct. 27. The new JCC, which will be 
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CBS: Life expectancy expected to rise significantly in next 40 yearsJerusalem Post

According to the projections, among Jewish males in the country, life expectancy is expected to increase from 79.7 years in 2008, to 88.7 years between the 
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Celebrate Prom While Raising Charity Awareness at this Year’s Shalom Life

We are the future of JNF,” said JPROM co-chair, Sandra Vadasz. “I get to be involved in my community, meet young Jewish professionals and give back to Israel.
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Planting a new lifeThe South Florida Times

Many will live their entire lives, only to die in the wilderness, simply because weíre afraid to march toward our promised land. The Jewish exile story is a tragic 
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Breakthrough Jew – Joshua MillerShalom Life

Hot, hip, and heady, the next wave of Jewish artists and influencers has already  “It was a tough, very isolating time in my life,” Miller explained in an interview, 
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ON THE MOVEPlain Dealer

The Mandel Jewish Community Center: Nancy Zimmerman has been promoted to the position ofJewish Life and Culture Director. Ulmer & Berne LLP: Michael 
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Jewish History Comes Full-Circle in Green

A recent transplant from the bustling Jewish neighborhood in West Rogers Park in Chicago, Hupert says the Feinsteins were crucial in easing her intolife in a 
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Ljuba Davis Ensemble bringing life to growing Ladino music sceneSt. Louis Jewish Light

Ladino has much in common with Yiddish, Europe’s other Jewishlanguage. Both have a rich and varied culture of folktales, music and literature. Both were 
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If One Direction had an Orthodox Jewish member, this is what he’d Haaretz (blog)

At his local yeshiva high school, non-Jewish music was forbidden and “I couldn’t even have an iPod if I went there.” So he chose to leave home for Fasman 
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Flute and guitar duo at Not Just Another CoffeehouseWicked Local

 as well as jazz, classical music, folk music, blues, popular music and various world music styles (Jewish music and Brazilian music are specialties.) Tapper 
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OJCB And Inmates Celebrate SukkotThe Jewish Press

During Chol HaMoed Sukkot, The Orthodox Jewish Chaplaincy Board (OJCB) conducted holiday programs for Jewish inmates at Los Angeles County Men’s 

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The Top 7 Ways To Give A Dvar Torah

Thinking about sharing some words of Torah this Shabbat? Try any of these 7 approaches to crafting the perfect dvar Torah. MORE>
The Greatest Living Figure Of Chasidic MusicNPR

The role of music in Jewish life was elevated by a Polish rabbi known as the Baal Shem Tov, who is credited with founding the Chasidic movement in the 18th 

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The Buzz: What’s Hot in the ArtsThe Jewish Week

The Munich-based musical collective is dedicated to bringing Jewish music back to Europe, where it had flourished prior to the Holocaust. Now, it makes its New 

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Jewish student community celebrates Rosh HashanahThe Daily Athenaeum

In the Jewish religion, the holiday is the anniversary of the creation of the first  The Chabad celebrates the Jewish holidays and hosts dinners every Friday to 

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Pass the cranberry latkes: When holidays collideJewish Post

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — If the Pilgrims are lighting menorahs and the Maccabees are chasing turkeys, it must be Thanksgivukkah, as some have come to call the 

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Five ways to explain grim surveys about Jewish life in the USHaaretz

Five ways to explain grim surveys about Jewish life in the U.S.. Need to write a sermon, article or Facebook post on the Pew report? Here’s how to build your 

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JCC names Jewish life, culture directorCleveland Jewish News

Nancy Zimmerman was recently appointed Jewish life and culture director at the Mandel Jewish Community Center. Zimmerman formerly worked as special 

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Jewell sponsors lectures in Jewish life and thoughtLiberty Tribune

The Smith Lectures in Contemporary Jewish Life and Thought will be offered as an extension of the academic offerings at William Jewell College. Leading the 

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The Greatest Living Figure Of Chasidic MusicOPB News

The role of music in Jewish life was elevated by a Polish rabbi known as the Baal Shem Tov, who is credited with founding the Chasidic movement in the 18th 

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Stunning Color WWII Photos Give Rare Glimpse Into Nazi-Occupied Huffington Post

Until the German invasion in 1939, the Polish capital of Warsaw was a vibrant center of Jewish life, home to some 350,000 Jews and the second-largest Jewish 

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Award-Winning Author’s Latest Biography Focuses on Jewish Shalom Life

When in Poland researching her latest book, Clare Mulley thought she lost her mind as she exited the flat she was using in Warsaw. Coming out of the building, 

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Life Dedicated to Civil Rights: Rabbi Stanley Kessler marks a Connecticut Jewish Ledger

Born in 1923 in Bethlehem, Pa., Kessler was raised in a Conservative Jewish family in Philadelphia. During World War Two, he served as an aerial gunner and 

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Geller takes position with Southern NCSYSun-Sentinel

“I had participated in other Jewish youth groups and trips before, but none of the other programs had anywhere near as large of an impact on my life as NCSY 

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The Big BRCA QuestionsThe Jewish Week

Those questions, and others touching on matters of life and death, were addressed  “Knowing Saves Lives – Inherited Breast & Ovarian Cancer: Why Jewish 

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New Hillel president and CEO visits Illini Hillel for its 90th anniversaryJewish United Fund

 and President of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, stopped Oct.  N. Cohen Center for Jewish Life, as part of a cross-country tour of campuses, 

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Tony Mendez, the real-life ‘Argo’ | Los Angeles | Jewish

2013/10/16 – Tony Mendez is no longer a spy for the CIA, but the qualities that helped make him one of the best — his wit and unassuming personality — were 

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