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A Sobibor Survivor’s Story – Philip Bialowitz shares accounts of horror, humanity and heroism.


Philip Bialowitz was 12yo when incarcerated in the Death Camp at Sobibor, Poland. He crime was being Jewish. He escaped from this Hell on Earth, in his own words “thanks to determination, intelligence, the kindness of Polish gentiles, and a great amount of luck”. He took part in an uprising againt the Nazis guards, eventually freeing 200 of the 600 slave labourers.

In the following 70 years he has sought to fulfill the message delivered to the rebels on the night before their uprising.

“If anyone survives, bear witness to what happened here! Tell the world about this place!”
Aleksandr Pechersky, leader of the Sobibor revolt, addressing prisoners before their escape
In Dublin City University he shared his experiences with an enthralled and sometimes horrified audience, before closing his address by imparting a message of hope. Before impressing all with the robustness and excellence of his singing voice.. but that’s a video for another day.

The Jewish Historical Society of Ireland pays tribute to Sir Nicholas Winton.


Sir Nicholas George Winton, MBE, is a British humanitarian who organized the rescue of 669 mostly Jewish children from German-occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport. Winton found homes for them and arranged for their safe passage to Britain. The UK press has dubbed him the “British Schindler”.

The Jewish Historical Social of Ireland, in conjunction with the Czech Embassy and Dublin City public libraries, organised a 2 day symposium to highlight his humanitarian achievement in rescuing large numbers of Jewish children from the incoming Nazis.

Yanky Fachler pays fulsome tribute to Sir Nicholas in a comprehensive and passionate recollection recollection of events of early 1939. He recounts events leading up to the Allied powers ceding the Sudenland to the Nazis, in the naive belief that sacrificing the Czech nation would appease Hitler’s megalomania. Yanky shares with a packed house the little know fact of De Valera being prepared to jettison Irish neutrality to oppose the expansionist ambitions of Mussolini.

There curently is a campaign underway to seek recognition for Nicholas to be awarded the Nobel Peace prize before he passes into memory… he is 104yo.……

Mary Byrne from Kibbutz volunteer to X-Factor Star.

Apartheid’s Overlooked Sins — Through a Jewish Lens

Jewish Daily Forward (blog) – Sara Blecher, granddaughter of Lithuanian Jewish immigrants, was in the midst  I also think Jewish history makes it easier for one to identify with an 

NMAJH to present baseball’s story

San Diego Jewish World – For generations of American Jews and other minorities, they served as Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) will open a groundbreaking ..

Shalom, Paraguay: A Jewish Culture Guide

Shalom Life – Jewish history in Paraguay has been relatively short. During the end of the 19th century, the first Jews began arriving in small numbers to the South 

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Samuel Beckett and Judaism – little known insights shared by Dr. Jackie Blackman.


“Samuel Beckett & Judaism are words not often heard in the same sentence” so says Dr. Jackie Blackman, in her introduction to this talk at the Jewish Museum in Dublin. Yet for virtually all of his life Irish playwright Samuel Beckett was personally connected with Jewish people. This presentation explored those connections and highlighted traces of a hidden Jewish context and wartime suffering in Waiting for Godot and other post-war works.

This presentation consists only of the slides used during Dr. Blackman’s presentation, but they are accompanied by original and poignant insights from her.…………

Mary Byrne from Kibbutz volunteer to X-Factor Star.


Mary Byrne is best known for her stellar performances on Britain’s X-Factor. She wowed both judges and viewing public with her down-to-earth charm as much as her powerful voice…this enabled Mary way goodbye to Tesco and embark on a career as a singer.

Less well known about Mary is her links to and love of Israel. This can be traced to a time when a younger Mary was a Kibbutz Volunteer, and the positive experiences from that time have clearly stayed with her.

Mary was the star turn at the 65th Anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day in Dublin recently. Before she entertained the invited guests, a video was shown which ticked many nostalgia boxes for Mary….. there followed a hi NRG performance which shows why British audiences took this Irish singer so much into their hearts

This Day, January 29, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin
Cleveland Jewish News (blog)
1897: “Our Jewish Population” published today included a summary of paper presented by Philadelphian David Sulzberger at the annual meeting of the American Jewish HistoricalSociety which described the growth of Jewish population in the United from 
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This Day, January 29, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – One of the unique aspects of the history of the Jews of Kansas was theJewish agricultural colonies that were established on the High Plains during 

This Day, January 28, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – 814: Charlemagne passed away. The grandson of Charles Martel was one of the greatest European rulers during the Dark Ages. There was nothing 

This Day in Jewish History / Emancipation Proclamation telegraph 

Haaretz – This Day in Jewish History / Emancipation Proclamation telegraph operator is born. Edward Rosewater sent out the text that turned slaves in the 10 

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Rabbi Manis Friedman on Tanya


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KABBALAH of the HEART | Sefer Tanya


Who’s the boss of your body: your heart or your brain? Rabbi Tzvi Freeman explores the untapped powers of the mind.



LESSONS IN TANYA: Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Today’s Tanya Lesson
Shevat 27, 5774 · January 28, 2014
Likutei Amarim, middle of Chapter 25

והן בבחינת ועשה טוב, להתגבר כארי בגבורה ואומץ הלב

Likewise in the category of “doing good” one can employ the power of his “hidden love,” to strengthen himself like a lion with might and determination of heart,

נגד היצר המכביד את גופו ומפיל עליו עצלה, מבחינת יסוד העפר שבנפש הבהמית

against the evil nature which weighs down his body and casts over him a sloth, which stems from the element of Earth that is in his animal soul. 1

מלהטריח גופו בזריזות בכל מיני טורח ועבודת משא בעבודת ה‘ שיש בה טורח ועמל

This laziness prevents him from exerting his body energetically with every type of effort and strain, in the service of G‑d that entails effort and toil.

כגון לעמול בתורה בעיון, ובפה: לא פסיק פומיה מגירסא

For example, to labor in the Torah with deep concentration, and also orally, so that “his mouth will never cease from Torah study”;

וכמאמר רז״ל: לעולם ישים אדם עצמו על דברי תורה כשור לעול וכחמור למשאוי

as our Sages have said: 2 “A man should always submit to the words of Torah like the ox to the yoke, and the ass to the load.”

וכן לתפלה בכונה, בכל כחו ממש

Similarly with regard to devout prayer, he should exert himself with all the strength he can muster.

וכן בעבודת ה’ שהיא בדבר שבממון, כמו עבודת הצדקה

So too with regard to serving G‑d in monetary matters, such as the duty of charity, 3

1. See ch. 1.
2. Avodah Zarah 5b.
3. The three examples given here correspond to the three “pillars” of Torah, avodah, and gemilut chassadim.
The Tanya of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, elucidated by Rabbi Yosef Wineberg    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Translated from Yiddish by Rabbi Levy Wineberg and Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg. Edited by Uri Kaploun.
Published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, all rights reserved.

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Shiur with Rabbi Avraham Gaon
Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Etzion



DAILY MITZVAH (Maimonides): Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Shevat 28, 5774 · January 29, 2014
Today’s Mitzvah
A daily digest of Maimonides’ classic work “Sefer Hamitzvot”

Important Message Regarding This Lesson

The Daily Mitzvah schedule runs parallel to the daily study of 3 chapters of Maimonides’ 14-volume code. There are instances when the Mitzvah is repeated a few days consecutively while the exploration of the same Mitzvah continues in the in-depth track.

Positive Commandment 73
Confessing Sins

“And he shall confess that he has sinned”—Leviticus 5:5.

One who has sinned is obligated to verbally confess and say, “Please, G‑d, I have sinned by doing…” The individual should then elaborate to the best of his ability and ask G‑d for atonement. This mitzvah applies whether the sin was against G‑d or against a fellow man.

Even in the times of the Holy Temple when a person would bring a sin-offering to attain forgiveness, he was still required to orally confess his sin. The same for those who were guilty of capital offenses, they were asked to confess their sin prior to their execution.

Full text of this Mitzvah »

Positive Commandment 10
The Shema

“And you shall talk of them … when you lie down and when you rise up”—Deuteronomy 6:7.

We are commanded to recite the Shema twice daily: morning and night. Women are not obligated in this time-bound mitzvah.

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Want even more? These mitzvot are discussed at length in today’s three-chapter Maimonides study regimen.

TODAY IN JUDAISM: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Today is: Wednesday, Shvat 28, 5774 · January 29, 2014
Today in Jewish History

• Hashmonean Holiday (2nd century BCE)

On Shevat 28 (134 BCE?), Antiochus V abandoned his siege of Jerusalem and his plans for the city’s destruction. This day was observed as a holiday in Hashmonean times. (Megilat Taanit)

Daily Quote
Once there was a king who decreed: The people of Rome are forbidden to go down to Syria, and the people of Syria are forbidden to go up to Rome. Likewise, when G-d created the world He decreed and said: “The heavens are G-d’s, and the earth is given to man.” But when He wished to give the Torah to Israel, He rescinded His original decree, and declared: The lower realms may ascend to the higher realms, and the higher realms may descend to the lower realms. And I, Myself, will begin — as it is written, “And G-d descended on Mount Sinai,” and then it says, “And to Moses He said: Go up to G-d.”

– Midrash Tanchuma, Vaeira 15