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09/02/14 – Remember the Days of Old: Jewish Consciousness in Historical Context – w/R. Mike Feuer


Sunday, Feb 9, 2014
Today’s Topic: From Mishna to Gemara

~ Course Description ~
What is history? This question will drive our class as we search for truth along the path that Am Yisrael has traced through time. If you want to revolutionize your context for learning Torah and understanding our national experience, to infuse history with the depths of Jewish thought, then join this weekly exploration of Jewish consciousness in its historical perspective. We will anchor ourselves in a timeline of people and events, laid out from Daniel to the Zionist era. Our primary task will be to analyze the relationship between world history and the Jewish experience. Our goal will be a holistic vision of Jewish history. In addition to a sound education in the scope of history, this class offers a unique framework for an integrated understanding of the path we have taken through time. Come find the insight the past offers, and taste it’s inspiration for the future.

~ R. Mike Feuer ~
Rav Mike’s teaching style is a mix of desire for rigorous analysis and a passionate love of the poetry found in learning. He approaches learning and teaching as a process of mutual self development between teacher and student.

Rabbi Mike Feuer has learned Torah in a number of Jerusalem area institutions, including Yeshivat HaMivtar, the Mir Yeshiva and Sulam Yaakov. He received his semicha in Shabbat and Issur v’heter from Sulam Yaakov in conjunction with completing the Israeli Rabbinate issur v’heter certification.

~ Sulam Yaakov ~
Sulam Yaakov is the Nachlaot Community Beit Midrash for Leadership Development. Located in the heart of Jerusalem Sulam Yaakov offers daily morning meditations, Shaliach Tzibur training, morning seder, self-development workshops and more.

Sulam Yaakov: Integrating Torah. The Nachlaot Community Beit Midrash for Leadership Development ~ Learn. Grow. Teach.

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Rabbi Dovid Katz Jewish History Lecture 15


The Seventh Annual Winter Jewish History Lecture Series
by Rabbi Dovid Katz
Fourteen lectures held on Saturday evenings, Oct. 2013-Jan. 2014

Progress Without Peace:
Israel and the Jewish People, 1952-1956

Considering the Future from the Perspective of the Past: The Middle East in the Second Decade of the 21st Century
Sponsored by Susan and Richard Grilli, in memory of Susan’s parents, Bernard and Jean Levine, of Newburgh, New York

The History of Albert Einstein – Full Documentary


Welcome To My Channel Documentary ! like subscribe for more video

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, September 20, 1957, Part 1
San Diego Jewish World
Attention Family Historians: If you would like a JPG photo copy of any “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” article that has been reprinted on the San Diego Jewish World website, simply copy the website address of the article, and send it along 
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Hungary’s main Jewish umbrella votes to boycott state Holocaust commemorations
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
(JTA) – The main Jewish umbrella group in Hungary voted to boycott the state-sponsored Holocaust memorial program unless the government makes changes to redress distortions of history. Representatives of Mazsihisz, the Association of Hungarian Jewish 
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Freud and the Marranos: How Yosef H. Yerushalmi Gave Voice to Jews Caught 
Tablet Magazine
To those who studied with Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, the great Jewish historian, the encounter was unforgettable. From his large and eternally smoke-filled office in Fayerweather Hall on the Columbia University campus, he turned the study of Jewish 
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Bennett: We’re Making History
Arutz Sheva
Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the Jewish Home party, on Sunday night hailed the new draft law as “an historic change”. Bennett made the comments in a post on his Facebook page, hours before the Shaked Committee, headed by MK Ayelet 
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