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Turkey: Jewish Community Under Pressure | European Journal

Jewish communities in the Middle East have contracted dramatically in recent decades – apart from a small community in Teheran and a larger one in Turkey,which is well integrated into the Muslim country.500 years ago,Sephardic Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition and settled in the Ottoman Empire. Today,the community numbers some 26,000 members. It still publishes its own newspaper,called Shalom ,runs a hospital,a retirement home and a dozen synagogues. Traditionally,Turkey has been among Israel’s allies,but the fighting in Gaza has put a severe strain on the relationship. Istanbul’s Jewish community is feeling the tension.

Jewish community gives back on Mitzvah Day

It’s a long-standing joke among Jewish people that Christmas is celebrated with a meal of Chinese food, but in reality, the Christian holiday has taken on a deeper meaning for Jews, and it has to do with giving. Deborah Weiner has more on Mitzvah Day

A Jewish View on Valentines Day


Valentines Day is coming up and people always ask, “what is the Jewish take on this holiday?” Here is the answer.

NYC Congregation Finds a Home—in a Pharmacy Basement

The Orthodox Jewish community in Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood was having trouble finding a place to convene their weekly prayer services.

Jewish groups stand up for LGBT rights in Africa

But some Jewish groups have their eye on troubling developments in  in the Los Angeles Pride Parade and to speak to Jewish community groups.

Jewish life flourishes in Baltimore
Canadian Jewish News (blog)
When thinking about major Jewish communities in North America, several come to mind right away. New York, Los Angeles and even Toronto have large communities nestled within major urban centres. You might be surprised, however, to learn that 
See all stories on this topic »Visiting WZO official outlines outreach to diaspora communities
St. Louis Jewish Light
Simcha Asaf Leibovich of the World Zionist Organization-North America, will be in St. Louis next week to meet with administrators of Jewish schools and programs as part of an intensified effort to reach out to the Jewish community outside Israel 
See all stories on this topic »Pope’s word to Jewish leaders: “Shalom!”
Deseret News
Pope Francis, who made substantial outreaches to Argentina’s Jewish community in his previous role as Bishop of Buenos Aires, had a word of encouragement for American Jewish leaders visiting the Vatican Thursday. The leader of the world’s 1.2 billion 
See all stories on this topic »Hungary’s Holocaust Controversy
This week, the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz) declared it would stay away from official commemorations marking the 70th‎‎ anniversary of the deportation of 437,000 Jews to the Nazi death camps. As president of the World Jewish 
See all stories on this topic »Russian Jewry’s revival evident at Olympics
Intermountain Jewish News
The Jewish infrastructure in Sochi is aimed not only at serving Jewish visitors but also at advertising what the Chabad-affiliated Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia calls a Jewish revival in the former Soviet Union. Boruch Gorin, a senior 
See all stories on this topic »Hungarian Jews protest memorial
BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities said Sunday that it will boycott all government events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary unless the government cancels some of the planned 
See all stories on this topic »Communal leaders join Israel’s global debate on diaspora
Jewish Chronicle
Israel must be more open, must value voices of dissent and promote minority rights, according to Liberal Jews in Britain. They also argued that diaspora communities should provide greater financial investments in Israel’s non-Jewish communities.
See all stories on this topic »Spain to ease citizenship law for descendants of expelled Jews
Prospective applicants for Spanish citizenship will have to prove their Sephardic origins through their surnames, genealogical trees, evidence of ancestors buried in Jewish graves, and get a certificate from the federation of Jewish communities in Spain.
See all stories on this topic »Liberal Judaism alive and well, says Yoffie
Jewish Post
28 at 7:30 p.m., Yoffie will discuss passionate pluralism, those characteristics that have made the Jewish community strong and healthy for thousands of years. “In Reform Judaism we don’t talk much about fundamental theological issues,” he says. “We 
See all stories on this topic »Meeting Jewish group, pope asks prayers for his Holy Land trip
Catholic News Service
Pope Francis told the American Jewish Committee delegation that while the Catholic-Jewish exploration of theological themes must continue, the two communities also must find ways to work together to construct “a more just and fraternal world 
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West Side News & Notes

According to JCBA officials, in February 1914, 30 members of the Jewish community came together to respond to the “urgent need which exists in the 

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