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Chabad Japan Siyum Hashas 200 years Alter Rebbe yortzeit.m4v


Sunday, January 6, 2013 Chabad Tokyo Japan celebrated 200 years for Rabbi Shneor Zalman of Liadi and Siyum Hashas of Dr. Daniel David Moskovich. It was a great success with many participants. Rabbi Daniel Aldrich gave a special Torah lesson in honor of this auspicious day. Rabbi Binyomin Edery director of Chabad Japan blessed all the participants and spoke of the importance of this day. To be a part of Chabad Tokyo activities

VIN News Exclusive Interview: Chabad Rabbi Of New Zealand Talks About Earthquake


Early this morning Rabbi Shmuel Koppel the Chabad Rabbi of Otago, New Zealand gave an exclusive interview in New York to VIN News.

Rabbi Koppel who is visiting the U.S., speaks about the effects of the earthquake has had on the Jewish community.

Meanwhile Haaretz is reporting today that Thirty Israelis in New Zealand remain unaccounted for, Israel’s consul in Wellington, Teddy Poplinger, said yesterday. He said there is particular concern for three or four of them who were seen in Christchurch at the time of the Tuesday’s earthquake.

“We have a list of Israelis in the area, but we believe most of them were not in Christchurch at the time of the earthquake. We mainly want to make sure that they all contact their families,” Poplinger said.

“We are trying with the authorities’ help to locate three or four Israelis who were in town when the quake hit,” he added.

Chabad of Tokyo Japan Jewish Center.wmv


Chabad of Tokyo Japan is the Jewish community center of Japan. At Chabad Japan, we celebrate Shabbat and Holidays. Our Center welcomes all people from all beliefs and backgrounds.

Kosher food in Japan is available here
and here

Jewish History in the 1900’s


Discover how the Jews come to the USA and how they developed into a community. Listen to the harrowing experience of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire and its effects on the working class.

Interfaith family outreach strengthens future

All in favor of a strong Jewish future say “aye.  strategies reflect our broadly inclusive definition of Jewish community that seeks to include, educate, 

Kew on cue

“Leaders of Jewish communities worldwide are well aware of the issue, and both the Australian Gen08 Survey and the recent Pew study in America 

Polish Official Calls for End to Ban on Kosher Slaughter

Poland has faced criticism from both the Jewish community as well as from Israel, whose Foreign Ministry said the ban on kosher slaughter methods 


Capitol clout: Jewish legislators form strategic caucus in Sacramento

Their mission: Meet monthly to coordinate on legislation, speak as one on issues of concern to the Jewish community, and do a little shmoozing while 

The Jews of Classical Persia

Though Cyrus died shortly thereafter, his inheritors not only upheld his word, but extended protection toJewish communities adjacent to Israel.

Sochi ready for Jewish arrivals
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The Sochi Jewish community began preparing for the games last year, with a massive renovation of the city’s small permanent synagogue and the introduction of a new Torah scroll. This week, the synagogue will host the community’s own opening ceremony 
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Cedar Grove temple program teaches children Jewish holidays

As their parents watch, Theo Rittner, Madeline and Owen Klein, and Wyatt Goldberg simulate how a tree grows as part of learning about the Jewish 
Orbán to respond to Jewish communities‘ concerns next week, says PM’s office
Prime Minister Viktor Orban will respond next week to concerns raised by Jewish communities at a roundtable concerning matters which include the planned monument to the victims of the German 1944 occupation, the state secretary heading the Prime 
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Hungarian Jews May Use Force to Stop Jobbik Protest
The Jewish Press
The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz) is considering sending people to physically prevent Hungary’s ultra-nationalist Jobbik party from holding a rally at a former synagogue on next Friday. Jobbik, which holds 43 of 386 seats in 
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WJC urges Greek party to withdraw candidate after anti-Semitic outburst 
World Jewish Congress
“We join Greece’s Jewish communities in calling for Karypidis’s removal from the Syriza list and from the party. Unfortunately, anti-Semitic outbursts such as this are not the reserve of extreme-right parties, and Syriza as a democratic party should 
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Jewish debate on Olympics centers on human rights, security
With the Winter Olympics now underway in Sochi, Russia, Jewish debate on the games mirrors the discourse in the broader international and athletic communities. While someJews say they view the games purely as sport, many say they cannot ignore 
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New GG a good friend of community
Australian Jewish News
COMMUNITY leaders have welcomed the appointment of the former Chief of the Australian Defence Force, General Peter Cosgrove, as Australia’s next Governor-General. General Cosgrove has enjoyed a warm relationship with the Jewish community to date.
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Capitol clout: Jewish legislators form strategic caucus in Sacramento
Its nine Jewish members and three non-Jewish associate members hail from the Senate and the Assembly. Their mission: Meet monthly to coordinate on legislation, speak as one on issues of concern to the Jewish community, and do a little shmoozing while 
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Jewish groups condemn Greek leftist politician for his anti-Semitic comments
European Jewish Press
In a statement, KIS, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece said: “We hope that the leadership of Syriza, which is a significant democratic party, will take all the necessary measures so that those who express views that incite racial hatred 
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