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Women celebrates 112th birthday


News12 – LONG BEACH – A Long Beach woman whose birthday plans were shelved by Hurricane Sandy got to celebrate her special day with her family today.

Goldie Steinberg turned 112 back on Oct. 30, but the devastating superstorm put the celebration on the back burner. Today, she got to spend the day with loved ones at Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Long Beach.

Steinberg is believed to be the oldest living Long Islander. She has donated a sample of her DNA to the Albert Einsten Medical College, in the hope of tracking down the secret to her longevity. But Steinberg says she knows what the secret is: her wonderful children.

Goldie Steinberg worked well into her 80s as a seamstress. A diehard Yankees fan, she has seen the Bronx Bombers win all 27 world titles. Since arriving in America from Moldova, she says her love of politics has brought her to the polls since 1929, when she voted for Herbert Hoover.

Steinberg’s son, Donald, says his mother is an inspiration. “She rebounds from little setbacks and gives us all more hope,” he says



Jewish Londoner reunited with man who saved his life: Good Samaritan found via social medi


Now for a story that will warm all but the hardest of hearts. A Jewish man who was searching for a stranger who stopped him from ending his life has finally

’26 11 attacks can’t be forgotten


Rare Color Footage Depicting Jewish Life in the Shtetl Before the Holocaust


In 1921, 550 Jews lived in the town of Wielopole Skrzyńskie, constituting about half of the local population. At that time, some 20 small Jewish factories were in operation there.

Full Article:…

David Teitelbaum (1891-1972), an amateur filmmaker who was born in Wielopole, emigrated to the United States in the early 1900s and became a successful businessman. He would return to his hometown almost every year to visit his family, and in 1938, he filmed his trip. In June or July 1939 he traveled to Wielopole again, but only stayed for a short time, fearing that war was imminent. It is possible that some sections of the film were filmed on that last visit. The film features members of the Teitelbaum, Rappaport and Sartoria families, their neighbors and acquaintances.

San Diego and Israel make a sacred trade

SAN DIEGO–Congregation Beth Israel was involved in a sacred trade this Shabbat weekend. It donated a Torah for a new synagogue in the Sha’ar 

Young Adult Jewish Life Blossoms in Sofia – eJewish Philanthropy

As part of the Jewish renaissance in this country, Moishe House recently launched a new hub for young adult Jewish life in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital,.

Armenian physician honored by Israel for saving Jews during the Holocaust

During the event, the head of the Jewish community Mrs. Rima Varzhapetyan delivered a speech. The film “The Heavens Will Open for You – The 

Young Jewish professionals connect in the Springs

Young adults can turn to the Jewish Young Professionals (JYP) network  Jewish adults for social, educational and religious activities and events.

NCSY at 60, Havdalah, What? I’m Not Unique?!

My family didn’t celebrate Christmas or Easter, but we didn’t observe kashrut, Shabbat or most of theJewish Holidays and certainly none of the fast 

Get Your Creativity On!

I would vote that Purim is the most creative of all Jewish holidays. Putting together costumes, arranging Mishloach Manot food packages, and making 

Munster congregation celebrates Holocaust scroll survival

Temple Beth-El’s celebration joined with congregations around the world that are caretakers for TorahScrolls from Czech synagogues. The scrolls 

Judaism: A Constant Flame

First Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, revered and famed Torah sage, philosopher, writer, poet, iconic and beloved leader of religious Zionism and the 

Be’Ohel Haneviyim: Parshas Tezaveh

In our Parsha, the Torah discusses one of the greatest channels of communication between Man and Hashem, the Urim veTumim. The Kohen Gadol 
In our Torah reading this week, parasha Tetzaveh, God commands the people to bring oil from crushed olives for lighting this eternal light, which the 
LAKEWOOD RANCH — The Chabad of Bradenton & Lakewood Ranch will launch the Chabad Torah at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 23 with an inaugural event in 

New Albany synagogue rededicates Torah scroll that survived Holocaust

“Here we are in 2014 reading from a Torah that was written in 1803 that  The Holocaust Torah has since been joined by a second Torah, and both 

Reuse, Recycle, but Don’t Reduce!

Miriam Karp is an award-winning writer, artist, Judaic studies teacher and lecturer. Her paintings explore intimate moments in Jewish life. Miriam lives 

The History Of The Chevra Kadisha

Historians trace the first formal chevra kadisha back to the fourth century, according to Jewish Life in the Middle Ages. Authors Israel Abrahams and 

Jewish Climate Action Spring: Passover => Lag BaOmer => Shavuot

Not surprising for these nonviolent Jewish marchers to choose Passover-time to raise green palms of lifeand protest: Passover was the archetypal 

Why Choose Jewish? Forum to Debunk Myths About Day Schools

“Choose Jewish” is about to become more than just a catch phrase by ten Jewishday schools that banded together last year to present a united ..

David Rotem’s Reform namesake

“I came back saying, ‘This is exactly how I would like to live my Jewish life. To have free choice and be able to combine 20th-century life with Jewish 

Saddam’s Jewish Treasures

They were the stolen treasures of Iraq’s Jews—including a 16th century Bible,  Jewish life between the Tigris and Euphrates is so old that calling it 

Synagogues in Scotch Plains and Cranford create Jewish youth group for children with autism

“We know that a youth group can be such an important part of teen Jewish life — one that we want all of our children to be able to enjoy,” said Michelle 

The Jewish Federation of Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren holds business breakfast

The Jewish Federation holds several Business Networking Group events throughout the year in order to provide an opportunity for professionals who 

The Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center to host an open houseevent

The Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center (JCC) located at 775 Talamini Rd. in Bridgewater, will be holding Preschool and Camp 

Local Jewish organizations partner for middle-school dance

Middle-schoolers enjoy a dance sponsored by several Jewish  Seven local Jewish organizations worked together to promote this event: BBYO 

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