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The Hebrew Language is The DNA of Creation

Rabbi Mordechai Kraft

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important message : for all non jews that watch this video if you want to have a share to the world to come to be in haven in the after life you just need to keep the 7 laws of noah and you will be righteous non jews with a ticket to heaven…


Newtown’s Shir Ami Synagogue hosts ‘The History of Judaism in The Midweek Wire

Entitled “The History of Judaism in Comics,” Waldman used graphic novels penned  for people who don’t know you can learn about Jewish history in comics.
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A Cultural History of Jewish DressThe Jewish Voice

Each chapter covers a specific time period and il¬lustrates how Jewish dress functions in that era and how it is shaped by the historical and religious emphasis 
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Poland’s new Jewish museum to celebrate life, not revisit the The Olathenews

Yet the $100 million Museum of the History of Polish Jews, whose gala inauguration Friday is timed to coincide with the anniversary of that uprising, is not meant 
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Background: History and

Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is the world’s largest Jewishorganization andis considered the most dynamic force in 
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A Miracle and an Outrage in WashingtonConnecticut Jewish Ledger

If you happen to be in Washington, DC, between now and January, you can see a piece of Jewish history that was never supposed to see the light of day.
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November 28, 2013—When Chanukah, Thanksgiving, and Family Jewish United Fund

Thirteen years later it looks like the Jewish calendar has finally caught up with us  But here’s the lesser known fact-it is also National Family HealthHistory Day.
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The Bitter And The Sweet At Kristallnacht ServiceThe Jewish Week

Welcoming the Sabbath is a joyous task for Jews. But Jewish history, marked with so many tragedies, cannot be ignored. There are moments in the Jewish 
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Jewish American explores her family’s past in Eastern EuropeThe Olathenews

We spent most of a day at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, where Jan Jagielski gave us a tour of the museum as well as his library archives. He had 
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Judaism: Background NoiseArutz Sheva

Judaism: Background Noise  speaker and educator, admired the world over for his audio tapes/CDs, videos and books, particularly on Jewish history.
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The Keeper of Montreal’s Jewish HistoryTablet Magazine

With astounding sharpness and a salty sense of humor, King gave us a memorable tour of MontrealJewish history, stringing in anecdotes from his own 
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This Day, October 30, In Jewish HIstory by Mitchell A. LevinCleveland Jewish News (blog)

Noah’s “Discourse,” a copy of which resides in the archives of the AmericanJewish Historical Society, focused on the universal history of Jewish persecution at 
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Shalom, Newfoundland: A Jewish Culture GuideShalom Life

World cities, provincial towns, and even the most unassuming of suburbs are infused with Jewish history and culture, some of which is waiting to be discovered.
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Lisa Kudrow Speaks Out On Jewishness, Anti-SemitismThe Jewish Week

Kudrow also mentioned taking Jewish history classes and learning Hebrew during her time at Vassar College, as well as asking Elie Wiesel for his autograph.
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Young hands raise restored marker for Alabama’s oldest Jewish

Ryan Sophie Small, 2, examines a refurbished historical marker that was  the state’s oldestJewish congregation has a newly refurbished historical marker.
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Yaakov and Yisrael: The integration of body and soulSun-Sentinel

He sensed that throughout Jewish history we would be similarly bound with a knife on our neck-facing near death. Physical strength would be needed. What the 
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NBA champions visit top American high school in IsraelCleveland Jewish News

AMHSI, in partnership with Jewish National Fund (JNF), brings American  history curriculum that includes site visits to the places where Jewish history occurred 
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Would-be nun’s Holocaust historyEureka Street

This suburb in Melbourne’s south-east has a large Jewish population, and so it seems  belying the tumult of history and identity that ebbs beneath the surface.
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