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Rock ‘N Roll Purim at Temple Beth Abraham


If you’ve never rocked out with Rabbi Mark Bloom at Temple Beth Abraham in Oakland, come check out his rock ‘n roll Purim band.

הרב לסרי במשתה פורים מצחיק עם עמירן דביר


משתה פורים מיוחד בהשתתפות הרב מיכאל לסרי. ינון בן דוד. יוסי וידר. בועז בן דוד והזמר עמירן דביר
מצחיק מעניין ומחזק! שווה לראות

פורים קרקס 2011 – קיבוץ נגבה שיר זוכר לא זוכר

שיר פורים 2011 קיבוץ נגבה


Based on Mike Tompkins’ a cappella version of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”.

קליפ מתוך מסיבת פורים קרקס, קיבוץ נגבה 2011

שירה וקולות: לוטם פרידלנד, נועם שיק, ליאור שיק, ארנון סגל
מילים: לוטם פרידלנד, ארנון סגל, ליאור שיק, נטע סגל
הפקה מוסיקלית: ארנון סגל
עריכה: ארנון סגל, לוטם פרידלנד
הקלטה ועיבוד: ייטב יוגב

Chabad Tallit


Chabad tends to do things their own way and the Chabad tallit is no exception. The Lubavitch tallis employs an elaborate striping pattern, two holes on each corner and a unique tzitzit tying custom. Also, the Chabad tallit has no atara, although our customers sometimes ask us to add one.

Buy Chabad Tallit…

The Lubavitcher tallit custom also includes a silk lining sewn onto the underside of the tallit so that it is always worn the same way, without an atara to deflect attention from the tzitzit.

Cafe Chabad- Jewish Comedy Night in Orange County, NY


Close to 100 in attendance.
Laughter at the start of the jewish month of Adar.
Hosted by Chabad of Orange County. Rabbi MEir & Rivkie Borenstein
Visit us on the web and add your name to the mailing list

The Wandering Review: SD Jewish Film Festival

San Diego Jewish World –  this fascinating documentary examines the disproportionate roles Jews have played as composers of Broadway musicals and how Jewish music 


Jewish convert, son of a Nazi

Jewish United Fund – This paradox summarizes the life story of Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, today a family physician in the Miami area. He will relate his story on the morning of 

What about anti-Semitism in America and Europe?

Sun-Sentinel – In an introduction to the study, Jonathon Boyd, the executive director of the JPR, writes: “In any assessment of European Jewish life today, we should 

Jewish Marathoner Receives Proposal at Finish Line

Shalom Life – The organization runs a camp for Jewish children with life-threatening illnesses. Avisrur, who said yes, was ecstatic, telling NBC she was “the happiest 
Solel Synagogue marks 50th anniversary of return of Torah saved 

Mississauga – MISSISSAUGA — Worshippers and visitors gathered at Solel Synagogue in Mississauga on Saturday to hear a rare reading from a Torah scroll saved 


Radio: Zeev Schwartz on Torah Mitzion, its Mission, and its Reach

The Jewish Press – Yishai broadcasts from Torah Mitzion and is joined by Zeev Schwartz, the Chairman of the CEO of the organization. Listen in as they talk about the 

For Some Believers Trying To Connect With Jesus, the Answer Is To 

Tablet Magazine – Revive is an annual gathering for followers of Hebrew Roots, a movement of—for lack of a better term—Torah-observant gentiles. These are non-Jews 

UC students oppose shorter winter breaks for quarter-system 

Daily Californian – A one-week reduction of winter break across most UC campuses to avoid conflict with Jewish holidays has sparked significant opposition from 

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