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Simcha Leiner singing ….

Ahron Razel Mishenichnas Adar


Purim 5771 2011

Cantorial Concert: Benzion Miller And Choir Singing “Al Hanisim L’Purim (Watch in HD !!!) 10


A Cantorial Concert Featuring Ben Zion Miller And Yakov Yosef Stark And Introducing Yanky Lemmer Beryl Zucker And Ushi Blumenberg Accompanied By:The Aaron Miller Memorial Choir Conducted By:Shimmy Miller Piano Accompaniment Cantor Daniel Gildar
Sunday March 8, 2009 At The Congregation Young Israel Beth El 4802 15th Ave. Brooklyn NY

Yisroel Werdyger with Chilu Posen Sing Purim Songs


Yisroel Werdyger & Chilu Posen singing Purim Songs at a wedding. Asher Ringel on the keyboard, Tzvi Goldring on the Sax, Moshe Schwartz on guitar. Video by Motty Jay.

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