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Elie Wiesel on What Happens When We Die – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network


Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel says the body may not be eternal, but the soul is. Watch as he shares what he believes happens when he dies. Plus, Elie reveals how he felt his father’s presence as he fought for his life after emergency open heart surgery.

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Piers Morgan Tonight : CNN Official Interview: Sarah Silverman ‘I’m popular for a Jew’


Piers Morgan asks Sarah Silverman does she think America loves her.

Zorn’s musical genius

The idea is to put Ornette Coleman and the Jewish scales together.”  the Performing Arts award from the US National Foundation for Jewish Culture.

‘Dirty Jews‘ and the Christian right

Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their 

Building a More Inclusive Jewish Film World

In his opening remarks at a recent gathering of Jewish Community Center arts andculture programmers, President and CEO of the JCCA, Allan 

Culture society honors rabbi for her presentation

The Gulf Coast Italian Culture Society Inc. recently presented Rabbi  Italian Jewish Cultural Center of Calabria, which the rabbi founded and directs.
Breakthrough Jew – Joel Kinnaman
Shalom Life
Hot, hip, and heady, the next wave of Jewish artists and influencers has already arrived. This is Breakthrough Jew, your weekly showcase of those on the verge of discovery and ready to be a regular figure in pop culture; setting trends, redefining 
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The Hebrew Mamita Breaks Through Cultural Stereotypes
90.5 WESA
Native New Yorker and slam poet Vanessa Hidary, a.k.a. the Hebrew Mamita grew up on Manhattan’s culturally diverse Upper West Side, as a Sephardic Jew with close friends from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. This experience inspired her to 
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‘Monuments Men’ casts light on unit that saved cultural treasures
Though Edsel is not Jewish, he sees in the Monuments Men a story that will resonate with young Jews, a different entry point to learn about Jewish culture and the Holocaust. The movie provides historical context to events that reverberate in headlines
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Did the French Become Holocaust Deniers by Talking Too Much?
Tablet Magazine
Unsurprisingly, Jews were the first actively to memorialize the Holocaust; Azouvi recognizes the importance of this, but by examining cultural and artistic products (and critical and popular responses) he is able to track the elusive movement of memory 
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Will the Iraqi Jewish archive be off-limits to Jews?
Jews have lived in Iraq for thousands of years. As with every other community in Iraq, they played a crucial role in building our country and contributing to our culture.” This surprising statement was published Feb. 3 in an open letter from Lukman 
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Germany helps fund Jewish museum
1, the city of Punta del Este in Uruguay opened a five-day Jewish film festival with 30 movies from 10 countries. Organized by University ORT Uruguay, the festival aims to “fight against ignorance and anti-Semitism through Jewish culture,” said film 
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Learn from the Experts: Documentaries (with National History Day)


NHD students creating documentaries can learn from NEH grantee, filmmaker Laurie Kahn. Kahn will discuss techniques she used to create award winning films. Tweet questions with #NHDhangouts

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