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55 U.S. universities condemn ASA boycott of IsraelCleveland Jewish News

The number was tracked by the Conference of Presidents of Major AmericanJewish Organizations. “This remarkable response is a clear declaration 
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Israel likes a party but is torn about New Year’sKFVS

AP National News VideoMore>>  Most Jewish Israelis are not especially traditional – few can remember their birthday by the Jewish calendar, and 
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Secret Israeli government report on Temple Mount

( A secret Israeli government report that was published by the Brooklyn-based newspaperThe Jewish Voice highlights the Muslim Waqf’s 
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Tzohar Law Takes EffectArutz Sheva

Religious-Zionist community embraces Tzohar Law, praises benefit of competitive services, accessibility of Jewish marriage in Israel. By Tova Dvorin.
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Hevron Area Farmer: Arabs Out to Kill MeArutz Sheva

Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir heard a chilling story from the Jewish  in all parts of Israel, especially in Hevron, the cradle of the Jewish people.
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Ben-Ari: ‘Jewish Home Is Partner To Govt. of Blood’Arutz Sheva

Former MK attacks Jewish Home for not bringing down coalition  MK Shuli Muallem-Refaeli (Jewish Home) on Monday said that her party’s “red line” 
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