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Essential Lectures in Jewish History ; Henry Abramson


This Week in Jewish History ; Henry Abramson


Hot or not? Spain’s citizenship bill
Jerusalem Post
 a change for the better in the world for Jews overall.” Another, however, said that while “it’s very nice that they’re granting citizenship 500 years later,” this does not “do away with” the lives lost and a tumultuous Jewish history in Spain 
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Shalom, Nigeria: A Jewish Culture Guide
Shalom Life
The historical documentation of Judaism in Nigeria (Africa’s most populous country) has caused much debate. There are ethnic groups within Nigeria, that for centuries have shared traditional practices with that of Judaism. The Igbos are the third 
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Online Exhibit Tracks Books Saved by the Real-Life Monuments Men
New York Times (blog)
The exhibit, created by the Center for Jewish History in New York and available on Flickr, is part of a continuing effort to trace the origins of the millions of volumes that the Nazis seized from libraries large and small as they marched through 
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SDSU Receives Largest Gift in School’s History
San Diego Jewish Journal
Last week, San Diego State University announced that Conrad Prebys, a philanthropist with a background in real estate development and close ties to the university, donated $20 million to create endowed scholarships that will support about 150 students 
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Ark as metaphor
In synagogues the world over Jewish people are reading the Biblical book of Exodus, with its quintessential moment of Jewish history. The Children of Israel, several weeks after their exodus from Egypt, reach Mount Sinai and there receive the two 
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