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Chabad & Sheikh Drammeh in Bronx NY


Chabad Shul and Sheikh Moussa Drammeh Parkchster – Bronx New York Air Date 8 13

Ari Lesser


Song writer Ari Lesser talk on peace and unity email

Paris France 5773


Rabbi YD Cohen films Jewish life in Paris, Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Brunoy and Beth Rivkah in Yerres France 2013

♥ Avi Gross Shaefer Z”L ♥ .


Avi Schaefer, z”l, was born June 11, 1988 to Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer and artist Laurie Gross. Avi was raised in a loving Jewish home in Santa Barbara, California, with his brothers Noah, Yoav, and Elisha. At age 18, Avi and his identical twin Yoav volunteered to serve as combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. Avi served in the army for three years, first as a soldier in a special forces unit and later going on to train some of Israel’s most elite units as a counter-terrorism instructor. Upon completion of his army service, Avi returned to the United States to begin his studies at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

In his few months at Brown Avi quickly distinguished himself as an accomplished student and a trusted voice for Israel and for peace. Avi gracefully balanced his two passions, championing the Jewish state while simultaneously establishing deep lines of communication with students who held differing perspectives. His life and work were tragically cut short on February 12, 2010, when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver while walking near campus. In just 21 years, Avi became a living testament to the idea that one committed individual can truly make a difference. His example leaves an indelible mark on this world in the lives of the people who knew him, and the thousands more inspired by his legacy of activism and compassion. It is now the task of his family and friends to carry on the work he began.

Rare photos of Maghreb Jews surfaceIsrael Hayom

The late Yani Avidov, a Mossad operative who helped bring Jews to Israel from North Africa, left behind a collection of 300 photographs of the daily life 


Attractive Jewish Community Grows Up in

Micahel Alexander Naricic, a high ranking member in the Serbian church in Canberra learned he was Jewish late in life. He began to study and 
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How Jews Took Over Berlin in 2013Jewish Daily Forward

In And Out of the Box: On the 80th anniversary of the National Socialists’ seizure of power, Berlin featured approximately 900 events, including the 
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Holocaust Education Week setSun-Sentinel

Events take place at venues across Miami-Dade County and are free of charge. The exhibit includes the history of the rescued Jews of the Shanghai 
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Ruined Iraqi Torah Scrolls Buried in New YorkArutz Sheva

Numerous historic Torah scrolls were given a symbolic burial in New York ten years after they were discovered ruined in a basement in Iraq.
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MK Maklev: No to ‘Tourism Medicine’Arutz Sheva

MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) spoke out on Monday evening against the phenomenon of “tourism medicine”, where foreign tourists are able 
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Creative License When Interpreting the BibleThe Jewish Press (blog)

On his excellent website, Rabbi Fohrman teaches his brand of inspiring, intellectual Torah. Every week, Rabbi Fohrman teaches a parsha class with 
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Chief Rabbi Mirvis makes landmark address to Limmud UKJewish Telegraphic Agency

The critics had said the conference, which draws thousands of participants from all walks of Jewish life, represented a danger to British Jewry by 
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Halachic nation: The medieval roots of the Jewish nationJerusalem Post

We often hear about Jewish acculturation – this is especially so in the Jewish life all over the world needs to be rooted in thousands of years of 
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Concert promoter shares music anecdotes in memoirSan Diego Jewish World

Although we read about his interactions with numerous music stars  Although Weissberg makes reference to his Jewish upbringing from time to time, 
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“What’s the Parsha, pani Zosia?” – s01 e09 – Shemot


For English scroll down.

“What’s the Parsha, pani Zosia?” – seria 1, odc. 9. “Shemot”.

Cykl mini-wykładów dotyczących cotygodniowej porcji Tory prowadzony przez Zofię Radzikowską, zasłużoną członkinię społeczności żydowskiej w Krakowie.

“What’s the Parsha, pani Zosia? – season 1, episode 9. Shemot.
A cycle of short lectures on a weekly Torah portion led by Zofia Radzikowska, a distinguished member of the Jewish community in Krakow, Poland.

JCC Krakow


Political advisor Gabriel Banon returns to Morocco


Born in Casablanca in the late 1920s, Gabriel Banon is one of the world’s most famous political advisors and geopolitical commentators. Banon has worked with American and French presidents, mediated in Iran and advised numerous heads of state from the King of Sweden to the president of Russian. JN1 has gone to Casablanca to interview Gabriel Banon to learn more about his life and career

In Egypt the Bnei Israel became a nation that can survive forever


234 – Parsha Shemot, December 17th, 2013

Jews make hilloula to honour saints


Each year Moroccan Jews from all over the world make a pilgrimage, called a hilloula, and return to their country of origin to pay homage to one of the 1,200 Jewish saints buried in Morocco from Tangier to the desert. One of the most important hiloula dates in the Jewish calendar is that of Lag BaOmer, where it is the custom to light bonfires, pray and celebrate at the tombs of important rabbis. JN1 is here outside of Ouazzane for the hilloula of Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan, one of the most famous pilgrimages in all of Morocco

Michigan Jewish community making mitzvah, or doing good deeds Daily Journal

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Metropolitan Detroit has sponsored Mitzvah Day for more than 20 years. Muslims have been part of the 
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Young activists lift the gloom over Jews in EuropeJewish Chronicle

 high level of anxiety among Jewish communities across the continent. Two-thirds thought antisemitism was a problem in their country, three-quarters 
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CJN, BBYO team up for partnershipCleveland Jewish News

 CJN is the media sponsor of the BBYO-run basketball league that plays Wednesday nights at the Mandel Jewish Community Center in Beachwood.
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How Jerusalem can help finance U.S. Jewish day school educationSun-Sentinel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Every decade or so, yet another demographic survey reveals the obvious: The American-Jewish community is in flux, with 
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CHAT puts focus on Sephardi experienceCanadian Jewish News (blog)

 conceived will help raise awareness among his students in Toronto’s Ashkenazi-dominated Jewish community about Sephardi history and culture.
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Brit milah battle will not stopJewish Chronicle

Increased antisemitism, threats to curb shechita and moves to ban circumcision are among major challenges facing Europe’s Jewish communities in 
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Quinoa Ruled Kosher for PassoverJewish Daily Forward (blog)

Quinoa’s status on Passover has been a source of debate in observant Jewishcommunities. The plant is not among the five grains – wheat, spelt, oats 
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Calderwood transfer plan moves closerJewish Chronicle

East Renfrewshire Council proposes to move Calderwood Lodge closer to the Jewish communityas part of a shared campus with a newly-built 
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The Goldbergs


The Goldbergs began as a weekly 15-minute program called The Rise of the Goldbergs on November 20, 1929, going daily in 1931. The series moved to CBS in 1936 with the title shortened to The Goldbergs. Like other 15-minute comedies of the day, such as Amos ‘n’ Andy, Lum and Abner, Easy Aces, Vic and Sade and Myrt and Marge, The Goldbergs was a serial with running storylines. Berg’s usual introduction—in character as Molly, hollering, “Yoo-hoo! Is anybody…?”—became a catchphrase. In the 1940s, this was followed by Bud Collyer warbling, “There she is, folks—that’s Molly Goldberg, a woman with a place in every heart and a finger in every pie”.Gertrude Berg, born Tilly Edelstein, October 3, 1898, passed away, September 14, 1966 (age 67)

Gertrude Berg … Molly goldberg
Eli Mintz … David Romaine
Arlene McQuade … Rosalie Goldberg
Tom Taylor … Sammy Goldberg
Robert H. Harris … Jake Goldberg
Louis Sorin … Simon
Susan Steel … Daisy Carey
Elizabeth Watts … Madame Marcella

Gad El Maleh


GESHRAY OF DeVILDE KOTCHKE by Mickey Katz (Yiddish parody)


GESHRAY OF DeVILDE KOTCHKE by Mickey Katz (Yiddish parody of Cry of the Wild Goose) Fun and good music! Enjoy

TV News from Israel – in Yiddish! Great


this is a weekly news summary from Israel by channel 2 news , in Yiddish.

COMMENT: The Lowly Tasks
The Lowly Tasks
Tevet 20, 5774 · December 23, 2013

Our sages tell us that the rod Moses used to bring the plagues upon the Egyptians was carved with the names of the six mothers of our people (Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah), the twelve tribes, the ten plagues, and the great name of G‑d.

Certainly, the noble and lofty ideas and ideals represented by the matriarchs and the tribes of Israel are “worthy companions” for G‑d’s name on Moses’ rod. But the lowly tasks of bringing frogs, lice and boils upon the Egyptians seem an incongruous “match” with the Almighty’s ineffable name—

—Until we call to mind the principle of G‑d’s particular providence and watchfulness over every detail of the universe. G‑d is concerned not only with lofty generalities, with the world as a whole or an entire species as a whole, but also with “lowly matters” (such as punishing the Egyptians) and with the smallest details.

Some individuals feel that their purpose in life is to revolutionize the world, to revamp society. It is not worthwhile to devote their superior talents to correcting “small matters.”

In particular, there are some rabbinical leaders who declare that their attention is devoted exclusively to matters of great import. In Torah study, they explore only the most esoteric and abstruse discussions. In the area of service of G‑d, they ponder profound axioms of philosophy encompassing the entire Torah. In the field of communal affairs, they attempt to show how all of humanity’s ills could be remedied by application of the principles of justice. In the arena of worldly affairs, their sermons eloquently explain the need for global democracy; they comment on nuclear warfare, and stress the need for summit meetings of the world’s leaders.

The “simple” matters of Shabbat laws and Shabbat observance, keeping kosher, the laws of marital life or the details of blessings to be made over food do not befit their exalted status. Such “lowly tasks” are best left to the gabbai, the synagogue warden, or at best to the assistant rabbi, for the duty of a great rabbi is to address himself exclusively to matters of global nature, to attract attention with startling new statements and to make front-page news.

Let these rabbis content themselves with emulating their Creator! If the Almighty interests Himself and watches over even the smallest detail of the universe; if bringing lice and hail upon the Egyptians is not too “lowly” a task to be associated with G‑d’s great name—then he too should give attention to the smallest detail. It is precisely in the “simple tasks,” teaching the Torah laws pertaining to day-to-day living, that G‑d’s kingly presence finds expression.1

1. Based on Likkutei Sichot, vol. 6, p. 305.
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By Yitschak Meir Kagan    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Rabbi Yitschak Meir Kagan was associate director of the Lubavitch Foundation in Michigan. An innovative educator and author, he compiled A Thought for the Week adapted from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Rabbi Kagan taught chassidic philosophy at various universities in Michigan, untill his tragic passing in a car accident in 2001.
From A Thought for the Week, reprinted with permission of Lubavitch of Michigan.
Solace During Divorce
Tevet 20, 5774 · December 23, 2013
Messages Through Tehillim

It was the day I was to receive my get (Jewish divorce contract). I sat with a friend, waiting at the beit din (Jewish court) for the rabbis to call me. No words could describe my sadness, so silence had to suffice. I felt scattered, and I knew I needed support. But, like so many times in my life, I found that the only voice or words or comfort that could contain my reality were those of King David.

I had tried so hard to save my marriage. Like many marriages, the stories of my marriage were complex and rich. From the mundane to the profound, they covered the expansive ground that is intimacy. Can one really describe a marriage in

I had tried so hard to save my marriage

its entirety? I think not, but there are pieces and memories and themes that one can unravel with words. My marriage had the triumphs and the kindnesses and the incredible gifts that one can obtain only through the experience of marriage. But so, too, there were the challenges. Those revealed and those concealed. And then there was the pain. Intense pain.

When I began my marriage, reading tehillim (Psalms) was but an “exercise” that I knew was important. As someone somewhat new to observant Judaism, I knew there was much to learn. My knowledge base was shaky. Even with my deeply rooted “spiritual” proclivities, there was no way I could truly understand the meaning of all that I was being exposed to, often for the first time. I waded my way through—always curious, generally passionate. But my heart and mind were not always in tune.

As the profound losses, difficult moves, and complicated pregnancies appeared in my life, I often felt very alone . . . emotionally and physically alone. When I felt alone, I was motivated to read more Torah, do more mitzvahs and wrestle with my struggles. This was an attempt to make sense of my life through G‑d’s lenses. It was an evolving process with a very personal outcome: Through this, the wisdom of Torah became more alive. King David’s words became more alive. I became more alive. I became a stronger, more resilient, more accepting person.

As I

I became a stronger, more resilient, more accepting person

became more alive, I found the universe filled with messages. In the past, I was often able to pick up on the feelings of people. I was able to hear what resonated, and assess situations at an intuitive level. But having the ability to listen to the messages of the universe did not necessarily mean that I was able to respond appropriately. Now I felt more in tune with G‑d’s will and desire, which helped me help others. I felt more compassionate and authentic. I was more open to give of myself and give of my heart, in ways I could not do before.

The end of my marriage was a slow process. Like before, I felt alone. I knew I had to use all the spiritual tools and growth I had already learned through these years in order to survive and ultimately thrive. My tehillim became a central part of this goal. I took it upon myself to say the psalms that spoke to me. The words felt real. They felt vibrant. They felt alive, and they were mine.

Back to the day of my divorce. Throughout the hour-long journey to the beit din, King David’s words helped connect my mind and heart: “G‑d is the portion of my inheritance and of my cup; You guide my fate. The portions that have fallen to me are in pleasant places; a beautiful inheritance is mine . . .” (Psalm 16).

After the first proceeding, I opened my purse and reached for my tehillim. I could not find it. I searched through every nook, every fold, and every cranny. I found mysiddur (prayerbook), I found the notes that I had tucked in the tehillim, but not thetehillim itself. How I needed it so! Then I had a sudden revelation.

This was the tehillim I had received on my wedding day. It was a tehillim that had

I searched through every nook, every fold, and every cranny

seen many tears, and some happiness, too. I sat with the realization that I had just lost that very sametehillim right before my divorce.

A part of Psalm 32, a psalm I had come to know so intimately over the last few years, came to mind: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way in which you should go; I will signal you with the winking of my eye . . .”

The tehillim that had been so integral to my marriage, that had seen me through so much, had disappeared. The tehillim that had supported me, uplifted me and clarified for me was no longer there. Perhaps it had served its purpose. Perhaps I needed to buy a different tehillim. Perhaps I was embarking on a different kind of life. Perhaps a sweeter one.

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By Karen Rapaport    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Karen Wolfers Rapaport is a psychotherapist and workshop leader specializing in Narrative Therapy. A proud mother, she is blessed to live in Israel. She is inspired by people’s stories. She is equally inspired by how they gain strength through them.
Judaism is a religion, not a cultureSun-Sentinel

Readers of the Jewish Journal recently saw an exchange of articles on “JewishCultural Affirmation.” The first article posited that there needed to be a 
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Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival prepares for 24th seasonSun-Sentinel

The festival, which celebrates Jewish culture, history, religion and sociopolitical issues, will feature 58 screenings of 39 films, documentaries and 
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Jeremy Jones on a Bali highAustralian Jewish News

COMMUNITY stalwart Jeremy Jones provided a Jewish voice at the recent inaugural World Culture Forum (WCF) in Bali, which was established by the 
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How Jews Took Over Berlin in 2013Jewish Daily Forward

But this was hardly the only cultural happening relevant to the Jewishpopulation in Berlin this year. The German capital commemorated the 80th 
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What happened to Jewish survivors who stayed in the former East Public Radio International

When Marianna Salzmann decided to write a play about the Jewish …. “I think it’s a little bit bringing back the Jewish culture to a certain normal state 
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Being Jewish on Christmas

by Sara Debbie Gutfreund
Amidst all the talk about eggnog, I realized the special blessing of Shabbat.

4 Ways to Find Inner Joy

by Slovie Jungreis-Wolff
‘Tis the season to battle a touch of the blues.

Meaningful Resolutions

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6 Ways to Get Your Child to Bed on Time

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Video: Confessions of a Mean Girl

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Morality in the Workplace

by Benjamin Brafman
How to walk the business tightrope.

Video: Jtube: In Time

by Andrew Nicol
How can we make sure we do not waste the time we have?

25 Things for Jews to do on December 25th

by Marnie Winston-Macauley
Plan a treasure hunt to find a grocery store that’s open and ask them for the gefilte fish section.

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24 December 2013


Program hosted by Boris Sandler
Joseph Opatoshu (1886-1954) – Novelist, master of epic historical scenes

History in the makingSun-Sentinel

It has been eight years since the United Nations designated Jan. 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2005. During that time 
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Judaism: Response to URJ Convention SpeechArutz Sheva

“I trust that you have also made a study of Jewish history. If so, you will have seen that what is considered ‘contemporary’ Judaism, namely Reform and 
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Judaism is thriving in South AfricaSun-Sentinel

Travelers can trace the history of humans with a visit to the caves at the The multi-level South African Jewish Museum traces the history of South 
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Marin Jewish center embraces war refugees: ‘We are one family’Marin Independent Journal

A large display at the center tells the stories of the five, and a nearby exhibit called “Survival in Sarajevo” recounts the history of the Jews in the 
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Greece to build Holocaust memorial in ThessalonikiHaaretz

Boutaris has been instrumental in acknowledging the city’s rich Jewish history and the extent of its devastation. Earlier this year he organized a public 
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Halachic nation: The medieval roots of the Jewish nationJerusalem Post

In 1555, Rabbi Joseph Caro produced the most influential law code in modernJewish history – the Shulhan Arukh (“The Prepared Table”). Caro was a 
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This Day in Jewish History / Catherine the Great tells Jews where Haaretz

This Day in Jewish History / Catherine the Great tells Jews where they can live. The empress approved the creation of the Pale of Settlement, to restrict 
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This Day in Jewish History / A Jewish war hero plays Christmas Haaretz

This Day in Jewish History / A Jewish war hero plays Christmas carols at Guadalcanal. Yet Dov-Ber Rosofsky, aka Barney Ross, concealed his career 
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This Day, December 24, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. LevinCleveland Jewish News (blog)

1166: Birthdate of King John of England. King John is known to history as the brother of Richard the Lionhearted whom he followed to the throne in 


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VideoblogIsrael-Jüdische Hochzeit mit allem “Drum und dran”


Jüdische Hochzeit

Jüdische Hochzeit in Karlsruhe 6


Jüdische Hochzeit in Karlsruhe 6

Masel tov! Jüdische Hochzeit im Barfüßer Neu-Ulm


Produziert von
Masel tov. Wunderschöne jüdische Hochzeit im Lokal Barfüßer Neu-Ulm / Ulm.

Hochzeit Hochzeitsvideo Hochzeitsfilm ao filmproduktion “Hochzeit filmen” Ulm Hochzeitsfilmer

MAZEL TOV – eine jüdische Hochzeit / Badeken Di Kallah, Essen, 6. Mai 2012


camgoez media GbR
Film-und Fernsehproduktion
Ertan Erdogan / Norbert Labatzki
Birkenstr. 86
40233 Düsseldorf

Richtungsstreit als Hintergrund für die Kündigung des Rabbiners?Badische Zeitung

Der Emmendinger Rabbiner Moshe Navon ist fristlos entlassen worden – über die Hintergründe herrscht Rätselraten. Nun schaltet sich 
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Von gepackten Koffern kann keine Rede mehr sein«Jüdische Allgemeine

Herr Ranan, für Ihr neues Buch haben Sie mit zahlreichen jungen Juden über ihr Leben in Deutschland gesprochen. Welchen Eindruck haben Sie 

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“The Cause of Union” p:47


“The Cause of Union” p:47 AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R’ Paltiel Tuesday 21 Tevet 5774

“Angel Thoughts” p:47


“Angel Thoughts” p:47 AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R’ Paltiel Monday 20 Tevet 5774

“The Reality” p:47


“The Reality” p:47 AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R’ Paltiel Friday 17 Tevet 5774

“The Rooster’s Call” p:47


“The Rooster’s Call” p:47 AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R’ Paltiel ThursdayNight 16 Tevet 5774

“The Spy’s Report” p:46


“The Spy’s Report” p:46-47 AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R’ Paltiel Thursday 16 Tevet 5774

“2+2” p:46


“2+2” p:46 AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R’ Paltiel Wednesday 15 Tevet 5774


24JEWISH ALERTS Select Section Shiurim Hayom Yom, Today’s Day ,Today’s Mitzvah : TODAY’S DAY”: DAILY MITZVAH (Maimonides): Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spiritual Growth Through Parashat Shemot


Parsha Shemot with Rabbi Avraham Gaon
Rosh Yeshiva of

Liszt, Concert Paraphrase on Verdi’s Rigoletto

Daily Mussar: The Devil in Me

Daily Zohar Angel Food