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Strictly Kosher – Series 2 – Episode 1


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It’s a hard heart that isn’t moved by watching Holocaust survivor Jack Aizenberg return to his homeland, Poland.
Heroic and funny Jack makes the journey during the brilliant second series of this documentary, which reveals slices of life from members of Manchester’s Jewish community. On the way, he tells the incredible story of his life, how he lost his family and the journey from Germany to his present home in the UK.
Also on a trip is our favourite from series one, the formidable Bernette Clarke, who’s in Israel visiting her daughter. And there’s a surprise from young Rabbi Zevi Saunders who, while preparing for his wedding, reveals he met his wife-to-be on a dating site.

Strictly Kosher – Series 2 – Episode 2


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Strictly Kosher – Series 1


All rights belong to ITV.

The Jewish community in Manchester is a kaleidoscope of tradition, religion and extravagance. This documentary film opens a window into their lives and shows a wide variety of ritual and celebrations.

Strictly Kosher, filmed, produced and directed by Chris Malone, revolves around three families and their friends and paints a colourful picture of the juxtaposition between the many different personalities and levels of religious observance in Manchester’s Jewish community. It offers an insight into lifestyles which range from one extreme — traditional and strict – to the other — modern and extravagant – but are bound together by one faith.

The film follows Bernette Clarke, a very lively and modern Orthodox Jewish mother of three. Bernette talks openly about her faith, explains the traditional approach her family has to the Sabbath and other Jewish festivals, and offers her views on the wider Jewish community.

Joel Lever and his wife Joanne also allow the cameras into their lives. Joel’s family are traditionally Jewish by birth, but he admits they are not very religious. Joel puts his all into his fashion boutique ‘Mon Amie’ which is frequented by the Jewish ladies of Prestwich — by making the Jewish women the talk of the town, he feels he is serving the local community.

83-year-old Jack Aizenberg tells the ultimate rags to riches story. He was just eleven years old at the outbreak of the Second World War and his family were killed in Belzec Extermination camp in 1942 when he was just 14. Against the odds Jack survived and made his way to Manchester, England in 1945. Jack feels that religion is not as important as basic common humanity and does not practice all the requirements of the Jewish faith, but he’s a celebrated survivor venerated by the Jewish community in Manchester. Having made a successful career in the luggage trade, Jack is thrilled to have the money to throw his grandson a lavish Bar Mitzvah — a special moment caught on camera.

Are your views ‘pro-Israel’ enough for your JCC?

On Monday, I had to cut short my conversation with the CEO of the Washington, D.C.Jewish Community Center, Carole Zawatsky. Why? My fourth 
Settler spoof video has US offering a modern Western Wall by the beach
Jerusalem Post
“Dividing Jerusalem is not an easy thing,” says an Israeli actor, dressed to look like Kerry, in a video produced by the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria and the nongovernmental group MyIsrael. “We must realize that it is holy to all 
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Sochi Ready To Welcome Jewish Guests
Sochi’s modest Jewish community of 3,000 has benefitted from the new infrastructure and in recent months the Sochi shul, housed in a three-story Jewish CommunityCenter building, has undergone extensive renovations, and the synagogue received two 
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Jewish ‘refugee day’ proposal advances in Knesset
The Times of Israel
A bill to establish an official day for commemorating the fate of Jewish communitieswho fled Arab lands and Iran passed its first of three readings in the Knesset plenum on Monday, and looks set to become law in the coming weeks. The Bill to 
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Peter Beinart’s disdain for ‘Jewish leaders’ is misplaced
That’s the title of his recent opinion piece lamenting the many recent headlines that imply there’s a conflict between the White House and the American Jewish communitywhen it comes to Iran. In reality, there is no serious conflict, as Beinart 
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Outreach to Interfaith Families Will Secure Jewish Future
Jewish Daily Forward
Our new youth engagement strategies reflect our broadly inclusive definition of Jewish community that seeks to include, educate and embrace, among others, children of interfaith families. Many in the “endogamy camp” argue that outreach to interfaith 
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Hearing tonight for proposed Jewish school in Jackson
Asbury Park Press
Jackson zoning board debates Orthodox girls school: In front of a packed meeting room, the Jackson zoning board debates which community would be served by an Orthodox girls high school proposed in their town. STAFF VIDEO BY ROBERT WARD 
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Welcome To Stamford, Limmud N.Y
The Jewish Week
No, Stamford is not Stepford, and its recent rise demonstrates the growing allure of small cities — and their potential for nurturing dynamic Jewish communities. Like the Yonkers of George M. Cohan, Stamford stands 45 minutes from Broadway, as the 
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