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12 Reasons why we eat Hamentashen on Purim


The history and origin Hamentashen

Cookies are centerpiece of Jewish celebration


Jews prepare to celebrate Purim

Purim Pastry! Hamantashen/Oznei Haman


Baking Oznei Haman/Hamantashen for purim is so much fun. Enjoy!

Recipe from back of poppyseed can!

Making of Bakery Hamantaschen for Purim – הכנת אוזני המן מאפיה לפורים


Our friendly local bakers Guy and Avi at the Yesh Bakery in Modi’in Illit show us how they bake kosher Hamantaschen for Purim in the spirit of the Jewish holiday.

אופים ידידותי שלנו גיא ואבי במאפייה יש במודיעין עילית הראה לנו איך הם אופים אזני המן לפורים ברוח החג.

How to make Hamantashen for Purim


Making Hamantashen

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דודי ירד לגנו – שירת הבקשות של יהודי מרוקו


ר’ מאיר עטיה, ר’ חיים ביטון, מימון כהן, אמיל חיים דיין, שמעון אילוז ופייטנים שרים משירת הבקשות של יהודי מרוקו
מתוך אתר הזמנה לפיוט

שירים ופיוטים מרוקאיים-חיים לוק


Shabbat Shira שבת שירה – Ashira Keshirat Moshe/Az Yashir Moshe/Vatikah Miryam


Moroccan Daily Halakhot
La Halakha Marocaine Quotidienne

Sung by: nz”y Ribi David Kadoch s”t – Ḥazan of Abir Ya’aqob, Toronto

This piyout is sung on Shabat Shira (Parashat Beshalaḥ) and on the Seventh Day of Pesaḥ right after “Wayosha’ Adoshem Bayom haHou” and before “Az Yashir Moshé.”

Le piyout de la “Chira” chanté lors du Chabbat Bechala’h et de la Septième Jour du Pesa’h dans les synagogues le matin juste après “Wayocha’ Adochem Bayom haHou” et juste avant “Az Yachir Moché.”

PURIM Section Jewish Torah Insights Channel: 24JEWISH ALERTS


Yoma Daf


The Hidden Script of Your Life: Purim’s Message, 2/24/10 Purim


Purim’s Message
Is your life disjointed or cohesive? As you live from day to day, do you ever feel that in your struggle for survival you may be missing the bigger picture? Does the minutiae of your schedule (work, pressures) shroud your larger priorities — like finding love and building a relationship? In time of pain and anguish, are you able to recognize that these dark moments may be part of a greater story? Can you see the thread that connects the fragments of your journey, or do you just move from moment to moment, trying to make the best of what comes your way?

Long before Kierkegaard wrote that “you can only understand life backwards, but we must live it forwards,” we have the story of Purim that tells us about the exactly that message: While experiencing life we cannot see the hidden script that connects the dots. But in retrospect a pattern emerges as we discover the underlying narrative that leads to salvation. G-d’s name is never mentioned in the entire Megillah (the Purim scroll), emphasizing that the Divine Choreographer remains behind the scenes, even as He orchestrates a series of events, which may appear random to us, when in fact they are frames of a larger drama unfolding.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he teaches us, in this pre-Purim class, how to discern the hidden narrative playing itself out in our lives today. How to see the forest for the trees. Discover methods that allow you to transcend the moment and connect it to the birds’ eye vision of your life story. Learn how to tap into the power of Purim and transform your life.

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Purim And Current Events


Visit Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Website –

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Facebook –…

Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi On Torah AnyTime –…

Reb Moshe Weinberger – The Message of Purim


Fighting the coldness of Amalek by appreciating the little good deeds of life
The Shtiebel 7 Adar 5773 די שטיבל ז’ אדר תשע”ג



A brief introduction to the highest holiday on the calendar~PURIM!

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Funny guy speaking at a Sheva Brachos


Jews Celebrating Purim in Boro Park


Purim is celebrated annually on the 14th day of Adar the day following the victory of the Jews over their enemies.
Purim is characterized by public recitation of the Scroll of Esther (keriat ha-megillah), additions to the prayers and the grace after meals (al hannisim), giving mutual gifts of food and drink (mishloach manot), giving charity to the poor (mattanot la-evyonim),[4] and a celebratory meal (se’udat Purim);[5] other customs include drinking wine, wearing of masks and costumes, and public celebration.

Funniest Jewish Purim Video Ever!!!


Funny skit using music videos to tell the story of Purim. Starring David Sussman and David Fine. Edited by Brian Friedman.

“Hello” – from “The Book of Purim” – Official Jewish Parody of “The Book of Mormon”


The students from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
Year-in-Israel class 2011-2012 present, “The Book of Purim!”

A Purim Parody of “The Book of Mormon”
By Robert Lopez, Trey Parker, & Matt Stone

Purim Williamsburg 2011


Purim in brooklyn, ny.

VaYevaser Lanu by lipa schmeltzer

The Maccabeats – Purim Song


Buy this song on iTunes…

Based on “Raise Your Glass” by P!nk

Filmed, Directed and Edited by Uri Westrich
Produced by Immanuel Shalev
Production assistant – Rivie Shalev
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The music in this and all Maccabeats songs are made entirely from their voices and mouths

Jewish spiritual song – Jerusalem if I forget you (Hebrew Israeli music sacred songs)


Hebrew song ‘Jerusalem, if I forget you’ (in Israeli film lemale et ha’ḥalal starring actress Hadas Yaron). From the Torah (Bible) Psalms 137

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem​​, let my right hand forget her cunning.
Let my tongue stay in the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you,
if I do not remember you Jerusalem​​ above my happiness.
(Jewish spiritual music, yerushalayim, jewish, spirituality, nasheed, nasheeds, chants, acapella, religious music, sacred music, beautiful songs)

Banyas- Albi Ensemble – Jewish spiritual and traditional music.


Albi Ensemble are a group of musicians from Jerusalem that gathered together to create music for the soul, the music is inspired by the ethnical traditions around the mid-east and north africa, as well as eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, most of the tunes are composed by Nadav Lev An Oud player and singer who gathered the ensemble together. the texts are usually inspired by or taken from the Jewish biblical sources, Psalms and Song of songs.
Banias is the name of one of the three springs coming down from mount Hermon all the way to the Jordan River. for performances and events plese contacr Nadav +972 546929925 or visit

Joe Lhota Recives Warm Welcome At Chabad Sukkot Festival In Crown Heights, MVMK


Events on tap for Jewish Disability Awareness Month
Four free events in the Bay Area in February are being held in conjunction with the sixth annual Jewish Disability Awareness Month. They are sponsored by INCLUDE (a partnership of Jewish LearningWorks and the S.F.-based Jewish Community Federation) 
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Events recall Holocaust, warn of threats
Rocky Mount Telegram
An European Jewish leader condemned anti-Semitism as a crime at one event and Auschwitz survivors marked 69 years since the liberation of the Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, Poland, at another. The ceremony at the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial took 
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 Slammin’ The Sermon
The Jewish Week
SermonSlam is the first public event of Open Quorum, an online platform that is the sole project of Jewish Public Media, a nonprofit founded by Kalman last month. There are, however, other Open Quorum events simmering — all of which aim to include the 
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Making Jewish Life Affordable
When it comes to developing a positive Jewish identity, many experiences have high returns. According to various studies, overnight Jewish camping, Jewish day school education, and travel to Israel in one’s teens or twenties stand out among other rites 
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Jewish Film Festival sparks culture dialogue
The Brown Daily Herald
“We hope (the festival) will raise different questions on campus regarding Judaism andJewish life,” said Laura Katz ’14, one of the three student coordinators. The films are not connected thematically past a common Jewish cultural narrative. This was 
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February honors Jewish Disabilities Awareness
Jewish United Fund
Jewish Disability Awareness Month (JDAM) is a national movement held each February to raise awareness and promote meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in all aspects of Jewish life. The need for education about 
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Jewish Film Festival to spark cultural dialogue
The Brown Daily Herald
“We hope (the festival) will raise different questions on campus regarding Judaism andJewish life,” said Laura Katz ’14, one of the three student coordinators. The films are not connected thematically past a common Jewish cultural narrative. This was 
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Rabbi Steven Denker
Cleveland Jewish News
Akiva Nof’s prize-winning song “Sisu et Yerushalem” (“Rejoice with Jerusalem”) came to public attention in 1971 and today is on the websites of every stream in Jewish life, not to mention the playlists of bat/bar mitzvah DJs. Inspired by our haftarah 
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Celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness Month
The initiative, led by Jewish organizations worldwide, promotes inclusion of people with disabilities in the Jewish life through common programs that raise awareness. Shelly Christensen, Consultant and Co-Founder of JDAM, shares her thoughts on the 
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Does Rick Jacobs Think Intermarriage Is Good?
Jewish Daily Forward (blog)
The first time I asked Jacobs the endogamy question, he said: “I think it’s important to be encouraging Jewish commitment, Jewish learning and Jewish life, and what we do is instead of talking about it, we think, ‘How do you bring more Jewish people, 
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Poll: Disabled Jews unlikely to affiliate
San Diego Jewish World
Given that most camps don’t yet serve children with significant disabilities in the first place, even more Jewish people with disabilities (JPwDs) have been denied access toJewish life. “Over the past several years the Foundation for Jewish Camp has 
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seniors | It’s our duty to keep elderly connected to communal life
Jewish life is inordinately focused on children, teenagers and young adults. They are presented as our future and our continuity. People observe children in a Jewish preschool or young adults on a Birthright trip and believe that we will succeed in 
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Students explore Jewish roots on Birthright
The Bowdoin Orient
Spiritual life for many Jewish students at Bowdoin is limited to Hillel-sponsored Passover events and Yom Kippur services in Daggett Lounge. However, over breaks, many students go on Birthright trips, which are organized by Taglit Birthright Israel, 
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Israel Heute

Israelnetz Nachrichten

Jüdisches Leben im Ghetto HD Doku Teil 1


Häufig lebten Juden seit der Antike in Europa in abgesonderten Stadtvierteln, insbesondere in den Ländern um das Mittelmeer und seit der Spätantike auch im Gebiet des heutigen Deutschlands. Ursprünglich konnten sie fast allen Berufen nachgehen. Es wurde ihnen auch meist volle Handelsfreiheit gewährt, sie durften auch Grundeigentum erwerben. In der mittelalterlichen Stadt lebten die einzelnen sozialen Gruppen und Berufsgruppen meist überwiegend in einem bestimmten Stadtviertel oder einer Straße. Im Sinn dieser jeweils verdichteten Siedlungsweise lebte auch die Mehrzahl der Juden üblicherweise in einer (dann nach ihnen so genannten) Judengasse oder einem Judenviertel, unter anderem deshalb, weil ihnen deren Absperrbarkeit (nicht wörtlich zu verstehen: Eine symbolische Absperrung durch eine Schnur oder Kette reichte) nach außen durch die Bildung eines sogenannten „Eruv” (deklarierter Bezirk, innerhalb dessen auch am Sabbat bestimmte Arbeiten gestattet waren) die Einhaltung der Sabbatgebote erleichterte. Ebenso wie meistens auch einige Juden außerhalb dieses Stadtteils lebten, lebten andererseits auch Nichtjuden innerhalb des Judenviertels.

Jüdisches Leben im Ghetto HD Doku Teil 2

Neues Selbstbewusstsein – Jüdisches Leben in Polen | Journal Reporter


Auschwitz steht für die systematische Vernichtung des Judentums. Doch im polnischen Krakau, nur eine Autostunde entfernt, entwickelt sich das jüdische Leben mit neuem Selbstbewusstsein. Gerade junge Juden sind mittlerweile wieder stolz auf ihre Herkunft. Immer mehr Nachfahren polnischer Juden entdecken ihre Wurzeln.
Weiterlesen unter:,,16193001,00.html

Jüdisches Leben in Ungarn – DOK – Donau – TV – SRF 
4 Min.
Jüdisches Leben in Ungarn. Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg konnten Gläubige – wenn

do1.TV » Nahaufnahme: Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland
Wie schafft es eine jüdisch-orthodoxe Familie sich mitten in Deutschland zu – Hause zu


Frankfurt am Main – Leo Maillet Kabinettausstellung im Jüdischen Museum
Hessen Tageblatt
Frankfurt am Main – (pia) Das Jüdische Museum zeigt von Dienstag, 4. Februar, bis 25. Mai die Kabinettausstellung „Entre Chien et Loup“ – Der Grafiker Léo Maillet (1902 – 1990). Leo Maillet, eigentlich Leopold Mayer, auch Théophile Maillet, war Schüler 
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Einfordern entzogener Kunst Geraubte Bilder in anderen Museen
FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Das hat Nikolaus Schweickart, der Vorsitzende der Städel-Administration, bei einer von den Freunden und Förderern des Jüdischen Museums organisierten Diskussionsveranstaltung über Raubkunst im Casino der Frankfurter Stadtwerke berichtet.
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Jüdisches Leben in Issum
 Uhr für Besucher geöffnet. Weitere Informationen über das Thema jüdisches Leben und die Synagoge erhalten Interessierte auch beim Arbeitskreis Jüdisches Bethaus, Johannes van Leuck, 02835 /3913 oder unter der E-mail-Adresse:
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Antisemitismus und Holocaust
Südwest Presse
Im Rahmen der Wiedereröffnung des Jüdischen Museum in Buttenhausen bietet der Geschichtsverein in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Münsingen und der Volkshochschule eine Medien-Vortragsreihe zum Thema “Jüdisches Leben” an. Referent ist Martin 
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Jüdische Gemeinde ehrt Tote Hosen
Die Jüdische Gemeinde Düsseldorf zeichnet die Toten Hosen aus. Die Band hatte im Oktober in der Tonhalle Musik präsentiert, die im Nationalsozialismus als “entartet” diffamiert worden war. 75 Jahre zuvor war die musikalische Avantgarde mit der 
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Jüdische Gemeinde in Berlin : Neuwahlinitiative ruft Zentralrat zu Hilfe
300 Unterstützer der Neuwahlinitiative in der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin haben den Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland mit einer Petition um Hilfe gebeten. Das Gremium und sein Präsident Dieter Graumann mögen „eingreifen“ und mit ihrem Einfluss 
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Jüdischer Weltkongress: Deutschland muss nach NS-Raubkunst suchen
Der Jüdische Weltkongress (JWC) hat Bund und Länder im Zusammenhang mit dem Bilderfund bei Cornelius Gurlitt aufgefordert, sich offensiv mit der NS-Raubkunst auseinanderzusetzen. Es sei endlich die Zeit gekommen, die Sammlungen von Museen zu 
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Berlin: Petition: Zentralrat soll eingreifen
300 Unterstützer der Neuwahlinitiative in der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin haben den Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland mit einer Petition um Hilfe gebeten. Das Gremium und sein Präsident Dieter Graumann mögen „eingreifen“ und mit ihrem Einfluss 
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Düsseldorf: Jüdische Gemeinde zeichnet Tote Hosen aus
Düsseldorf. Die Jüdische Gemeinde Düsseldorf zeichnet die Toten Hosen aus. Die Punkband hatte im Oktober 2013 bei gemeinsamen Konzerten mit den Düsseldorfer Symphonikern an von den Nazis geächtete Komponisten und ihre Musik erinnert.
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Jüdische Gemeinde zeichnet die Toten Hosen aus
Westdeutsche Zeitung
Der Geschäftsführer der Jüdischen Gemeinde, Michael Szentei-Heise bestätigte gestern die Entscheidung. Auf WZ-Anfrage sagte er: „Die Konzerte waren absolut großartig. Genau so stellen wir uns ein Zusammenleben vor.“ Szentei-Heise betonte außerdem, 
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Prominente: Jüdische Gemeinde ehrt die Toten Hosen – die Promi-News
Berliner Morgenpost
Für ein Konzert im Oktober 2013, bei dem sie zusammen mit dem Sinfonieorchester der Düsseldorfer Robert-Schumann-Hochschule von den Nationalsozialisten verfemte Musik gespielt hatten, werden die Toten Hosen von der Jüdischen Gemeinde 
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Jüdische Gemeinde Düsseldorf ehrt die Toten Hosen
Westdeutsche Zeitung
Düsseldorf. Ihr jahrzehntelanges Engagement gegen Rechts und zuletzt die Konzerte in der Düsseldorfer Tonhalle zum Thema „Entartete Musik“ waren maßgeblich: DieJüdische Gemeinde Düsseldorf entschied jetzt, die Toten Hosen und den 
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Deutschland: Jüdischer Weltkongress: Deutschland muss nach NS-Raubkunst 
Berlin (AFP) Der Jüdische Weltkongress (JWC) hat Bund und Länder im Zusammenhang mit dem Bilderfund bei Cornelius Gurlitt aufgefordert, sich offensiv mit der NS-Raubkunst auseinanderzusetzen. Es sei endlich die Zeit gekommen, die Sammlungen von 
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Gemeinde verleiht Neuberger-Medaille an »Die Toten Hosen«
Jüdische Allgemeine
Die Punkrock-Band »Die Toten Hosen« erhält in diesem Jahr die Josef-Neuberger-Medaille der Jüdischen Gemeinde Düsseldorf. Die Musikgruppe aus der nordrhein-westfälischen Landeshauptstadt werde für Veranstaltungen zum Thema »Entartete Musik« 
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Renewal: Reconnecting Soviet Jewry to the Jewish People


Renewal: Reconnecting Soviet Jewry to the Jewish People.
A Decade of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (“Joint”, AJJDC or JDC) Activities in the Former Soviet Union 1988-1998
A Lecture by Anita Weiner, Ph.D.

Building Local Jewish Communities, One House at a Time


Meet Dan, Benji, Sarah and Samantha, four roommates in Washington, DC, whose paths intersected when they all became Moishe House residents. Today, their home is a center of gravity for young Jews in the community who, like them, want to create and share Jewish experiences with friends.

Moishe House is a network of nearly 60 houses in 14 countries that fills a void in the Jewish community created by the growing gap between college years and family life.

Every Moishe House is run by a group of 3-5 young adult residents who are provided with rent subsidies and a program budget to host an average of six monthly events for peers in their community.

What started as a house for four friends in Oakland, California, to host Shabbat dinners has grown into a global network that provides opportunities for 60,000-plus young adults annually.

We partner with organizations like Moishe House because we believe change IS possible.


Sustaining the Jewish community
Mel and Patty Alperin /André BlaisFor decades, Jewish communities across North America have organized themselves by establishing Jewish communal institutions responding to the urgent needs of the times. Jewish Federations, in particular, and now the 
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Iraqi Jews Seek to Prevent Return of Religious Artifacts to Iraq
Voice of America
WASHINGTON — Maurice Shohet shuffles through a box full of old black-and-white photos and reminisces about growing up in Baghdad, in one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities. The snapshots show family weddings and bar-mitzvahs, and there’s 
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New UJA Federation Head Seeks More Invlovement With NY’s Orthodox Jewish 
Yeshiva World News
uja goldstein Newly elected CEO and executive vice president of UJA-Federation of New York, Eric Goldstein says he’ll seek inroads between the UJA and the Modern Orthodoxcommunity and other religious communities. Goldstein, 54, will succeed John 
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Celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness Month
Shelly Christensen, Consultant and Co-Founder of JDAM, shares her thoughts on the enterprise with The Jewish Voice readers, “Jewish Disability Awareness Month is a catalyst for change in Jewish communities and organizations and is proof that 
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Indyk to Jewish leaders: Framework peace plan to arrive in weeks
Jerusalem Post
Indyk appeared relaxed and jovial throughout the call, participants said, at one point chiding callers for not asking about Palestinian incitement, considering it always comes up when he talks to Jewish communities and in his meetings with Israeli 
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Hackers Hit European Jewish News Site
Arutz Sheva
A group of Turkish hackers took down the site of the European Jewish Press, which provides news updates on Jewish communities in Europe, overnight Wednesday. The hackers replaced the content of the site with anti-Israel slogans, including threats to 
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Welcome to the two-track community
Jewish Chronicle
In an age of big data, our community is right up there. We now have the information to help us make the important decisions about the future. The 2011 Census has given us literally millions of Jewish demographic, geographic, and socio-economic facts 
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Don’t Forget Jewish Poverty in Europe
Jews and Jewish communities have not been immune from this economic downturn, and since 2008 they have turned to us, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), for help. The basis of our current approach was forged in Argentina at the 
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Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi says the Pope resigned to join Judaism!!!


Rabbi Mizrachi – Pope Benedict XVI Resigned Because He Realized Christianity Was A Lie…

The Jewish New Media Landscape- NTC 2011


At the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and Darim Online held an affinity Group Meting-The Tribe. Adam Simon, of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation gave a session on The Jewish New Media Landscape

יאנינה, יוון – חלק 4: יאנינה Greece, Part …..


חלק 4 של מצגת הסיכום של משלחת התיעוד ליאנינה, יוון (2006) במסגרת פרוייקט “מסע אל המורשת היהודית” – יאנינה
Documentation of the Jewish Community in Greece – the community in Ioanina




W tym roku obchodzimy 25-lecie Wolnej Polski. Gazeta Wyborcza ogłosiła plebiscyt na osobę i wydarzenie, które wywarły wpływ na nasze miasto po 1989 roku. FKŻ dostał nominację w kategorii wydarzenie i teraz wszystko jest w Waszych rękach! Do 3 lutego możecie jeszcze głosować – albo przez stronę Gazety, albo za pomocą kuponów drukowanych w Wyborczej.

Więcej informacji o plebiscycie w GW >>>

Oddaj głos w Plebiscycie 25-lecia / zagłosuj na FKŻ! >>>





Zapraszamy do Cheder Cafe – na nową, zimowo-wiosenną serię wydarzeń. W ciągu tych trzech miesięcy będziemy obchodzili 5. urodziny Chederu, będziemy świętowali Purim, piekli hamantasze i chałki, uczyli się jidysz i kaligrafii hebrajskiej, poznawali żydowską medycynę ludową i krawiectwo, smakowali różne odmiany kawy z findżana… A wszystko to zacznie się 6 lutego prezentacją Janusza Makucha pt. Klezmer is Dead!  Zapraszamy!

Szczegółowy program Chederu na luty, marzec i kwiecień 2014 >>>


24. Festiwal Kultury Żydowskiej | 24th Jewish Culture Festival
27.06 – 06.07.2014




This year we are celebrating 25th anniversary of the first free elections in our country, marking the fall of communism. Gazeta Wyborcza, the largest Polish daily, organized a plebiscite for its readers to choose event and person who were especially significant for the city and its citizens within those past 25 years of democracy. Our Festival got nominated as one of the 25 events– now this is your turn to vote for the Festival (until February 3rd). Below you can find a link to the website, where you can vote – it is all in Polish unfortunately, but here you can find step-by-step instruction how to vote.


Vote for the Festival >>>



(February – April, 2014)


After short break we invite you to join new series of cultural and educational events in Cheder Cafe. Between February and April we will keep you busy in many different ways: we will celebrate 5th birthday of the Cheder Cafe, we will celebrate Purim, we will bake challa and hamantashen, learn Yiddish and also Hebrew calligraphy, will learn about the Jewish natural medicine and … tailoring! And everything will start on February 6th with the presentation by Festival’s Director Janusz Makuch under the title: Klezmer is Dead!  We are waiting for you in Cheder Cafe!

More information on Cheder’s website >>>


Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, Poland – the largest of its kind, very hip and oldschool at the same time – invites you to Kazimierz – the Jewish heart of Krakow – to experience what is best in contemporary Jewish culture from Israel and Diaspora! Video made by ElektroMoon, music provided by Josh Dolgin aka DJ Socalled. Thank you!

10 Ways to Tackle Your Challenges

by Yaakov Weiland
How to embrace and overcome your challenges.

Video: The Super Bowl: Game Time

by Rabbi Tzvi Sytner
It’s not enough to just show up. Inspiration takes work.

Video: Enforcing a Modesty Code

by Rabbi Yaakov Salomon
Can privately-owned stores dictate how we dress in their store?

If Only Syndrome

by Emuna Braverman
The surefire way to unhappiness.

Lousy Teacher

by Lauren Roth
I hate one of my teachers. What should I do?

The Architecture of Holiness

by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Why precision matters in spirituality.

Retail Price: $70   Sale Price: $49.00
This stunning hand crafted work of art will…

Way #14: Written Instructions For Living

by Rabbi Noah Weinberg
Torah is not an arcane text of the ancient world. It is the essence of Judaism, which is the essence of ourselves.


German-Jewish cultural heritage in China | DW.DE
DW presents a look at the development of German-Jewish cultural heritage in China.
Jewish Film Festival sparks culture dialogue
The Brown Daily Herald
Brown’s first Jewish Film Festival, complete with three award-winning movies, food and a forum for cultural, spiritual and academic discussion hits theaters near you — the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts and Wilson Hall — next week.
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Breakthrough Jew – Ben Schwartz
Shalom Life
Hot, hip, and heady, the next wave of Jewish artists and influencers has already arrived. This is Breakthrough Jew, your weekly showcase of those on the verge of discovery and ready to be a regular figure in pop culture; setting trends, redefining 
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Mixed Media And Mothers At LABA
The Jewish Week (blog)
LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture housed at the Y, is an artists’ fellowship and incubator offering residents 14 classes in Jewish text in a non-religious setting. This year’s theme is “Mother as Creator/Destroyer.” This past weekend, the LABA 
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Knesset visits Auschwitz
Intermountain Jewish News
The experience last year at Cracow’s annual Jewish Culture Festival prompted Daniels, a 28-year-old Israeli and Holocaust educator, to organize the largest-ever Knesset delegation to Auschwitz. Nearly half the Israeli parliament was in Poland Monday, Jan.
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Bucharest’s Jewish Theater damaged by snow
One of the few living remains of the once vibrant Yiddish culture in Eastern Europe, the State Jewish theater, opened in 1940, is located in the center of Bucharest, near Piata Unirii. The area district was once home to more than 300,000 Jews before 
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Pozez lecturer: Judaism thrives on the pursuit of happiness
Jewish Post
In Jewish culture there’s a strong intellectual bias. We must revive a commitment to learning for its own sake.” Key questions about the meaning of life and what it means to be a full human being require an interdisciplinary approach that includes 
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Leah Vincent, Deborah Feldman, and Our Cultural Fascination With Orthodox 
Upon hearing the book described in its press materials as “a young woman’s promiscuous and self-destructive spiral after being cast out of her ultra-Orthodox Jewishfamily” and compared to Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation and Susanna Kaysen’s Girl, 
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