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The Jewish Woman

The Prestige of the Jewish Woman

The strength and importance of a Jewish woman

The Jewish Woman: Their Strength is Jewish Survival









Jewish Women’s Circle to hold benefit concert

The Photo News-21.10.2013
The Jewish Women’s Circle provides the opportunity for women throughout the county to relax and socialize while exploring both the physical …

National Council of Jewish Women’s Designer Dress Days benefits …
The National Council of Jewish Women’s 46th annual Designer Dress Days is coming October 25, 27, 28 and 29. It will be held in the Stonehill …

Karnit Flug to be first female Bank of Israel chief

Jewish Telegraphic Agency-20.10.2013
Yellen, who is Jewish, was appointed earlier this month as chief of the Federal Reserve and if confirmed would be its first female chief.

Woman visits Italian concentration camp where she was born

Jewish Chronicle-11.10.2013
Woman visits Italian concentration camp where she was born … In spring 1943, the Germans demanded that all the Ferramonti Jews be ..

Janet Yellen, First Jewish Woman Fed Chair, Brings Compassion to …

Jewish Daily Forward-09.10.2013
Yellen, a former professor who would be the first Jewish woman to hold the job, has a reputation as one of the central bank’s most …

Chabad Couple Sends Woman’s Body Home From Nepal
The Lifshitzes soon discovered that a Jewish woman was aboard the bus: 32-year-old Marina Muchnik of Melbourne, Australia, who was on her …

Melbourne Woman Killed In Nepal Bus Crash

Yeshiva World News-17.10.2013
Melbourne Woman Killed In Nepal Bus Crash. (Thursday … Cremation is forbidden under Jewish religious law that stipulates a body be buried …

Woman driven to boost access to Jewish adult education

Houston Chronicle-15.10.2013
The Jewish Theological Seminary student is taking a step toward that goal by organizing a “Jewish Women’s University for a Day” program in …

Orthodox Jewish Woman Faced Hellish Harassment at Nova …

New Times Broward-Palm Beach (blog)-von Kyle Swenson-21.10.2013
When Sarah Orzechowitz walked through the doors at Nova Southeastern University on the first day of classes in winter 2012, she had her …

Israeli firms pioneering screening techniques for women’s cancers

Jewish Telegraphic Agency-20.10.2013
TEL AVIV (JTA) — To save women in Kenya from cervical cancer, all you … after five years at PresenTense, the Jewish social entrepreneurship …

Race Against the Clock to Prevent Jewish Woman’sCremation

Arutz Sheva-16.10.2013
Emissaries of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Nepal are fighting against the clock to prevent the cremation of a Jewish woman killed in a …

Divorce for Jewish Women

New York Times-18.10.2013
… of the Orthodox rabbinate’s failure to use the compassionate and creative solutions long available under Jewish law to free women from dead …

Cheshvan 11, 5774 · October 15, 2013
Editor’s Note:
Do you commemorate the yahrtzeit (date of passing) of a parent or grandparent, a relative or close friend? A yahrtzeit is a meaningful day when we remember the special qualities of the person who has departed.But how many of us commemorate the yahrtzeit of a great-great-great grandparent?This Tuesday, the 11th of Cheshvan, marks the date of the passing of our matriarch Rachel. Interestingly, of all our patriarchs and matriarchs, hers is the only date that is still noted, centuries later. I believe this is because her life personifies her ongoing historic role as the quintessential mother sacrificing for her children.

Rachel died during childbirth, giving her own life for her child. She was buried on a deserted roadside, so that her descendants could pass by her gravesite as they were exiled from their land and pour out their hearts asking her to beg G‑d for mercy.

With her boundless wellspring of love, Rachel sacrificed for her children in her life and in her death. And, G‑d promises, it is to her voice that He will ultimately listen as He redeems us from our exile.

This week, in honor of Rachel, we pay tribute to motherhood, the laughter and joythe tearsthe moments of silencethe mother’s ability to transmit Jewish identity, and her boldness and fearlessness.

Whether or not you are a biological mother, we can all “mother” someone with love and compassion, as exemplified so heroically by Mama Rochel.

Wishing you a nurturing week.

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW

Parshat Vayeira

Why couldn’t G‑d have chosen an organ common to both women and men to brand our Jewish identity?

By Rochel Holzkenner

At various junctures in our lives, we may face the difficult decision of doing what we know is best, or conforming to what others expect. How do you choose?

By Chana Weisberg

Not only did Rachel keep silent during the wedding of her sister, but even during all those years when she was barren and Leah bore child after child, Rachel never said a word to her.

By Elana Mizrahi

Even when we are deprived of a nurturing mother, we are never deprived of Rachel, who always stands vigil, adoring us unconditionally, then and now—to this very day . . .

By Simon Jacobson

Spending too much time at work trying to make an extra buck? Wondering what the key to G‑d’s blessings is? The Talmud has an interesting formula.

By Eli Raksin

Day-to-day life does require a sizeable amount of decisions to be made. And understandably, there is a fair amount of stress attached to these decisions. Follow these tips to minimize decision-making anxiety.

By Rivka Caroline

Make your own candy – it’s less complicated than you might think!

By Miriam Szokovski

As we cuddle and kiss, feed and bathe, dress and educate, G‑d wants us to always keep in mind the importance of our task and the importance of raising our children with joy.

By Elana Mizrahi
It’s not the fall that kills you; it’s the sudden stop at the end.

Section WEEKLY Parasha Parashat Chayei Sarah SHIURIM & COMMENTARIES

הרב יונה מצגר – פרשת חיי שרה

  הרב הרב יונה מצגר בפינה קצרה ויחודית לערוץ הידברות במסר מיוחד מפרשת השבוע

The parsha – chayei Sara

הרב אורי זוהר – פרשת חיי שרה. ++++

The parsha – chayei Sara

Lekh Lekha : La Paracha avec Boubach saison 2 !!

Voici la nouvelle émission de 613tv conçue et présentée par Michael Broll !
Avec Boubach découvrez les trésors de la Torah à travers la paracha de la semaine !!!!!!! Un rendez-vous a ne pas manquer et à partager avec tous vos amis !…

Here is the new issue of 613tv designed and presented by Michael Broll!
With Boubach discover the treasures of the Torah through the parsha of the week!!! An appointment not to be missed and share with all your friends! …

My Jewish Learning

Parashat Haye Sarah

A Marriage Made in Heaven?
Isaac and Rebekah serve as a paradigm for Jewish marriage, and yet, their relationship is more complex than it may appear. MORE>





Haye Sarahsummary of the portion

Haftarah for Haye Sarahsummary of the haftarah

Honoring Parentsfrom Torah Topics for Today

Where Was Sarah?, from Hillel

Abraham’s Second Wifefrom Jewish Outreach Initiative

Rereading Hagarfrom AJWS

Isaac’s Memories of His Motherfrom JTS

Sarah’s Legacyfrom Orthodox Union

Revering Rebekahfrom CLAL

What Was Abraham Thinking?, a Kveller Momentary

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Belz Hasidic Dynasty  AMAZING EVENTS! Highlights


100K At Memorial for HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef, zt’l Rabbi David …

The Jewish Voice-16.10.2013
The grand rabbis of the Belz and Sanz hassidic dynasties delivered speeches from a stage, as did Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau, former …

Canadian Jewish Community Professionals Gather for Open DialogueeJP

Issues and topics of discussion include: Poverty in the Jewish Community; Effective Advocacy Strategies; and Experiential Jewish Education. Guest presenters 
eJewish Philanthropy: Your Jewish Philanthropy Resource

Jewish Community Housing Corporation Celebrates 25 Years in

The Jewish Community Housing Corporation celebrated its 25th anniversary of the Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation in South Orange with a special 
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New Warsaw center aiming to unite divided Jewish communityJewish Telegraphic Agency

They include the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, the Progressive Judaism movement Beit Polska and the competing Progressive community 
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St. Petersburg, second-largest Jewish community in Russia, to host

( Hundreds of St. Petersburg Jews, as well as Jews from across Russia and neighboring nations, will attend the Limmud FSU (former Soviet Union) 
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Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado Undergoes Restructuring Fort Mills Times

The reorganization comes on the heels of a 2010 survey of the Colorado Jewish community and subsequent “Reimagining” initiative launched by Federation 
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Doing Good Deeds to Meet Community Needs: Mitzvah Day 2013Galus Australis

On Sunday November 17, people across Australia’s Jewish communities will get  a good deed, based on the Hebrew word for a commandment of Jewish law.
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The Israel boycott: Why is it so popular?Washington Times

OCALA, Fla., October 21, 2013 — Few nations are of such great importance to the international community as Israel. Since the Jewishstate was founded during 
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Federation endowment funds show big increaseCanadian Jewish News

The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) survey compiled figures from 64 communities, including five Canadian cities that all enjoyed an increase in 
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Schusterman Philanthropic Network Launches Global Micro-Grants The Jewish Press

“For many young Jews, these small grants embody a ‘first yes’ and a realization that the Jewish community values and is willing to invest in what they have to 
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World Jewish Congress Executive convenes in JerusalemWorld Jewish Congress

Members will hear from Jewish community leaders in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Ukraine about the situation with respect to extreme-right political parties 
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Chief’s Brum role is opening gambitJewish Chronicle

Like most smaller provincial Jewish communities, our numbers are nothing like they were 50 years ago. We needed to change. It is difficult to create a ruach, 
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Lhota Hits The Pavement With Aggressive Jewish OutreachYeshiva World News

With 16 days to go to Election Day, Mr. Lhota visited 3 Jewish communities in a matter of hours, pounding the pavement in reaching out to communities who 
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Jerusalem: Communities up-closeBBC News

The ultra-Orthodox community constitutes about a third of Jerusalem’sJewish population, and as such wields plenty of power over local life. There was another 
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The unsettling loss of Jewish identity: (blog)

While this could represent an opportunity for an increase in the Jewishpopulation, the report notes that less than 50 percent of intermarried households are 
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Swedish Jew Says No to Assimilation, Immigration– and is Seeking The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

She is from Sweden, and is working to promote “a strong traditional Jewishcommunity” in her native country. In September 2012 she organized the first public 
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 24JEWISH ALERTS videos and feeds Jewish News חדשות יהודיות

New ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’ Launched: NYC Mayor Bloomberg becomes first winner of Genesis Prize


Israel Prayer Home celebrating Shabbat with Tel Aviv sunset: growing liberal Jewish community

Rav Kanievsky Shlita: The Bnei Torah Party is Playing with FireYeshiva World News

Also present were roshei yeshivos from Ateres Yisrael Yeshiva, Chevron Yeshiva and Kol Torah to name a few. HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Ezrachi was among 
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Rav Auerbach Shlita: Vote Bnei TorahYeshiva World News

aur For members of Degel Hatorah who thought the competing Bnei Torahparty was going to drop out of the race before the 18 Cheshvan 5774 elections, they 
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No Holds Barred: The spiritual senator-elect from New JerseyJerusalem Post

Today, in the Jewish community, no one would fail to recognize NJ Senator Cory Booker; armed with significant knowledge of the Torah, a passion for tikkun 
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A holy war that’s out of handIsrael Hayom

In a letter to his congregants, the rabbi extolled the incumbant mayor’s record, and then went on to encourage them to vote for the mayor because “the Torah 
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National-religious icon Rabbi Avraham Zuckerman dies at 98Jerusalem Post

While encouraging and emphasizing Torah study, Zuckerman was also an advocate for secular learning and the acquisition of a academic qualifications as part 
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Toronto Transit: Yes On Pro-Israel Ads, No On Anti-IsraelThe Jewish Week

The Toronto Transit System on Monday rejected four advertisements, sponsored by the Montreal-based Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East and 
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Netanyahu will not meet pope during Rome visitCleveland Jewish News

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not meet with Pope Francis during a visit to Rome, as the Israeli leader’s office had announced.
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Australian government’s support of Israel alienates local PalestiniansHaaretz

“It was considered a marginal improvement,” said Mughrabi, a foreign newseditor at Melbourne’s The Age newspaper. “Now Palestinians are resigned to a 
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Israelis go to polls in ancient cityUSA TODAY

 Jerusalem will remain our united capital,” he said according to Israel’sYnet news Because it is holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, “the international 
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Restoration of justice or Israel’s spiritual attack?The Voice of Russia

The Jews of Israel increasingly insist on building a synagogue on the Temple Mount. They explain their intention by the holiness of the place. The Arab 
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Knesset votes to bring 900 Indian ‘lost Jews‘ to

( The Israeli Knesset unanimously voted Sunday to bring 899 “lost Jews” from India toIsrael at the end of this year. The new olim belong to Bnei 
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Israel Helps Enemy States Via UN Economic and Social CouncilAlgemeiner

Despite a very difficult environment for the Jewish state at the United Nations,  via the UN’s Economic and Social Council, the UK’s Jewish News reported.

Rabbi Avraham Zuckerman, founder of Bnei Akiva yeshiva network, dies
Zuckerman, whose Bnei Akiva network included some 60 institutions, died Saturday night. He was 98. (full story)

Bloomberg first to receive $1 million ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be the first recipient of the $1 million Genesis Prize, which is being called the “Jewish Nobel Prize.” (full story)

Drake cancels Philadelphia concert
Drake’s tour is off to a rocky start, much to the disappointment of fans in Philadelphia. (full story)

The Onion deploys Jewish slurs to skewer Redskins owner
Last week, the Anti-Defamation League joined a number of groups and politicians urging the Washington Redskins to change their team’s name, already. (full story)

Today’s Best Bet
The Park Synagogue Sisterhood luncheon with Susan Reis, 10:45 a.m.-2 p.m., Park Synagogue East, 27500 Shaker Blvd., Pepper Pike. $7. For reservations contact Terry Juntoff at 216-464-2364.
This Day in History
1930: Birthdate of Frank Lowy, the European-born Australian-Israeli businessman who is one of the richest people in Australia. He is known for his co-founding and continuing involvement with The Westfield Group, a retail giant that owns dozens of shopping centers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Great Britain.

Israel awards Bloomberg $1 million ‘Jewish Nobel’KWQC 6

Israel awards Bloomberg $1 million ‘Jewish Nobel’ – News and Weather For The  Israel has recognized New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the first ever 
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Israel allows 899 Indian Jews to immigrateSahilOnline

Jerusalem: Israel has allowed 899 Indian Jews from Manipur and Mizoram, the members of the “lost” Bnei Menashe tribe, to immigrate to the Jewishstate.
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Livni: I can make peaceCleveland Jewish News

Israel’s Justice Minister and chief negotiator with the Palestinians expressed an unusually optimistic outlook on the current talks with the Palestinian Authority in 
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Two Jewish Girls Arrested for GraffitiArutz Sheva

Investigators and detectives from the Israel Police’s Central Unit arrested two Jewish girls aged 15-16 Sunday morning on suspicion that they scrawled anti-Arab 
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Whether start-up nation or pipeline nation, Israel’s economic surge

Photo: Australian Jewish News. By Patrick B. McGuigan | JERUSALEM — An acclaimed book describes the modern state of Israel as a “Start-Up 
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Embassy Row: Tunnel terror in IsraelWashington Times

The U.S. ambassador to Israel was astounded when he peered into a tunnel for terrorists dug from the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip into theJewish state. “Even though I have seen the photos of the tunnel in the [news]papers, the truth is I 
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Federation’s “Super Sunday” surpasses $1 million
The Jewish Federation of Cleveland’s Campaign for Jewish News “Super Sunday” raised $1,016,875 on Oct. 20, according to the Federation. (full story)

CJN’s Jews of Interest: Joel Ratner
On the eve of the grand opening of the newly renovated east wing of Saint Luke’s, a medical center that was a pillar of Cleveland’s Woodland Hills neighborhood before closing in 1999, Joel Ratner leads a tour of one for Lisa Patt-McDaniel, director of community development for Columbus-based Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing. (full story)

Bar Refaeli wants to know why she’s still single
Some good news for all of you single guys out there: You can finally get rid of that JDate subscription because we have the perfect girl for you. Bar Refaeli is on the market, and she’s ready for a relationship. (full story)

Livni: I can make peace
Israel’s Justice Minister and chief negotiator with the Palestinians expressed an unusually optimistic outlook on the current talks with the Palestinian Authority in an interview published Monday by the Jerusalem Post. (full story)

Today’s Best Bet
Mandel JCC pre-festival book sale, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-7 p.m., 26001 S. Woodland Road, Beachwood. Thru Oct. 25. 216-831-0700 ext. 1383.
This Day in History
2007: Archeologists overseeing contested Islamic infrastructure work on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount stumbled upon a sealed archeological level dating back to the First Temple period, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced. The find marks the first time that archeological remains dating back to the First Temple period have been found on the contested holy site, the state-run archeological body said.

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It’s about that time in the year again to gather around with your loved ones and to be thankful. We have many cooked turkeys to frozen turkeys to full family dinners.
Let us help you with the essentials this year to this great holiday and to make it a great experience.
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Essentials forThanksGiving



Daf Yomi 4 Kids: A Simulacrum of a Simulacrum of Talmud Study The Talmud Blog

Recently, my seven-year old son was invited to his friend’s house on a Shabbat afternoon for a siyum. I asked this child’s father what the siyum was on. “Oh,” he 
The Talmud Blog
New York Jewish Community Stepping Up Israel

We are thrilled to host the Stand-Up event.” The Step Up For Israel campaign has deep roots in New York’s Jewish communities since it was officially launched 
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St. Petersburg, second-largest Jewish community in Russia, to host

The three-day conference will offer about 80 seminars, presentations, courses and discussion eventson topics ranging from Jewish spirituality, philosophy, 
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Beverly Hills Literary EscapeThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

The event was held at the luxurious Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills,  The Jewish Journal believes that great community depends on great conversation.
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Joyce Carol Oates, Kenneth E. Silver & More Featured in November Broadway World

The Jewish Museum’s extensive program offerings in November will include  The JewishMuseum’s expanded fall series of lectures, conversations and events.
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Jewish Community Housing Corporation Celebrates 25 Years in

The Jewish Community Housing Corporation celebrated its 25th anniversary of the  The event, held in the courtyard of the building complex at 110 Vose Ave., 
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Minsk ghetto completely liquidated 70 years agoTVR

Witnesses of those events, their relatives and friends have gathered at the former  By Yulia Cherginets: Those tragic events affected not only Belarusian Jews.
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Photos of the dayWashington Post

A Samaritan man stands under a sukkah made of fruits inside his house during Sukkot celebrations on Mount Gerizim near the northern West Bank city of 
See all stories on this topic »

From Dor to DoorBoulder Jewish News

From Yom Kippur till Sukkot, in a state of shock like everyone else, I kept trying to think of something I could personally do. Finally it came to me. I recall excitedly 
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Pollack Chabad Center celebrates arrival of Torah scrollArizona Republic

The first new Torah scroll for the 2-month-old Pollack Chabad Center for Jewish Life was inducted for use Sunday. Donated by the Irv and Sima Hoffman family 
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Bnei Torah Party Calls for Tefilos on Election DayYeshiva World News

The Bnei Torah party is calling for tefilos from the tzibur on Tuesday, 18 Cheshvan 5774, Election Day. The party is working to organize centralized tefilos in 
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Majestic Winds to perform in concert at Temple Beth O’r/Beth Torah Suburban News

Majestic Winds, the professional wind band of the New Jersey Workshop for the Arts, will perform a fall concert at Temple Beth O’r/Beth Torah in Clark on 
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The irreparable split in Israel’s Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox communityHaaretz

The head of the Ateret Cohanim yeshiva and a member of the Degel Hatorah party’s Council of Torah Sages turned to look at Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, 
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In blow to challenger, hassidic groups decline to endorse J’lem Jerusalem Post

Alongside the failure of the large hassidic groups to support Lion, the BneiTorah party, a rebel faction from the non-hassidic community, has refused to withdraw 
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Rambam: Tumat Met, Chapter

Rabbi Gordon studies one chapter a day from Maimonides’ classic legal work of Mishneh Torah. The original Hebrew text is read and then translated and clearly 
See all stories on this topic »
From Dor to DoorBoulder Jewish News

In terms of a Torah association with seventy, I keep picturing the reverse image of the Boulder situation- In the Torah, the Israelites traveling through a parched 
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The 16-year-old bar mitzva boyJerusalem Post

Explaining that there was no halachic obligation to do so, Rabbi Ellis suggested that it would nonetheless be fitting for young Karol to ascend to the Torah as a 
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Bloomberg Wins ‘Jewish Nobel’Shalom Life

In a formal statement Bloomberg attributed the win to the “Jewish values and ethics that I have carried with me throughout my life, and which have guided every 
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Why I Waited To Have Children: A Meditation on the Myth of Selfless Tablet Magazine

Having grown up in an observant Jewish family and attended religious schools all my life, I had many friends who’d not only begun marrying in their early 20s, 
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Rohr Jewish Learning Institute to present ‘Life in the Balance’Norwich Bulletin

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute will present “Life in the Balance: Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas” from 12:30 to 2 p.m. Tuesdays and 
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Jewish Filmmaker, Activist Appointed Director of Muslim Civil Rights Shalom Life

Jacob Bender is now the highest-ranking non-Muslim on the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). A report from Religion News Service confirms that 
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Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado Undergoes Restructuring Fort Mills Times

Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado (Federation), a 67-year-old non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining Jewish life and supporting Jewish causes 
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The Nosh Pit- Kosher Indian RecipesShalom Life

India may have a thriving Jewish community, but if you’re unable to hop on a plane to Mumbai, here are some suggestions for Kosher Indian recipes you can 
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York JCC to host course on medical dilemmasYork Dispatch

The York Jewish Community Center is hosting a six-week course titled “Life in the Balance:Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas.” The course 
See all stories on this topic »

Pollack Chabad Center celebrates arrival of Torah scrollArizona Republic

The first new Torah scroll for the 2-month-old Pollack Chabad Center for Jewish Life was inducted for use Sunday. Donated by the Irv and Sima Hoffman family 
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Skating legend hid her Jewish pastCanadian Jewish News

Holocaust survivor and International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame inductee Ellen Burka, centre,  “I had to protect them,” said Burka, who now lives in Toronto.
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Hasidic pop at its bestIndependent Online

Friedman spent four years working with elite Hollywood vocal coach Seth Riggs and Jewish music lovers everywhere are buzzing about the talented newcomer 
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Local Hillsborough, Jewish Musician releases 4th CDPacket Online

For two decades Eric has shared his unique brand of invigorating and inspiringmusic to synagogues, JCCs, camps, Hillels, and Jewish conventions nationwide.
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Dan the Music Man Leads Camp Shabbat ServiceBoulder Jewish News

This special Shabbat will draw on the special energy of camp melodies, contemporary Jewish music, teen musicians, selected readings from outside of our 
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Thanksgiving and Hanukkah _ Together at the TableABC News

It’s a meeting of holidays so rare it will be tens of thousands of years before it happens again. Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah — the JewishFestival 
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Rebitzen Leah Kook Cancels ShiurimYeshiva World News

k Rebitzen Leah Kook announced she is not giving her weekly shiurim after receiving instructions “from above”. According to a Kikar Shabbat report quoting 
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Family of Egyptian doctor honoured by Israel for saving lives during National Post

CAIRO, Egypt — A member of the family of the first Arab honoured by Israel for risking his life to save Jews during the Holocaust says the family isn’t interested in 
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Jewish legacy donors honored in Western

The Jewish Endowment Foundation’s Book of Life Event was held Sunday at  gifts to a variety of organizations through the Jewish Endowment Foundation.
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The unsettling loss of Jewish identity: (blog)

Jewish life continues to unfold according to both its own dynamics and those of the society around it. And while the Pew report must be regarded as a serious 
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Longer in the tooth, but longer on the jobIsrael Hayom

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the average life expectancy for Jewish women in Israel will reach 94.9 years old by 2055, while Jewish men are 
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What You Missed In The News: October 13 – 20Shalom Life

It was an incredible week in the news, particularly here at Shalom Life Although the Jewishcommunity has dwindled since its peak pre-Revolution, those who 
See all stories on this topic »
Counting the years: A Jewish perspectiveJerusalem Post

Any past mistakes the bride and groom might have made are forgiven and a new chapter of their lifebegins. Jewish practice is that a man and wife get married 
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Haredi Loses ‘Payos,’ Gets Away with His Life in PA Death ThreatThe Jewish Press

A Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist held an orthodox Jewish passenger at knifepoint before releasing him and escaping near Beitar Illit, on the western edge of 
See all stories on this topic »
Founder of Jewish outreach group to speak in YoungstownYoungstown Vindicator

The founder of the innovative Jewish outreach organization in June 2004 was the first  “Resilience — Life Under Construction” will be at 7:30 p.m. Friday.
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Torah and Personal Transformation: Telephone Torah Study | Beth Yanir Dekel

article_image_full. This week we’ll explore Torah and personal transformation in Chayei Sarah (23:1-25:18), Thursday, 4-5pm. To join in on the conference call, 
Beth Chayim Chadashim
Temple Israel of New Rochelle to Celebrate New

Musical selections will range from classical Yiddish songs to Hazzanut (cantorial), liturgical and contemporary Jewish music to Broadway tunes. The concert will 
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Lipa Schmeltzer Creates “TEAM LIPA” for Upcoming Our Place 5K Yeshiva World News

Jewish music sensation, Lipa Schmeltzer, announced on Friday that he will be running (or perhaps, strolling) in the 3rd Annual 5K Run / Walkathon on behalf of 
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This day in Jewish history / Sarah Bernhardt, mother of all drama Haaretz

The French-Jewish actress who used to sleep in a coffin (because it helped her prepare for tragic roles) was virtually the world’s first international celebrity.
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This Day, October 22, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. LevinCleveland Jewish News (blog)

Like all elite colleges, Princeton has a checkered past when it comes toJewish students and faculty. Today the university boasts a Jewish Studies Program and 
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This day in Jewish history / Red Sox manager who removed ‘curse Haaretz

On October 21, 2011, Theo Epstein – the man who in 2002 made the baseball record books by becoming the youngest general manager in thehistory of the 
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This day in Jewish history / Ben-Gurion visits a wizened Torah sageHaaretz

He earned the sobriquet of “Hazon Ish” in recognition of his highly regarded 1911 work on the Shulhan Arukh code of Jewish law. In 1933, Karelitz immigrated to 
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Section Jewish History : 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection in each section


Spain’s Toledo starts advanced Jewish history course for tour guidesJerusalem Post

Titled “The Toledo Master Program on Jewish History,” the course teaches about the city’s prominent Jewish families prior to their mass deportation after the 15th 
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The Secret Jewish History of Steve JobsJewish Daily Forward

The Apple of Temptation: Steve Jobs, portrayed on screen by Ashton Kutcher (right) had a man-crush on Bob Dylan, among other seeminglyJewish fascinations 
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Spanish City of Toledo Opens Program on Jewish History for Tour Jewish Daily Forward

Titled “The Toledo Master Program on Jewish History,” the course teaches about the city’s prominent Jewish families prior to their mass deportation after the 
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This Day, October 22, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. LevinCleveland Jewish News (blog)

362: A mysterious fire destroys the temple of Apollo at Daphne outside Antioch. According to one source,the Christians living in Antioch who were angry with the 
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Toronto Star Columnist Wrongly Portrays Jesus as PalestinianHonest Reporting Canada

There exists a very real “history war” whereby Jewish history is being erased and replaced with an invented Palestinian history. According to PMW: “As part of its 
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At 1800, Thane has most number of Jews in IndiaTimes of India

In an attempt to preserve a tiny slice of their history before it got buried under  about 5,000 Jewsin India and Thane is home to 1,800 Jews, who worship at the 
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Jewish women in WWIIThe Justice

She found that the acts of the kashariyot, which means “couriers” in Hebrew, have been  “How is it possible that these women have been left out of history?
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Sara Weinberger: A Jew’s trip into the heart of earlier hatred: BerlinGazetteNET

Unlike Germany’s state-funded, massive Museum of Jewish History, we have no Museum of African-American History, and aside from gambling casinos, there 
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The EU & the Jews. “Have Learned Nothing & Forgotten Nothing?”Arutz Sheva

Another history lesson from Prof.  The state of the Jews of Europe in 2013.  How does this apply to the Jewish community of Europe and the Middle East 
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