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Medieval Jewish Oxford: JN1 explores one of world’s best documented medieval Jewish communities

Well of course Oxford is known as one of the foremost seats of learning and academia and the city of the dreaming spires. But what’s perhaps less well known is that it’s also home to one of the most well-documented medieval Jewish communities in the world.

Why Be Jewish Panel @ Limmud Oz 2013

While there is no shortage of options outlining how one can practise Judaism in our community, the question of why engage with anything to do with Judaism is rarely addressed. This expert panel aims to shed light on this question from a range of perspectives.

This panel took place at Limmud Oz — 8-10 June 2013, University of New South Wales. It featured:

Bryan Conyer
Bryan Conyer has worked in Jewish education for many years, with a passion for nurturing pluralism within the Jewish community. Bryan received a PhD from Sydney University, after researching pluralism in Jewish Schools. He now works as the Deputy Principal Jewish Life, Emanuel School, and has a full-time job raising four gorgeous children.

Rebecca Forgasz
Rebecca Forgasz is the Director of the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne. She has previously worked in exhibition-related roles at major state institutions and she is an experienced Jewish educator. Rebecca holds Masters Degrees in Women’s Studies and Jewish Studies as well as a Diploma of Education.

Jeremy Lawrence
Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence is Chief Minister of The Great Synagogue, Sydney. He is a religious advisor to the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies; a founder member of the NSW Jewish Arbitration and Mediation Service (JAMS); and President of the Religious Zionist Organisations of Australia. He is active in interfaith dialogue and has represented the New Zealand and Australian Jewish communities to government. Rabbi Lawrence has an MA (Hons) in Jurisprudence from Oxford University. His interests include computer animation, magic, environmental issues, as well as Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Rabbi Lawrence presented the Jewish welcome to Pope Benedict XVI when he visited Sydney in 2008.

Moderator: Ittay Flescher…

Bondi Rabbi Eli Feldman says Jewish community shocked over The Daily Telegraph

Rabbi Eli Feldman, the director of Young Adult Chabad, said the Jewish community experienced racial slurs “from time to time but for it to degenerate to physical 
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Polish Jews mourn death of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, first post Haaretz

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of a great statesman and friend,” Piotr Kadlcik, president of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, said in a 
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New Jewish Center A Boon to Life in Siberian

“It was freezing, and the Jewish community center was housed in a 300-square-foot shack without indoor plumbing,” recalls the now Chief Rabbi of Novosibirsk, 
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Anti-Defamation League honors Northfield couple at 100th Press of Atlantic City

Gail and Doug Stanger were the honorees at a special dinner at the Milton and Betty Katz Jewish Community Center to celebrate the 100th year of the 
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Iraq Wants Jewish Archive to Prove Ownership of the Tower of BabelFrontPage Magazine

Return the Jewish archive to the Iraqi Jewish communities abroad. 2. Send the archive to Iraq where it will be kept in storage against the day that the Jews claim 
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BRCA gene cancer risk for Ashkenazi Jews the focus in West HartfordWest Hartford News

With growing concern over what preventive measures Jewish women should take, Chabad of Greater Hartford in West Hartford is organizing a community 
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Efforts to clear the name of ‘China’s Schindler’ dealt setbackWantChinaTimes

 decision made nearly four decades ago to impeach the late ambassador Ho Feng-shan, the man known mainly in Jewish communities as “China’s Schindler.”.
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Attack in Bondi puts focus on racial violenceSBS

“If we continue to demonise different parts of our community, whether it’s people of the Muslim community, or Jewish communities, or our asylum seekers, 
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This day in Jewish history / Ovadia goes to Jerusalem, discovers Haaretz

There he quickly became the acknowledged leader of the small and ailingJewish community. The three letters he wrote and sent back to Italy serve as important 
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Shrugging off assassination attempt and critics, Vadim Rabinovich Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Over the years, the feisty oligarch has battled Ukrainian authorities, business rivals and Jewish community leaders, some of whom have expressed resentment 


A Miracle and an Outrage in WashingtonConnecticut Jewish Ledger

The National Archives is now exhibiting restored holy books and communal documents that belonged to the Jewish community of Iraq. In 1940, the Iraqi Jewish 
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Jewish Community donates $100000 to Lac-MéganticCJAD

The Montreal and Toronto Jewish communities have combined efforts to donate $100 000 to Colette Roy Laroche, the mayor of Lac Mégantic, to help rebuild 
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KOLOT – Speaking out for those who cannot speakConnecticut Jewish Ledger

As Jewish clergy engaged actively in the Jewish community, the only visible figure I can see within our ranks who is speaking out forcefully against these 
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Where medicine and Jewish law meetConnecticut Jewish Ledger

The conference explored the ways in which Israeli medical institutions utilize Jewish law to form national policy as well as several important ethical and halachic 
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The New York Times: Telling Readers How to Think About IsraelConnecticut Jewish Ledger

I quote, “If England is defeated and its allies overwhelmed, it will provide a final solution to the Jewishquestion, which in our mind is the greatest danger.”.
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Torah Portion – ToldotConnecticut Jewish Ledger

This man was a disciple of one of the most virulently anti-Zionist pre-World War II Jewish leaders. He was raised to think that Zionism was equal to apostasy, and 
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“Everybody’s rabbi”Connecticut Jewish Ledger

The Italian community experienced discrimination as well as Jews and other minorities, says Angelo Tomasso’s son Michael, who currently serves on the Board 
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LETTER – Take action to strengthen sanctions on IranConnecticut Jewish Ledger

It was important for the Ledger to quote former President George W. Bush’s remarks to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations 
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Conversation with… Ron LeshemConnecticut Jewish Ledger

With only two television networks, Israel – faraway, isolated, and war-weary – has created a TV industry that is a premier exporter of programs, from drama series 
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A bat mitzvah surprise, on iceConnecticut Jewish Ledger

She joined Congregation Mishkan Israel in 1960 and soon became involved in the local chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women, until it was dissolved 


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