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Jewish History Lecture 3


The third in the Jewish History lecture series by Rabbi Pini Dunner of Young Israel North Beverly Hills. In this lecture Rabbi Dunner reveals the intriguing enigma at the heart of the eighth chapter of Nehemiah, in which Ezra the Scribe reintroduces Judaism to the Jews who have returned from Persia and Babylon to live in Jerusalem. Rabbi Dunner also describes the long forgotten Jewish Temple of Elephantine, whose existence testifies to Jewish life well beyond the communities of Judea and Babylon, and outside of the norms of Judaism as it is understood today, in the early centuries of the Second Temple period.

This lecture took place at the home of Bill and June Brenner in Beverly Hills, California, on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Dean Shalem Jewish History Project 2014


Constellations of Atlantic Jewish History: Exhibit and Symposium

The exhibition, mounted in partnership with the National Museum of American Jewish History, features a trove of original documents. A major 

Monuments Men’ recalls effort to save art

In November 2012, Ettlinger accepted an award from the American JewishHistorical Society on behalf of all the Monuments Men. “It makes me feel 

History comes alive in NJT’s ‘The Whipping Man’
St. Louis Jewish Light
In the course of the play, all three of the characters must come to terms with the slave-owning history of the Lopez family, their own sense of how to be Jewish in the new post-war reality and how to move on with their lives in a far from certain 
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“The Monuments Men” is a fictional film based on the real effort, near the end of World War II, to save art stolen by the Nazis. What made this effort all the more noble was its second goal, to return the stolen art to its rightful owners, in many 
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Longview, TX — A historical marker that will soon stand out front of Longview’s Jewishtemple may stand long after the congregation. “I want people in the future to know there was a Jewish presence,” said temple co-president Rusty Milstein. “If there 
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Jerusalem, Babylon. By received wisdom, the twinned poles around which Judaism then cohered, with our Persian community merely adjunct to the Mesopotamian. Yet from our ever-improving understanding of Central Asian history is slowly arising a subtler, 
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“It is a devastating distortion of Jewish and Israeli history, aimed at nothing less than eradicating the State of Israel,” said Rabbi Noam Marans, AJC’s Director of Intergroup and Interreligious Relations. “Remarkably, Zionism Unsettled contravenes 
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