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Jewish Achiever Awards 2012 – Simcha insert – a Sister Spirit Production


Simcha TV show highlights the Jewish Achiever Awards 2012

Lenny’s Jewish Jam 2 With The Baal Simcha Band!


World renowned trumpet player Lenny Friedman made a wedding for his son March 28, 2012 at The Atrium in Monsey. This was the jam session highlight!
The Band: Yankey Goldenthal -Keys, Avi Bernstein- Drums, Tony Montalbo-Bass, Sruly Weinstein-Guitar, MIke Coon-Guitar, Yudi Simon- Percussion, Ron Bertolet-Sax, Tony Gorruso-Trumpet, Amir Cohen-Trumpet, Lenny Friedman-Trumpet, John Hahn-Trombone, Shauli Waldner and Tzvi Goldring-Vocals.

Meir Panim

Jewish Festival of Passover Begins


SOLON, Ohio– The Jewish festival of Passover began Monday at sundown.

Rabbi Steven Denker from Temple Emanu El invited FOX 8 into his home, as his family gathered for the traditional Seder meal.

The Seder is an interactive ritual feast which helps to explain the story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt and freedom from servitude.

Rabbi Denker says Passover represents the hope for redemption of all humanity.

Passover continues for eight days until April 2.

Rabbi Steven Denker

Cleveland Jewish News – Yes, that too, for such is the nature and reality of Jewish life. We mourn when we must and rejoice whenever we can. Ten years after Nof’s hit song, 


Coming Soon from AKA Pella! – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report (Kol Isha) – Coming soon to a download near you! An all new Purim song/musicvideo from AKA Pella. Stay tuned for more info!

Judaism: Inside the Torah – National Geographic


Judaism: Inside the Torah: Kings of Israel – The Story of King David and the Jewish (Israelite) people.

A Biblical and Historical Story on how King David conquered Jerusalem and made the Kingdom of Israel for the Jewish people.

Rimonim Band – I feel good Jewish simcha band


Rimonim band is one of the leading bands in israel for smachot and are at the best prices in the country.
We play all styles of music including israely,chasidic,rock,blues and much more.

For more information please visit our site at –
contact yeshai at the following – 0546490331
besmachot! 🙂

Simcha Tamkin Jewish singing contest audition


Meir Panim, Palm Beach Synagogue Present Shabbat Chazzanut 

The Jewish Press – The two have appeared together many times, delighting audiences with a selection of cantorial and Jewish music. This time, the cantors will perform 

3-day festival celebrates diversity of Jewish music

Lancaster Newspapers – Singer/songwriter Beth Schafer will perform at Shaarai Shomayim’s 23rd annual Miller Music Festival next Friday through Sunday, Feb. 7-9.

Best of Jewish Phoenix 2014

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix – At the Desert Gathering Jewish Music Festival in November, I picked up a T-shirt that read simply, “Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix.” I guess I’m here 

Longtime Tucson cantor finally gets his farewell

Arizona Daily Star – Lichterman will join one of his former apprentices and a host of special guests for “An Enchanted Evening — A Jewish Music Concert” on Saturday. .

Folk artist Pete Seeger, 94, crossed paths with Jewishactivists – Nearly as much as the music he wrote and helped popularize, Seeger, who was not Jewish, will be remembered for his leftist politics: He supported 


Simcha in the Shtetl (blog)
Discuss (0). Acrylic on Canvas. Artist’s Statement:These men are Klezmer musicians. Klezmer Jewish music is a big part of any simcha. Next Post » « Previous Post. Related Content: More Articles On: Art (152), Music; Song (61). By Chaim Leib Zernitsky.
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Miami Marathon: ‘Team Lifeline’ Jews run to help Camp Simcha
Among the 25,000 runners in Sunday’s Miami Marathon, one group will stand out for its distinctive gear: some long skirts, a few tzitzit and lots of beards. Blazoned across their T-shirts is “Team Lifeline.” The 300 runners, mostly Orthodox Jews, make 
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Soille Hebrew Day School
San Diego Jewish Journal
Few who know him are surprised to hear Rabbi Simcha Weiser express his pain over the October 2013 Pew Survey study findings on American Jewish life. “I am deeply troubled by the study’s prediction that other than the Orthodox, we are a shrinking 
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French Jews Take Youtube to Court over Quenelle

Shalom Life – Now, a Jewish student union has filed a petition to a French court, ordering that YouTube remove a video where Dieudonne celebrates the quenelle, ..
How Jewish is Jewish History?

Algemeiner – The Haskalah, the Enlightenment? Mercantilism? The exile from Iberia? The rise of nationalism? The collapse of autonomous Jewish life in Poland?

Weekly Living Torah Video: The Accountant Was Overruled – Chabad News, Crown Heights News, Lubavitch News (zalman) – Weekly Living TorahVideo: The Accountant Was Overruled. wltvtezave. Mr. Bentzion Rader, a registered accountant for almost forty years, was 


Community Magazine – This was about the laying of a foundation; a foundation of love for Torah that will, please Gd, remain forever within the heart of each first grade student 

Students explore Jewish roots on Birthright

The Bowdoin Orient – Spiritual life for many Jewish students at Bowdoin is limited to Hillel-sponsored Passover events and Yom Kippur services in Daggett Lounge

Parshat Truma: Freedom within a framework

Jerusalem Post – Parshat Truma, like the Torah portions before it, deals with descriptions of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle), the temporary temple that Am Yisrael built 

Parashat Terumah (Exodus 25:1-27:19)

The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. – Spending time in silence, mindful yoga, walking and eating, as well as deep Torah learning with leading scholars from the United States and Israel, 
A Confluence of Kedusha. TTA for Parshat T’ruma-Rosh Chodesh.

Arutz Sheva – Phil Chernofsky is the educational director of the Orthodox Union’s OU Israel Center in Jerusalem and editor of the Torah Tidbits parsha pamphlet.

Slammin’ The Sermon

The Jewish Week – Commonly used to glean insight into the week’s Torah reading or as an excuse to catch up on sleep — depending on your interest and the speaker’s 

East county community events

Ventura County Star – The Friendship Circle and the Conejo Jewish Academy will host a lecture by Richard Bernstein titled “More Than the Eye Can See” at 8 p.m. Thursday 

Metropolis Jewish Simcha Dancing Vocal Edit


Jewish Simcha Dancing Band Hire
This video is a ‘vocal edit’ version of a longer Jewish wedding video featuring Metropolis live and filmed at an exclusive video in London.

Simcha Dancing / Israeli Dancing
Watch the wedding guests really enjoying themselves, as the charismatic Nick Ingram leads the band with some traditional Jewish wedding songs. The brass section comes into play and the guests, old and young fill the dance floor in jubilation.

Traditional and Modern
Metropolis can combine traditional songs with the latest chart hits with a sprinkle of nostalgic tunes, jazz, Motown, tunes from the 60s, Hora music, soul, harpists, cocktail pianists and an acoustic band.

Unsurpassed Value with no Compromise on Quality

Jewish Wedding Music-Instrumental-Simcha Dancing–Ned Kantar Band, Minneapolis, MN


Od Yishama, Keitzad, Klezmer Selections, Yerushalyim, L’Shana HaBa, Asher Boro. Jewish Wedding Music – Instrumental – Ned Kantar Band, Minneapolis, Minnesota

London Simcha Band “Cousins” Entertaining at Jewish Wedding

The Synagogue is not a Place to Meet Friends’

Arutz Sheva – Some of these brochures, he added, “do not even contain Torahteachings. The plague of brochures is ruining the synagogues. They can be taken out 

Director of Women’s Torah Institute featured during Shabbat events

St. Louis Jewish Light – Rabbanit Oshra Koren, director of MaTaN (Women’s Torah Institute) in Israel, will present several programs St. Louis on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 7-8.

Pascack Valley rabbis present at Sweet Tastes of Torah event – Fair Lawn – Pascack Valley rabbis are among the more than 20 featured speakers at Sweet Tastes of Torah, a community evening of learning to be 

Restoring a Czech Torah to holiness in South Jersey – A 300-year-old Jewish Torah, originally from the region once known as Czechoslovakia, is now being restored in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.

Torah Scroll Dedicated at Iron Dome Base

Arutz Sheva – A Torah scroll, dedicated through an International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) program, was presented to the IDF’s Iron Dome unit, which was .

Torah Mitzion Torani Tzioni MovementSanctifying the Mundane

Arutz Sheva – This week’s Dvar Torah is by Rav Avi Goldberg – Former Rosh Kollel, Memphis, Teacher in “Himelfarb” high school, Jerusalem.

Opening doors to women
Jewish Chronicle
The role of women in the synagogue has become one of the most challenging issues facing the Orthodox rabbinate. Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis may have ruled out the possibility of partnership minyans — where women read from the Torah and can lead 
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Memory’s Big Hits

The Jewish Week – The Jewish people elevate certain moments and events in our history while others are forgotten. Memory is not a tape recorder but an editor.

Should Public Schools Close for Religious Holidays? [POLL]

New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio – Just yesterday, the Hunterdon Central board adopted their calendar for next year that includes Rosh Hashana, the Jewish High Holyday, as a full day 

Raising Consciousness about the Agunah Crisis -By Rabbi Hyim 

The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. – The event was co-sponsored by two other local Orthodox synagogues, Young  Serving a community of 600,000, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los 

Online Jewish Social Networking Site,, Hits Nearly 

IT News Online – 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The popular Jewish social networking site,  who engage with fellow users for social events, dating, and job opportunities.
Celebration is March 28-30
St. Augustine Record
Activities throughout the weekend will mark the 90th anniversary of the Congregation Sons of Israel Synagogue, when Dr. Stephen Eskin will be special guest. Eskin, who frequently performs for Jewish organizations, schools and fundraising events, is a 
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Atlanta Jewish Film Festival kicks off with “Run Boy Run” (***½)
Reel Georgia
Alas, Georgia’s less-than-predictable weather can only postpone—not cancel—eventsas big as the Southeast’s largest film festival and the opening night festivities went on as planned just one day later at the Cobb Energy Centre in Vinings. The chosen 
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Proposed Law to Ban Rabbis from Speaking Against Government

Arutz Sheva – Even in the darkest years of Communist Russia the Soviets refrained from prohibiting the rabbis they designated to speak the word of Torah,” read the 
From Czechoslovakia to Woodcliff Lake

New Jersey Jewish Standard – On February 9, 1964, 1,564 Torah scrolls rescued from Nazi-era Moravia, Bohemia, and the Sudetenland began arriving at the Westminster 

Local woman — WUPJ official — monitors tense standoff in Ukraine – The recent anti-Semitic violent events in Kiev, Ukraine, may be politically  There are approximately 360,000 Jews in Ukraine, according to the 

Those Limelight-Seeking Orthodox Feminists

Jewish Daily Forward (blog) – Heck, every stage in Jewish life outside of the kitchen and the labor and delivery room belongs to men. It is just how it is. Blame Eve. Why would you 

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Neues Selbstbewusstsein – Jüdisches Leben in Polen | Journal Reporter


Auschwitz steht für die systematische Vernichtung des Judentums. Doch im polnischen Krakau, nur eine Autostunde entfernt, entwickelt sich das jüdische Leben mit neuem Selbstbewusstsein. Gerade junge Juden sind mittlerweile wieder stolz auf ihre Herkunft. Immer mehr Nachfahren polnischer Juden entdecken ihre Wurzeln.
Weiterlesen unter:,,16193001,00.html

Das jüdische Leben in Potsdam und Land Brandenburg


Das jüdische Leben in Potsdam und Land Brandenburg, Beitrag zum Integrationspreis 2011 der Landeshauptstadt Potsdam, eingereicht vom Kultur-, Integrations- und Begegnungszentrum der Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle der Juden e.V. (KIBUZ)

Lore Zusman erinnert sich an die jüdische Schule in Königsberg


Lore Zusman erzählt von Ihrer Kindheit an der jüdischen Schule in Königsberg und von Ihrem Schuldirektor David Kaelter.

Für mehr Informationen zu der jüdischen Schule in Königsberg:…

Hanna Bar Yesha beschreibt das vielfältige jüdische Leben


Im Sommer 1944 wurde die zwölfjährige Hanna Bar Yesha gemeinsam mit ihrer gesamten Familie von Ungarn nach Auschwitz-Birkenau deportiert. Bei der Selektion wurde nahezu die ganze Familie in die Gaskammer geschickt. Hanna wurde mit ihrer Mutter und ihren Tanten in Birkenau gefangen gehalten. Dieser berührende Film beschreibt Hannas Lebensgeschichte — von ihrer Jugend in Ungvár bis zu ihrer Einwanderung in Israel.

Dieser Film ist Bestandteil des Projekts „Zeitzeugen und Pädagogik”, eine Kooperation zwischen der International School for Holocaust Studies und dem Multimedia Center der Hebräischen Universität Jerusalem. In diesem Projekt erzählen Überlebende die Geschichte ihres Lebens vor, während und nach dem Holocaust. Die Filme wurden jeweils vor Ort an den Originalschauplätzen der Geschichte gedreht.

Mit großzügiger Unterstützung der Adelson Family Foundation.

Israel 2008, 49 Minuten, DVD…

Israel Heute

Israelnetz Nachrichten

Jüdisches Leben in Berlin – Videos – Tagesspiegel
Vier junge Frauen bereichern das jüdische und deutsch-israelische Leben in Berlin 
SPEYER.DE – Jüdisches Erbe
Bischof Rüdiger Huzmann siedelte 1084 in der Nähe des DomesJuden an. Bischof und

Jüdisches Leben im Mittelalter – Das Erste
Seit dem 4. Jahrhundert gibt es in Köln eine jüdische Gemeinde. Wissen. Jüdisches

Jüdisches Leben in Regensburg auf YouTube
Wissenswertes über die jüdische Gemeinde in Regensburg gibt es nun auf YouTube. Im Rahmen von Toleranz fördern – Kompetenz stärken stellte der Stadtjugendring am Dienstag das Mikroprojekt vor. Der 15-minütige Film ist sowohl auf YouTube als auch 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Vortrag in Hasbergen über jüdisches Leben in Russland
NOZ – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung
Der Historiker Frank Wolff (links) referierte auf Einladung von Michael Gander (rechts) in der Gedenkstätte Augustaschacht. Foto: Horst Troiza. Hasbergen. Von rückständig bis revolutionär: Jüdisches Leben in der Sowjetunion wurde brutal unterdrückt 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Spannende Infos über jüdische Kultur, Religion und Geschichte
Deutschland Today
Das immer dienstags von 18.15 bis 19.45 Uhr stattfindende Kolleg richtet sich an Personen, die sich für jüdische Kultur, Geschichte und Sprache sowie für das jüdische Leben in Erfurt in der Geschichte und Gegenwart interessieren. Die Anmeldung zum 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Gemeinschaft: “Die jüdische Welt ist klein”
Berliner Morgenpost
Die meisten sind wie die Fabians, junge Familien, die gezielt nach Mitte gezogen sind, weil sie orthodox leben wollten. Viele kamen aus Osteuropa hierher, manche mit dem Umweg über andere deutsche Städte. “Die jüdische Welt ist klein”, erklärt Michelle 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Neue jüdische Gemeinde in Berlin
70 jüdische Familien, Paare und Singles, gekommen aus der ganzen Welt, um in Berlin zu arbeiten und ihren Glauben zu leben, haben jetzt eine eigene Gemeinde gegründet. Am Dienstag wird der Start der neuen Gemeinschaft „Kahal Adass Jisroel“ offiziell 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Wissen über Juden in Jena erweitert
Ostthüringer Zeitung
Im Zusammenhang mit dem Gedenktag ist schließlich zu erwähnen, dass seit längerer Zeit eine Arbeitsgruppe um Constanze Mann, der Leiterin des Stadtarchivs gezielt das jüdische Leben in Jena erforscht und das in der ganzen Breite vom Mittelalter bis 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Carinne Sjöberg über Juden, Roma, Samen und die Europäische 
Jüdische Allgemeine
Wie aktiv ist das jüdische Leben bei Ihnen, weitab von den großen Gemeindezentren Stockholm, Göteborg und Malmö? Sehr lebendig! Wir haben zwar nur 50 Mitglieder, aber wir begehen zusammen alle jüdischen Feiertage, bieten Aktivitäten für Kinder und 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Ausgezeichnete Spurensuche in jüdischer Vergangenheit
Leer – Zum ersten Mal ist jetzt der Schalom-Chaver-Preis an Schüler verliehen worden, die sich in ihren Facharbeiten mit dem jüdischen Leben in Ostfriesland, mit Antisemitismus, der deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte oder dem Staat Israel befasst haben.
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Bonus für Familien
Jüdische Allgemeine
Hinzu kommt, dass viele Gemeindezentren mit ihren Programmen für Vorschulkinder eher darauf aus sind, Profit zu erzielen, als dass sie Triebkraft sein möchten für eine stärkere Teilhabe am jüdischen Leben, denn darin müssten sie Geld investieren.
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Sara-Ruth Schumann erhielt Großes Stadtsiegel
Jüdische Allgemeine
Schumann führte die jüdische Gemeinde, die sie selbst wieder mit aufgebaut hatte, bis Dezember 2012 mehr als 20 Jahre lang. »Mit der Verpflichtung der ersten Rabbinerin in Deutschland, Bea Wyler, hat sie wichtige Impulse für das jüdische Leben in 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »

Die städtischen Museen: Das Programm im Jüdischen Museum
Abendzeitung München
Februar zeigt das Jüdische Museum die Werkschau „Smiling at You. Sharone Lifschitz Works 2000 – 2014“. Die in London lebende Künstlerin gewann 2004 mit ihrer Arbeit „Speaking Germany“ den QUIVID – Kunst-am-Bau-Wettbewerb für das Jüdische 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Jüdisches Museum Wien hat 100.000sten Besucher
Wiener Zeitung
Wien. Das Jüdische Museum Wien, ein Unternehmen der Wien Holding, kann für das Jubiläumsjahr 2013 mit einem besonders erfreulichen Ergebnis aufwarten: Die Anzahl der Besucher ist um rund vier Prozent gestiegen. Rund 100.000 Menschen haben 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Neuer Geschäftsführender Direktor für Jüdisches Museum
Er folgt auf Börries von Notz, der die Leitung der Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg übernehmen wird. Michaelis war zuletzt beim Bundesrechnungshof tätig, sein Schwerpunkt lag auf Fragen des Steuer-, Haushalts- und Vergabewesens, wie dasMuseum 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau
FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau. 28.01.2014 · Zwei Millionen Euro will das Jüdische Museum in Frankfurt für seinen Umbau einsammeln. Die Kölner Bethe-Stiftung will alle bis Mai eingehenden Spenden verdoppln, 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Bürgermeister von Tel Aviv: Hoffen auf Jüdisches Museum
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
Der Oberbürgermeister von Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, hofft auf baldige Fortschritte beim Bau des Jüdischen Museums Köln. „Dieses wichtige Projekt zeugt von ihrem Bekenntnis zum jüdischen Erbe ihrer Stadt, und ich würde mich sehr geehrt fühlen, das Museum 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Jüdisches Museum Wien mit 100.000 BesucherInnen
Österreich Journal
Wien (stalzer) – Das Jüdische Museum Wien kann für das Jubiläumsjahr 2013 mit einem besonders erfreulichen Ergebnis aufwarten: Die Anzahl der BesucherInnen ist um vier Prozent gestiegen. Fast 100.000 Menschen haben die Ausstellungen, 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Brauer illustriert Haggada für Jüdisches Museum
Der Maler Arik Brauer hat eine Haggada – die Erzählung des Auszugs der Juden aus Ägypten – für das Jüdische Museum bebildert. Seine Illustrationen sind jetzt dort in einer Ausstellung zu sehen. Bereits 1979 hat Arik Brauer eine Haggada illustriert.
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Jüdisches Museum Wien mit 100.000 Besuchern im Jahr 2013
Wien, 29.01.2014 (KAP) Das Jüdische Museum Wien kann für das Jubiläumsjahr 2013 mit einem Anstieg der Besucherzahlen aufwarten: vier Prozent mehr als im Jahr zuvor und somit fast 100.000 Menschen haben die Ausstellungen, Veranstaltungen und 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Museumsraub! Jüdisches Museum sucht Kinder mit Spürnase
(29.01.14) Museumsraub im Jüdischen Museum! Jungen und Mädchen mit Spürnase sind am, Sonntag, 2. Februar, 14 Uhr, eingeladen, auf Spurensuche zu gehen. In kleinen Ermittlerteams begeben sich die jungen Teilnehmer auf die Suche nach 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden
Monopol – Magazin
Ziel sind zwei Millionen Euro, wie die Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer am Dienstag berichtete. Die Kölner Bethe-Stiftung verdopple alle bis Mai eingehenden Spenden. Das Geld soll dem Museum die Möglichkeit geben, «die neue Dauerausstellung 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »

VA-Tipp: “Judenverfolgung in Dresden – eine unbequeme Wahrheit”

Dresden Fernsehen – Auch ein Posiumsgespräch wird Teil der Veranstaltung sein.+++  Im Januar 1933 umfasste die Jüdische Gemeinde noch 5.000 Gemeindemitglieder.
Frankfurt am Main – Leo Maillet Kabinettausstellung imJüdischen 

Hessen Tageblatt – Frankfurt am Main – (pia) Das Jüdische Museum zeigt von Dienstag, 4. Februar, bis 25. Mai die Kabinettausstellung „Entre Chien et Loup“ – Der 
Das Kunstjahr 1938

Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Das Jüdische Museum Frankfurt nimmt in einer kompakten, sehenswerten Ausstellung den deutschen Kunstbetrieb des Jahres 1938 in den Blick.
Die Toten Hosen bekommen Preis von JüdischerGemeinde

Rhein-Zeitung – Düsseldorf (dpa) – Die Jüdische Gemeinde Düsseldorf zeichnet Die Toten Hosen aus. Die Band hat im Oktober 2013 bei gemeinsamen Konzerten mit .
Kurt Landauer: FC Bayern erinnert an jüdischenPräsidenten

Bayerischer Rundfunk – Nachrichten  Ihr Standort: · Nachrichten · Oberbayern: Kurt Landauer  Kurt Landauer FC Bayern erinnert an jüdischenPräsidenten.
Happy Birthday – AVIVA

Aviva-Berlin – In der Reihe Jüdische Weltreise – Neues entdecken schließlich zeigt das Festival nachhaltige Eindrücke vom jüdischen Leben in aller Welt und will 
Unterrichtsreihen zur jüdischen Geschichte
Neu-Isenburger Neue Presse
Die gelungene Zusammenarbeit des pädagogischen Zentrums des Fritz-Bauer-Instituts und des Jüdischen Museums mit der Ricarda-Huch-Schule soll nun fortgesetzt werden. Jüngst haben das pädagogische Zentrum des Instituts und das Dreieicher 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »
Tag der Erinnerung: FC Bayern würdigt jüdischen Präsidenten Landauer
Bayerischer Rundfunk
“Der FC Bayern wäre ohne seine jüdische Vergangenheit nicht das, was er heute ist. Jede Art von Ausgrenzung und Diskriminierung haben sowohl im Fußball als auch in der Gesellschaft nichts verloren. Daher ist es uns als Verein wichtig, mit dem 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »
VA-Tipp: “Judenverfolgung in Dresden – eine unbequeme Wahrheit”
„Bei der systematischen Vernichtung jüdischen Lebens in ganz Europa ist Dresden ein Ort von besonderer Bedeutung gewesen. Im Januar 1933 umfasste die JüdischeGemeinde noch 5.000 Gemeindemitglieder. Nur neun Jahre später waren es nicht 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »
Israels Parlament erklärt im Film die Beschneidung
In dem fünfminütigen Beitrag erklärt Parlamentssprecher Juli Edelstein, das jüdischeVolk werde gegen alle Gesetzgebungen an dieser Praxis als einem der wichtigsten Gebote des jüdischen Glaubens festhalten. Die Produktion mit dem Titel «Für das 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »
Filme erinnern an die Verbrechen der Nazis
Frankfurter Neue Presse
Am internationalen Holocaust-Gedenktag wurden in Zusammenarbeit mit der Gesellschaft für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit wieder zwei Filme für Schüler des Kreises Limburg-Weilburg gezeigt. Mehr als 400 Jugendliche der Goetheschule Limburg, 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »

Wissen über Juden in Jena erweitert
Ostthüringer Zeitung
Im Bild von rechts : Emmy und Emil Wandersleb, Hildegard Grebe sowie Rosalie und Siegfried Czapski, die Eltern des gleichnamigen Zeissianers. Foto: Stadtarchiv/Frank Döbert. Jena . Mit einer Reihe von Veranstaltungen wird anlässlich des Internationalen 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Gemeinde verleiht Neuberger-Medaille an »Die Toten Hosen«
Jüdische Allgemeine
Die Punkrock-Band »Die Toten Hosen« erhält in diesem Jahr die Josef-Neuberger-Medaille der Jüdischen Gemeinde Düsseldorf. Die Musikgruppe aus der nordrhein-westfälischen Landeshauptstadt werde für Veranstaltungen zum Thema »Entartete Musik« 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Jüdisches Museum Wien hat 100.000sten Besucher
Wiener Zeitung
Auch für das Jahr 2014 seien Wechselausstellungen und zahlreiche Veranstaltungengeplant”, sagte Museumsdirektorin Danielle Spera. Die neue permanente Ausstellung “Unsere Stadt! Jüdisches Wien bis heute”, die anlässlich der Jubiläen 25 Jahre 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »VA-Tipp: “Judenverfolgung in Dresden – eine unbequeme Wahrheit”
Dresden Fernsehen
Im November 1942 mussten die letzten 300 jüdischen Einwohner in Dresden ihre Wohnungen räumen, um in das eigens für die Juden gebaute Lager Hellerberg am Nordrand der Stadt gebracht zu werden. Ein halbes Jahr später wurden die Lagerinsassen in das 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Jüdisches Museum Wien mit 100.000 BesucherInnen
Österreich Journal
Das Jüdische Museum Wien als lebendiger Ort der Begegnung soll das Bewusstsein für die Wiener jüdische Geschichte, Tradition und Kultur stärken. Auch für 2014 haben wir eine Fülle spannender Wechselausstellungen und Veranstaltungen geplant“, 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Jüdisches Museum Wien mit 100.000 Besuchern im Jahr 2013
Wien, 29.01.2014 (KAP) Das Jüdische Museum Wien kann für das Jubiläumsjahr 2013 mit einem Anstieg der Besucherzahlen aufwarten: vier Prozent mehr als im Jahr zuvor und somit fast 100.000 Menschen haben die Ausstellungen, Veranstaltungen und 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Veranstaltungen zum Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus
Januar, beteiligt sich in ihrem Jubiläumsjahr die Goethe-Universität mit dreiVeranstaltungen. Das Jahr 1933 markiert eine tiefe Zäsur in der 100-jährigen Geschichte der Universität, deren Gründung 1914 nur durch die maßgebliche Unterstützung jüdischer 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Gefällt mir
Jüdische Allgemeine
Ein Freund sagte dazu: »Dank Facebook kenne ich jetzt viel mehr jüdische Veranstaltungen, zu denen ich nicht hingehe.« Facebook hat unsere Informiertheit erhöht. Und unsere Entscheidungsfreiheit auch: Wir können wissen, aber wir müssen nicht 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Die städtischen Museen: Das Programm im Jüdischen Museum
Abendzeitung München
An der Reihe der Ausstellungen und Veranstaltungen rund um das Gedenkjahr „100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg“ nimmt das Jüdische Museum München ab dem 9. Juli mit der Wechselausstellung „Krieg! Juden zwischen den Fronten 1914 – 1918“ teil.
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »Die Erinnerung in Wesel bewahren
Heute vor 20 Jahren wurde der Jüdisch-Christliche Freundeskreis Wesel ein Verein. Er hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, die Erinnerung zu bewahren. Dazu gibt es regelmäßige und unregelmäßige Veranstaltungen. Im Sommer erscheint ein Buch über 
Alles zu diesem Thema ansehen »

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How Many American Jews are There? Does it Matter? (pt.1)


Speaker: Ira M. Sheskin
Date: May 17, 2007
How Many American Jews Are There? Are There More Jews in Israel or in the U.S., and Does It Matter?

After two very expensive National Jewish Population Surveys (1990 and 2000) and more than 55 local Jewish community studies, the number of American Jews is still unknown, with estimates varying from 5.2 million to 6.4 million. Even the question of whether the number of American Jews is increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same is a controversial issue. The American Jewish Year Book estimates have shown a steady rise over the past decade, increasing from about 5.9 million to 6.4 million, while the NJPS estimates indicate a relatively static population size. This presentation explores some of the methodological drawbacks that contribute to the difficulty in making estimates.

Ira M. Sheskin is the Director of the Jewish Demography Project of the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies at the University of Miami and is a professor of Geography at the same institution. Dr. Sheskin has completed 40 major demographic studies for Jewish Federations throughout the U.S. He was a member of the National Technical Advisory Committee of United Jewish Communities and was one of the principal architects of both the 1990 and 2000 National Jewish Population Surveys. His publications include a book entitled Survey Research for Geographers. He is the author of numerous articles on Jewish demography. His latest book, How Jewish Communities Differ, compares the results of 45 Jewish demographic studies.

How Many American Jews are There? Does it Matter? (pt.2)

How Many American Jews are There? Does it Matter? (pt.3)

Iraqi Jews Try to Prevent Return of Artifacts to Iraq


Video is uploaded from other videos in come here
On Tuesday, February 4, part of a trove of Jewish artifacts seized by Saddam Hussein and uncovered during the Iraq war will go on display at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. Iraqi Jews in America are trying to keep the collection from being sent back to Iraq after the exhibit, as the U.S. government has promised. VOA Religion Correspondent Jerome Socolovsky spoke to one of the leaders of the effort.

Building Local Jewish Communities, One House at a Time

Meet Dan, Benji, Sarah and Samantha, four roommates in Washington, DC, whose paths intersected when they all became Moishe House residents. Today, their home is a center of gravity for young Jews in the community who, like them, want to create and share Jewish experiences with friends.

Moishe House is a network of nearly 60 houses in 14 countries that fills a void in the Jewish community created by the growing gap between college years and family life.

Every Moishe House is run by a group of 3-5 young adult residents who are provided with rent subsidies and a program budget to host an average of six monthly events for peers in their community.

What started as a house for four friends in Oakland, California, to host Shabbat dinners has grown into a global network that provides opportunities for 60,000-plus young adults annually.

We partner with organizations like Moishe House because we believe change IS possible.

JSLI – The Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute Announces Innovative 

PR Web (press release) – Cantors are prepared to educate communities aboutJewish musical  A Cantor (or Hazzan) is a musician trained in the vocal arts to leadJewish 

Vikings Owner Mark Wilf Leads Effort To Serve Holocaust Survivors – Wilf is a longtime supporter of the Jewish community, and his family is among the largest financial supporters of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial .

Flourishing Judaism in Central and Eastern Europe – At the end of the 1500s, Great Poland contained 52 Jewish communities, Little Poland 41, and the eastern regions 80. During the 1600s, it is estimated 

Sustaining the Jewish community

Jvhri – Mel and Patty Alperin /André BlaisFor decades, Jewish communities across North America have organized themselves by establishing Jewish 

Hackers Hit European Jewish News Site

Arutz Sheva – A group of Turkish hackers took down the site of the European Jewish Press, which provides news updates on Jewish communities in Europe, 

seniors | East Bay Jewish groups join to address the ‘Longevity – The Jewish population skews even older, with one 2007 study showing 18 percent of U.S. Jews were 65 or older, compared with 12 percent among 
Lifting the veil on the science of counting Jews

Jewish Post – Ira Sheskin, the go-to man for Jewish communities that want to count their Jews, is overseeing the work. A professor of geography at the University of 

Germany needs law on Nazi-looted art: World JewishCongress

AFP – Germany needs law on Nazi-looted art: World Jewish Congress  Lauder has chaired since 2007, represents 100 Jewish communities outside Israe
Algemeiner – On Aug. 24, 1929, 67 Jews were killed in what later came to be known as the Hebron Massacre. Prior to that, the Jewish Community of Hebron had ..

Venetian accounts book tells story of 18th-centuryJewish community

Brandeis University – Soon, the 18th-century accounts book that elucidates the history of the di

Universally free Jewish preschools weighed

San Diego Jewish World – SAN DIEGO– Would the creation of universally free Jewish pre-schools  The JNFA official said the Jewish community of Boston has developed a 

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Yossi Klein Halevi at JCC Greenwich


Author Yossi Klein Halevi sits with Linda Scherzer (Former Mid East Correspondent, CNN) to discuss his National Jewish Book Award Winning novel ‘Like Dreamers’. Sponsored by the JCC Greenwich and Jewish Week.

Jewish Film Festival sparks culture dialogue

The Brown Daily Herald – Brown’s first Jewish Film Festival, complete with three award-winning movies, food and a forum for cultural, spiritual and academic discussion hits 
Mixed Media And Mothers At LABA

The Jewish Week (blog) – LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture housed at the Y, is an artists’ fellowship and incubator offering residents 14 classes in Jewish text in a 
Paula Siegel, San Diego Democratic activist, dies

San Diego Jewish World – SAN DIEGO –Paula Siegel, who brought a Jewishpassion for tikkun olam to Democratic party politics in California, died at 4 a.m. Wednesday, 
Pozez lecturer: Judaism thrives on the pursuit of happiness

Jewish Post – Jewish thinkers focus on happiness as the quality of life as a whole, not a few moments in the  In Jewish culture there’s a strong intellectual bias.
Overweight Sensation: The Life and Comedy of Allan Sherman

The Jewish Voice – In Sherman’s comedic world, Jews and Jewish culture are ubiquitous, but in an open and endearing way that defangs the tradition¬ally anti-Semitic 
Mandelbaum Family Lecture Series Continues Feb. 5

Coronado Eagle and Journal – The San Diego Center for Jewish Culture’s Mandelbaum Family Lecture Series, in Coronado, continues its season with Professor June Cummins, 
Jewish Theater Devastated by Romanian Snowstorm

Arutz Sheva – The State Jewish Theatre of Bucharest, Yiddish cultural site in Europe, is damaged extensively by snowstorm. By AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff.
With Light, Moshe Safdie Builds a Global Architectural Legacy

The Jewish Voice – Moshe Safdie at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.  The Skirball is “becoming increasingly social, not just Jewish,” said Safdie, who worked 

Bikel plays ‘Jewgrass’

The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. – Although I know it will disappoint some readers to learn that “A Jewgrass Revival,” at American Jewish University on Feb. 1, will not be a presentation 

Following the breath as it comes and goes

Following the breath as it comes and goesPosted: 31 Jan 2014 06:34 AM PST

Oie_deep_breathThere’s something poignant about leading meditation on a morning which will contain a funeral. Following our breath as it comes and goes, knowing that soon we will turn our attention to someone whose breath no longer enlivens.

In Genesis 2 we read that God formed the first human being out of earth and breathed into its nostrils נִשְׁמַת חַיִּים (nishmat chayyim), the breath of life. In modern parlance the Hebrew נֶשַׁמַה (neshamah) is usually translated as “soul.”

Every morning we pray  אלהי נשמה שנתת בי טהורה היא (Elohai neshama she-natata bi, tehora hee) — “My God, the soul which You have placed within me is pure! You created it, you formed it, you breathed it into me, and you will take it from me in a time beyond time…”

My friend Rabbi Arthur Waskow teaches that every breath is a prayer, because with every breath we pronounce the ineffable Name of God.

What is it that enlivens us? It isn’t merely breathing, in this age of ventilators which can keep the lungs moving after brain activity has ceased. But without breath, there is no life.

When that enlivening breath is gone, a person’s body is no longer that person as we knew them. It remains holy because it once held a soul, but it becomes almost a figurine, a likeness of the person we once knew.

After life, we return our bodies to the adamah, the earth, from which Torah teaches the first earthling was made. The body returns to the earth; the soul-breath returns to the Source from which it came.

I opened and closed this morning’s meditation with a practice which I learned from my friend and colleague Rabbi Chava Bahle. The first breath together: a reminder that I am mortal. The second breath together: a reminder that those around me are mortal. The third breath together: a reminder that because of those first two truths, this moment is incomparably precious.

This moment is incomparably precious.

A poem for Rosh Chodesh Adar א

A poem for Rosh Chodesh Adar אPosted: 01 Feb 2014 04:00 AM PST


The first Adar takes its name
from the letter who tells no tales.

Contains “little Purim”
which is just like big Purim

except we don’t read the megillah
or send gift baskets

we just cultivate joy.
The first Adar’s mitzvot are invisible.

The first Adar conceals its holiness
like a veiled Torah scroll.

It’s like the cosmos compressed
into the silent first letter

of the first word
of the first commandment.

Like the queen whose name means hidden,
who keeps her Judaism close to the vest.

Like the Holy One, never mentioned
in our bawdy passion play

but gleaming all over the story
for we who have eyes to see.

Happy Rosh Chodesh / new month!

It’s new moon; we’ve entered into Adar א, the first of this year’s two months of Adar. (Why two months of Adar? In seven out of every nineteen years, we get a “leap year,” which on the Jewish calendar means we get a whole extra month; that way, our calendar remains in synch both with the cycles of the sun and the cycles of the moon. Adar is the month which gets doubled during leap years.)

Here’s a bit more about Adar 1 (2011).

And here’s a post about Purim Katan (2011), referenced in the second couplet of this poem.

The final three couplets hint at the Megillah of Esther, the scroll which we read on Purim during Adar ב / Adar 2.


Whose Life is More Valuable?

by Sara Yoheved Rigler
Society considers some lives more valuable than others. Judaism disagrees.

Mincha at the Super Bowl

by Lonnie Ostrow
The most unlikely minyan of all.

Because I Said I Would

by Sara Debbie Gutfreund
The power of a promise.

Six Million Jews

by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Can the Holocaust be told using just one word: Jew?

IDF Saving Syrian Lives

An inside look into the Israeli field hospital that is saving Syrian lives.

Editor’s Pick:

Does God Care about the Super Bowl?

by Rabbi Joshua Hess
Doesn’t He have more important things to be worried about?

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Auschwitz Memorial Press Conference – Part 1 Neturei Karta


Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss speaks at Auschwitz Memorial Press Conference,
held by Anti-Zionist Holocaust survivors and spokespeople of Neturei Karta International, on January 27, 2014, in Berlin, Germany

Auschwitz Memorial Press Conference – Part 2 Neturei Karta  

Dr. Jonathan Sarna on One Teaching


Dr. Jonathan Sarna, a world-renowned historian and scholar, explains his thoughts on One Teaching.
For more information visit

Jewish-Christian Disputations in the Middle Ages (This Week in Jewish History)


Forced debates between Jews and Christians were a feature of medieval Jewish life, often with dire consequences.

Gaspar da Gama, séc. XV no Brasil


Joaquim Vaz Pinto (I-1º/I) e Maria Honoria
judeus marranos sefaradim em memória
Arte História
Cultura Folclore
Nos milênios
de dispersão
e migrações pelo
mundo, os Judeus
vieram também
para o Brasil
em 1500
novos Estudos revelam
as infindáveis trilhas
da Cultura Sefardita
no Brasil Colônia e nos
trazem as lendas
fascinantes e dramáticas
dos pioneiros Israelitas,
que há muitos séculos
passados por
aqui chegaram
Sendo pioneiro,
1° comunicador,
guia turístico,
homem de visão do ano daqueles tempos,
Gaspar Lemos
* Gaspar Lemos
* Gaspar de A’lmeida
* Yusuf Adil
* Gaspar da Índia
* Gaspar Judeu
* Gaspar da Gama
(1444-1458? / 1505-1510?)
não sabemos seu nome original
antes da conversão compulsória
judeu errante e fugitivo do
terror inquisitorial, certa feita
foi capturado e torturado por
Vasco da Gama que o
apresentou para conversão,
sendo seu padrinho
Gaspar falava vários idiomas e o
rei D. Manuel o fez pessoa grata
na Corte nomeando-o “cavalheiro
de sua casa”, deu-lhe alvará de
alforria, roupas, criados, cavalos,
uma renda em terra e dez
cruzados cada mês, designando-o
perito, conselheiro e intérprete do
Almirante português cristão-velho
Pedro Álvares Cabral na expedição
deste as Índias, de que resultou
a conquista do Brasil em 1500
devido forte tempestade marítima …
Gaspar teria desviado a frota Cabrália
em direção ao ocidente, comandando
a nau que trazia mantimentos e teria
conseguido se comunicar com os
silvícolas brasilis
El Rei passou a chamá-lo
sempre, para conversar e ouvi-lo
narrar suas histórias sobre as
terras e costumes do Oriente e
de outros lugares distantes
conhecidos por Gaspar
A mudança dos nomes: Ilha de
Vera Cruz e Terra de Santa Cruz para Brasil é
atribuída por alguns a Gaspar da Gama e Fernão
de Noronha, ambos de origem judaica
Entretanto, tal fato não têm base
histórica e origina-se de fontes precipitadas
O que ocorreu foi a
mudança do nome da nova
terra descoberta devido ao
intenso comércio de pau-
brasil feitos por cristãos-
novos e cristãos-velhos
Estudos recentes definem Gaspar, como
‘judaizante e figura deveras curiosa e
exótica’, ‘alto, de certa idade, e barbas
ao vento’ sendo o 1 º judeu a pisar no
solo brasileiro ao lado de
cristãos velhos e novos, por exemplo
como Nicolau Coelho e Gonzalo Madeira
Gaspar secretamente seguiu a Velha Lei dos
Hebreus, e 2.° sua própria lenda, teria
contado que, foi casado com uma judia
que escapou do sadismo inquisitorial, porém
Gaspar não mais a viu, e que juntos
tiveram um filho de nome Baltazar (que foi
batizado e serviu Portugal)
O Brasil desconhecido
e selvagem ao europeu,
passou a receber
cristãos-velhos clérigos,
degredados, ladrões,
judeus, cristãos-novos,
exilados , ‘deixados,
largados’ e os sambenitados,
todos sonhavam melhorar de vida
síntese poética e pintura ost:
Inah (ReginaAVaz)
serie: כ ‘kaf’ A / Música: ytb
ref: arte folclore história cultura iconográfias
inquisição sítios de pesquisa: livros, internet,
Estudo de Caso Familiar / apoio: arthetniabrasil2012
מעולם האינקוויזיציה obrigado por assistir
YouTube editor

Herzl, swords and the Nazi salute: The curious history ofJewish 

Haaretz – From downtrodden Jews dueling anti-Semites to the German-Jewishfencing champion who called Hitler a ‘cute little man,’ the story is a bizarre one.
Chabad of Nashoba Valley to host lecture

The Sun – “Dr. Jonathan Sarna is nationally acclaimed as an expert on American Jewish history. We are privileged to host him here in the Nashoba Valley area 

What Eric Goldstein’s Appointment Says About ChangingJewish 

Jewish Daily Forward – To understand the historical and sociological significance of the Goldstein appointment we need to take a step back. The federation system has its 

Sustaining the Jewish community

Jvhri – Jewish Federations, in particular, and now the Jewish Alliance, have played and continue to play a central role in American Jewish history in leading 
An anonymous soldier and revolutionary in our time

Jerusalem Post – Seventy-two years ago this week one of the greatest revolutionaries in Jewish historywas assassinated. His name was Avraham “Yair” Stern. He was 
Sustaining the Jewish community

Jvhri – Jewish Federations, in particular, and now the Jewish Alliance, have played and continue to play a central role in American Jewish history in leading ..

Prof. Cheryl Greenberg to speak on Black-Jewish Relations

Jvhri – In celebration of Black History Month, “Black-Jewish Relations: Why Should We Care?” is the topic of the “Time for Me” Adult Education series at 
When an Israeli Ambassador Debated a British Historian on Israel’s 

Tablet Magazine – In his remarks, he shocks his audience and the Jewish community by  The hour-and-20-minute sparring match ranged over Jewish history, Arab 

Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy to –  Jew in the Free World: Jewish Identity Through the Lens of Modern History,”  “Our objective with this course is to initiate a discussion about Jewish 

For sale: SF building with a long Jewish history – San Francisco’s venerable Concordia-Argonaut Club has put its building on Van Ness Avenue up for sale. The listing price is $21.5 million.
NMAJH to present baseball’s story

San Diego Jewish World – For generations of American Jews and other minorities, they served as Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) will open a groundbreaking 
Review: Profeti della Quinta roams Jewish Italian madrigal songs
Los Angeles Times
A radiant 1929 mural surrounds the domed synagogue, conveying Jewish history from biblical times to the arrival of Jews in the New World in vivid Hollywood-esque imagery. Commissioned by the Warner brothers, it defies an orthodox reading of the Second …
See all stories on this topic »
Skirball’s ‘Transatlantico’ film series spotlights a shared history
Los Angeles Times
When the Skirball Cultural Center launched its Latin Jewish film series seven years ago, it caught some members of both ethnic groups by surprise. “People acted just shocked that there were Jews south of the border,” said Jordan Peimer, the Skirball’s …
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A short history of Polish Jewish tavernkeeping

OUPblog (blog) – So much of East European Jewish history is viewed through the lens of antisemitism and violence. But there is a reason that the Jews of Eastern ..
Anti-Jewish crimes bring calls for more Holocaust awareness

Centre Daily Times – UNIVERSITY PARK — For Tobias Brinkmann, a native of Germany and Penn State professor of Jewish studies and history, the spray-painting of 

Venetian accounts book tells story of 18th-centuryJewish community

Brandeis University – Soon, the 18th-century accounts book that elucidates thehistory of the diverse Venetian Jewish community through its transactions will be preserved 

Germany funds opening of Bolivia’s first Jewish museum

Jewish Telegraphic Agency – “The museum commemorates the history of European Jews who found refuge during the Nazi dictatorship in Bolivia and founded there a number of 
Jewish past annihilated over time

Times of India – Tracing the history of Jewish presence in Goa, he said that the commander of the fleet under the Muslim ruler was a Jew named Gaspar da Gama.

How Jewish is Jewish History?

Algemeiner – It is a vital analysis of how many different approaches to Jewish history  Even the ancillary issue of when does “modern Jewish history” begin is the 

The Jewish Ghetto And Its Phantom Opera

Worldcrunch – Nazis used a Czech military fortress to hold Jewish prisoners during World War II.  He is Terezin’s mayoral assistant in charge of culture. On the

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The Samuel Sarphati Monument


The Samuel Sarphati Monument. Found at the Sarphati Park in Amsterdam.
Also featuring some bee footage near the canal.

Music: Stefano Mocini – People at

This Day in Jewish History / Pioneer of Texas Jewish community dies
This Day in Jewish History / Pioneer of Texas Jewish community dies. Rosanna Dyer Osterman opened her Galveston home to wounded Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. By David B. Green | Feb. 2, 2014 | 9:25 AM 
See all stories on this topic »
This Day, February 2, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin
Cleveland Jewish News (blog)
506: Alaric II, eighth king of the Visigoths promulgated The Breviary of Alaric (Breviarium Alaricianum or Lex Romana Visigothorum) a collection of Roman law that included the sixteen books of the Codex Theodosianus complete with all of its anti 
See all stories on this topic »

This Day, January 31, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – Sarphati is seen by Dutch history as a great philanthropist. Nobody ever knew he was Jewish—until the Germans authorities changed the name 
This Day, February 1, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – 682: Visigoth King Erwig pressed for the “utter extirpation of the pest of theJews,” and made it illegal to practice any Jewish rites in an area that 

This Day, January 31, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – Sarphati is seen by Dutch history as a great philanthropist. …. 1896: In Philadelphia PA, the American Jewish Historical Society held the final day of it 

This Day in Jewish History / Dr. Samuel Sarphati, wizard of 

Haaretz – This Day in Jewish History / Dr. Samuel Sarphati, wizard of Amsterdam, is born. Sarphati left behind a very small estate and many debts, as most of his 

This Day in Jewish History / Hitler makes first call for Jews 

Haaretz – The bulk of Hitler’s speech was devoted not to the subject of the Jews, but rather to recounting the glorious history of the Nazi party. In a 1997 article in 

This Day, January 31, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – Sarphati is seen by Dutch history as a great philanthropist.  For more about the history of the Jews of Milwaukee consider a visit to the Jewish 

This Day, January 29, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – A Hebrew Megillah (scroll) was penned, describing the details of the miraculous story. To this day, this scroll is read in certain communities on Purim 

This Day, January 29, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

Cleveland Jewish News (blog) – The Jewish Agriculturists’ Aid Society of America seven Jewishagricultural colonies in places with such Biblical and or Jewish names as Beersheba, 

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Rabbi Manis Friedman on Tanya


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Learn about the radical revolution of Tanya.

This video is part of the series Tanya For Teens:

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dailychassidus great videos selection . Select your shiur!Rav Paltiel


KABBALAH of the HEART | Sefer Tanya


Who’s the boss of your body: your heart or your brain? Rabbi Tzvi Freeman explores the untapped powers of the mind.




LESSONS IN TANYA: Sunday, February 2, 2014
Today’s Tanya Lesson
Adar I 2, 5774 · February 2, 2014
Likutei Amarim, beginning of Chapter 27

In the previous chapter the Alter Rebbe stated that sadness hinders one’s service of G‑d in general, and his battle with the Yetzer Hara in particular. He therefore discussed means of overcoming sadness caused by material concerns, and by anxiety over one’s sins.

In this chapter and the next, he will discuss another type of melancholy, that caused by concern over one’s sinful thoughts and desires. This category itself may be further subdivided into two: (1) Where these thoughts occur while one is occupied with his material affairs, and (2) Where these thoughts disturb his service of G‑d in Torah study, prayer and the like.

In this chapter the Alter Rebbe discusses the first situation. He states that not only are these thoughts no cause for sadness, but on the contrary, they ought to give rise to joy.

ואם העצבות אינה מדאגת עונות, אלא מהרהורים רעים ותאוות רעות שנופלות במחשבתו

If, however, his sadness does not stem from anxiety over sins that he has committed, but from the fact that sinful thoughts and desires enter his mind, then:

הנה אם נופלות לו שלא בשעת העבודה, אלא בעת עסקו בעסקיו ודרך ארץ וכהאי גוונא

If these thoughts occur to him not during his service of G‑d, but while he is occupied with his own affairs and with mundane matters and the like,

אדרבה יש לו לשמוח בחלקו, שאף שנופלות לו במחשבתו הוא מסיח דעתו מהם

he should, on the contrary, be happy in his lot; for although these sinful thoughts enter his mind, he averts his attention from them.

It is clear that here we are speaking of one who does not wilfully dwell on sinful thoughts, for if he does so he is a sinner, and the previous chapter has already dealt with sadness arising from sins.

לקיים מה שנאמר: ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם אשר אתם זונים אחריהם

By averting his mind from sinful thoughts he fulfills the injunction, 1 “You shall not follow after your heart and after your eyes, by which you go astray.”

Only when sinful thoughts enter one’s mind can he fulfill this command. For the intention of the verse is not that one be at a level where such thoughts would not occur to him: this is the level of tzaddikim, who have eradicated all evil from their hearts. Surely, then this verse is not addressed to tzaddikim. The verse refers rather to one who does have such thoughts, and he is commanded to banish them — as the Alter Rebbe continues:

ואין הכתוב מדבר בצדיקים לקראם זונים, חס ושלום

The above verse surely does not speak of tzaddikim, referring to them (G‑d forbid) as “going astray,”

אלא בבינונים כיוצא בו שנופלים לו הרהורי ניאוף במחשבתו, בין בהיתר כו׳

but of Beinonim like himself, in whose mind there do enter erotic thoughts, whether of an innocent nature [or otherwise],

וכשמסיח דעתו, מקיים לאו זה

and when he averts his mind from them, he fulfills this injunction.

ואמרו רז״ל: ישב ולא עבר עבירה, נותנים לו שכר כאילו עשה מצוה

Our Sages have said: 2 “When one passively abstains from sin, he is rewarded as though he had actively performed a mitzvah.”

ועל כן צריך לשמוח בקיום הלאו כמו בקיום מצות עשה ממש

Consequently, he should rejoice in his compliance with the injunction just as he does when performing an actual positive precept.

Thus not only should the occurence of these thoughts not grieve him, but it ought to bring him joy, for only thereby is he able to fulfill this commandment.

1. Bamidbar 15:39.
2. Cf. Kiddushin 39b.
The Tanya of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, elucidated by Rabbi Yosef Wineberg    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Translated from Yiddish by Rabbi Levy Wineberg and Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg. Edited by Uri Kaploun.
Published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, all rights reserved.

LESSONS IN TANYA: Shabbat, February 1, 2014
Today’s Tanya Lesson
Adar I 1, 5774 · February 1, 2014
Likutei Amarim, Chapter 26

In the previous chapters, the Alter Rebbe explained how it is “very near to you,” i.e., how it is very easy and accessible to every Jew to serve G‑d with love and awe. He stated that this can be accomplished either by creating a love and fear of G‑d through meditation on G‑d’s greatness, or by arousing the “hidden love” (which also comprises a fear of G‑d) inherent in every Jew.

In the coming chapters, the Alter Rebbe will discuss means of overcoming possible obstacles in the path of one’s service to G‑d. In the first instance, he shows how one may overcome the sadness, and dullness of heart, whereby the heart becomes insensitive to feelings of love and fear of G‑d.

ברם כגון דא צריך לאודועי כלל גדול

But this must be made known as a cardinal principle:

כי כמו שנצחון לנצח דבר גשמי, כגון שני אנשים המתאבקים זה עם זה להפיל זה את זה

It is with the service of G‑d just as it is with a victory over a physical opponent; for instance, two people who wrestle with each other, each striving to fell the other.

הנה אם האחד הוא בעצלות וכבדות ינוצח בקל ויפול, גם אם הוא גבור יותר מחבירו

If one of them is lazy and sluggish he will easily be defeated and will fall, even if he be stronger than the other, since his laziness and sluggishness prevent him from revealing his strength.

ככה ממש בנצחון היצר

Similarly with the conquest of one’s evil nature.

Despite the fact that the good nature is stronger than the evil, for as explained in previous chapters, “Even a little of the light of holiness dispels much darkness of thekelipah,” yet here too the previous rule applies; and thus:

אי אפשר לנצלו בעצלות וכבדות, הנמשכות מעצבות וטמטום הלב כאבן

It is impossible to conquer the evil nature with laziness and sluggishness, which stem from sadness and a stone-like dullness of the heart,

כי אם בזריזות, הנמשכת משמחה ופתיחת הלב, וטהרתו מכל נדנוד דאגה ועצב בעולם

but rather with alacrity, which derives from joy and an open i.e., responsiveheart that is unblemished by any trace of worry and sadness in the world.

ומה שכתוב: בכל עצב יהיה מותר, פירושו: שיהיה איזה יתרון ומעלה מזה

As for the verse,1 “In every sadness there will be profit,” which means that some profit and advantage would be derived from it,

הנה אדרבה, מלשון זה משמע שהעצב מצד עצמו אין בו מעלה, רק שיגיע ויבא ממנו איזה יתרון

the wording (“there will be profit”) implies that, on the contrary, the sadness itself has no virtue, except that some profit will ultimately be derived from it.

והיינו השמחה האמיתית בה‘ אלקיו הבאה אחר העצב האמיתי, לעתים מזומנים, על עונותיו במר נפשו ולב נשבר

This profit is the true joy in G‑d which follows the true i.e., justified sadness over one’s sins, with bitterness of soul and a broken heart, which must come at specific, suitable times.

Hence the “profit” of sadness is the joy that follows it.

שעל ידי זה נשברה רוח הטומאה וסטרא אחרא ומחיצה של ברזל המפסקת בינו לאביו שבשמים

Why should this sadness lead the worshiper to joy? For thereby (through one’s sadness) the spirit of impurity and of the sitra achra is broken, and so too the “iron wall” that separates him from his Father in heaven,

כמו שכתוב בזהר על פסוק: רוח נשברה לב נשבר וגו’

as the Zohar comments2 on the verse, 3 “A broken spirit, a broken heart, [You will not despise].”

The Zohar interprets the verse as follows: “A broken spirit of the sitra achra is accomplished by means of a broken heart” Since sadness over one’s sins causes thesitra achra to be broken, and the “iron wall” to vanish, it leads one to rejoice — as the Alter Rebbe now goes on to say:

ואזי יקוים בו רישיה דקרא: תשמיעיני ששון ושמחה וגו‘, השיבה לי ששון ישעך ורוח נדיבה וגו’

Then the preceding verses will be fulfilled for him: 4 “Make me hear joy and gladness”;… 5 “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and support me with Your generous spirit.”

This joy is the “profit” of sadness, whereas sadness itself is neither “profitable” nor advantageous.

וזהו טעם הפשוט לתיקון האר״י ז״ל לומר מזמור זה אחר תיקון חצות קודם הלימוד

This is the simple reason i.e., apart from the deeper, mystical ones for the practice instituted by the AriZal (Rabbi Isaac Luria) of reciting this Psalm containing the verses quoted above after Tikkun Chatzot (the midnight prayer) before resuming one’s Torah study —

כדי ללמוד בשמחה אמיתית בה‘ הבאה אחר העצב

in order that one should study with the true joy in G‑d, that succeeds the remorse of Tikkun Chatzot.

שיש לשמחה זו יתרון כיתרון האור הבא מן החשך דוקא

Such joy is of a greater quality than joy which is not preceded by sadness,similar to the distinctive quality of light which follows darkness.

כמו שכתוב בזהר על פסוק: ראיתי שיש יתרון לחכמה מן הסכלות כיתרון האור כו’, עיין שם, ודי למבין

As the Zohar6 comments on the verse, 7 “And I (King Solomon) saw that wisdom surpasses foolishness as light surpasses darkness.” Note there, and this will suffice for him who understands.

The Zohar asks: Does it take a Solomon to see this? And it answers that the intention of the verse is that just as darkness contributes to light, for we cannot truly appreciate light unless we have experienced darkness, so too does foolishness contribute to the appreciation of wisdom. Similarly in our case, one’s earlier sadness adds strength to the joy which follows it, and this is the “profit” of sadness. Sadness itself, however, is a hindrance in one’s service of G‑d.

ומקרא מלא דבר הכתוב: תחת אשר לא עבדת את ה‘ אלקיך בשמחה וגו’, ונודע לכל פירוש האר״י ז״ל על פסוק זה

Furthermore, the verse states explicitly: 8 “Because you did not serve G‑d your L-rd with joy…[therefore you will serve your enemies]” — and everyone is familiar with the explanation of the AriZal on this verse. 9

The verse reads: “Because you did not serve G‑d your L-rd with joy and gladness of heart, from an abundance of everything [good]” The simple meaning is: “When you had an abundance of everything you did not serve G‑d with joy” (This meaning is borne out by the context of the following verse: “You will serve your enemies in hunger, thirst, and nakedness, and in want of everything.”) But the AriZal interprets it thus: “You did not serve G‑d with a joy greater than that caused by an abundance of everything.”

We see from all the above the importance of serving G‑d joyfully. Yet, many things in one’s life, both physical and spiritual, may cause him sadness. The Alter Rebbe now goes on to propose means of combating this sadness, so that one may always be joyful.

והנה עצה היעוצה לטהר לבו מכל עצב ונדנוד דאגה ממילי דעלמא, ואפילו בני חיי ומזוני

Sound advice has been offered by our Sages on cleansing one’s heart of all sadness and any trace of worry about mundane matters, even a sadness or worry caused by the lack of such essentials as children, health, or livelihood.

מודעת זאת לכל מאמר רז״ל: כשם שמברך על הטובה כו‘

The advice is contained in the well-known saying of our Sages: 10 “Just as one recites a blessing for his good fortune (’Blessed are You, G‑d,Who is good and does good‘), so must he also recite a blessing for misfortune.”

ופירשו בגמרא: לקבולי בשמחה כמו שמחת הטובה הנגלית והנראית

The Gemara explains11 that this does not mean that he recite the same blessing (for the blessing in a case of misfortune, G‑d forbid, is “Blessed are You, G‑d, the true Judge”); rather, the implication is that one should accept misfortune with joy, like the joy in a visible and obvious good.

כי גם זו לטובה, רק שאינה נגלית ונראית לעיני בשר, כי הוא מעלמא דאתכסיא, שלמעלה מעלמא דאתגליא

For it, too, is for the good, except that it is not apparent and visible to mortal eyes, for it stems from the “hidden (spiritual) world,” which is higher than the “revealed (spiritual) world,” whence derives an apparent and revealed good.

שהוא ו״ה משם הוי״ה ברוך הוא, ועלמא דאתכסיא הוא י״ה

The latter emanates from the letters vav and hei of the Tetragrammaton(the Four-Letter Divine Name, composed of the letters yud hei vav hei), while the former derives from the letters yud hei.12

וזה שכתוב: אשרי הגבר אשר תיסרנו י״ה וגו’

This is also the meaning of the verse, 13 “Happy is the man whom You, G‑d (spelled yud hei), chasten.” Since the verse speaks of man’s suffering, only the letters yud and hei are mentioned.

Man sees misfortune only because he cannot perceive that which derives from a higher, hidden level of G‑dliness. In truth, however, the “misfortunes” are actually blessings in disguise. On the contrary, they represent an even higher level of good than the revealed good, since they originate in a higher world.

ולכן אמרו רז״ל כי השמחים ביסורים, עליהם הכתוב אומר: ואוהביו כצאת השמש בגבורתו

For this reason, our Sages of blessed memory stated14 that the verse, 15“Those who love Him shall be as the sun when it comes out it its might,” refers to the reward of those who rejoice in their afflictions.

G‑d always rewards man “measure for measure.” What is the connection, then, between rejoicing in affliction and “the sun”? Also, why are those who rejoice in affliction described as “those who love G‑d”? The Alter Rebbe now explains that since misfortune is really nothing but a disguise for the higher form of good that derives from the “hidden world,” the option as to whether it will bring man either joy or misery depends on his priorities. If he deems his physical life all-important, he will indeed be miserable, while if nearness to G‑d is his primary concern he will rejoice, since nearness to G‑d is found in greater measure in the “hidden world,” whence derives the good that is hidden in misfortune.

Those who rejoice in suffering are therefore called “lovers of G‑d,” and are rewarded by being granted the vision of “the sun emerging in its might.” Since in this world they disregarded externals and ignored the veil of misfortune hiding the good within, choosing instead to concern themselves with the deeper aspect of good and G‑dliness lying behind the veil, G‑d rewards them in the World to Come “measure for measure,” by casting off the veils that surround Him, and revealing Himself in His full glory to those who love Him.

For the Four-Letter Divine Name, signifying G‑d in His Essence, is compared to a sun, and the Name Elokim, signifying G‑d as He is clothed and concealed in the created universe, is compared to a veil shielding the created beings from the intensity of its rays; as it is written, 16 “A sun and a shield (respectively) are Hashem (i.e., the Four-Letter Name) Elokim.” In the World to Come, the “sun” will emerge from its “shield”, i.e., the Four-Letter Name will no longer be veiled by Elokim, and it will shine forth “in its might” as a reward for those who love Him.

This, in summary, is the explanation contained in the following paragraphs.

כי השמחה היא מאהבתו קרבת ה‘ יותר מכל חיי העולם הזה

For one’s joy in affliction stems from the fact that being near to G‑d is dearer to him than anything of the life of this world,

כדכתיב: כי טוב חסדך מחיים וגו’

as it is written: 17 “For Your lovingkindness is better than life”

וקרבת ה‘ היא ביתר שאת ומעלה לאין ק’ בעלמא דאתכסיא, כי שם חביון עוזו, ויושב בסתר עליון

Now, the nearness to G‑d is infinitely greater and more sublime in the “hidden world,” for18 “there the concealment of His power is lodged”; and it is also written, 19 “The Most High abides in secrecy.”

Both these verses indicate that the “hidden world” contains a higher aspect of G‑dliness than the “revealed world.” Since the “hidden world” is the source of seeming affliction, he who loves G‑d rejoices in it, for it represents a greater nearness to G‑d than revealed good, which derives from the “revealed world.”

ועל כן זוכה לצאת השמש בגבורתו לעתיד לבא, שהיא יציאת חמה מנרתקה שהיא מכוסה בו בעולם הזה, ולעתיד תתגלה מכסויה

Therefore he is found worthy of seeing “the sun emerging in its might” in the World to Come, when the “sun” will emerge from the “sheath” in which it is hidden in this world, and will then be revealed.

דהיינו שאז יתגלה עלמא דאתכסיא, ויזרח ויאיר בגילוי רב ועצום לכל החוסים בו בעולם הזה, ומסתופפים בצלו, צל החכמה, שהוא בחינת צל ולא אורה וטובה נראית, ודי למבין

This means that what is presently the “hidden world” will then be revealed, and it will shine forth and glow in a great and intense revelation upon all who seek refuge in Him in This World, taking shelter in his “shadow”, the “shadow of wisdom,” which is presently in a state of “shade” as opposed to revealed light and goodnes. I.e., they find shelter and refuge even in that which presents an external appearance of “shade” and darkness, whereas the light and goodness contained in it is concealed. This is sufficient explanation for the understanding.

To return to our original point: When one considers that whatever appears as suffering is actually a higher form of good, he will no longer be saddened or worried by it.

* * *

The Alter Rebbe now goes on to discuss a different type of sadness, that caused by one’s failings in matters of the spirit.

אך העצבות ממילי דשמיא, צריך לשית עצות בנפשו ליפטר ממנה

As for sadness connected with heavenly matters, one must seek ways and means of freeing oneself from it.

אין צריך לומר בשעת עבודה, שצריך לעבוד ה‘ בשמחה ובטוב לבב

That this applies to the time of one’s divine service, is self-evident, for one must serve G‑d with joy and gladness of heart.

אלא אפילו מי שהוא בעל עסקים ודרך אר’, אם נופל לו עצב ודאגה ממילי דשמיא בשעת עסקיו

But even one who is occupied in business and worldly affairs, should there descend upon him any sadness or anxiety about heavenly matters during his business affairs,

בידוע שהוא תחבולת היצר, כדי להפילו אחר כך בתאוות, חס ושלום, כנודע

it is certainly a trick of the Evil Inclination which saddens him, ostensibly for spiritual reasons, in order to lure him afterwards into lusts, G‑d forbid, as is well known.

It is man’s nature to seek pleasure and not to remain depressed. If his feeling of spiritual failure distresses him, he will seek his pleasure in physical gratification. The Evil Inclination therefore wishes that one be depressed, be it even over spiritual matters, so that he will later succumb to temptation.

שאם לא כן, מאין באה לו עצבות אמיתית, מחמת אהבת ה‘ או יראתו, באמצע עסקיו

For if it were not so, that this depression is the doing of the Yetzer Hara, whence would a genuine sadness, one that is derived from love or fear of G‑d, come to him in the midst of his business affairs?

Since a genuine sadness is an expression of love or fear of G‑d, it should express itself at a time when these emotions are active — during prayer, Torah study and the like, but not during one’s business. Clearly, then, the sadness is artificial, created by theYetzer Hara for its own purposes, and one must therefore rid himself of it. The next paragraph provides the means:

והנה, בין שנפלה לו העצבות בשעת עבודה בתלמוד תורה או בתפלה, ובין שנפלה לו שלא בשעת עבודה, זאת ישים אל לבו

Whether the depression settles upon him during his service of G‑d in Torah study or prayer, or when he is not engaged thus, but with his material affairs, this is what he should consider:

כי אין הזמן גרמא כעת לעצבות אמיתית, אפילו לדאגת עונות חמורים, חס ושלום

“Now is not the proper time for genuine sadness, nor even for worry over grave sins, G‑d forbid.

רק לזאת צריך קביעות עתים ושעת הכושר בישוב הדעת, להתבונן בגדולת ה’ אשר חטא לו

For this one must set aside opportune times, when the mind is calm, to reflect on the greatness of G‑d against Whom he has sinned,

כדי שעל ידי זה יהיה לבו נשבר באמת במרירות אמיתית, וכמבואר עת זו במקום אחר

so that thereby his heart will truly be rent with genuine bitterness i.e., bitterness — remorse — as opposed to depression; the former is alive and active, while the latter is resigned and ”dead“. It is explained elsewhere when this time should be.20

ושם נתבאר גם כן כי מיד אחר שנשבר לבו בעתים קבועים ההם, אז יסיר העצב מלבו לגמרי

There it is also explained that immediately after his heart has been broken during those appointed times, he should completely remove the sorrow from his heart,

ויאמין אמונה שלימה כי ה‘ העביר חטאתו, ורב לסלוח

and he should believe with perfect faith that G‑d has erased his sin, and that ”He pardons abundantly.“

Thus, even if one has sinned repeatedly against Him, G‑d will readily forgive him as though he had sinned for the first time; unlike man, who easily forgives a first offense but finds it difficult to do so when the offense is oft repeated.

וזו היא השמחה האמיתית בה’ הבאה אחר העצב, כנ״ל

This knowledge that G‑d has surely cleansed him of his sins is the true joy in G‑d which follows the sadness, as explained above —that the advantage of sadness lies in the joy to which it gives rise.

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The Tanya of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, elucidated by Rabbi Yosef Wineberg    More articles…  |   RSS Listing of Newest Articles by this Author

Translated from Yiddish by Rabbi Levy Wineberg and Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg. Edited by Uri Kaploun.
Published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, all rights reserved

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The Daily Mitzvah schedule runs parallel to the daily study of 3 chapters of Maimonides’ 14-volume code. There are instances when the Mitzvah is repeated a few days consecutively while the exploration of the same Mitzvah continues in the in-depth track.

Positive Commandment 5

“And you shall serve the L-rd, your G-d”—Exodus 23:25.

We are commanded countless times throughout the Torah to serve G-d. Although this is a general commandment, it does contain a very specific application: prayer, service of the heart as expressed through the mouth.

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Today is the second of the two Rosh Chodesh (“Head of the Month”) days for the month of Adar I (this year being a leap year there are two months called “Adar” — Adar I and Adar II).

Special portions are added to the daily prayers: Hallel (Psalms 113-118) is recited — in its “partial” form — following the Shacharit morning prayer, and the Yaaleh V’yavo prayer is added to the Amidah and to Grace After Meals; the additional Musaf prayer is said (when Rosh Chodesh is Shabbat, special additions are made to the Shabbat Musaf). Tachnun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are omitted.

Many have the custom to mark Rosh Chodesh with a festive meal and reduced work activity. The latter custom is prevalent amongst women, who have a special affinity with Rosh Chodesh — the month being the feminine aspect of the Jewish Calendar.

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• Leap Year

This year is a shanah meuberet (lit., “a pregnant year”) or a leap year on the Jewish calendar. The Jewish leap year, which occurs 7 times in a 19-year cycle, has 13 months instead of the regular year’s 12. This is so that the lunar-based Jewish year should remain aligned with the solar seasons (12 lunar months make up a total of 354 days — slightly more than 11 days short of the 365.25 day solar cycle). The added month is called “Adar I” and is inserted before the month of Adar (termed “Adar II” in leap years).

The festival of Purim celebrated on Adar 14, is in Adar II on leap years, while the 14th of the Adar I is marked only as “Purim Minor.” Similarly, birthdays and most other anniversaries are marked on the 2nd Adar.

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Daily Study

Chitas and Rambam for today:

Chumash: with Rashi
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Tehillim: Chapters 1 – 9
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Tanya: Likutei Amarim, Chapter 26
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• Sefer Hamitzvos:
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• 1 Chapter: Kelim Chapter 16
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• 3 Chapters: Tefilah and Birkat Kohanim Chapter Five, Tefilah and Birkat Kohanim Chapter Six, Tefilah and Birkat Kohanim Chapter Seven
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Hayom Yom:
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