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Ze’ev Jabotinsky: A story of a Leader

In a historic film recorded in Paris in 1934, just one year after the Nazis’ rise to power, Ze’ev Jabotinsky exhorted Europe’s Jews to urgently come to Eretz Yisrael. The film, has been preserved at the Jabotinsky Institute in Tel Aviv, the public archives that perpetuates the legacy of Betar’s founder and head. The Jabotinsky Institute houses priceless documents, posters, audio-visual materials, and other items relating to the Revisionist movement and its offshoots. The Institute also conducts research and publishes books and various publications. Its reading room and adjacent library and museum are open to the public. In conjuction with the Government of Israel, Keren Hayesod is supporting the project to expand the Jabotinsky Institute building and preserve the heritage of this prophetic leader.

History of the Polish Jews

The Man on the Run (Auschwitz escape story) eng. sub.

The Karski Report. Holocaust Documentary by Claude Lanzmann

The Story of The Kowalski Family (Holocaust Documentary) eng sub


“This is a story about people who risked their lives and their children’s lives to help the Jews, their neighbours, and this is also an untold story because this story was never told, and very many similar stories have never been told in the media and they are not known not only in the Jewish community but also in the Polish community. In Poland they are also unknown.”

December 6th 1942 in Ciepielów, near Radom,
German military police burned 34 Poles alive for hiding the Jewish – families of Kowalski, Obuchiewicz, Skoczylas, and two families of Kosior, together with a few Jews hidden by them, among whom were Elka Cukier and Berek Pineches.

Poland and Ukraine were the only countries were for helping a Jew, entire families were executed

Historians estimate that to save one Jew, 10 to 25 Poles needed to be involved

Around 500 thousand to 1 million Poles risked their lives to save their neighbours – the Polish Jews.

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Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Chabad Jewish History Lecture by Dr. Henry Abramson

A presentation on the life and word of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994), the Seventh Rebbe of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. A native of Nikolaev, Ukraine, and educated in Germany and France, his leadership transformed his Hasidic followers into an international movement that continues to shape the lives of Jews world wide. The lecture was held at the Young Israel of Bal Harbour on Wednesday, June 5th.


Museum at site of family storeJewish News of Greater Phoenix

The National Museum of American Jewish History contains many artifacts of great importance to the history of the Jewish people. But for Evelyn Girsh Zeitzer of 
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Learning to be Jewish from MAD MagazineHaaretz Daily  – 20 hours
Marginalized artists in a marginalized medium: Colombia University librarian celebrates the Jewish history of comics in America.

Putting Florence’s Jewish History Into the SpotlightThe Forward  – 11 hours
The Jewish history of Florence remains largely unknown to most Italians and tourists alike. Leaders want to change that, starting with its ..

Library program this evening will offer Jewish history lessonTarboro Daily Southerner

“It will educate people on the Jewish population here,” said Pam Edmondson, local history and genealogical specialist at the library. “I’m looking forward to it; I’m 
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Jewish Arts Festival: Photo archive holds a piece of Israel’s historySalt Lake Tribune

A priceless chronicle of the history of Israel lies in a bunch of negatives in dusty boxes in a Tel Aviv photo shop. Filmmaker Tamar Tal uncovers that history in her 
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Sacred and Profane History of Cherished Jewish Number 18Jewish Daily Forward

For Jews the world over, the number 18 has long enjoyed a special status. In Jewish liturgy, the prayer known as the Amidah is also called the “Shmoneh Esreh” 
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Museum at site of family storeJewish News of Greater Phoenix

The National Museum of American Jewish History contains many artifacts of great importance to the history of the Jewish people. But for Evelyn Girsh Zeitzer of 
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Chasidic woman makes history in winning Montreal council raceThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

Montreal has had Orthodox Jewish councillors but all have been men. Tensions with non-Jewish neighbors already were running high over zoning, noise and 
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‘Last Shot’ To Preserve HistoryThe Jewish Week

In the end, the silence, and the burden of history, were too much to bear. So when an inquisitive niece began asking him about the war years, Marian 
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Conversation with Deborah LipstadtConnecticut Jewish Ledger

Paula Hyman, of blessed memory, professor of modern Jewish history at Yale, used that in her classes, and it captures the basic question underlying Holocaust 
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Aaron Hughes Presents Inaugural Lecture as Bernstein Professor of University of Rochester Newsroom

Karp, one of the foremost authorities on American Jewish history, served as Bernstein Chair until 1991. William Scott Green, who joined the faculty of what was 
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Why Do Italian Jews Tolerate Berlusconi’s Trivialization of the Daily Beast

This is not the first time Berlusconi has said something offensive on the subject of Jewish history. In 2003, for example,he claimed that Benito Mussolini, the 
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