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Friedlander on what caused him to write an integrated history of the extermination of the Jews of Europe


Saul Friedländer on:
The debate with prof. Martin Broszat
The Jews where the last to know
The Germans knew
The Onlookers
‘Historikerstreit’ once more
Redemptive anti-Semitism

 Casablanca museum shines light on forgotten Jewish history

Jewish Money – Zionism zionist Israel settler

Jewish History Moment – Zev Jabotinsky- Betar – Arutz 7

UCLA’s Saul Friedlander wins Dan David Prize for work on history of Jews, Third Reich

Pioneering Holocaust historian Saul Friedlander has won the Dan David Prize, which recognizes outstanding achievement in “innovative and 

Will German legislation on confiscated art finally give justice toJewish owners?

Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress, told The  The Holocaust was a unique event in modern history and it introduces 

Jewish Identity is Central Theme of New York Photo Exhibit
The Jewish Voice
“Casual Conversations,” previously on exhibit at the National Museum of AmericanJewish History in Philadelphia, is only the beginning of a longer-term project. The Bliumises are gathering an ever-growing collection of photos featuring individuals with 
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Troubling Presbyterian Document
The Jewish Week
In short, say Jewish leaders, the document rewrites modern Jewish history, putting the onus for a diplomatic stalemate on Israeli intransigency, and undercutting the biblical-historical justification for a Jewish homeland that the majority of Jews support.
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Britain’s ‘Rainbow Jews‘ Look to Past and Future
Jewish Daily Forward (blog)
Vandyk, who was immersed in the struggles of the 1970s and ’80s and was a key part of London’s Jewish Gay Group, is one of several individuals who recorded their stories for “Rainbow Jews.” This oral history project, the first of its kind in the United 
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When National Narratives And Tourism Collide
The Jewish Week
Standing on a wind-swept platform that overlooks a mostly empty slope and a mountainside across a valley crowded with small stone houses, he talks of 3,000 years of local Jewish history, quotes from the Torah and Talmud and describes what the group 
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Trove of Jewish LGBT history goes on display in UK
He was speaking at the launch of Rainbow Jews, the United Kingdom’s first archive ofJewish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and despite torrential rainstorms and a Tube strike, the auditorium was packed to capacity. Central to Rainbow 
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