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Shalom, Iceland: A Jewish Culture GuideShalom Life

World cities, provincial towns, and even the most unassuming of suburbs are infused with Jewish history and culture, some of which is waiting to be discovered.
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November 27: Repeat of history?Jerusalem Post

King Saul’s failure was that he was unable to complete a task properly, so at a critical period in Jewish history he hesitated. That hesitation changed the course 
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From dashing TV cop to Jewish fiddle playerHenley Standard

But it also means a great deal to Jewish people in particular. “It’s a tale told by Tevye, a story that reflects Jewish history in a very poignant way, in particular 
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PQ is ignoring history’s lessonsToronto Star

Re: Rally behind Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital, Opinion Nov. 24  Have the last seven decades of history taught her nothing of the danger of religious 
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Stop worrying – life is good for Jews in BritainJewish Chronicle

Some might consider me insufferably complacent and ignorant of Jewish history. But it is exactly because of Jewish history that I’m so optimistic about life in 
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Queens Jewish Center’s Rabbi Grunblatt Dies At 86The Jewish Week

He was an adjunct professor at Touro College and the author of “Exile and Redemption: Meditations on Jewish History” (Ktav, 1988). After retiring in 2006 from 
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