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India and the Jewish People


A meeting of the Knesset Sub-Committee on Israel and the Jewish People discussing the relationship between India and the Jewish People.

Synagogueinte Naatil – A Documentary about the Jews in Cochin


This documentary about the Jews living in Cochin was made by a group of Visual Communication students as their project. Sarah Aunty, the oldest Jew living in Jew Street appears in the film along with few foreigners who visits them. Malayalam language film director Kamal also shares his experience in Jew Street.

Directed By: Sarath Kottikkal
Cinematography: Arunjith Vadakara, Bibin Babu, Nikhil Nilambur
Editing: Jisha Rejith
Studio: Yellow Frames Broadcast Studio, Thrissur
Narration: Preetha Pius
Other Crew Members: Pranav M U, Nipun Babu, Noufal M A, Thoolik Radhakrishnan, Jubin Johny, Anu K Sajeev, Jineesh K K, Sinto P A, Nimmy Benny, Dr. Sijil Kottikkal, Dr. Lakshmi Sijil, Santhosh Audio Park.
Special Thanks: Thaha Mattanchery, Rejith Nandanam, Anil Kasargod, Rejish T R, Sreekanth Edayath.
Produced By: Viscom Motion Elements, Teams Global Village Academy

A short history of Jewish Polish tavernkeeping
OUPblog (blog)
So much of East European Jewish history is viewed towards the lens of antisemitism and violence. But there is a reason that the Jews of Eastern Europe (mainly in the vast Polish-Lithuanian areas annexed by Russia, Prussia, and Austria at the end of the 
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For sale: SF building with a long Jewish history
Founded in 1864 as a Jewish men’s club — at a time when Jews were not welcome in the city’s premier social clubs — the Concordia moved into its own building on Van Ness in 1891. That structure was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, and the present 
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Follow-Up: Jewish Surnames Explained
Slate Magazine (blog)
In fact, I did the research not because I was interested in Jewish onomastics, but because I was interested in the history of Ashkenazic Jewry. I thought that their choice of names would tell me something about where and how they lived and about the 
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An anonymous soldier and revolutionary in our time
Jerusalem Post
Seventy-two years ago this week one of the greatest revolutionaries in Jewish historywas assassinated. His name was Avraham “Yair” Stern. He was hiding in a small coat closet in a clandestine apartment in Tel Aviv when the British police found him.
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When an Israeli Ambassador Debated a British Historian on Israel’s Legitimacy 
Tablet Magazine
He had actually written as much in 1954 in the eighth volume of his acclaimed Oxford University Press Study of History series. But while few laymen had read that book, Toynbee’s comments at McGill quickly reverberated through the press and localJewish 
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Sustaining the Jewish community
Jewish Federations, in particular, and now the Jewish Alliance, have played and continue to play a central role in American Jewish history in leading the Jewish community through good times and bad, through rescue and refuge, through caring for the 
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Bridal show at Jewish History Museum brings back splendor of bygone eras
Jewish Post
Posing at the home of Catherene Morton prior to the Jewish History Museum’s bridal style show on Jan. 1, from bottom: Karina Levine, Angela Madonia, Sara Watson, Krystal Scott, Dallas Day, Kami Read, Lizzy Caputo, Jessica Duke, Leah Tinney, Christy 
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מסע אל המורשת קוצ’ין, הודו חלק Cochin Jewish Heritage 1


מסע אל המורשת קוצ’ין, הודו חלק Cochin Jewish Heritage 2

מסע אל המורשת קוצ’ין, הודו חלק Cochin Jewish Heritage 3


This Day, January 31, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin
Cleveland Jewish News (blog)
For more about the history of the Jews of Milwaukee consider a visit to the JewishMuseum of Milwaukee or reading “One People, Many Paths: A History of JewishMilwaukee,” by John Gurda. 1848: Birthdate of Nathan Straus who the wealthy American 
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This Day in Jewish History / Dr. Samuel Sarphati, wizard of Amsterdam, is born
This Day in Jewish History / Dr. Samuel Sarphati, wizard of Amsterdam, is born. Sarphati left behind a very small estate and many debts, as most of his wealth was invested in the projects he spent his life advancing. By David B. Green | Jan. 31, 2014 
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This Day in Jewish History / Hitler makes first call for Jews’ ‘annihilation’
The bulk of Hitler’s speech was devoted not to the subject of the Jews, but rather to recounting the glorious history of the Nazi party. In a 1997 article in the journal History& Memory, the German historian Hans Mommsen explains that Hitler’s 
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Rabbi Manis Friedman on Tanya


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Learn about the radical revolution of Tanya.

This video is part of the series Tanya For Teens:

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dailychassidus great videos selection . Select your shiur!Rav Paltiel


KABBALAH of the HEART | Sefer Tanya


Who’s the boss of your body: your heart or your brain? Rabbi Tzvi Freeman explores the untapped powers of the mind.




LESSONS IN TANYA: Friday, January 31, 2014

Today’s Tanya Lesson
Shevat 30, 5774 · January 31, 2014
Likutei Amarim, end of Chapter 25

ובזה יובן למה צוה משה רבינו עליו השלום במשנה תורה לדור שנכנסו לארץ, לקרות קריאת שמע פעמים בכל יום, לקבל עליו מלכות שמים במסירת נפש

In light of the above, it will be understood why Moshe Rabbeinu, peace be upon him, commanded in the Book of Devarim (— not in the earlier Books of the Bible addressed to the generation of Jews who wandered in the desert, 1 but) to the generation that entered the Holy Land that they (too, and not only the subsequent generations2) recite the Shema twice daily, the intention in the Shemabeing to acknowledge the Kingdom of Heaven with self-sacrifice; i.e., theShema teaches us to accept martyrdom for the sanctification of G‑d’s Name.

והלא הבטיח להם: פחדכם ומוראכם יתן ה’ וגו‘

Now one may ask: Why was it necessary for our forefathers to prepare themselves for martyrdom? Had they not been promised that3 “G‑d will lay the fear and dread of you [upon all the inhabitants of the land]”?

They had no reason to fear that anyone would attempt to force them to deny the Kingdom of Heaven, necessitating self-sacrifice to resist such efforts. In this sense, they were as well protected as the Jews who traveled the desert with Moses (who were notcommanded to recite the Shema.)4 We must therefore conclude that preparation for martyrdom is necessary not only to ensure that it will be put into practice if and when necessary,

אלא משום שקיום התורה ומצותיה תלוי בזה שיזכור תמיד ענין מסירת נפשו לה’ על יחודו, שיהיה קבוע בלבו תמיד ממש יומם ולילה לא ימיש מזכרונו

but because the fulfillment of the Torah and its commandments is contingent on one’s being constantly aware of his readiness to surrender his life to G‑d for the sake of His unity, i.e., that a person remember that he would be willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of G‑d’s unity, if the situation would warrant it — which is the message contained in the Shema; he must therefore recite it twice daily, morning and evening, so that this awareness will be fixed permanently in his heart, and will not depart from his memory night and day.

כי בזה יוכל לעמוד נגד יצרו לנצחו תמיד בכל עת ובכל שעה

In this way, one is able to withstand his Evil Inclination and to vanquish it at every time and every moment, even after Moses‘ passing, whenever Jews are engaged in an intense struggle with the Evil Inclination, as it is written: 5 “G‑d said to Moses, ’Behold, you are about to sleep with your fathers, and this people will rise up and stray,‘6


as explained above — that when one remembers that he would be prepared to suffer martyrdom for his love of G‑d and his belief in G‑d’s unity, he will surely be able to overcome his Evil Inclination and perform all the mitzvot.

1. Based on a comment by the Rebbe.
2. Based on a comment by the Rebbe.
3. Devarim 11:25.
4. Based on a comment by the Rebbe.
5. Ibid. 31:16.
6. Based on a comment by the Rebbe.
The Tanya of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, elucidated by Rabbi Yosef Wineberg    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Translated from Yiddish by Rabbi Levy Wineberg and Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg. Edited by Uri Kaploun.
Published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, all rights reserved.

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Daily Mussar

Daily Zohar

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Shiur with Rabbi Avraham Gaon
Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Etzion



DAILY MITZVAH (Maimonides): Friday, January 31, 2014
Shevat 30, 5774 · January 31, 2014
Today’s Mitzvah
A daily digest of Maimonides’ classic work “Sefer Hamitzvot”

Important Message Regarding This Lesson

The Daily Mitzvah schedule runs parallel to the daily study of 3 chapters of Maimonides’ 14-volume code. There are instances when the Mitzvah is repeated a few days consecutively while the exploration of the same Mitzvah continues in the in-depth track.

Positive Commandment 5

“And you shall serve the L-rd, your G-d”—Exodus 23:25.

We are commanded countless times throughout the Torah to serve G-d. Although this is a general commandment, it does contain a very specific application: prayer, service of the heart as expressed through the mouth.

Full text of this Mitzvah »

Listen Online | MP3 Download

Want even more? These mitzvot are discussed at length in today’s three-chapter Maimonides study regime

TODAY IN JUDAISM: Friday, January 31, 2014
Today is: Friday, Shvat 30, 5774 · January 31, 2014
Rosh Chodesh Adar I
Today’s Laws & Customs

• Rosh Chodesh Observances

Today is the first of the two Rosh Chodesh (“Head of the Month”) days for the month of Adar I (this year being a leap year there are two months called “Adar” — Adar I and Adar II).

Special portions are added to the daily prayers: Hallel (Psalms 113-118) is recited — in its “partial” form — following the Shacharit morning prayer, and the Yaaleh V’yavo prayer is added to the Amidah and to Grace After Meals; the additional Musaf prayer is said (when Rosh Chodesh is Shabbat, special additions are made to the Shabbat Musaf). Tachnun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are omitted.

Many have the custom to mark Rosh Chodesh with a festive meal and reduced work activity. The latter custom is prevalent amongst women, who have a special affinity with Rosh Chodesh — the month being the feminine aspect of the Jewish Calendar.

Links: The 29th DayThe Lunar Files

Today in Jewish History

• Tosfot Yomtov Appointed Rabbi of Krakow (1644)

The 30th of Shevat is celebrated by the descendents of Rabbi Yomtov Lipman Heller (1579-1654) as a day of thanksgiving, for his liberation and restoration after his imprisonment in Vienna in 1629.

Rabbi Yomtov Lipman was one of the important rabbinical figures of the early 17th century. Known as the “Tosfos Yomtov” after his commentary on the Mishnah by that name, he also authored important commentaries on the Rosh and other rabbinical works. A disciple of the famed Maharal of Prague, Rabbi Yomtov Lipman was appointed, at the tender age of 18, to serve as a dayan (rabbinical judge) in in that city. He subsequently filled a number of prestigious rabbinical positions, including rabbi of Nikolsburg and of Vienna. In 1627 he was recalled to Prague to serve as the city’s chief rabbi.

That position earned him powerful enemies when he refused to follow the dictates of Prague’s rich and influential citizens and strove to relieve the burden imposed on the poor by the suffocating “crown taxes” imposed on the Jews. His enemies informed on him to the government, falsely accusing him of treason. In 1629, Rabbi Yomtov Lipman was arrested, tried and sentenced to death. The Jewish communities of Bohemia succeeded in having the sentence commuted and reduced to a heavy fine, and raised the funds for the payment of the first installment that secured his release. However, his enemies obtained an imperial decision that he could not officiate as rabbi in any town of the empire, leaving him homeless and destitute. It took many years for him to pay off the balance of the fine and be restored to his former position. It was only in the winter of 1644, when he settled in Krakow after being appointed chief rabbi of the city, that he felt that that he could celebrate his release and restoration.

Shevat 30th (the 1st day of Rosh Chodesh Adar)–the day that Rabbi Yomtov Lipman assumed the rabbinate of Krakow–was celebrated by him and his family as a day of thanksgiving to G-d. Rabbi Yomtov Lipman asked that future generations continue to mark the date, and the custom is upheld by his descendants to this day.

The Tosfot Yomtov

Daily Quote
People differ in their intellect, character, talents and sensitivities. But all are equal in the very basis of their bond with G-d: their intrinsic commitment to Him. So while every individual contributed to the making of the various components of the Sanctuary in accordance with his or her individual capacity, regarding the foundation of the Sanctuary it is said (Exodus 30:15), “The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less, than the half of a shekel…”

– The Lubavitcher Rebbe

PURIM Section Jewish Music & Simcha Channel: Purim PART – 1 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection videos and feeds in each section

Purim Puppet Show


Everyone is invited to our annual kids’ Purim Party.
Sunday March 16, 2014 10:30am – 12:00pm
Shaare Zion Congregation 5575 Cote St Luc Road

Featuring – A Puppet Show from Persia – Carnival Games – Face Painting, Food & Fun!
Free of Charge
See you There!

Singer Benny Friedman sings Ivdu Es Hashem at Bein Ish Ubein Uchiv Purim Party


Singer Benny Friedman sings Ivdu Es Hashem at Bein Ish Ubein Uchiv Purim Party in Borough Park

Benny Friedman Chai Lifeline Lakewood Purim Party 2013 Yesh Tikvah Shalom Aleichem


Benny Friedman Chai Lifeline Lakewood Purim Party 2013 Yesh Tikvah Shalom Aleichem

Gangnam Purim Style -Anshe Emet Synagogue-Chicago, IL.


This Purim video, starring Chicago’s Anshe Emet Synagogue staff and clergy, reflects our synagogue’s global stature as it partners with the great community of Gangnam. Our deepest thanks go to PSY for his inspiration of this film, to Bob Stern for his masterful production, to God for the written material, and to YouTube, for giving us a forum for ridiculousness.
Produced by Bob Stern-Oceanbear Productions

KJBS Purim Shpiel 2013


They’re back (and trying to be) hipper and better than ever! Enjoy this third installment in the award winning Purim Shpiel trilogy.

Ner Meshulem Wackier Purim Shpiel 2013 [Yeshivish Technology, NaNach Style]


Yeshivha Ner Meshulem produced a really wacky purim shpiel in key locations in Brooklyn such as flatbush, williamsburg, and crown heights.

Song is “Hebrew NaNach Style” here is the link:… .

Welcome to Purim – OFFICIAL parody of Welcome to the Jungle


Guns N’ Rose-nzweig performs their smash hit “Welcome to Purim” at the Boulder JCC.

The Boulder JCC wishes you the best Purim ever:

Check out for all of our incredible purim activities.

License courtesy of TencyMusic and Karaoke Version (

PURIM Section Jewish Torah Insights Channel: 24JEWISH ALERTS


Yoma Daf


Reb Moshe Weinberger – The Message of Purim


Fighting the coldness of Amalek by appreciating the little good deeds of life
The Shtiebel 7 Adar 5773 די שטיבל ז’ אדר תשע”ג

The Message of Purim


A special lecture by Rabbi Kin on the lessons to be learnt in the Book of Esther and the message it conveys for future generations

Structure of Prayer


This lecture is part of a series on Prayer delivered by Rabbi Elyahu Kin in 2009. Part 4 covers the last portion of the daily prayers as outlined in the “Siddur” (Jewish Prayer Book), including some Kabbalistic rituals and the Mourner’s “Kaddish” (Prayer for the deceased – and the Resurrection). Towards the end of the lecture there is a visual presentation of various styles of synagogues and Torah scroll cases

Jewish Recipes : 24JEWISH Alerts Section jewish Recipes for PURIM Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut


Reb Moshe Weinberger – The Message of Purim


Fighting the coldness of Amalek by appreciating the little good deeds of life
The Shtiebel 7 Adar 5773 די שטיבל ז’ אדר תשע”ג

12 Reasons why we eat Hamentashen on Purim


The history and origin Hamentashen

Cookies are centerpiece of Jewish celebration


Jews prepare to celebrate Purim

Homentashen and Drinks for Purim


Eat In Good Health!
A Cooking Show in Yiddish with English subtitles
with Rukhl Schaechter and Eve Jochnowitz
Homentashen and Drinks for Purim

Making of Bakery Hamantaschen for Purim – הכנת אוזני המן מאפיה לפורים


Our friendly local bakers Guy and Avi at the Yesh Bakery in Modi’in Illit show us how they bake kosher Hamantaschen for Purim in the spirit of the Jewish holiday.

אופים ידידותי שלנו גיא ואבי במאפייה יש במודיעין עילית הראה לנו איך הם אופים אזני המן לפורים ברוח החג.

How to make Hamantashen for Purim


Making Hamantashen

Jewish Recipe for Shabbat by IsraeliTov : how to prepare a Hamin moroccan style


Secret Jewish Recipe for Shabbat of Grandma Eti : Hamin by IsraeliTov, you can find the tutorial of the recipe with the ingredients for sale in the website :

– 1 bag of white beans
– 500 g of peeled potatoes
– 500 g of chuck beef or chicken
– 2 sweet potatoes
– half head of garlic
– 5/6 eggs
– 1/4 glass of oil
– 1 spoon of paprika
– salt and black pepper

cooking bag :

– 1 glass of rice
– 2 glasses of water
– paprika, salt and black pepper

1 electronic plate for Shabbat

Israeli Cuisine – Hamin/Cholent


How to make Israeli food: Hamin. In this video Daniel shows the step to make a quick and proper Hamin. In Israel, Cholent or as it is called in English, Cholent; it is popular and it is a huge tradition to eat it on Shabbat.