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Legends and stories from Toledo; the Inquisition, Hercules, Pin Street and Jewish keys to Toledo

Take our fascination guide to the stories of old Toledo. Tales of the Spanish inquisition and expulsion of Jews, some of whom legend has it still hold keys to the city today. Hear about the bitter well a la Spanish Romeo and Juliet. Or take a peek at Pin Street if you need some luck to find a man! The Moorish Patio festival, festivals, knight-high arches, Alley of the Dead, Hercules caves.
For mrore details on tours of Toledo and Madrid, email

UK Jewish Film Festival 2013 Launch


The 17th annual UK Jewish Film Festival revealed its full programme yesterday at a press launch in Soho attended by guests including filmmaker/comedian Jes Benstock and comedian Arnold Brown. Running from 30 October — 17 November 2013, the festival will feature screenings of over 80 films and other special events across five cities – London, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. 53 of the films will be UK premieres, hailing from countries including Argentina, Israel, USA, UK, Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Please see here for the exciting festival programme: UKJF also launches, in its 17th year, a new VOD channel, sponsored by Think Jam: At the press launch, Festival Founder & Executive Director Judy Ironside MBE introduced some of the highlights of the festival including the UK premiere of the dazzling new comedy Blumenthal from New York writer/director Seth Fisher starring actor Brian Cox CBE. (Both will attend Festival screening for Q&A – 6 Nov, Phoenix Cinema, 20:45) Other highlights include the UK premiere of the award-winning US documentary Joe Papp In Five Acts, a portrait of the legendary New York theatre producer Joe Papp. The screening will be followed by a discussion, with actor Zoe Wanamaker CBE & director Tracie Holder (14 Nov, Barbican, 18:15), on A New Democratic Theatre For The UK. Comedian and filmmaker Jes Benstock was at the launch warming up the audience for his special Festival Comedy Event to be presented with Scottish Jewish comedian Arnold Brown, and a host of witty friends including Miriam Margolyes, Bill Paterson, David Schneider and Helen Lederer. Other guests attending the festival will include the esteemed Lord Michael Grade who will speak after Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy (13 Nov, Barbican, 18:15); award-winning French director Ilan Duran Cohen who will be opening the festival with his gripping historical drama The Jewish Cardinal (30 Oct, BFI, 20:30); Czech writer/director David Ondricek presenting his debut feature In the Shadow (2 Nov, Tricycle, 19:00); and Israeli film director Eytan Fox who will close the festival on a high note with his heart-warming musical comedy Cupcakes (17 Nov, Tricycle 19:45). Other festival highlights include the UK Premiere of thriller Wakolda (5 Nov, Tricycle, 21:00), the new film from award-winning Argentinean director Lucia Puenzo; the Tribeca award-winning Israeli drama Room 514 (3 Nov, Tricycle,20:30); and an Exclusive Preview of The Congress (10 Nov, Odeon Swiss Cottage Imax Screen, 21:00), Ari Folman’s impressive follow-up to Waltz with Bashir.

Tefillin Wrapping (Left Handed) Chabad Style


How to put on Tefillin Chabad style (for a left handed person).
Not a pro video – just whipped out my phone for my friend to review and practice.

yascha mounk at the harvard book store


Yascha Mounk reading from his book Stranger in my own country; at the Harvard book store.

Jewish Gator Nation – Vision for the Future – Chabad at UF


A film highlighting the past and promoting the vision for the future for Chabad at UF. Debuted at the 2012 Gala in Aventura, FL.

The Foundation for the Jewish Gator Nation – 352-336-5877 –

Israeli and Palestinian Cinema Part 1 | The New School

Israeli and Palestinian Cinema Part 2 | The New School



Israeli and Palestinian Cinema: Shaping Memory and Imagining the Future

Scholar Ella Habiba Shohat and curator Rasha Salti discuss the new edition of Shohat’s seminal book Israeli Cinema: East/West and the Politics of Representation (Library of Modern Middle Eastern Studies, 2010). This conversation is punctuated by brief excerpts from Palestinian films produced in Israel, and diasporic films that address the contested geography of Israel/Palestine. When it first appeared in 1989, this book shaped a new paradigm for critical discussion in Israel of “national cinema” and the Zionist master narrative. Israeli Cinema: East/West and the Politics of Representation explores cinema as a productive site of national culture. Taking its cue from the coincidental emergence of Zionism and the cinema around the same time, the book deconstructs the movement by considering the role that cinema has played in the “invention” of the Jewish nation. The book provoked a stormy public debate when it was translated into Hebrew. Rethinking the Eurocentric imaginary of East versus West, Shohat highlights the paradoxes of an anomalous national/colonial project, addressing issues such as the ambivalence toward the geographies of East and West; the Sabra as negation of the Diaspora Jew; the iconography of the land of Israel as a denial of Palestine; the narrative role of the good Arab and the limits of positive image analysis; and the oxymoronic place allotted to Arab-Jews/Mizrahim within an orientalist historical and social discourse.

The new edition includes an extensive postscript about the book’s original reception. It looks at the inscription of the Arab-Jewish memory of Muslim spaces, and reflects on the Palestinian narration of the Nakba within a revisionist cinema that actively constructs an audio-visual archive.

Ella Habiba Shohat is a professor of cultural studies and Middle Eastern studies at New York University. Rasha Salti is the former creative director and film programmer of Arte East. Presented in collaboration with Arte East.

Hosted by the Vera List Center for Art and Politics

*Location: Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnhold Hall, 55 West 13th Street, 2nd floor – Monday, October 03, 2011 6:30 p.m.

“The New School” “New School University” “New School” “Vera List Center” arts “The New School for Public Engagement” cinema film Israel Palestine political”middle Eastern Studies” “Cultural Studies” “Ella Habiba Shohat” “Rasha Salti” “Arte East”

Mea Shearim e Bnei Brak

Jerusalem Through Music – Intro


Videos of live music on the streets of Jerusalem.
Taste different styles, views, scenes and seasons.
More to come on:

Vayakhel: Shabbat, Tabernacle & Jewish vs. Israeli Culture War

As the nation of Israel winds down the Book of Exodus with this week’s penultimate Torah portion of Vayahkel, focusing on the eternal commandments 

Rabbi Berel WeinRabbi Isaac Halevi Herzog

But his main passion, intellectual, emotional and commitment wise, was Torah in all of its variety and ramifications. His many volumes of responsa as 

The Man Behind Call Of The Shofar

But he said at one point a friend convinced him to see “the Torah as more than just the history of going from Mitzrayim [Egypt] to Israel, but as more of a 

A Bible is illustrated as never before

CHULA VISTA, California — The Zohar teaches that there are many different layers ofTorah interpretation. This mystical work cautions us to take the 

Math Problem for Talmudic Rabbis: Building the Right Size Sukkah

OutOfTowner reviews Lipa Schmeltzer’s Dus Pintele – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report ⋅ OutOfTowner
Lipa Schmeltzer is a trend setter. There is really no other way to say it. His musical talents and prowess are virtually unmatched and his energy is 

Gad Elbaz, Reva L’Sheva, Moshe Yess, Moshav Band & more!

J-JAM, The Greatest Hour of Jewish Music since the last time we had a whole extra month of Adar to enjoy! 2/19/2014, 7:00 AM. A7 Radio’s “J-Jam” 

Harmony library, arts board hosting concert next Thursday

The Klezmatics are world-renowned and Grammy-winning superstars whose musicis steeped in Eastern European Jewish tradition and spirituality,

Dessert reception at 8 p.m. for both show timesThe Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) is an international cinematic exploration of Jewish life, culture …

Jewish LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) is hosting A Taste of Jewish Spain on Saturday, March 29, at 6 p.m. This program will share the heritage, culture …

From sea to thee: Kosher Catch delivers fresh fish

With the Boston Jewish Music Festival (BJMF) set to open Feb. 23, music lovers can look forward to an expanded run of five weeks, in celebration of 
For a thousand years, traditional Jewish education was focused on learning the Talmud. But as I’ve often found in reading Daf Yomi, learning the 

Hoffman brings new novel to Brandeis event
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
In Alice Hoffman’s new novel, “The Museum of Extraordinary Things,” a young woman raised in an oddities museum and a photographer estranged from his Jewish past make a connection over the mystery of a girl who disappeared during the Triangle 
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More than 100 brides attend Jstyle Weddings event
Cleveland Jewish News
“Starting 20 minutes prior to opening the doors, The Ritz was buzzing,” said Zach Marcus,events manager for LINQ2 Communications, a division of the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company, who planned the event. “Brides were ecstatic about being able to 
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Charlotte Jewish Film Festival celebrates 10 years
Charlotte Post
The Charlotte Jewish Film Festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year with a full slate of award-winning, entertaining and thought-provoking films. The full line-up of 17 films and 21 events, through April 6, includes all genres from comedy 
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Jewish LIFE presents A Taste of Jewish Spain
Jewish LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) is hosting A Taste of Jewish Spain on Saturday, March 29, at 6 p.m.. This program will share the heritage, culture, and lifestyle of Spanish Jewry. The evening will feature Gerard Edery, guitarist, storyteller 
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In Hebrew immersion day camps, summer fun augmented with learning
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
“Hebrew immersion camps are a powerful way for Americans to feel empowered in Hebrew language and Israeli culture,” Rabbi David Gedzelman, executive vice president of the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, told JTA. The Steinhardt Foundation is a 
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Jewish Community Federation announces engagement program grants in Marin
Marin Independent Journal
The Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties has announced three new Marin-based grants designed to connect Marin families to Jewish life, according to a press release issued Tuesday. The three 
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Vassar Jewish Union declares itself an ‘Open Hillel’
Jewish Telegraphic Agency (blog)
“We believe that this policy censors and delegitimizes the diverse range of personal and political opinions held by Jewish students,” the Vassar Jewish Union said in its statement. ”We believe that fostering a pluralistic community and supporting all 
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What I Thought I Knew About The Jews Of The Former Soviet Union
The Jewish Week
So I was a bit surprised by my own ambivalence when I recently decided to go on a UJA-Federation rabbinic mission to the former Soviet Union (FSU) to see what Jewish life is like there today. Growing up, my father always used explain to me that Israel 
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First annual Jewish Film Festival to kick off this weekend
Student Life
Organized by an independent group led by sophomore Ari Allen, this weekend’s JewishFilm Festival is designed to provide cultural programming for Jewish students who are less interested in religious programs. Allen said, “Looking at what the Jewish 
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Victim or victimizer?
Jerusalem Post
It is not possible to study history and see the dark image of all that has happened to the Jewish people without recognizing the horror that has followed Jewish life around the globe. It is a tale of woe that begins thousands of years ago, and that 
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Rabbi David Katz
Questions about the place of art in Jewish life swirled within me and only became clear when I read this week’s Torah portion, Vayakheil. Lo and behold, God actually commissions a work of art in this parshah. The artist is Bezalel, because he has been 
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JFCS serves up optimism for brighter tomorrows
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
El drew parallels from his personal life journey, guiding the audience to envision the possibilities for others who could benefit from programs provided by Jewish Family & Children’s Service. El’s personal story seemed like a script from Showtime’s 
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