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Adar – “Halaila” (Official Music Video) “אדר – “הלילה


Order the CD or Download today.…

Video Production By Yechiel (Mike) Lichtman of Lighthouse Productions.
Written & Directed by AJ Greenwald

Motty steinmetz london dinner


Motty steinmetz london bayis lepleitos gala dinner with zimra choir and yeshaye austerlitz on keys

Motty steinmetz london bayis lepleitos dinner


Motty steinmetz at the grand gala dinner for bayis lepleitos

A Joyous Evening of Jewish Melody: A Piano Experience by Mikhail Pais – Pesach & Joshua Alpert


A Joyous Evening of Jewish Melody: A Piano Experience by Mikhail Pais – Pesach Alpert & Joshua Alpert
Baruch Performing Arts Center , New York . 1-26-2014
Video Production Pixnyc
A camera Leonid Pais
B camera Antonello Chilelli

Adar – Baruch Hashem – Audio Sampler


Yochi Briskman presents, ADAR! Enjoy this audio sampler of selections from the new album, Baruch Hashem. Make sure to catch the official music video of the hit song, Halaila, here:…. pre order the CD here:…

Gad Elbaz – Mizmor Ldavid – גד אלבז – מזמור לדוד


הצטרפו לעמוד הרשמי של גד אלבז בפיסבוק –
גד אלבז מארח את איציק שמלי מתוך הדיוידי של המופע “גד אלבז בקסריה 2008”
מומלץ מאוד כשיר כניסה לחופה
מילים: דוד המלך
לחן: גד אלבז
עיבוד והפקה מוזיקלית: גד אלבז
להורדה לנייד שלחו הודעה טקסט עם הקוד 3001 ל 3636

Jewish Recipes : 24JEWISH Alerts Section jewish Recipes for PURIM Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut


12 Reasons why we eat Hamentashen on Purim


The history and origin Hamentashen

Cookies are centerpiece of Jewish celebration


Jews prepare to celebrate Purim

Making of Bakery Hamantaschen for Purim – הכנת אוזני המן מאפיה לפורים


Our friendly local bakers Guy and Avi at the Yesh Bakery in Modi’in Illit show us how they bake kosher Hamantaschen for Purim in the spirit of the Jewish holiday.

אופים ידידותי שלנו גיא ואבי במאפייה יש במודיעין עילית הראה לנו איך הם אופים אזני המן לפורים ברוח החג.

How to make Hamantashen for Purim


Making Hamantashen

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Leadership at Chabad


The future of the Jewish People — stepping up and leading at Chabad House Bowery

בחזית הכיתה


Harper and Netanyahu deliver remarks in Israel


Jerusalem — Prime Minister Stephen Harper, joined by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel, delivers remarks upon his arrival in Israel. [PMO video by Jill Thompson]

Matzav Ahoma – Joan Rivers : “Top 10 Ways To Say I Love Israel!”


לקטעים נוספים מתוך תכניות רשת, כנסו לערוץ רשת:
להצטרפות לערוץ רשת:…
האתר הרשמי:
חפשו אותנו בפייסבוק:!/

Pruz, Gabay and Nachas Sing in North Miami – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report (Jewish Music Reporter) – Dovid Gabay, Michoel Pruzansky & special guest Nachas performed this week in North Miami Beach, for the first annual mid-winter concert presented .


The Simple Way To Make the Ultimate ‘Burekas’

Tablet Magazine – At a very important time in my life, I bit into the crunchy pastry and tasted the salty feta and earthy spinach. The flavor was heavenly, and I looked 

Czech Memorial Scrolls mark 50th year with trip to London

Cleveland Jewish News – “They are a powerful reminder of the importance of remembering both the vitality of Jewish life in Europe before (World War II) and the senseless 

In a Previously Unpublished Letter, Sam Bronfman Gives Advice to 

Tablet Magazine – Samuel Bronfman did not mention Jewish suffering explicitly but wrote in more achieved his goal of helping to create a renaissance in Jewish life.

Memories of Cuba: Trip Explored a Vibrant History, Culture

Boulder Jewish News – In 1959, when Castro came to power, there were 15,000Jews in Cuba enjoying a comfortable life free of anti-Semitism. After Castro began ..

Candidly speaking: Pollard, American Jewish leaders and anti 

Jerusalem Post – In response to the op-ed, Tablet, a respected American online magazine dealing with Jewish life, published an editorial that breaks new ground on the 
Jewish Senior Life opens assisted living for memory care

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – An assisted living facility for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias has opened on the Jewish Senior Life campus in Brighton. The Lodge at 

Telephone Torah Study: God Gets New Digs | Beth Chayim 

Beth Chayim Chadashim (Yanir Dekel) – The Israelites start to build new digs for God (aka the Mishkan aka the Tabernacle) in this week’s Torah portion, T’rumah (Ex. 25:1-27:19). To join in on 
I Was Denied the Chance To Study Torah Properly as a Girl, But My 

Tablet Magazine (Shaindy Urman) – But the truth is that I am thrilled by my daughter’s interest in learningTorah. While her friends are obsessed with Barbies and dolls and princesses, my 

Will God have a say in Super Sunday outcome?

Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Denver Academy of Torah teacher Benjamin Levy, center, is rooting hard for his hometown Seattle Seahawks, but is mindful of his students’ passion ..

Czech Memorial Scrolls mark 50th year with trip to London

Cleveland Jewish News – “This Torah is a precious legacy from a small Jewish community in Czechoslovakia, and it has an honored place in our ark,” Eisenberg said.

MK Shaken by Holocaust Memories, Modern Anti-Semitism

Arutz Sheva – Member of Knesset Eliezer Moses of the Yahadut Hatorah (UnitedTorah Judaism) party shared his thoughts Tuesday following his trip to Poland, 
Torah Day School Cheers on National School Choice Week with a 

Sacramento Bee – 28, 2014 — /PRNewswire/ — Students and teachers at Torah Day School of Atlanta will be seeing yellow during the last week of January when they 

Is Zionism never having to say you’re sorry?

Haaretz – It is easy to accept that Jewish migration to Israel was necessary. ….shaped by the discipline, the determination, the art, the culture of European Jews

Sochi Jews Gearing Up For Games

The Jewish Week – The emerging Jewish community of post-communist Russia is full of cities that boast a wide range of religious, educational and cultural Jewish
Upcoming highlights of the SD Jewish Film Festival

San Diego Jewish World – Center for Jewish Culture logo SAN DIEGO (Press Release) – The 24th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival, presented by the San Diego Center 

Memories of Cuba: Trip Explored a Vibrant History,Culture

Boulder Jewish News – In 1959, when Castro came to power, there were 15,000Jews in Cuba enjoying a comfortable life free of anti-Semitism. After Castro began 

The Monuments Men’ Shows How America Saved Paintings While 

Tablet Magazine – Jewish leaders and members of Congress asked Allied leaders to take  Jews, urged strong government action to rescue “cultural treasures” from the 


RIP, Pete Seeger

The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. – Inevitably, such loyalties led Seeger to cross paths with Jewish activists over the  Rabbi Michael Lerner, in the first of what surely will be many Jewish  We don’t live in a political culture with much tolerance for wavering opinions, 
Our Literary Critic’s Weekly ‘Daf Yomi‘ Talmud Study – Tablet Magazine

Tablet Magazine (Adam Kirsch) – Literary critic Adam Kirsch is reading a page of Talmud a day, along with Jews around the world. The first seven chapters of Tractate Yoma deal with 

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Owadjah Baruch – das Jüdische Museum von Saloniki


Ovadia Baruch wurde auf die Todesmärsche von Auschwitz Birkenau nach Mauthausen geschickt. Der Holocaustüberlebende berichtet von dem Konzentrations- und Arbeitslager Mauthausen, dass er 62 Jahre später besuchte.
Dieser Film ist Bestandteil des Projekts „Zeitzeugen und Pädagogik”, eine Kooperation zwischen der International School for Holocaust Studies und dem Multimedia Center der Hebräischen Universität Jerusalem.
Er wurde dem Film „Dir in Liebe gedenken” – Die Geschichte des Owadjah Baruch entnommen.
Weitere Informationen:…

Jüdisches Leben in Berlin


Vier junge Frauen bereichern das jüdische und deutsch-israelische Leben in Berlin. Yael Schlesinger, Raphaelle Oskar und Aya Noah veranstalten die Kulturreihe „Hamakom”. Tal Alon bringt das Magazin „Spitz” heraus.

Adriana Altaras über jüdisches Leben in Berlin


Die Schauspielerin und Regisseurin Adriana Altaras führt ein ganz normales chaotisches und unorthodoxes Leben in Berlin. Mit zwei fußballbegeisterten Söhnen, einem westfälischen Ehemann, der ihre jüdischen Neurosen stoisch erträgt, und mit einem ewig nörgelnden, stets liebeskranken Freund, der alle paar Monate verkündet, endlich auswandern zu wollen. Alles bestens also…

…bis ihre Eltern sterben und sie eine Wohnung erbt, die seit 40 Jahren nicht mehr ausgemistet wurde. Fassungslos kämpft sich die Erzählerin durch kuriose Hinterlassenschaften, bewegende Briefe und uralte Fotos. Dabei kommen nicht nur turbulente Familiengeheimnisse ans Tageslicht. Auch die Toten reden von nun an mit und erzählen ihre eigenen Geschichten…
Mit furiosem Witz und großer Wärme verwebt Adriana Altaras Gegenwart und Vergangenheit. In eindringlichen Episoden erzählt sie von ungleichen Schwestern, von einem Vater, der immer ein Held sein wollte, und von einer Mutter voller Energie und Einsamkeit. Vom Exil, von irrwitzigen jüdischen Festen, von einem geplatzten italienischen Esel und einer Stauballergie, die ihr das deutsche Fernsehen einbrockte — und von den vielen faszinierenden Mosaiksteinen, aus denen sich ein Leben zusammensetzt.
Eine außergewöhnliche Familiengeschichte, die ihre Spuren quer durch Europa und das bewegte 20. Jahrhundert zieht — um wieder in der Gegenwart anzukommen und eine ebenso kluge wie hellsichtige Zeitdiagnose zu liefern. Unwiderstehlich witzig, anrührend und unvergesslich.
© Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag

Adriana Altaras: “Titos Brille” (erschienen 18.2.2011).
Mehr Infos zum Buch unter

Adriana Altaras, Schauspielerin und Autorin des Buches “Titos Brille” (2011) und zeigt jüdisches Leben in Berlin.

Jüdisches Leben: Kaschrut – Das biblische Kochbuch


Das ist nicht ganz koscher – eine Redewendung, die längst in unseren Sprachalltag eingedrungen ist. Doch was bedeutet das eigentlich – koscher? Der erste Teil der Dokumentation über jüdische Gebräuche geht u.a. dieser Frage nach und ist zugleich eine Reise in die kulinarische jüdische Kultur.

Handelt es sich bei den jüdischen Speisevorschriften um willkürliche Gesetze, die blind befolgt werden, oder haben sie einen philosophischen oder gar pragmatischen Sinn? Was gehört zu einer koscheren Lebensweise?

Holocaust-Gedenktag – 27.Januar: Jahrestag der Befreiung des KZ Auschwitz


Um Lehrpersonen bei der Behandlung dieser Themen zu unterstützen, hat das Informations- und Dokumentationszentrum IDES der EDK diesen Guide erarbeitet.…

Der Holocaust-Gedenktag wurde in den Schweizer Schulen erstmals am 27. Januar 2004 begangen in Erinnerung an die Befreiung des Konzentrationslagers von Auschwitz durch die Rote Armee am 27. Januar 1945. Ziel ist es, an diesem Tag an den Holocaust zu erinnern, aber auch an weitere Genozide, die die Geschichte Europas im 20. Jahrhundert prägten

Israel Heute

Israelnetz Nachrichten


Marcel Reich-Ranicki im Bundestag (Gedenken an Holocaust-Opfer) 2012


Marcel Reich-Ranickis bewegende Rede im Bundestag… Am Jahrestag der Auschwitz-Befreiung hat der Literaturkritiker Marcel Reich-Ranicki vor dem Bundestag gesprochen. Als Überlebender des Warschauer Ghettos berichtete der 91-Jährige von seinen eigenen Erfahrungen mit den Untaten des NS-Regimes. In einer Rede im Bundestag hat Marcel Reich-Ranicki zum 67. Jahrestag der Befreiung des Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz an die Untaten des Nazi-Regimes und das Leid der Gefangenen erinnert.
Marcel Reich-Ranicki (gebürtig Marceli Reich; * 2. Juni 1920 in Włocławek, Polen) ist ein deutscher Publizist und gilt als der einflussreichste deutschsprachige Literaturkritiker der Gegenwart

Marcel Reich-Ranicki lehnt deutschen Fernsehpreis ab (volle Länge)


Marcel Reich-Ranicki lehnt deutschen Fernsehpreis ab

Man kann von diesem Mann halten was man will, in diesem Ausschnitt allerdings beweist er wahre Größe.
Nicht nur weil er (wie ich finde) zurecht das Niveau dieser Preisverleihung und der deutschen Fernsehlandschaft kritisiert,
sondern weil er sich von denjenigen abgrenzt, die sich (zumeist) auch noch ungemein viel darauf einbilden für diesen Schrott verantwortlich zu sein.
Fernsehmenschen strotzen nicht selten vor überhöhtem Selbwußtsein. (Sicherlich kann man diese Eigenschaft dem Herrn Ranicki auch nicht ganz abstreiten).

aufgenommen am 12.10.2008


Auswärtiges Amt – Griechenland – Jüdisches Leben in Thessaloniki – Auf Einladung der jüdischen Gemeinde Thessaloniki reiste der Staatsminister für Europa, Michael Roth, am 25. und 26. Januar zu einem zweitägigen .

Jüdische Synagoge in Weißenfels – Jahrelanges Puzzle ist nun gelöst

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung – Das Simon-Rau-Zentrum – benannt nach dem letzten Rabbiner in Weißenfels – erforscht die Geschichte der Juden in Weißenfels und trägt aber auch ..

Auf Spurensuche – ohne anzuklagen

Schwetzinger Zeitung – Fotos und Dokumente klären auf: Klaus Brandenburger informierte Gauß-Schüler über das Schicksal Hockenheimer Juden im Dritten Reich

Von einer jüdischen Odyssee

Badische Zeitung – EMMENDINGEN. Felix Rottberger wurde als Kind deutscherJuden in Island geboren. Warum das so kam und was die jüdische Familie auf der Flucht 

Vortrag in Hasbergen über jüdisches Leben in Russland

NOZ – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung – Jüdisches Leben und Kultur in Russland und der Sowjetunion folgte den Verwerfungen durch politische Veränderungen. Durch Erlasse zu Ende der 
Podiumsdiskussion : Gurlitt und die Folgen

Frankfurter Rundschau – Die Podiumsdiskussion “Gurlitt und die Folgen” des Jüdischen Museums in Frankfurt trifft offensichtlich einen Nerv: Die Veranstaltung am Mittwoch 

Rabbiner stellt sich beim Landrat vor – Weitere News aus der – Seit Ende vergangenen Jahres hat die jüdische Gemeinde in Amberg wieder einenRabbiner. Nun stellte sich Elias Dray bei Landrat Richard 
Museumsraub! Jüdisches Museum sucht Kinder mit Spürnase
(29.01.14) Museumsraub im Jüdischen Museum! Jungen und Mädchen mit Spürnase sind am, Sonntag, 2. Februar, 14 Uhr, eingeladen, auf Spurensuche zu gehen. In kleinen Ermittlerteams begeben sich die jungen Teilnehmer auf die Suche nach 
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Podiumsdiskussion : Gurlitt und die Folgen
Frankfurter Rundschau
Das Jüdische Museum wurde von dem Interesse regelrecht überrollt. Als die Verantwortlichen eine Diskussion über die Auswirkungen des Falls Gurlitt planten, hofften sie darauf, ihren eigenen Veranstaltungssaal mit maximal 120 Plätzen irgendwie gefüllt 
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Geschichte: Wiederentdecktes Fragment von Synagoge bald im Museum
FOCUS Online
Zu sehen sein wird es zusammen mit einem weiteren Teil der steinernen Stifterinschrift der Frauensynagoge in der Dauerausstellung des Jüdischen Museums in Worms, sagte Irene Spille vom Institut für Stadtgeschichte am Dienstag. Bis Ostern sollen die 
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Jüdisches Museum Wien hat 100.000sten Besucher
Wiener Zeitung
Wien. Das Jüdische Museum Wien, ein Unternehmen der Wien Holding, kann für das Jubiläumsjahr 2013 mit einem besonders erfreulichen Ergebnis aufwarten: Die Anzahl der Besucher ist um rund vier Prozent gestiegen. Rund 100.000 Menschen haben 
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Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau
FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau. 28.01.2014 · Zwei Millionen Euro will das Jüdische Museum in Frankfurt für seinen Umbau einsammeln. Die Kölner Bethe-Stiftung will alle bis Mai eingehenden Spenden verdoppln, 
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Jüdische Opfer der Nazi-Zeit – Die Bonner wollen sie nicht vergessen
Auch Dienstag noch waren die Spuren der Bonner zu entdecken, die den Gedenktag für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus gewürdigt hatten: An vielen „Stolpersteinen“ in der Stadt, die an die jüdischen NS-Opfer aus Bonn erinnern, lagen Blumen, brannten 
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Klezmer-Gruppe lässt jüdische Kultur aufleben
Westfälischer Anzeiger
An diesem Ort, einst Ausdruck des Bürgerstolzes von Werne, erinnerte Christ an einen Teil der Stadtgeschichte, auf den niemand stolz sein kann – an die jüdischen Mitbürger, die vertrieben und später in Konzentrationslagern ermordet wurden. Und an jene 
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Von einer jüdischen Odyssee
Badische Zeitung
EMMENDINGEN. Felix Rottberger wurde als Kind deutscher Juden in Island geboren. Warum das so kam und was die jüdische Familie auf der Flucht erlebt hat, erzählte er bei einer gut besuchten Gedenkveranstaltung der jüdischen Gemeinde 
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Berlin hat eine neue jüdische-orthodoxe Gemeinde
Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Sie leben streng nach den Regeln der Thora, viele sind extra nach Berlin gezogen, um eine Glaubens-Gemeinschaft zu finden. Am Dienstag feierten die 250 Mitglieder derjüdisch-orthodoxen Gemeinschaft “Kahal Adass Jisroel” in Berlin-Mitte offiziell ihre 
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Facetten des jüdischen Lebens
Die Jüdische Gemeinde Düsseldorf lädt vom 23. bis zum 27. Februar in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Filmmuseum zum „Paul Spiegel Filmfestival – JüdischeWelten“ in der Black Box. Die Themenvielfalt ist auch in diesem Jahr wieder groß und zeigt, wie 
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Jüdische Synagoge in Weißenfels – Jahrelanges Puzzle ist nun gelöst
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
Das Simon-Rau-Zentrum – benannt nach dem letzten Rabbiner in Weißenfels – erforscht die Geschichte der Juden in Weißenfels und trägt aber auch Zeugnisse jüdischenLebens in der Stadt zusammen. Dabei kehren Gegenstände auf langen Wegen und 
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Jüdisches Museum Wien hat 100.000sten Besucher
Wiener Zeitung
Wien. Das Jüdische Museum Wien, ein Unternehmen der Wien Holding, kann für das Jubiläumsjahr 2013 mit einem besonders erfreulichen Ergebnis aufwarten: Die Anzahl der Besucher ist um rund vier Prozent gestiegen. Rund 100.000 Menschen haben 
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Jüdische Limo: Schelte für Scarlett Johanssen
02elf Düsseldorfer Abendblatt
Die Hilfsorganisation Oxfam ist unzufrieden mit ihrer Botschafterin Scarlett Johansson. Der Star macht Werbung für eine israelische Sprudelmaschine, mit der man seine eigene Limonade herstellen kann. Das passt Israel-Kritikern und auch Oxfam nicht.
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Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau
FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau. 28.01.2014 · Zwei Millionen Euro will das Jüdische Museum in Frankfurt für seinen Umbau einsammeln. Die Kölner Bethe-Stiftung will alle bis Mai eingehenden Spenden verdoppln, 
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Ausgezeichnete Spurensuche in jüdischer Vergangenheit
Leer – Zum ersten Mal ist jetzt der Schalom-Chaver-Preis an Schüler verliehen worden, die sich in ihren Facharbeiten mit dem jüdischen Leben in Ostfriesland, mit Antisemitismus, der deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte oder dem Staat Israel befasst haben.
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Olsberg will an die vom NS-Regime vertriebenen und ermordeten Juden in der 
Radio Sauerland
Vor ihren früheren Wohnungen sollen Stolpersteine verlegt werden. REPORTERBERICHT Die “Aktion Stolpersteine” will heute Abend im Rathaus über diese Initiative informieren. Olsberger, die noch mehr über das jüdische Leben in ihrem Ort wissen, 
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Jüdische Synagoge in Weißenfels – Jahrelanges Puzzle ist nun gelöst
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
Allerdings hat er sie in den 1950er Jahren an den jüdischen Tempel in Lakewood verkauft. Offenbar, um das Leben in Amerika zu finanzieren, den Kindern das Studium zu ermöglichen. Die beiden Handstücke der Rolle hat er jedoch behalten. Sein Sohn Eric 
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Griechenland gedenkt der Opfer des Holocausts
Die Stadt habe 1943 nicht nur unzählige ihrer Bürgerinnen und Bürger verloren, auch ihr einzigartiges jüdisches Leben – sei es in der Kultur, Wissenschaft oder Wirtschaft. Er fügte hinzu, dass sich das heutige Deutschland zu den Verbrechen an der 
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Auf den Spuren jüdischen Lebens: Rundgang durch Oppenheim am Holocaust 
Alzeyer Anzeiger
 deren jüdischer Großvater ebenfalls von den Nationalsozialisten ermordet wurde. Darüber hinaus hatte Stein auch Details über das alltägliche jüdische Leben in der Festspielstadt gesammelt: Dass in der Mainzer Straße früher zahlreiche Juden Wohn 
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Chronisten bleiben gefragt
Märkische Oderzeitung
Nauen (MZV) Im Rahmen des Themenjahres “Jüdisches Brandenburg” veranstaltete das Leonardo-da-Vinci-Gymnasium einen Vortrag zum jüdischen Leben im Havelland. Der Zeitpunkt war klug gewählt. Der Vortrag von Dr. Bettina Götze, Geschäftsführerin 
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Auf Spurensuche – ohne anzuklagen
Schwetzinger Zeitung
Klasse des Gauß-Gymnasiums hat der Arbeitskreis “Jüdisches Leben in Hockenheim” am Montagabend im Lutherhaus der Befreiung des Vernichtungslagers Auschwitz vor 69 Jahren gedacht. “Der Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus 
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Stadt Kempen: Gedenken an die Opfer des Holocausts
Mit dem Einmarsch der Deutschen in Polen war dort das aktive jüdische Lebenschlagartig beendet. Die Menschen wurden in Gettos gebracht. Wobei es für diese Gettos keine einheitlichen Regelungen gab. Manchmal waren dies nur einzelne Straßen, 
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Libyan Jewry: Closing the Circle after 2,000 Years (pt. 1)


Speaker: Maurice M. Roumani
Date: March 21, 2007
Libyan Jewry: Closing the Circle after 2,000 Years

After 2,000 years of presence there are no Jews left in Libya. More than 90 percent of the 100,000 Libyan Jews live in Israel where they maintain a communal identity. The decline of Libyan Jewry started with the 1938 Racial Laws, their internment in concentration camps and the pogroms under the British Administration. These conditions left no choice to this ancient community but to leave its country of birth, which it inhabited, from Roman time.

Maurice Roumani is professor of Politics and the Middle East at Ben-Gurion University and Director of the Elyachar Center for Sephardi Studies. He was a Research Associate at Harvard University and later at the Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies at Oxford University. He is an expert on Muslim-Jewish relations, on minorities and the effects of modernization on ethnic groups in the Middle East. His publications include books and articles on these topics.

Libyan Jewry: Closing the Circle after 2,000 Years (pt. 2)

Libyan Jewry: Closing the Circle after 2,000 Years (pt. 3)

Building Coalitions with Other Communities: The JCRC of New York (pt. 3)


Speaker: Michael Miller
Date: March 16, 2008
Building Coalitions with Other Communities: The Jewish Community’s Relations Council of New York

The JCRC of New York is the central coordinating body for more than 60 major civic, communal, educational and religious organizations representing the 1.4 million members of the Jewish community in the New York metropolitan area. The JCRC’s agenda includes handling Israel and international affairs, liaison with law enforcement, security and emergency planning, government relations, coalition building with over 180 ethnic groups, outreach to the Russian-speaking Jewish community, and legal assistance to Jewish organizations.

Michael S. Miller is the Executive Vice President and CEO of the JCRC of New York, where he has served for over two decades. During his tenure, the JCRC has become widely recognized as the go-to strategic bridge builder, as it strengthens relations internal to the Jewish community and with the broad array of local ethnic, racial and religious groups.

Additionally, the professional and personal relationships he has forged with major figures in the halls of government in New York and Washington, D.C., key opinion makers in Israel, and multi=ethnic leaders in the metropolitan area, have engendered respect for the JCRC as an organization dedicated to outreach efforts while protecting and defending Jewish rights and interests.

Mark Goldman, president, the American Conference Of Cantors and cantor at 
The Jewish community is in a period of transformative change. My primary objective is for the ACC and it’s membership to be at the forefront of change, leading by example as ordained clergy. In an effort to vision forward, I appointed the Strategic 
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JCPA praises Obama’s ‘State of the Union’
San Diego Jewish World
In addition to extending unemployment insurance to those out of work the longest, a priority of the organized American Jewish community, the JCPA pledged to continue to organize communities to work with Congress on modernizing our immigration system, 
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We Are Our Brothers’ Partners
The Jewish Week
It continues in Moscow; in homes, synagogues, restaurants, JCCS, and youth camps, as the next generation of the Russian Jewish community is trying answer a question for the ages: Who are we? What does it mean to be Jewish? As rabbis, we were not 
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Yechimovich: Leaving ‘Settlers’ Under PA Control Not a Bad Idea
Arutz Sheva
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European Jewish Press
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Phyllis Karp: My Jewish Home Story

Phyllis moved to the Jewish Home about two years ago. Living alone in a small apartment, with no means of transportation, her move to the Home was one of the best decisions she ever made. Between the friends she’s made, the artistic talents she’s pursued, and the security she has knowing the senior services she needs is right here, Phyllis is healthier and happier than she has been in years.

Jewish Mothers — What’s New?


Who better to give excellent advice than a Jewish mother? Answer: a Jewish grandmother!
For Mother’s Day, we asked residents at the Los Angeles Jewish Home for their wisdom about life, love, happiness, success, and — of course — food.

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Confessions of a Jewish Mother: How My Son Ruined My Life!

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Kosher butcher shops tend to close just before sundown on Friday nights, in preparation for the Sabbath. Los Angeles Jewish Home resident Joe Weinbaum, 91, tells the one about a customer’s visit just before closing time.…

VOICES: The Rebbe and the Scientist: Looking for Life on Mars
The Rebbe and the Scientist: Looking for Life on Mars
Shevat 27, 5774 · January 28, 2014
Dr. Velvl Greene

In 1960, I began working for NASA as part of the Planetary Quarantine Division, which was then charged with trying to find life on Mars. The Rebbe was very, very interested in the work I was doing. When we first met, he asked me if I knew what the Baal Shem Tov, the 18th-century founder of the chassidic movement, meant when he spoke of divine providence.

I said that I did. The principle of divine providence which the Baal Shem Tov taught is that nothing a Jew sees and hears is random. Rather, it is all designed by Heaven to bring you closer to Torah and to G‑d. There is nothing wasted.

And the Rebbe said, “If this is true for everybody, how much more true is it for a person who is exploring the stratosphere, or searching for life on Mars, or working in a medical laboratory dealing with diseases, or traveling all over the world and meeting so many people.”

“Nothing a Jew sees and hears is random . . . certainly when searching for life on Mars”

He went on, “You must have a wealth of stories and anecdotes and events and impressions—each one of which demonstrates divine providence. You should keep a journal of these stories and events, and then try to analyze them to see what is the lesson you can learn from these things. And if you can’t figure it out by yourself, then bring them to me and I’ll help you.”

I followed his advice. And today I have a journal with hundreds and hundreds of stories and events, and I plan, some day, to disseminate these stories to as many people as possible.

Back then—this was the early 1970s—when word got around that I was working with NASA and looking for life on Mars, some religious Jews would rebuke me. They said, “You mustn’t do that. You mustn’t work in the space biology program or the exobiology program, because it goes contrary to Torah. You shouldn’t be doing this kind of work.” Since at this point I had already begun my journey to Jewish practice, their words caused me concern—was I doing something wrong? I didn’t know what to make of these statements. Rabbi Feller suggested that the next time I would meet with the Rebbe, I should ask the Rebbe if that was in fact true.

“You should look for life on Mars, and you should keep looking for life on Mars”

The Rebbe didn’t respond right away. He thought for a while, and then he said this:

“You should look for life on Mars, and you should keep looking for life on Mars. If you don’t find it, then keep looking elsewhere, and do not stop looking, because to sit here in this world and say there is no life elsewhere is to put a limit around what G‑d can do. And nobody can do that!”

And then he asked me if it would be possible for him to read some of my reports to NASA, and he was careful to add, “if they are not classified.”

I told him that there were many unclassified documents that I could send him, but I asked, “Why should the Rebbe want to read this? I mean, most of it is preliminary—we haven’t been to Mars yet. We’re just doing experiments to plan for the Martian trip, and what we’re doing is just normal bacteriology; it’s not very exciting . . .”

He said, “Let me decide that.”

So I promised him that I would do it, but several months went by, and I didn’t send him anything. The next time I was in New York and stopped at Chabad headquarters for afternoon prayers, the Rebbe noticed me and called me over. He said, “You promised me something!”

The Rebbe noticed me and called me over. He said, “You promised me something!”

“What did I forget?”

“You promised me the reports.”

“Well, I thought the Rebbe is so busy . . .”

“Don’t have pity on me. Send the reports.”

I went home and assembled a pile of unclassified documents—three or four thick folders—and I sent them all to the Rebbe. Most of this material described what we thought the Martian environment might be like, based on information from flybys. This was work from before the first landing on Mars, which would not take place until July 1976. In those early days, we were trying to develop a sampling device that could test the dust on Mars for the presence of living microbes. We were speculating what types of microbes might be there, so we could provide the proper nutrients to grow them when we got there.

It was straight laboratory work—I had a big group of microbiologists working for me, generating mounds and mounds of reports which we would send to NASA. But, until we actually landed on Mars and took samples, everything we were doing was speculation.

“In the first place you say that these bacteria would grow there, and in the second you say that they wouldn’t”

At the next audience I had with the Rebbe, he said to me, “There is something I’d like to bring up. Obviously it’s because I don’t understand your work, but it seems to me that there is a disagreement between something you wrote in one place about bacteria on Mars and what you wrote in another report several years later that describes the same experiment.” And he named the volume. “In the first place you say that these bacteria would grow there, and in the second you say that they wouldn’t.”

I told him that I couldn’t remember what he was referring to, but that I would look it up. And when I went home I dug out these dusty reports and read them, and of course he was right. There was a discrepancy.

When I came to the Rebbe the next time, which was a year later, I told him, “With regard to the discrepancy, the Rebbe was right—what I said here I didn’t say there, simply because I made a typographical mistake. And I’m going to correct it.”

“I don’t like contradictions in science”

He said, “Thank you. You make me feel better. I don’t like contradictions in science. But if the difference between what you said here and there is because you made a simple mistake—well, that makes me feel better.”

After that, every time I saw him he asked me for more reports. And, one time, I answered him in a flippant way. I said, “They say that the Rebbe has ruach ha-kodesh, divine vision. If that is true, why is the Rebbe asking me for a report? Doesn’t he know what is going on?”

If any chassidim had been in the room, they would have slapped me. But the Rebbe just smiled and said, “Vos men zogt, zol men zuggen—what they say, let them say. From you, I want a report.”

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By Velvl Greene    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

The late Dr. Velvl Greene, a bacteriologist and professor emeritus at Ben-Gurion University as well as director of the Lord Jacobovits Center for Jewish Medical Ethics in Be’er Sheva, Israel, also worked for NASA’s Planetary Quarantine Division, which was charged with trying to find life on Mars. He was interviewed in his home in Be’er Sheva in April 2008.

Finding meaning

Finding meaningPosted: 28 Jan 2014 05:46 AM PST

BIG-DIPPERAt OHALAH, I learn about The December Project, a collaboration between author Sara Davidson and Reb Zalman in which they speak honestly and candidly about aging, death and dying, and the afterlife. I promptly pre-order a copy.

Upon my return home, a woman seeks me out with burning questions about Jewish beliefs around death and dying, burial practices, the afterlife. We have a long conversation in my office and agree to meet again.

Within days of that meeting, a man seeks me out to talk about illness, end-of-life issues, creating programs to help adult children speak (and listen) clearly to the wishes of their aging parents. We, too, agree to meet again.

The human mind seeks to make meaning. Give us a handful of stars in the night sky, and our brains sketch them into the shape of a constellation. Give me three disconnected encounters with questions of aging, dying, and what comes after, and my mind wants to turn them into a pattern.

Does it “mean something” that this theme keeps cropping up in my January?

Maybe this is just a reminder that this is a need which people have, these are conversations which people both fear and crave. Maybe it’s just a happy coincidence that I learned about a new resource to share, just before I met someone with whom I wanted to share it. These are disconnected events; they have nothing to do with each other.

And maybe the people who brought these questions into my life this month are messengers whose presence is meant to awaken and attune me to these questions. That’s what angels are, in the early parts of Torah: messengers sent by God. They look like ordinary people, but they bring awareness of something that someone needs to know or learn.

Both of those can be true at the same time. Anyone I meet can be a messenger if I’m open to finding a deeper message in our encounter. What looks like happenstance to you might look like a holy encounter to me (or: what I experience as happenstance on one day might feel to me like a holy encounter on another day.) Neither of those interpretations has to trump the other.

The stars of the Big Dipper take on a shape because we see the shape in them. So do moments in a life. Connections and coincidences flare brightly because we notice them and draw lines to connect them.

What meaning will I make from the shape which is coalescing here?

PARENTING: My Week Without a Cell Phone
My Week Without a Cell Phone
Shevat 27, 5774 · January 28, 2014

Today is Day Six without a phone.

Besides for feeling slightly isolated, it’s not too bad.

I’ve been doing things that I know I would not be doing if my phone was sitting next to me, shiny screen beckoning.

Like waltzing to music in my living room with my delighted nine-month-old as my dancing partner, her tiny hand encased in mine as she giggles at this new game.

Like realizing that it is only one o’clock and I have already accomplished what usually takes me until three!

Like thinking about writing this article and actually sitting down to write it . . .

According to CNN, on average, people check their phones 34 times a day, sometimes with only a 10-minute break between checks. The Huffington

Besides for feeling slightly isolated, it’s not too bad

Post relates that 73% of Americans would feel panicked if they lost their phone, while 14% admitted that they would feel “desperate.”

Honestly, when my phone died while I was out last Tuesday, I definitely felt the faint flutter of panic. And when I came home, placed it into the charger, and returned an hour later to a blank screen, I would say there was an element of desperation as I stabbed violently at the home button and power button (to no avail).

On Tuesday night I went to an event with my husband. There was no picture-taking of the food, ourselves, or anything else. In fact, no one besides for the people who saw us there even knew we went.

Wonder of wonders.

That night I tried every imaginable way to resurrect my phone, including switching the charging cable, the charging port, even the charging room. I even left it in rice overnight (although it had been nowhere near water).

The next morning, I admired my reflection in the black screen and searched deep within its depths for a trace of my beloved apps. The only thing I saw were my eyes, round and fearful.

We decided to involve the expert: the fix-it man. He figured the issue was either the battery or the charging port, and replaced my battery to see what would happen. I had a working phone! I rushed to catch up on WhatsApps, texts and Instagram news. I was secretly pleased to see the amount of social-media notifications I had missed, but the pleased feeling disintegrated fast, almost as quickly as the new battery ran out. I was left pensive and thoughtful, even as we discussed giving the phone back to the magic maker the following day.

And when Thursday lifted its sleepy head and my baby woke me up with her coos and babbling in her crib, soon after the sun had made its hazy appearance in a pink-tinged sky, I marveled at my unhurried morning cuddles with her, at my slow and pointed morning routine, at my casual saunter to the bathroom to wash up.

I was not rushing to check anything, to update myself, to see what I had “missed.” I was not reaching out blindly for a cold, hard object that “connects” me but leaves me with no real connection. I was focused and living for the “now,” and the only thing I rushed to do was to get back to my bed, where my baby was lying on her back and holding her feet to her mouth while singing in her baby voice. I flopped down on the bed next to her, and watched her eyes light up and a joyful laugh rise from her belly.

I didn’t give my phone in that day.

I didn’t give it in the next day either.

On Sunday night, my husband went around to the fix-it man’s apartment and handed him my phone.

Tonight, I will get my phone back. It’s going to be funny having it again, hearing the “ding” of a new e‑mail or the “whoosh” of a new message. I have this crazy, insane, almost shouldn’t-be-said-aloud thought that maybe, maybe, I don’t want my phone back after all . . .

It is dawning on me that perhaps my methods of “connection” are not really that great. After all, think about the way we connect to G‑d. There

Maybe, maybe, I don’t want my phone back after all . . .

is no phone line, no Facebook page, no following Him on Twitter. No texting or messaging, and certainly no photos of Him to “like” on Instagram.

G‑d is reachable through a deeper form of connection: prayer. Prayer is not an instant process; it takes time to meditate and consider our relationship with G‑d, without other distractions. First, we praise and acknowledge G‑d as our Creator. Then we ask for what we need and want, realizing that only He is able to provide it. And finally, we thank Him for what He does in our lives. Through this three-step process of prayer we create a bond that is felt, not seen.

No wonder relationships today are at an all-time low. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t converse and have meaningful discussions with people face-to-face, gauging their reactions and physically interacting with them. Our relationships are based on screens and cyberspace and apps! How is a deeper connection supposed to develop?

Maybe it’s time we applied our connection with G‑d to our relationships with those around us who are near and dear. Maybe it’s time that we really started to think about our friends and family and how much we appreciate their being a part of our lives, rather than just “friending” them.

My phone will be back in about six hours, shiny screen beckoning. Perhaps I will shut it off for two or three hours a day, so that I will be forced to connect in other, more meaningful ways with those around me.

I hear my baby moving around in her crib, and I have a husband to make dinner for.

Please excuse me while I go connect with the people I love.

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By Blumie Abend    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Blumie Abend is a wife and mother currently living in Crown Heights. She has a passion for writing and currently works as a freelance writer.


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