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Mark Glanville sings Vilne


Mark Glanville sings Vilne at the Winter Jewish Music Concert. Accompanied by Alan Mason. January 18, 2014. Miami, Florida.

Moscow Male Jewish Cappella, Concert at the Russian Cultural Foundation, 1998 – Hasidic Cappella

The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella, Concert at the Russian Cultural Foundation, 1998 – Hasidic Cappella
Artistic Leader and Conductor – Alexander Tsaliuk

Speech by Eugene Weiner about Academic Jewish Musical Culture in Russia, and about future of the Moscow Male Jewish Cappella.

1. She-he-Heyonu – M. Mahtenberg, soloist – Leonid Bomshteyn
2. Havdalah – D. Fridman, Arr. E. Langer, soloists – M. Rubanov, R. Gusarov
3. Mi Shebeyrach – S. Ancis, soloists – L. Bomshteyn, A. Skenderov
4. Eyn kelokeynu – M. Himmelshteyn, soloist – V. Polonsky (7 years old!)

Speech by Arkady Arkanov, well known Soviet-Russian artist, about preservation of the Academic Jewish Music and The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella and it’s future.

5. Shen Har Ve Nahi – Georgian ancient song, soloist – G. Beshitaishvily
6. Tuman – Russian Folk Song, Arr. B. Shehter, soloist – Boris Finkelshteyn
7. Ki Lekah Toyv – D.Roytman, M. Rumshinsky, soloist – Boruch Finkelshteyn

Speech by Mark Kaufman about financial support for the Moscow Male Jewish Cappella

8. Kadsheynu – Zol Zim, Cantorial duet, soloists – L. Bomshteyn, B. Finkelshteyn

2014 Winter Jewish Music Concert promotional video


Here are some of the performers who will be appearing at the 2014 Winter Jewish Music Concert, Saturday, January 18, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. in Miami. Information and tickets at

The best of Jewish music from around the world: Yiddish, cantorial, Ladino, Israeli, folk, pop, classical, jazz, and more, performed in a gorgeous sanctuary in Miami’s vibrant urban center.

The 2013 Winter Jewish Music Concert


The nearly complete Fifth Annual Winter Jewish Music Concert, in Miami, Florida. January 19, 2013. The concert was held in the Bertha Abess Sanctuary of Temple Israel of Greater Miami.

With performances by Bagels ‘n Box, Natalie Young, Mark Kula, Sammy Schechter, Lisa Segal, Erik Contzius, Shira Silverman Nafshi, Ellen Stettner, Sagee Goldenholz, Aviva Bass, Michelle Auslander Cohen, Annette Sanders, Yonina & Miriam, Donna Mashadi-Azu, David Aaron Katz, Stephanie Shore, Dafna, Norman Cohen-Falah, Sharon Alcalay-Leiovici, Rebecca Schwartz, and Alejandra Czarny. The percussionist is Brian Potts, and the Program Director and Pianist is Alan Mason.

This video contains all parts of the concert for which we have acceptable quality video.

For more information on the Winter Jewish Music Concert, go to

Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center’s Ultimate Mission to Israel Nov 2012


Join us to uncover how Israel’s intelligence and security agencies confront the Jewish state’s existential challenges and strategic threats. Nov 5-12, 2012.…

Shurat HaDin’s blog:
Shurat HaDin’s Facebook:
Shurat HaDin’s Twitter:!/ShuratHaDin
Shurat HaDin’s website:


Satmar Rebbe Learns Torah of the Rebbe Rashab | – Chabad News, Crown 

Satmar Rebbe Learns Torah of the Rebbe Rashab. 1. In the final Motzai Shabbos of his seasonal vacation the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, Rabbi 
Jewish Hospital a Fixture in Tehran
New York Times
Dr. Morsadegh, the surgeon, has devoted his life to that diminishing community. He was a leader of the Tehran Jewish Committee, a group that supports synagogues, schools and other facets of Jewish life in Iran, and in 2008 was elected as the Jewish 
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Russian Jews remember Israeli athletes murdered at 1972 Munich Olympic Games
Washington Post
Many don’t even know they are Jewish, he said, after years of trying to hide their religion by marrying non-Jews. Now, he said, Jewish life is returning to Russia. Twenty years ago the country had two synagogues, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, he said.
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Freud and the Marranos: How Yosef H. Yerushalmi Gave Voice to Jews Caught 
Tablet Magazine
Now, four years after his death in 2009, Yerushalmi is the subject of two recent books that explore his life and work: The first is a series of interviews conducted with Yerushalmi by the French Jewish scholar Sylvie Anne Goldberg and published in 2012
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READER SUBMITTED: Jewish Farmers In Connecticut
Hartford Courant
Please join the Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut on Sunday, Feb. 16 at 1:30 p.m. at the Godfrey Memorial Library, 134 Newfield Street, Middletown. Mary Donohue, the co-author of “A Life of the Land: Connecticut’s Jewish Farmers,” will 
See all stories on this topic »Torah damage brings faith communities together in Butler

“I hadn’t realized at first the Torah scrolls had been so affected, but they were,” Gray-Schaffer said. “I was at the definite low point by Tuesday and felt .

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