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A tribute by Rabbi Jeremy Rosen to Lubavitch of Scotland in Honor of its 43rd Anniversary Dinner

Nigun chabad Reb shlomo sachniske nigun. A chosid of the alter rebbe Played by Shua Deitsch


Patient Autonomy in the Dying Process: A Jewish Perspective


The Annual Ben Zion and Baruch M. Bokser Memorial Lecture, this discussion features Dr. Daniel Sinclair, Wolff Fellow in Jewish Law and visiting professor of Law, Fordham University Law School, New York City; and professor of Jewish Law and Comparative Biomedical Law, Haim Striks School of Law at the College of Management – Academic Studies (COMAS), Rishon LeZion, Israel.

Autonomy is not generally regarded as a value in any area of Jewish law (halakhah), but the dying process may very well be an exception. Dr. Sinclair explores Rabbi Moses Feinstein’s approach to establishing an appropriate balance between the strong Jewish legal mandate to preserve life and the value of maximizing patient autonomy. Rabbi Feinstein’s biblical and talmudic sources, as well as the philosophical and ethical implications of his theory for end-of-life issues in Jewish and comparative law, are discussed.

Opportunities & Challenges for Innovation in Jewish Life

Opportunities & Challenges for Innovation in Jewish LifeUpStart Bay Area – UpStart Bay AreaAmerican Judaism is in the midst of a paradigm shift, as Jewish leaders look for new ways, and build new institutions, to engage American Jews in Jewish life. Fresh ideas and approaches seem to proliferate weekly: according to a recent report, more than 600 Jewish ventures have been created in the last decade alone. Organizations like UpStart Bay Area, Joshua Venture Group, and Bikkurim, exist to nurture and support these efforts. Established organizations are opening up to new approaches to creating and delivering Jewish experiences that more people find relevant and meaningful to their lives.While Jewish social innovation is thriving, Jewish leaders — professionals, lay leaders, funders, and entrepreneurs alike — are faced with a new set of important challenges to address, including:What relationships can be fostered between established organizations and emerging Jewish organizations, to thei
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Annual Purim Ball & Concert with 8th Day! – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report ⋅ Jewish Music Reporter
Featuring Jewish Music’s Hottest Act “8th Day!” The concert will be Sunday, March 16th At The JCC – Doors Open 4pm Megillah – 4:30 Concert 5pm 

Madison area Chabad offering free Jewish art calendars to track holiday dates

“The Jewish calendar year goes by the lunar cycle, and as a result, the Jewish holidays fall out on different dates every year,” Lubin explained. “These 
Nudging the holiday even more into line with Jewish life—particularly the mitzvah of tzedakah—the Charles and Lynn Shusterman Family Foundation, 

Jewish organizations provide free Shabbat meals to students

JEM is a non-profit organization dedicated to Jewish education.  UW Hillel’s Director of Jewish StudentLife Jennifer Jennings said Shabbat “is an 

WATSKY: A new Jewish approach

Meor is an organization for Jewish learning on college campuses across  it seeks to illuminate the relevance of Jewish philosophy for modern life.
New Summer Camp Program of Their Own for Deaf Jewish Boys

And he is determined to bring Torah and Judaism into the Deaf community in ways not done before. (Soudakoff, interviewed via email, made it a point 
TIC to Honor Cantor Mendelson and David and Judy Gilberg

Cantor Mendelson is a graduate of the Hebrew Union College School of Sacred Music and the American Opera Center at the Juilliard School.

13th annual Marcia Jankowsky Memorial Cantorial Concert with cantors from several states performing Jewish music. 7 p.m. Sunday, Temple Israel, 
Fire scorches Santa Ana Jewish temple, Torah saved

SANTA ANA (CNS) – Fire raged for nearly an hour inside a building at one of Orange County’s largest Jewish temples, in Santa Ana, today.
New Southern Jewish culture center at the College of Charleston to highlight city’s unique history

At one historic time, Charleston was the nation’s hub of Jewish life and religious freedom, giving rise to a rich Jewish heritage that endures today.
Israeli Museum Receives $10 Million in Gifts for New Extension

The Hall of Synagogues will show three millennia of Jewish life with its many faces to serve as inspiration for a vibrant future Jewish life.” The Maltzes 
Word of the day / Etnahta: Relax while Torah-reading, or shooting

Anyone who’s heard the Torah being read aloud in synagogue knows that it has a particular kind of singsong chant. Just as musical notes have names 

This week’s parashah, Ki Tissa, brings us to the pinnacle of leadership demonstrated in the Torah. When God sees that the Israelites have created a 
Holy Cannabis: The Bible Tells Us So

This Saturday, the day after Valentine’s day, synagogues all over the world will be studying the Torah portion Ki Tissa, Exodus 30:11-34:35. It’s likely 
Ki Tisa: Awareness Is Necessary, Not Sufficient

As described in this week’s Torah portion, the Israelites, fearing that Moses had perished on Mount Sinai, turned to a golden calf to sustain them.
Temple Emanu-El honors former national president of Hadassah

Carmela Kalmanson, who brings a wealth of education and activism for Jewish causes, was the honoree Thursday at the Torah Fund luncheon hosted 
Kirtan Rabbi’ to perform concert

He unites celebration of Torah and song in a way that allows people of all ages and faiths to discover renewed energy within their Jewish or spiritual 
How Is The Jewish Community Like Putin’s Homophobic Olympics?

As I said, my son does not have the equivalent of the Special Olympics in his Jewish life. We are solving this problem privately, through tutoring and 

Visiting professor explores haunting Jewish photography

Shneer introduced the presentation by telling stories about the Jewish  Instead, they focus on Jewish life throughout the war and represent how life 

Helping to save the world’s poorest Jews

JDC’s main thrust is to save the world’s poorest Jews, revitalize Jewish life, empower Israel’s future, and rescue victims of global emergencies.

Chabad unites UCF and Orlando Jewish student community with Shabbat 613

 U.S. campuses have active Jewish student organizations, the majority of Jewish college students do not participate in Jewish life on their respective 


Jewish Top 10s: Celebrity Couples

Welcome to our Valentine’s Day edition of Jewish Top 10s! …. is to share, discuss and inspire our readers with stories about Jewish culture and life.
Israeli-founded Viber chat startup fetches $900m

A Japanese e-commerce firm said it will buy the Israeli-founded Viber chat startup for $900 million. Rakuten Inc announced its planned purchase of 

Dor Chadash becoming part of Israeli-American Council

 educational and cultural events in New York with an eye toward fostering connections between AmericanJews and Israelis and solidifying their ties 

Columbia Jewish Film Festival celebrates its biggest year yet

Heidi Lovit, chair of the festival, says, “We are excited to reach out to the community by creating a pre-eventwith the USC School of Music this year.

Deli Shabbats Are Popping Up in Red Hook

 Pop-Up Shabbat, a Jewish-themed pop-up dinner series, to host bi-monthly events at new Mile End’s commissary kitchen on Pier 41 in Red Hook.

Calendar Of Events

After learning her family might have Jewish roots, her search for the truth took on a deep significance. Ms. Milgrom was able to document her unbroken 

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