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Jews have special reasons to remember JFK on 50th anniversary of Connecticut Jewish Ledger

“Now, in my opinion, the Jewish community, which suffered a good deal under discrimination, and what a great effort they made, which I think has made their 

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Conversation with…Shoshannah NambiConnecticut Jewish Ledger

Now, Shoshannah Nambi, 25, of Uganda, a young Jewish leader and activist in the Abayudayacommunity, will visit the U.S. to talk about life in her community.

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Bridging the Gap — Keeping Jewish teens connected, post bar/bat Connecticut Jewish Ledger

Even for those young Jews who mark the milestone in a more traditional way, the tendency is toward decreased engagement in the Jewish community after age 

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Torah Portion – VayeraConnecticut Jewish Ledger

In doing so, Isaac becomes the paragon of the ideal Jewish heir, who continues the traditions of his father even though he cannot be certain of their truth 

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‘Fiddler’ coming to Connecticut — Still heart-warming and wise Connecticut Jewish Ledger

“The major themes of ‘Fiddler’ I feel [are] family, work ethics and instilling the traditions of the Jewish community in the face of changing social mores,” said 

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Israeli Arab tennis player, “nurtured” at Jewish school, goes to Camp Connecticut Jewish Ledger

He credits his mother with the idea of sending him to the Israeli Jewish school but notes, “there were many concerns among our friends in the Arab community.”.

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A Life Dedicated to Civil Rights: Rabbi Stanley Kessler marks a Connecticut Jewish Ledger

Kessler was ordained in 1951at the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he also  He has been a member of the boards of directors of the Community Renewal 

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Argentina, Italy block Erich Priebke funeralConnecticut Jewish Ledger

Priebke took part in a 1944 massacre outside of Rome that saw the deaths of 335 men and boys, including about 75 Jews. He was extradited from Argentina to 

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KOLOT — Boarding the Bus in IsraelConnecticut Jewish Ledger

Many Westerners are hesitant to visit Israel nowadays when it is rumored to be surrounded by such turbulence and hated by – well, let’s be honest – mostly 

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From Yoram EttingerConnecticut Jewish Ledger

If there were not a Jewish state in the eastern flank of the Mediterranean, then the U.S. would have to deploy additional aircraft carriers and tens of thousands of 

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Cory Booker, close to NJ and national Jewish communities, wins Jewish Telegraphic Agency (blog)

Booker, who becomes the only African-America senator, retains strong ties with the New Jersey and national Jewish communities, and also is close to pro-Israel 
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TEATRON Toronto Jewish Theatre to Present THE CHOSEN at Broadway World

This award-winning adaptation from Chaim Potok’s bestselling novel is the story of two boys, two fathers and two very different Jewish communities -“five blocks 
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Troubling Stats Released About European Anti-SemitismShalom Life

A survey of 5,100 Jewish Europeans in nine countries revealed that fear of prejudice and even violence is affecting the daily lives of Jewish communities, who 
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20 named Chicago-area Diller Teen FellowsJewish United Fund

Since 1997, the Helen Diller Family Foundation and partner communities have graduated more than 2,000 Teen Fellows, creating a network of young Jewish 
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New Zealand Muslim and Jewish leaders gather in solidarity eventSt. Louis Jewish Light

(JTA) – Leaders of New Zealand’s Jewish and Muslim communities participated in events to promote solidarity and understanding. The Jewish and Muslim 
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Protect Christians and Jews, says major Catholic-Jewish conferenceThe Times of Israel

A major conference between the Catholic Church and leading Jewishrepresentatives in Madrid called Thursday for both communities to support efforts at 
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Jewish History Comes Full-Circle in Green

Based in Green Bay, the Feinsteins also serve the Jewish communities in Appleton, Wausau and Door County, along with Manitowoc. After three years of 
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