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Shalom, Switzerland: A Jewish Culture GuideShalom Life

World cities, provincial towns, and even the most unassuming of suburbs are infused with Jewishhistory and culture, some of which is waiting to be discovered.
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Iranian Jews Protest in Favor of Nuclear ProgramArutz Sheva

Members of Iran’s Jewish community were among hundreds of Iranians who rallied on Tuesday in support of the Islamic Republic’s disputed nuclear program.
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Jewish Advice For Mayor-Elect At Transition EventThe Jewish Week

“In this amazingly diverse city the Jewish community is itself extremely diverse,” she said. “Anyone, Jewish or not, who purports to speak for the [entire] Jewish 
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Toronto Jewish Arts Center Takes Up Trendy New DigsJewish Daily Forward (blog)

Rather than replace its gallery space at the Bathurst Jewish CommunityCentre — which closed to make room for a huge new complex — the Koffler launched 
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Live Local, Live Smallencore Online

For almost seven million people in the Jewish community, 2013 marks a very unusual collision of two holidays: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Dubbed 
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JFK For A New GenerationThe Jewish Week

Kennedy had a relatively good relationship with the American-Jewish community. He appointed Jews to his cabinet (Arthur Goldberg was secretary of labor, and 
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OC Jewish Arts Festival 2013


The 2013 Orange County Jewish Arts Festival was a great success. With music, films, books, art and more, there’s something for everyone at the JCC.

UK Jewish Film Festival: British Film Institute hosts 17th annual celebration of Jewish mo

UK Jewish Film Festival: British Film Institute hosts 17th annual celebration of Jewish mo The Jewish Cardinal Director Ilan Duran Cohen Interview. The 17th annual UK Jewish Film Festival is well and truly underway here at the British Film Institute in London. Amongst the films to watch this year are mov The 17th annual UK Jewish Film Festival revealed its full programme yesterday at a press launch in Soho attended by guests including filmmaker/comedian Jes B The 17th UK JEWISH FILM Festival is opening on 30th October with a Gala Screening of French film THE JEWISH CARDINAL (Original Title: Le Métis de Dieu) by Il Aatsinki The Story of Arctic Cowboys Director Jessica Oreck Interview. DW 2011-12 Hebrew. Here is a quick look at a segment from one of my little Adventure Hermits; my 7 year old daughter Sophia. This is a piece of her Video Book report on POLAR

Shalsheles Junior 2


Shalsheles Junior
Coming Soon: Shalsheles Connections – Jewish Music ReportKol Isha

With Chanukah just days away, get ready for the best gift of all: an all new album from Shalsheles! With this, their sixth album, titled Shalsheles Connections, 
Jewish Music Report
Johanna Spector’s Impact on Jewish Musicology: Encountering and NY Blueprint

 on Jewish Musicology: Encountering and Documenting Jewish Musical Culture  her influence on the study of Jewish music from non-Western communities.
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Musical ‘Bridge’ To IsraelThe Jewish Week

At first they saw themselves as rockers but “we had a lot of requests for the Jewish stuff [both Carlebach’s music and their own] and so we recorded that, too.
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Under Hindemith’s WingThe Jewish Week

Intriguingly, all of the former Hindemith students whose music will be performed on Nov. 22 areJewish; the program features works by Wyner, Leigh, Lukas Foss 
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The Talmud’s Yom Kippur, With Sacrifice and Blood, Is Nothing Like Tablet Magazine

The Daf Yomi cycle continues to make its way through the second order of the Talmud But the Yom Kippur we read about in the Talmud is not exactly the Yom 
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The Essential Hanukkah Gift Guide: Traditions Jewish Gifts Shalom Life

As our favourite of Jewish holidays draws nearer, Shalom Life is proud to continue with our Essential Hanukkah Gift Guide: 8 crazy nights of amazing gift ideas, 
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A Once-In-A-Lifetime Holiday?The Jewish Week

Since Jewish holidays begin in the evening, there are two more dates in the predictable future where Chanukah and Thanksgiving will overlap — for a few hours 
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Thanksgivukkah: Festival of Lights, Liberty and LatkesRocky Mountain Collegian

For the first time since 1918, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will fall on the same day to create the aJewish-American holiday that many online have taken to 
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Jerusalem mayor Barkat signs coalition agreements with Bnei Torah Jerusalem Post

Less than one month after securing his reelection, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and the heads of the Bnei Torah and Shas factions signed a coalition agreement 
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MK Stern: Some Things More Important than Torah StudyArutz Sheva

MK Stern: Some Things More Important than Torah Study. Another heated debate in Knesset’s ‘Equal Burden of Service’ committee as Stern backs criminal 
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The Value of LifeThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

When life is at stake, even if it’s the life of an enemy, Israel puts any disputes behind. It happens almost on a daily basis, when Palestinian prisoners, who are 
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Jewish Senior Life plans a $100 million projectRochester Business Journal

Jewish Senior Life plans a $100 million project to add new units and upgrade existing facilities at its 75-acre Winton Road campus, officials said Tuesday.
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The Essential Hanukkah Gift Guide: Traditions Jewish Gifts Shalom Life

As our favourite of Jewish holidays draws nearer, Shalom Life is proud to continue with our Essential Hanukkah Gift Guide: 8 crazy nights of amazing gift ideas, 
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‘Walk’ changes a lifeThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

“I was really flattered to be asked, and Aaron has got a very tasty look at life. It’s fun to meet new talent, obviously, so I’m hoping he’ll be running Paramount 
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Europe’s First Jewish Theology School Set to Open in GermanyShalom Life

Shocking as it is, Europe does not currently have a single university that has a department dedicated to Jewish theology, but next Tuesday, this is going to 
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Mayim Bialik Talks Thanksgivukkah on Arsenio [VIDEO]Shalom Life

Actress, neuroscientist and Jewish blogger, Mayim Bialik, joined Arsenio Hall on his …. discuss and inspire our readers with stories about Jewishculture and life.
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A night of honorsSun-Sentinel

“I know that there are a lot of talented people that have given a lot to Jewish Life, particularly in the South Florida area, so for me I take this as a very high honor,” 
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Committee Recommends Another Leftist, Anti-Settlements AGThe Jewish Press

As Jewish Home MK Orit struk put it, Nitzan is known for his hostility toJewish life in Judea and Samaria, and should the Netanyahu government approve his 
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Banning the Rabbanut from Performing WeddingsThe Jewish Press (blog)

 they collect our taxes without caring if we are Jewish or not. Why in preparation for the most fortunate day of our lives do we need to go through 7 layers of hell 
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Potty-Mouthed Queen of the Jewish People, Sarah Silverman Does Tablet Magazine

“We were just Jewish in that it oozed out of our pores.  Susan (“this liberal hippie feminist rabbi that lives in Israel”) and her father, “Donny ‘Shleppy’ Silverman,” 


Jewish Advice For Mayor-Elect At Transition EventThe Jewish Week

She was referring to Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, a sponsor of the event that had a large contingent present. Messinger, who travels around the world 
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Holiday eventsCleveland Jewish News

“Thanksgivukah: A Congregational Chanukah Celebration,” 6 p.m., Suburban Temple-Kol Ami, 22401 Chagrin Blvd., Beachwood. Tickets: $13 adults, $8 
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“Five Days at Memorial” author Sheri Fink to speak at Jewish Book

In addition to these author events, the Jewish Book Festival features a Bookstore offering a great selection of children and young adult books, JCC Book Club 
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My Mother’s Secret: A Novel Based on a True Holocaust StoryThe Jewish Voice

Witterick felt connected to the Jewish plight because her own people suffered  Within the horrificevents of the Holocaust there was still hope, and people who 
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Gomez Mill House, Oldest Jewish Site in North America The Jewish Voice

The oldest Jewish site in North America is not Newport’s famed Touro  in 1714 in Marlboro, NY—is one of the best-kept secrets in American Jewish history, and 
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The Jewish History of Futures (and Options)Jewish Daily Forward

The answer to this question is that there is nothing particularly “Jewish” about derivatives. However, given the strong historical associations between Jews and 
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RIVERSIDE: Olive oil demonstration held at Jewish centerPress-Enterprise

Because the oil is central to an important chapter in Jewish history, which is celebrated in the upcoming eight-day festival of Hanukkah, said visiting Rabbi 
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German university opening Europe’s first school of Jewish theologyThe Times of Israel

“The opening of the School of Jewish Theology marks a historicalmilestone in the training of liberal and conservative rabbis and is unique both in Germany and 
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Share this ArticleAlgemeiner – MARLBOBO, N.Y.—The oldest Jewish site in North America is not  1714 in Marlboro, NY—is one of the best-kept secrets in American Jewish history
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Jewish Tycoons William Ackman and Dan Loeb in Vicious Feud Jewish Daily Forward

Also in 2010, Ackman gave $6.75 million toward paying down the $30 million debt of the Center for Jewish History in New York, on whose board he serves.
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Clinton presents Eli, Marion Wiesel with WJC awardJerusalem Post

 survivor Eli Wiesel and his wife Marion received the World Jewish Congress’  Israel and enhanced understanding of Jewish history, culture and peoplehood.
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Thanksgiving And Chanukah: Two Distinct HolidaysThe Jewish Week

We are both affluent and influential, as in no other time in Jewish history. Our Jewishness is not something we hide or cover in America as we once did. We feel 


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This Day in Jewish History / Hannah Primrose, king-maker of Haaretz

This Day in Jewish History / Hannah Primrose, king-maker of ungrateful Gladstone, dies young. Both families were horrified at the union of ‘Hebrew-looking’ 
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This Day in Jewish History / Czech commie leader tried for Haaretz

This Day in Jewish History / Czech commie leader tried for ‘Trotskyite-Titoist-Zionist’ conspiracy. Rudolf Slansky was imprisoned and tortured in a detention 
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Canada: Parliamentary C’tee Urges Jewish Refugee RecognitionArutz Sheva

Shimon Fogel, chairman of the Canadian Center for Israel and Jewishaffairs, called on the Canadian government to adopt the recommendations of a 
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New York Jews Latest Victims of Black Youths’ ‘Knockout Game’Arutz Sheva

A series of recent attacks on Jews in New York City could be part of a game being played by black youths called “Get the Jew,” or “the Knockout Game,” police 
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Bennett: Leaving Gaza Cost 1000 Times More than StayingArutz Sheva

Bennett answers question about the cost of Israeli settlement, warns of ‘fateful  At an address to the Conference of Major Jewish Organizations today, Minister 
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Jonah Aaron ShaperaCleveland Jewish News

23 at The Temple-Tifereth Israel in Beachwood. He attends Beachwood Middle School. For his mitzvah project, he is raising money for the Make-A-Wish 
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Spencer Maxwell CaronCleveland Jewish News

Spencer Maxwell Caron, son of Aleece and Brian Caron of Willowick, Friday evening, Nov. 22 at Temple Israel Ner Tamid. He attends Hawken School. For his 
Julio Iglesias Claims Jewish Roots; Returns to Israel to PerformThe Jewish Voice

According the Jewish News Service, Iglesiasis part of an all-star roster of performers planning to visit Israel during their upcoming tours this year, Other stars 
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Reform’s Rick Jacobs hails new openness in Israel to religious Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s religious services minister, made clear in an interview particularly on civil marriage (he’s against) or anything that violates Jewishlaw.  An award-winning journalist, he has served as JTA’s news editor and worked as 
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Norwegian academic boycotts Kristallnacht memorial over IsraelSt. Louis Jewish Light

(JTA) — A Norwegian university distanced itself from a professor who said he opposed commemorating Nazi-era pogroms because it serves Israeli propaganda.
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This Week’s Features
Kislev 17, 5774 · November 20, 2013

By Dovid Margolin
Chabad on Campus gears up for ice menorahs, bagpipe music and morePost CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
Chicago-area Chabad transforms a funeral home into a place of joy and celebrationPost CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
The convergence sparks an assortment of ideas to mark the festivitiesPost CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
Focusing on the message, not the merchandise, surrounding the Festival of LightsPost CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
Talk of the Planet
World’s Largest Chassidic Book Fair Opens in Jerusalem
More than 250,000 books representing hundreds of titles are expected to be sold
Chanukah Lights to Brighten Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock
Where else to celebrate the convergence of the holidays?

More News Briefs  

In the Media
Boulder Moves On – Menorah of Crocs
Boulder Jewish News

From Chabad at UCF to the New York City Shabbaton
Heritage Florida Jewish News

Thanksgiving Chanukah to Highlight Lakewood Ranch Food Drive
Bradenton Herald – FL

Abor-Mitzvah at Uluru
Australian Jewish News

Israeli Boy’s Legacy Will Live On in Cherry Hill
Courier-Post – NJ

CJL, Chabad Collaborate on Shabbat 360
Daily Princetonian

Event Unites Holocaust Survivors with Students
Thornhill Liberal – ON, Canada

U of I Hoops Fans Get Taste of Kosher Dogs

More Media Stories  

BBYO to pay tribute to Schlessel for 30 years of service
Lane A. Schlessel’s affiliation with BBYO dates to 1973, when he was recruited for AZA, BBYO’s teen leadership program for boys, to play basketball. (full story)

ABC picks up Israeli singing competition ‘Rising Star’
Is it just us, or does it seem like Israeli TV is invading Hollywood lately? (full story)

Council Garden celebrates golden anniversary
In 1954, Ruth Einstein, a member of the Cleveland section of National Council of Jewish Women, had a vision to make quality housing available for low-income senior citizens. (full story)

Israel attacks Gaza terror infrastructure in retaliation for mortars
Israel’s Air Force fired on Gaza terrorist infrastructure in retaliation for mortars fired on Israeli soldiers near the security fence. (full story)

Today’s Best Bet
Gallery Talk with Michael Bennett on “Praxiteles: The Cleveland Apollo,” 7 p.m., Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Blvd., Cleve. Free.
This Day in History
1940: Hungary becomes a signatory of the Tripartite Pact, officially joining the Axis Powers. This is the first step on the long road that will belatedly bring the Holocaust to the Jews of Hungary, including Nobel prize winner Elie Weisel.


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Kislev 17, 5774 · November 20, 2013
Today’s Tanya Lesson
Kuntres Acharon, Essay 8

Word had evidently reached the Alter Rebbe that the chassidim of a certain synagogue did not permit a worshiper who would pray at length to lead the services, because some individual there was pressed for time. In this letter of admonition, the Alter Rebbe writes that it is better for this person to even forgo participation in the congregational responses of Barchu and Kedushah (if it is absolutely impossible for him to remain longer), than to keep his fellow-congregants from praying at length. For deliberate prayer involves life itself, and, indeed, prolongs one’s life; by cutting short the prayers of others, this busy individual tampers with their very lives.

The Alter Rebbe also explains that meditation during prayer with the goal of revealing the love of G‑d that is concealed within the heart of every Jew, constitutes an obligation explicit in the Torah — “And you shall love the L‑rd your G‑d….”

הנה לא טובה השמועה שמעתי, ותרגז בטני

I have heard with foreboding and am deeply grieved, writes the Alter Rebbe,

אשר עם ה׳ מעבירים מלפני התיבה האיש החפץ בחיים ואריכות ימים של כל אנשי שלומנו, שבמקדש מעט הזה של אנשי שלומנו

that G‑d’s people are preventing1 one who yearns for the life and longevity of all our brethren, from leading the services in this small sanctuary2 — the synagogue — of our [chassidic] brotherhood.

The person who leads the service at a measured pace and thus enables his fellow-congregants to pray at length, provides them all with life and longevity.

כמאמר רז״ל: שלשה דברים מאריכים ימיו של אדם, ואחד מהם: המאריך בתפלתו

As our Sages of blessed memory teach,3 “Three things prolong the days of man,” and one of these is prolonged worship.

ואף גם מי שהשעה דחוקה לו ביותר, ואי אפשר לו בשום אופן להמתין עד אחר עניית קדושה של חזרת השליחצבור הזה

Even one extremely pressed for time, who finds it utterly impossible to wait until the congregational response called Kedushah in the repetition of the Shemoneh Esreh by this person who leads the prayers [slowly],

הלא טוב טוב לו שלא לשמוע קדושה וברכו, מלירד לחייהם של החפצים בחיים

far better is it for him to forgo hearing Kedushah and Barchu than to tamper with the lives of those who desire life, and hence desire to pray at length.

ואונס, רחמנא פטריה

The Torah does, after all, exonerate the compelled.4


והשליחצבור מוציאו ידי חובתו, אף שלא שמע, כאילו שמע, שהוא כעונה ממש

The Reader discharges his obligation for him5 of hearing Kedushah andBarchu even though he did not hear them recited,6 just as though he had heard, and this — hearing from the Reader, even without reciting — is counted precisely like responding.7

Unlike other instances of duress where the Torah indeed exonerates the individual concerned but does not consider him to have performed the omitted act, in this instance he is considered to have done so, for the Reader discharges his obligation for him.

וכדאיתא בגמרא גבי עם שבשדות, דאניסי, ויוצאים ידי חובת תפלת שמונה עשרה עצמה בחזרת הש״ץ, כאלו שמעו ממש

The Gemara8 notes this in reference to “the people in the fields” who are considered to be under duress, and fulfill their obligation of reciting the Shemoneh Esreh prayer itself, and not only of participating in the responses of Barchu and Kedushah, with the Reader’s repetition, as if they had actually heard it from him.

וגם קדושה וברכו בכלל

Kedushah and Barchu are also included among those obligations which are fulfilled through the Reader’s prayer.

This being the case, a person under duress should obviously not inconvenience others who seek to prolong their prayers.

והנה זאת חקרנוה, כן הוא

This we have searched out and verified,9

אף גם בדורות הראשונים של חכמי המשנה והגמרא

even regarding the early generations of the Sages of the Mishnah andGemara,

שהיתה תורתם קבע ועיקר עבודתם, ולא תפלתם

whose Torah study, not prayer, was constant and their primary service.

Even with them, prolonged prayer was related to life and longevity.

ומכל שכן עתה הפעם בעקבות משיחא, שאין תורתינו קבע מצוק העתים

It is even more emphatically true at this time, in the period just preceding the advent of Mashiach, when our Torah study is not constant because of the difficulty of our times.

ועיקר העבודה בעקבות משיחא היא התפלה, כמו שכתב הרב חיים ויטל, זכרונו לברכה, בעץ חיים ופרי עץ חיים

The primary service in the period just preceding the coming of Mashiach is prayer, as Rabbi Chayim Vital (of blessed memory) writes in Etz Chayim and Pri Etz Chayim.10

מכל שכן וקל וחומר, שראוי ונכון ליתן נפשינו ממש עליה

Surely then, it is fitting and proper to devote ourselves utterly to it.

והיא חובה של תורה ממש למביני מדע תועלת ההתבוננות ועומק הדעת קצת, כל חד לפום שיעורא דיליה

This — prolonged prayer buttressed by the disciplined contemplation of G‑d’s greatness — is an actual Torah-mandated imperative to those who understand the efficacy of at least a little profoundly-considered meditation, each according to his measure,

In some individuals, as discussed in ch. 41 of Tanya, a feeling of love or awe of G‑d will be aroused by a brief effort of meditation, and in others, only by a deeper and longer stretch of meditation.

בסדור שבחו של מקום, ברוך הוא, בפסוקי דזמרה ושתי ברכות שלפני קריאת שמע, יוצר ואהבה

in the ordered enumeration of the praises of G‑d, blessed be He,11 inPesukei DeZimrah and in the two blessings preceding Shema, viz., Yotzer(Yotzer Or) and Ahavah (Ahavat Olam),

לעורר בהן האהבה המסותרת בלב כל ישראל, לבא לבחינת גילוי בהתגלות הלב, בשעת קריאת שמע עצמה

in order to arouse through [these blessings] the love latent in the heart of every Jew, so that it attain a state of revelation in the openness of the heart during Keriat Shema itself, which follows these two blessings.

שזאת היא מצות האהבה, שבפסוק ואהבת גו׳ בכל לבבך גו׳, הנמנית ראשונה בתרי״ג מצות

This is the meaning of the commandment of love that appears in the verse,12 “And you shall love [the L‑rd your G‑d] with all your heart…,” that is reckoned first13 among the 613 mitzvot.

כמו שכתב הרמב״ם ז״ל, שהיא מיסודי התורה ושרשה, ומקור לכל רמ״ח מצות עשה

Thus the Rambam, of blessed memory, writes14 that this is a fundament of the Torah and its root, and the source of all 248 positive commands.

Concerning these commandments the Alter Rebbe states in ch. 4 of Tanya, “For he who fulfills them in truth, is he who loves G‑d’s Name.”

This commandment — “And you shall love” — is the obligation imposed by the Torah to meditate during prayer in order to arouse and reveal one’s latent love. As to the emotion of love itself, a commandment is obviously impossible and irrelevant: if one has it, he has it, and if not, no command is going to produce it.

Thus, in reply to the question, How is it possible to mandate love?, the Maggid of Mezritch points out15 that the subject of the command is not the love but the meditation that will assuredly lead one to experiencing it. When one considers (“Hear, O Israel”16) how “the L‑rd is our G‑d, the L‑rd is one,” one will surely come to love Him. The key verb(Ve’ahavta) is thus not not be understood as a command (“You shall love”), but as an assurance (“You will love”).

כי על אהבה המסותרת בלב כל ישראל בתולדתם וטבעם, לא שייך ציווי כלל

For regarding the love latent in the heart of all Israel by birth and nature, there can be no command at all, for it already exists.

Rather, the command is that this latent love be revealed; moreover, that it be felt not only by the G‑dly soul, but by the animating soul as well, which previously did not harbor it at all.

ודעת לנבון נקל

This is apparent to the understanding,

כי כשהאהבה היא מסותרת, היא עודינה בנפש האלקית לבדה

that while the love is concealed it is still lodged within the divine soul alone.

וכשבאה לבחינת גילוי לנפש החיונית, אזי היא בהתגלות הלב בחלל שמאלי, מקום משכן נפש החיונית

Only when it attains to a state of revelation in the animating soul is it revealed in the heart in the left chamber, the abode of the animating soul.17

Since this soul animates the entire body, the person as a whole will be permeated with this love.

וזהו ענין בירור ניצוצות, המוזכר שם בעץ חיים ובפרי עץ חיים, גבי תפלה

This is the meaning of the “elevation of the sparks” mentioned there inEtz Chayim and Pri Etz Chayim18 in reference to prayer: through prayer one elevates the sparks of holiness that fell from Tohu.

שלכן היא עיקר העבודה בעקבות משיחא, לברר ניצוצות כו׳

And for this reason prayer is the primary service in the period just preceding the coming of Mashiach — in order to seek out and elevate the sparks, and so on.

שהוא בחינת אתהפכא או אתכפיא של נפש החיונית לנפש האלקית, כנודע

This may take place either through the transformation19 or the subjugation of the animal soul to the divine soul, as is known.

כי הדם הוא הנפש כו׳, והדם מתחדש בכל יום מאוכלין ומשקין

“For the blood is the soul…”20 and hence the life-force of man, and the blood is renewed daily through food and drink,

By directing his eating and drinking to the holy goals of the divine soul, one refines and elevates the sparks found within the food and drink.

וגם מתפעל ונתקן ממלבושים ודירה כו׳

and [the man] is affected and improved by his garments and his shelter, and so on.

The refinement of the sparks latent in all these physical things is effected by revealing one’s innate love of G‑d during prayer. In our days prolonged prayer and meditation are thus a necessity.

מה שאין כן בדורות הראשונים, שהיו נשמות האלקית גדולי הערך

It was different, however, in earlier generations, when the divine souls were of a higher order,

היה הבירור נעשה כרגע בקריאת שמע לבד וברכות שלפניה, ופסוקי דזמרה בקצרה וכו׳

and the refinement and elevation of the sparks were instantaneous by means of Keriat Shema alone21 and the blessings preceding it, and the abridged Pesukei DeZimrah, and so on.22

These prayers alone then sufficed to reveal the Jew’s love of G‑d, and brought about the resulting beirurim of the sparks.

ודי למבין

This will suffice for the discerning.

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Note the idiom of our Sages, of blessed memory (in Avodah Zarah 73a), ראשוןראשון בטל [where each successive portion of wine poured into the vat is nevertheless called ‘the first’].

“Note also that in Chinuch Katan [see Vol. III in the present series, p. 817, and notes there], love is the root of all positive commandments (including the positive commandment of awe (which in turn is the root of all prohibitory commandments) and hence) the source of all the commandments.”

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The Tanya of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, elucidated by Rabbi Yosef Wineberg    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Translated from Yiddish by Rabbi Levy Wineberg and Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg. Edited by Uri Kaploun.
Published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, all rights reserved.

Select Section Shiurim Hayom Yom, Today’s Day ,Today’s Mitzvah : 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection videos and feeds in each section
Kislev 17, 5774 · 11/20/2013
“Today’s Day”
Tuesday Kislev 17 5704
Torah lessons: Chumash: Vayeishev, Shlishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 83-87.
Tanya: I have heard (p. 627)…suffice for the knowing. (p. 631).

Chassidus Chabad opens the gates to the chambers of chochma and bina, enabling one to know and to recognize – with intellectual comprehension – “He who spoke and the world came into being.1 It awakens the feelings of the heart so that it is aroused with the emotion engendered by that particular intellectual comprehension.2 And Chassidus Chabad shows the way that each individual – commensurate with his innate abilities – can “approach the Sacred,” to serve G-d with his mind and heart.

1. See Siddur p. 30, line 37 (Baruch she’amar); compare Tehillim 33:9.
2. Of G-d. A specific intellectual contemplation arouses (or engenders) a specific emotion related to it.
Compiled by the Lubavitcher Rebbe; Translated by Yitschak Meir Kagan   More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author
Compiled and arranged by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, in 5703 (1943) from the talks and letters of the sixth Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, of righteous memory.
Today’s Mitzvah
Kislev 17, 5774 · November 20, 2013
A daily digest of Maimonides’ classic work “Sefer Hamitzvot”

Positive Commandment 200
Timely Remittance of Wages

“Give him his wage on the day it is due”—Deuteronomy 24:15.

We are commanded to pay a daily worker in a timely fashion, and not to delay payment. A day worker collects his wages on the night that follows, and a night worker collects his wages on the following day. This mitzvah applies to all workers—whether Jewish or gentile.

Full text of this Mitzvah »

Negative Commandment 238
Postponing Payment for a Hired Worker

“The wages of a hired worker shall not be left with you overnight until the morning”—Leviticus 19:13.

It is forbidden to delay the timely payment of a hired worker. A day worker must be given his wages on the night that follows, and a night worker on the day that follows.

This prohibition applies only to a Jewish worker (as opposed to the positive commandment to pay in a timely fashion, which applies to both Jewish and non-Jewish workers).

Full text of this Mitzvah »

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Want even more? These mitzvot are discussed at length in today’s three-chapter Maimonides study regimen.

YOUTH/TEEN Select Section WEEKLY Parasha Parashat Vayeshev Part 4 SHIURIM & COMMENTARIES

Vayeshev Part 1 (english)   Vayeshev Part 2 (hebrew)  

Parashat Vayeshev Part 3 (spanish, portugeese, italian, german, russian,  turkish)

 Vayeshev Part 4 (YOUTH/TEEN)    Vayeshev   The Jewish Woman

Parshat Vayeshev english

Remember Joseph? Yeah, the many-colored-coat guy. Well, it seems to bring out the nasty in a bunch of Original Ganstas – Joseph’s bros. Hip Hop artist Daniel Silverstein (aka Anomaly MC) lays down the story for us in rhyme.

This is Episode 9 of the weekly Torah cartoon from Each week, a different storyteller – some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion…and then we animate it!

Parshat Vayeshev: Joseph and his Colorful Coat

Download the Curriculum:…

Remember Joseph? Yeah, the many-colored-coat guy. Well, it seems to bring out the nasty in a bunch of Original Ganstas – Joseph’s bros. Hip Hop artist Daniel Silverstein (aka Danny Raphael) lays down the story for us in rhyme.

This is Episode 9 of the weekly Torah cartoon from Each week, a different storyteller – some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion…and then we animate it!

Vayechev : La Paracha avec Boubach saison 2 !! french

Voici la nouvelle émission de 613tv conçue et présentée par Michael Broll !
Avec Boubach découvrez les trésors de la Torah à travers la paracha de la semaine !!!!!!! Un rendez-vous a ne pas manquer et à partager avec tous vos amis !…

Here is the new issue of 613tv designed and presented by Michael Broll!
With Boubach discover the treasures of the Torah through the parsha of the week!!! An appointment not to be missed and share with all your friends!


Voici la bande-annonce du futur spectacle des Boubachim : IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS HANOUKA…
A retrouver sur

Parshat Vayeshev hebrew

Parshat Vayeshev hebrew
Kislev 17, 5774 · 20. November 2013
Leben mit der Parsha: The Big Picture

Rebecca saß an ihrem tisch mit ihren Eltern und Geschwistern, Michelle und Daniel, aber ihr Geist war weit weg. Sie wurde von ihrem Parsha Lektion Denken an der Hebräischen Schule an diesem Tag, wo sie über die Geschichte von Joseph und seinen Brüdern, die ihn in einer Grube geworfen hatte und verkauften ihn an Kaufleute als Slave gelernt hatte. “Was ist auf Ihrem Verstand? fragte ihr Vater.

“Nun, ich habe mich nur gefragt, wie konnten die Kinder von Jakob, der wie ein großer Mann war, wie eine schreckliche Sache zu tun, um ihre ganz eigene Bruder? ‘

“Sie meinen, wenn sie ihn an die Händler verkauft als Slave? fragte ihr Vater. “Ja”, sagte Rebecca. “Es war schrecklich!”

“Sie waren eifersüchtig auf ihn”, sagte ihr Bruder Daniel. ‘Joseph erzählte ihnen seine Träume, wie sie sich alle beugen eines Tages zu ihm. ” “Ja”, sagte Michelle, “und auch Jacob Joseph begünstigt, und machte ihn zu einem speziellen Mantel, so waren sie eifersüchtig auf ihn, weil der, dass”.

“Aber das erklärt immer noch nicht es ‘, sagte Rebecca, fast emotional.

“Sie haben Recht”, sagte ihr Vater. “Aber”, fuhr er fort, “um zu verstehen, wie Gd lassen sollten Sie haben, um auf das große Bild schauen wie tragische Dinge passieren.”

Die drei Kinder auf ihn gewartet, um zu erklären, was er unter “big picture” gemeint ist.

“Sehen Sie, wenn die Brüder nicht an die Händler Joseph als Sklave verkauft, dann würde er nicht in dem Land Ägypten beendet haben – was Sie wahrscheinlich über die nächste Zeit zu lernen – und dann Joseph nicht als ernannt worden zweite an den König, und er würde nicht in der Lage gewesen zu Pharao über die Hungersnot zu warnen, und dann Jakob und alle seine Brüder nicht nach Ägypten kommen später gewesen sein, denn Ägypten wäre nicht aufgegeben haben alle das Essen in der Zeit für die gespeicherte Hunger … Und wir würden nicht aus Ägypten erlöst wurden, um die Tora zu empfangen … ”

“Wow”, sagte Daniel, trommelte mit den Fingern auf den Tisch, “Wir könnten daraus lernen, wenn die Dinge dunkel kann es am Ende gut sein, wie mit den Juden hinunter nach Ägypten zu suchen. ‘

Von Tali Loewenthal Weitere Artikel … | RSS Listing der neuesten Artikel von diesem Autor
Von Dr. Tali Loewenthal, Direktor von Chabad Research Unit, London, UK.

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Vayeshev Part 1 (english)   Vayeshev Part 2 (hebrew)  

Parashat Vayeshev Part 3 (spanish, portugeese, italian, german, russian,  turkish)

 Vayeshev Part 4 (YOUTH/TEEN)    Vayeshev   The Jewish Woman

Parashat Vayeshev Languages :french

La paracha de la semaine :Vayéchev. Un juste n’est jamais tranquille.

La paracha en 5 minutes.
5 minutes sur la paracha de cette semaine Vayéchev par le Rav Mendel Nisenbaum

Penser à l’éducation de Demain

312 – Paracha Vayechev à la grande Synagogue de La Roquette, Le 16 Novembre 2013

Rav Yossef Tordjmann présente: Paracha Vayechev

Cours a la mémoire de Nissim ben Hmeissa et Makhlouf ben Messaouda ainsi que pour la guérison totale de David ben Rahel, Yehouda ben Rahel, Hava bat Rahel et Touna Chemla

Parashat Vayeshev Languages :spanish

Parashat Vayeshev Languages :italian

Parashat Vayeshev Languages :portugeese

Parashat Vayeshev Languages :russian

Parashat Vayeshev Rav Joram Elijahu Languages : german

Raw Frand zu Parschat Wajeschew 5772

Die Brüder gingen um es sich gut gehen zu lassen

Der Passuk sagt; “Und seine Brüder gingen, um das Vieh ihres Vaters in Schechem zu weiden” (Wajelchu Echaw lirot ET Zon Awihem biSchechem) [Bereschit 37:12]. Über dem Wort ET sind Punkte zu sehen. Raschi – basierend auf den Midrasch – bemerkt, dass dies auf die Tatsache hinweist, dass die Brüder hingingen um sich selbst zu weiden (es sich gut gehen zu lassen). Der Sifsej Chachamim erklärt diese Raschi. Punkte über einem Buchstaben sollten verstanden werden, als ob dieser Buchstabe (und in diesem Fall das ganze Wort) nicht existiert. Wenn man die Buchstaben Alef und Taf entfernt – über welchen die Punkte stehen – die das Wort ET im Passuk ausmachen, so ist das Wort “Vieh” (Zon) nicht mehr mit dem Wort “zu weiden” (lirot) verbunden und der Passuk liest sich, als ob die Brüder hingingen um es sich gut gehen zu lassen; (zufällig) war das Vieh ihres Vaters in Schechem.

Raw Simcha Sissel Broide erklärt diesen Midrasch in seinem Sefer Sam Derech. Hätten die Brüder das Interesse ihres Vaters vor den Augen gehabt, so hätten sie Josef nicht verkauft und ihrem Vater damit unermessliches Leid zugefügt. Zu Beginn von Kapitel 38 steht: “Und es war in jener Zeit (nach dem Verkauf Josefs) dass Jehudah hinabzog von seinen Brüdern…“ Der Midrasch sagt zur Stelle (wie Raschi zitiert), dass die Brüder ihn von seiner Führerposition in der Familie absetzten. Sie wiesen ihm die Schuld zu für die Idee, Josef zu verkaufen; ein Plan, der Ja’akow so viel Schmerz und Trauer einbrachte. Weshalb hatten sie nicht selbst daran gedacht, welche Folgen der Verlust von Josef mit sich bringen würde? Damals waren sie so von sich und ihren eigenen Bedürfnissen eingenommen, dass sie nicht überlegten, welche Folgen ihre Tat auf andere haben würde.

Manchmal sind Menschen so von sich eingenommen, dass sie nicht an andere denken. Wenn Menschen schrecklich unsensible Dinge tun, so tun sie dies nicht unbedingt, weil sie gemeine Menschen sind. Die wenigsten Menschen sind gemein. Es ist eher wahrscheinlich, dass sie so von sich eingenommen sind, dass sie nicht inne halten, um nachzudenken, wie ihre Taten oder Worte andere zusetzen könnten.

Dies geschieht ständig. Wenn junge Frauen zusammen kommen, so sprechen sie normalerweise über Babies oder Schwangerschaften. Nur zu oft befindet sich eine junge Frau in der Gruppe – die gleich lange verheiratet ist wie alle Mütter oder baldige Mütter – die noch kein Kind erwartet. Wie fühlt sie sich? Alle sprechen über ihr eigenes Baby und sie hat kein Baby. Diese anderen Frauen wollen nicht gemein sein. Sie ziehen sie sicherlich nicht absichtlich auf oder wollen, dass sie sich unwohl fühlt. Sie sind einfach unsensibel. Dieser Mangel an Sensibilität stammt von einer Voreingenommenheit mit sich selbst. Voreingenommenheit mit sich selbst verhindert, dass man nachdenkt und sich hütet, anderen Schmerz zuzufügen. Das Gemeinschaftsleben verlangt, dass man auch an andere denkt.

Dies bedeutet der oben zitierte Midrasch. Die Brüder gingen um sich selbst zu weiden (es sich gut gehen zu lassen) – sie dachten nicht an die Bedürfnisse und Gefühle von anderen, inklusive denen ihres Vaters, Ja’akow.

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