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Exploring Jewish Morocco: local enthusiast Youness Abeddour launches Fes Jewish history tours


Youness Abeddour is a young Moroccan from Fes with a passion for preserving the Jewish history of his city. JN1 has come to Morocco to speak to Youness about his new project to start the first local tours dedicated exclusively to an educated look at the rich and vibrant history of Jewish life in Fes.

The History of the Jewish Community of Marrakech


Marrakech is a vibrant city with a famous history as a centre of commerce and as an imperial city but less is known of the long history of it’s Jewish community which is why JN1 came to Marrakech to speak to the president of the Jewish community, Jacky Kadoch.

Marriage equality in Jewish communities – a panel discussion at Limmud Conference 2013


Same-sex marriage won major victories this year in both the UK and USA. How has it affected Jewish communities? What happens when rabbis and their congregants disagree? An interdenominational panel of leading rabbis consider this and other issues: with Laura Janner-Klausner, Zvi Solomons and David Wolpe, chaired by Benjamin Crowne.

ADL official to speak on role of Jewish community at Randolph’s Wicked Local- Randolph

Anti-Defamation League Regional Director Robert Trestan will address the role of the Jewish Community in the Civil Rights Movement at Randolph’s 
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MK: Transfer Jewish Gush Etzion Community to PAArutz Sheva

Member of Knesset Issawi Farij (Meretz) called, Tuesday, on those leading Israel’s negotiations with the Palestinian Authority to transfer Nokdim in the 
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Judea and Samaria communities won’t be evacuated in peace deal

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a Likud party faction meeting on Monday that there would be no evacuation of Jewish 
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Birthright to a Jewish educationJerusalem Post

According to the recent Pew Research Center study, assimilation is rampant. The Jewish community is bleeding way too heavily for Birthright to make 
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The Jewish Press » » Arabs Find Refuge in Jewish Community in Aryeh Savir, Tazpit News Agency

Kerry promises Israel the US will make sure Israelis are safe with a Palestinian Authority state, but who will protect the Arabs from themselves?
The Jewish Press

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