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Jewish Gator Nation – University of Florida Faculty & Students – Lubavitch-Chabad at UF


A short video sharing insight from all perspectives who connect with the Chabad at UF.

Jewish Gator Nation – Vision for the Future – Chabad at U


A film highlighting the past and promoting the vision for the future for Chabad at UF. Debuted at the 2012 Gala in Aventura, FL.

The Foundation for the Jewish Gator Nation – 352-336-5877 –

“Jewish Soul Music” concert


The concert “Jewish Soul Music” on Sunday March 6/2011 at BSBI Synagogue Charleston, SC.
Recorded on Sony EX1R and Sony VG10, edited on Premiere Pro CS5 by Nikolai Svishev.

Jstyle Weddings Bridal Event this weekend
Cleveland Jewish News
 events manager for LINQ2 Communications, a division of the Cleveland JewishPublication Company, who planned the event. “The exhibitors have amazing ideas and beautiful presentations, and they attend this event to work one on one with the bride or 
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Did Richard Wagner Inspire Hitler or Did He Inspire ‘Star Wars’? And Does It Matter?

Performances of Wagner’s music are effectively banned in Israel.  Wagner’s only income in Paris came from the German Jewish music publisher 

Tefillin Empowers

Our male peers gain knowledge of Torah and grow up to be community and lay leaders, hazanim (cantors) and gabba’im (beadle). They will teach 

Moses Wants Out

Until now, everything had been about Torah. He had rescued the people and brought them to the mountain only to enter into this covenant. The entire 

Sefer Torah Being Written in Memory of Slain Menachem Stark

Therefore they have vowed to perpetuate his life and all of his holy endeavors by writing of a brand new Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) to be used and 

Victory for Zionist Yeshivas: State Recognizes Torah Study

First official state recognition of the value of Torah study as Zionist yeshiva students allowed to continue studies. By Maayana Miskin. First Publish: 

Congregation Beth Judah hopes to restore Torah from Czech village of Mlada Boleslav

Hazzan Jeffery Myers, of Northfield, looked at the Holocaust torah on permanent loan from the Memorial Scrolls Trust, with a group of religious 

Jewish Diversity And Warm Breezes

The Chabad-run Cabo Jewish Center is the hub of Jewish activity in Los  little in the way of organizedJewish life here until roughly a decade ago.

Public University With Largest Number of Jewish Students ‘Gains’ Ground

Elias Benarroach, 26, grew up with a strong connection to Judaism and Jewish lifein the tight-knit community of Caracas, Venezuela. The software 

The Jewish Lonely Hearts Who Meet Online

I used to write a lot about the state of the single Jew, and the puzzling challenge that we presented to contemporary American Jewish life: How could 

Outside The Box

A few adherents speak of how the bands tie them to Jewish life. “There’s a sense of being clothed in signs of proximity to God,” says Joy Ladin, 
Jewish life flourishes in Baltimore
Canadian Jewish News
When we think about major Jewish communities in North America, several come to mind right away. New York, Los Angeles and even Toronto have large communities nestled within major urban centres. You might be surprised, however, to learn that 
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February events coming to Cedar Grove’s Temple Sholom

11-A “Safe Shredding” event will offer locals a chance to discard personal or  23, 10 a.m.-Tot Traditions will explore the tapestry of Jewish life with

Patinkin inspires at Federation’s THE EVENT

Mandy Patinkin loves the Jewish people deeply and says “being Jewish is at the absolute core of his being.” So the Tony and Emmy Award-winning 

Rabbis Join Protest Against Uganda Anti-Gay Laws

Monday’s protest in Washington coincided with similar events in New York,  In the interest of maintaining a civil forum, The Jewish Daily Forward 
Schindler On Ice
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
Does Yulia know how thoroughly and mercilessly Joseph Stalin suppressed Jewish lifein the former Soviet Union? Does she know that the teaching and learning of Hebrew was potentially a one-way ticket to the gulag? Does she know that Jews had to live 
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Disgruntled Employee Planned to Bomb U. of Washington Hillel
The Jewish Press
The man, who was fired recently as a maintenance worker, was arrested Monday after making the threat in the basement of the Karen Mayers Gamoran Family Center forJewish Life building and mixing toxic chemicals in a supply closet, according to the 
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The Facts On In-Marriage Advantages
The Jewish Week
The group heard research showing clearly that – all else being equal – families with twoJewish parents are strikingly more engaged in Jewish community and life, more affiliated with Jewish causes, more identified with and supportive of Israel 
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Jewish Diversity And Warm Breezes
The Jewish Week
Varying languages and worship traditions — not to mention the transience of many visitors — meant that there was little in the way of organized Jewish life here until roughly a decade ago. But nowadays in wintertime, it’s not uncommon for 50 people 
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Public University With Largest Number of Jewish Students ‘Gains’ Ground
Elias Benarroach, 26, grew up with a strong connection to Judaism and Jewish life in the tight-knit community of Caracas, Venezuela. The software engineer said that he lost that feeling at the age of 13, when his family immigrated to the United States 
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Ancient Jewish Aphrodisiacs Can Spice Up Valentine’s Day—or Any Shabbat 
Tablet Magazine
According to Amy Reilly, author of Romancing the Stove: The Unabridged Guide to Aphrodisiac Foods, the simplest definition of an aphrodisiac can be boiled down to “any food that improves romance and/or sex life.” But she also says it is more complex 
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