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Canadian Thanksgiving cancer fundraiser in support of international student cancer victim

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October. To celebrate this special day, members of the community gathered together to fundraise for a special cause.

The Pope reaches out to the Jewish Community

Pope Francis made several overtures to the Jewish community this week, sending an email to the son of two Holocaust survivors to laud him on a lecture discussing faith and the Holocaust, and refusing to grant a former Nazi war criminal a funeral mass. Kim Lawton from PBS’s Religion and Ethics Weekly talked to Hari Sreenivasan about the improving relationship between the Catholic church and the Jewish community.

Life In An Iranian Jewish Community

CNN’s Reza Sayah profiles a community of Persian Jews in Iran.

Medieval Jewish Oxford: JN1 explores one of world’s best documented medieval Jewish communities

Well of course Oxford is known as one of the foremost seats of learning and academia and the city of the dreaming spires. But what’s perhaps less well known is that it’s also home to one of the most well-documented medieval Jewish communities in the world.

Engine of aging rig rebuilt thanks to community groupWaterbury Republican American

A grant of $12,000 from the Federation, Jewish Communities of Western Connecticut, paid for the engine of the 2006 Ford to be rebuilt part by part. Read more of 
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On My Mind: Time for Arab buses and condosJerusalem Post

Yet, when part of the population does not have access to this most basic service,  Israel’s Arab and Jewish communities in access to public transportation.
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Workshop targets Jewish women’s increased cancer riskChattanooga Times Free Press

“Statistics like these are leaving women in the Jewish community with some tough decisions to make,” Perlstein says. “Some are reluctant to get tested, worried 
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Effort to exonerate ‘China’s Schindler’ dealt blowChina Post

 made nearly four decades ago to impeach late Ambassador Ho Fengshan (何鳳山), the man known mainly in Jewish communities as “China’s Schindler.”.
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History project unitesJewish Chronicle

A museum’s appeal to local synagogues for information on the Jewish community in St Albans has inspired so much interest among both Masorti and United 
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Raiders of the Lost ArchiveFrontPage Magazine

In 2003, a team of 16 American soldiers in Baghdad stumbled upon a lost treasure trove of thousands of documents belonging to Iraq’s Jewish community.
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