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Heritage: Civilization and the Jews (1984) —



(DVD description)

Winner of the coveted Peabody Award, HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS is the monumental nine-part series spanning three millennia of Jewish history and culture. The series is hosted by former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Abba Eban, who describes it as “a celebration of our common humanistic and moral heritage, explored through the mysteries of preservation, renewal, and resonance of the Jewish people.” From the stony heights of Sinai to the shores of the Dead Sea, from a Greek amphitheater in Delphi to the Forum of ancient Rome, out of the ashes of concentration camps to the rebuilt cities and villages of Israel, “Heritage” brings to life the long and complex history of the Jews and their centuries-old interaction with the rest of Western civilization.

1. A PEOPLE IS BORN (3100 — 586 B.C.E.)
In the experience of exile the vision of the early Israelites was transformed, and the Jewish people was born. In Jewish tradition, the emergence from Egypt has been celebrated by generation after generation in the springtime holiday of Passover, a festival of liberation as passionately observed as any nation’s independence day. Through liberation the exiles saw the hand of a universal God. All the world’s nations were linked in a common destiny, but bound together by a moral law with inescapable consequences.

Hosted and Narrated by ABBA EBAN
Produced and Directed by EUGENE MARNER
Telescript by JOHN SHARNIK

Offscreen Voices

Music Composed and Conducted by JOHN DUFFY
Film Editor and Co-Producer MILTON MOSES GINSBERG
Series Producer JOHN G. FOX
Executive Producers ARNOLD LABATON and MARC SIEGEL

Copyright © 1984 Thirteen WNET / New York in association with PBS. All rights reserved.

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(No copyright infringement intended. All material property of Thirteen WNET / New York and PBS.)

Looking To Creativity As Central To The Future Of Jewish Culture


Lawrence Bush, Editor of Jewish Currents magazine, describes what he sees as the future of Jewish culture and gives his advice for the next generation of Jews beyond spirituality, through Holocaust remembrance, and Israel perspective.

To learn more about the Wexler Oral History Project, visit:…

Jewish Top 10s: Olympic Moments

Welcome to Jewish Top 10s, where we compile lists that highlight the best and the  Jewish athletes have been destroying the stereotype about Jews and …. discuss and inspire our readers with stories aboutJewish culture and life.
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The Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw opened its doors to  The institution has been funded by the Ministry of Culture, the City of 
How Jews hothoused cosmopolitanism

Our forthcoming study, which includes German archival material from the late 19th century to the early 1930s, reveals a remarkable culture of Jewish 
Greek University reopens Jewish studies

Known as the “Flower of the Balkans,” the city was the center of Ladino culture in the region. The university had a Jewish studies program between 

Did the French Become Holocaust Deniers by Talking Too Much?

Unsurprisingly, Jews were the first actively to memorialize the Holocaust;  but by examining cultural and artistic products (and critical and popular 

Culture, not faith, is the key to continuity

In the concluding chapter of my new book, The Story of the Jews (an  Nowadays, the practice of Judaism is subsumed under Jewish Culture, just one 

The mind is like tofu

Posted: 07 Feb 2014 07:13 AM PST

Japanese_SilkyTofu_(Kinugoshi_Tofu)Here’s the short teaching I offered during our meditation minyan at my shul today. (Cross-posted to my From the Rabbi blog.)

I learned from my teacher Rabbi Jeff Roth — who learned from our teacher Reb Zalman (Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi) — that the mind is like tofu: it takes on the taste of whatever we pickle it in.

What marinade is your mind soaking in today?

Is it a marinade of resentment? She told me she would do that thing, and then she didn’t, and now I feel betrayed.

Is it a marinade of anger? On the radio I heard someone from the political party with which I disagree, and now my blood is boiling.

Or is it a marinade of gratitude, of wonder, of readiness to serve in whatever ways the world will call forth today?

We all have recourse to all of these ingredients. Breathe in; and hold it for a moment; and as you exhale, wash the negativity away. Rinse the tofu clean. Once again it becomes plain, ready to take on the flavor of whatever marinade you choose.

As we pray in the morning liturgy: Elohai neshama shenatata bi, tehora hee — “My God, the soul that You have given me is pure!” Every morning we awake to a clean soul — a blank slate — a mind like tofu, ready to take on whatever flavors we steep it in.

Modah ani l’fanecha: I am grateful before You.

Mah norah hamakom hazeh: what a wonder, what a miracle, is this very place, this very moment.

Hineni: Here I am, ready to serve.

Shabbat shalom!

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