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Israeli Hospital Announces Death of Ariel Sharon

A spokesman at the hospital that had been treating Ariel Sharon announced the death of the former Israeli Prime Minister, 85. Sharon had been in a coma since a stroke in 2006.(Jan. 11)

Ariel Sharon


A biography of Ariel Sharon before his stroke.

Part 1/4 – Ariel Sharon – The Legend Behind The Man

Part 1/4 – Ariel Sharon – The Legend Behind The Man

Thirty minutes of Sharon, Ariel Sharon. An Israeli hero, a man whose soldiers affectionately called “The King of Israel”. A man who was called a bulldozer both by his admirers, as well as by his opponents within his nation, the Arab world’s “butcher from Sabra and Shatilla”, the black sheep of the international press. So many names to describe and reveal a complex and controversial personality. The film that includes exclusive interviews with Sharon’s close friends and colleagues reveals another side of the man rarely seen in public. Wounded in battle, the film also covers his personal dramas and his political and military roles. The film delves into the extraordinary and tragic fate of Ariel Sharon, from his childhood in the moshav (cooperative village) of Kfar Malal, north of Tel Aviv, his military exploits and finally, his last years as a leader of the government in Jerusalem, a period of time in which he was responsible for two major changes before falling into a coma: the beginning of the disengagement from the territories and the division of the Liked Party which he established.

Part 2/4 – Ariel Sharon – The Legend Behind The Man

Part 3/4 – Ariel Sharon – The Legend Behind The Man

Part 4/4 – Ariel Sharon – The Legend Behind The Man

A Life Not with Standing

by Chava Willig Levy
Invisible, inaudible, inanimate: my adventures in a wheelchair.

The Death of Ariel Sharon

by Sara Debbie Gutfreund
I didn’t know how deep Sharon’s love was for Israel and the Jewish people.

How Happy is Your Marriage?

by Slovie Jungreis-Wolff
How to rate your relationship and strengthen your marriage.

5 Things I Learned from Rabbi Noah Weinberg

by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
Insights into fixing oneself, and fixing the world.

Apple Misunderstands

by Rabbi Joel Padowitz
An Apple commercial equates recording life with actually living it.

Festive Tu B’Shvat Fruit Menu

by Gitta Bixenspanner
Celebrate the bounty of Tu B’Shvat with these delectable, fruity recipes.
Exploring The Jewish Religion And Culture; All Are

Learn about Jewish Holidays and life cycle rituals, engage in the study of inspiring Jewish texts and teachings, get a taste of the Hebrew language, 
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Chinese businessman says he is just as smart as JewsThe Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

A Chinese businessman seeking to buy the New York Times said he is just as smart as Jewish owners of American newspapers. Chen Guangbiao 
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I Like Jennifer Weiner; I Like Her Books. Now Can I Have One Tablet Magazine

Jewish girls have made great strides in becoming desirable in the culture—or at least, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanssen have 
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Riegert to be honored at San Luis Obispo Jewish Film FestivalTimes Press Recorder

Each year, the award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the film industry within the Jewish culture, said a 
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Cuisine that helps us identify with being JewishSt. Louis Jewish Light

Judaism is as much a culture as it is a religion and, like every culture, it has many distinctive cuisines. Of course, there are the classics like challah, 
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Five Must-See Destinations For 2014NY Blueprint

More than 10,000 attended for the fifth edition last year, celebrating Jewishculture and Warsaw’s new diversity. 2. Los Angeles: Because a crop of 
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Common traits bind Jews and ChineseAsia Times Online

JERUSALEM – The Chinese are connoisseurs of civilization. For thousands of years they have absorbed ethnicities into their own culture, eliminating 
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The Weekly Schmooze: Seinfeld redux on the wayJerusalem Post

Jewish culture news worldwide: Style tips from Iris Apfel; Drew Barrymore  Barrymore also says she loves “the Jewish faith…the family values,” but 
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The IAC Provides Israeli Parents Living in the United States a New

 parents across the United States an innovative, fun way to improve their children’s Hebrewlanguage skills while nurturing a love of Israeli culture.
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Jewish Top 10s: Most Anticipated of 2014Shalom Life

Welcome to Jewish Top 10s, where we compile lists that highlight the best and the brightest of everything yehudi, from delicious recipes to funniest 
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Friendship only remedy for disease of hatredMonroe News Star

What is it about the Jewish culture that causes this to occur?  Of course, this doesn’t explain hatred of Jews, blacks, Christians, or anyone else; it just 
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Film series continues for Jewish and Muslim ‘twins’ in TorontoCanadian Jewish News (blog)

On Jan. 18, Temple Emanu-el and the Noor Cultural Centre, an Islamic educational and culturalorganization, will continue their ongoing dialogue 
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In This EpisodePBS

From “Old Jews Telling Jokes”: Three Jewish mothers are sitting on a bench minding their own business. Think about it. BOB FAW, correspondent: So 
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Jewish Museum Milwaukee takes new look at Andy Warhol’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

So what does it mean that the Pop artist gathered these Jewish figures, intellectual and culturalheavyweights such as actress Sarah Bernhardt, 
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