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Giora Feidman_Halaka Dance


Giora Feidman and Friends
Konzert zum 75. Geburtstag
Berliner Philharmonie, 25. März 2011

Traditional “Halaka Dance (arr. Giora Feidman)

Jewish community in Massachusetts begins Purim celebration


LONGMEADOW, Mass. The Jewish community here in western Mass. began their celebration of Purim.

Lots of fun activities were planned at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy in Longmeadow.

Purim celebrates the Jewish survival from enemies in ancient Persia.

A reading of the story of Purim was followed by a clown performance on Saturday night.

A rabbi told 22News what the holiday is really all about.

“On the surface, this look like an amazing tail of serendipity. Of things that just happened to have happened. Yet we scratch the surface and we find that God’s hand is throughout the story,” Rabbi Chaim Kosofsky said.

And in case your wondering why people are dressed up, it’s traditional to wear a costume during the holiday.

On Sunday, the Jewish holiday celebration continues with a four course feast and live petting zoo at Forest Park in Springfield.

“What’s the Parsha, Pani Zosia?” s01 e18 – Vayakhel


“What’s the Parsha, pani Zosia?” – seria 1, odc. 18. “Vayakhel”. Z gościnnym występem Sławka Pastuszki.

Cykl mini-wykładów dotyczących cotygodniowej porcji Tory prowadzony przez Zofię Radzikowską, zasłużoną członkinię społeczności żydowskiej w Krakowie.

“What’s the Parsha, pani Zosia? – season 1, episode 18. Vayakhel. Guest starring: Sławek Pastuszka.

A series of short lectures on a weekly Torah portion led by Zofia Radzikowska, a distinguished member of the Jewish community in Krakow, Poland.

Choir of Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad Toronto – Yedid Nefesh


Learning if Fun at Chabad Hebrew School February 19, 2014


Learning if Fun at Chabad Hebrew School
February 19, 2014

Legends and stories from Toledo; the Inquisition, Hercules, Pin Street and Jewish keys to Toledo

Take our fascination guide to the stories of old Toledo. Tales of the Spanish inquisition and expulsion of Jews, some of whom legend has it still hold keys to the city today. Hear about the bitter well a la Spanish Romeo and Juliet. Or take a peek at Pin Street if you need some luck to find a man! The Moorish Patio festival, festivals, knight-high arches, Alley of the Dead, Hercules caves.
For mrore details on tours of Toledo and Madrid, email

UK Jewish Film Festival 2013 Launch


The 17th annual UK Jewish Film Festival revealed its full programme yesterday at a press launch in Soho attended by guests including filmmaker/comedian Jes Benstock and comedian Arnold Brown. Running from 30 October — 17 November 2013, the festival will feature screenings of over 80 films and other special events across five cities – London, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. 53 of the films will be UK premieres, hailing from countries including Argentina, Israel, USA, UK, Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Please see here for the exciting festival programme: UKJF also launches, in its 17th year, a new VOD channel, sponsored by Think Jam: At the press launch, Festival Founder & Executive Director Judy Ironside MBE introduced some of the highlights of the festival including the UK premiere of the dazzling new comedy Blumenthal from New York writer/director Seth Fisher starring actor Brian Cox CBE. (Both will attend Festival screening for Q&A – 6 Nov, Phoenix Cinema, 20:45) Other highlights include the UK premiere of the award-winning US documentary Joe Papp In Five Acts, a portrait of the legendary New York theatre producer Joe Papp. The screening will be followed by a discussion, with actor Zoe Wanamaker CBE & director Tracie Holder (14 Nov, Barbican, 18:15), on A New Democratic Theatre For The UK. Comedian and filmmaker Jes Benstock was at the launch warming up the audience for his special Festival Comedy Event to be presented with Scottish Jewish comedian Arnold Brown, and a host of witty friends including Miriam Margolyes, Bill Paterson, David Schneider and Helen Lederer. Other guests attending the festival will include the esteemed Lord Michael Grade who will speak after Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy (13 Nov, Barbican, 18:15); award-winning French director Ilan Duran Cohen who will be opening the festival with his gripping historical drama The Jewish Cardinal (30 Oct, BFI, 20:30); Czech writer/director David Ondricek presenting his debut feature In the Shadow (2 Nov, Tricycle, 19:00); and Israeli film director Eytan Fox who will close the festival on a high note with his heart-warming musical comedy Cupcakes (17 Nov, Tricycle 19:45). Other festival highlights include the UK Premiere of thriller Wakolda (5 Nov, Tricycle, 21:00), the new film from award-winning Argentinean director Lucia Puenzo; the Tribeca award-winning Israeli drama Room 514 (3 Nov, Tricycle,20:30); and an Exclusive Preview of The Congress (10 Nov, Odeon Swiss Cottage Imax Screen, 21:00), Ari Folman’s impressive follow-up to Waltz with Bashir.

Tefillin Wrapping (Left Handed) Chabad Style


How to put on Tefillin Chabad style (for a left handed person).
Not a pro video – just whipped out my phone for my friend to review and practice.

yascha mounk at the harvard book store


Yascha Mounk reading from his book Stranger in my own country; at the Harvard book store.

Mea Shearim e Bnei Brak

Jerusalem Through Music – Intro


Videos of live music on the streets of Jerusalem.
Taste different styles, views, scenes and seasons.
More to come on:

#JMTop10 – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report ⋅ JMDerech
Hey fellow Jewish Music lovers! I have been playing with this idea of a monthly Jewish Music Top 10 article for a while now and I’d like to get you 

Torah portion: On heroes and procrastinators

In this week’s Torah portion, Vayakhel, the excitement bursts forth as the nation finally gets to build — to just do it. Under Moshe’s divinely directed 

orah | Don’t feel you’re Jewish ‘enough’? Join the crowd

rabbi mychal copeland “Beneath the opening pleasantries of meetings and workshops lies the very threatening question: Who is the real Jew in this 

We Brought Enlistment, Torah and Jobs’

 that has been troubling the State of Israel since its inception. The end result: the proposed outline brings enlistment, Torah, and jobs,” he wrote.

Chief Rabbis Show Their Support for Hesder Yeshivas

On a visit to Yeshivat HaKotel, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau presented students with a Talmud lecture, and discussed the importance of Torah 

Hareidi Media Reacts as Sanctions Voted In

“An Eternal Disgrace: Torah Students in Israel to be Sent to Jail,” declared the headline of the hareidi daily Mevaser, which is connected to the Agudat 

President Peres: Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah

litzman peres President Shimon Peres expressed Thursday sorrow over the civil conflict on the subject of mandatory army enlistment for haredi Torah 

Rav Soloveitchik Told Me: When Women Write the Checks, They’ll Get Aliyahs

Could we conduct an Orthodox service and give women aliyot to the Torah? I knew these were all sincere and properly motivated students, seeking 

On Not Trying to Be What You Are Not

The TorahThe great leaders know their own limits contains four fascinating accounts of such moments. What links them is not words but music.

Art from the ashes

Blake was born in New York of Hungarian-Jewish heritage and grew up in Bronxville. His grandfather worked for Harry Cohn at Columbia Pictures 

‘More open’ Jewish Book Week fields starry international cast

Jewish Book Week’s 62nd chapter kicks off on Sunday, with speakers and  to come together to celebrate one theme: the diversity of Jewish culture.

Israeli TV’s Wunderkind Invents Wild Shows, Goes Global

 Hebrew for A Wonderful Country, the title being ever so ironic—so seminal a part of popular culture that President Barack Obama, visiting Jerusalem 

Zuckerberg’s Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, 38, grew up a Jewish and “a rebellious little kid” in a poor village outside of Kiev, Wired reported. Koum and his 
WhatsApp Founder Jan Koum’s Jewish Rags-to-Riches Tale
Jewish Daily Forward
WhatsApp grew up in Silicon Valley, but its founder’s Jewish background in Eastern Europe gave it its DNA. The messaging company bought  Anne Heyman’s noble worklives on as her family picks up the torch in Rwanda. The knish crisis is over! Gabila’s 
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Miami Gets Set for Grand Opening of State-of-the Art Jewish Center
Downtown and Brickell used to be dark at night, he adds, but with all the changes, it is so much brighter, and Jewish life can flourish there. “Gradually, I’ve been seeing it getting bigger,” Rabizadeh says of Chabad. “And I think the new building is 
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Jewish Museum Scraps Appearance by Boycott Israel Backer Judith Butler
Jewish Daily Forward
“I was very much looking forward to the discussion of Kafka in The Jewish Museum, and to affirm the value of Kafka ‘s literary work in that setting,” Butler said in the museum statement. A spokesperson from the museum has confirmed that  The Vassar 
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Jewish Family & Children’s Service will pilot program to combat hunger among 
Main Line
With a rich tradition of over 159 years, JFCS offers a diverse array of services to help people cope with challenges that arise throughout the life cycle. Guided by Jewish values, the services are available to all in the Greater Philadelphia Region 
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Italy’s Only Female Rabbi Digs Up the Country’s Hidden Jewish Roots
Tablet Magazine
His longing for a Jewish life did not go away, and through Internet research, he discovered Aiello. She became his adviser and guided him as he sought answers about a past he says was taken from him. “I’ve had a lot of doors slammed in my face, but 
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Making Inclusion a Reality
Huffington Post
We notice their presence, of course, but we don’t always consider how to accommodate their needs so that they can participate fully in Jewish life. We too often don’t look at our institutions of Jewish life and ask whether these places and the 
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Jewish institutions need to get with the (new) program
Those of us in leadership positions in the Jewish community need to turn our agencies into incubators for dynamic, new expressions of Jewish identity. We must be willing to encourage everyone to come and connect with Jewish life in relevant, meaningful 
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Vassar Jewish Union declares itself an ‘Open Hillel’
“We believe that this policy censors and delegitimizes the diverse range of personal and political opinions held by Jewish students,” the Vassar Jewish Union said in its statement. “We believe that fostering a pluralistic community and supporting all 
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NEWS: New Summer Camp Program for Deaf Jewish Boys

This Week’s Features
Adar I 20, 5774 · February 20, 2014

By Menachem Posner
A group of 11 young men helped jump-start Jewish learning in the Miami area.Post CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
Free online app helps train as you go, highlighting each word to be sung in two different reading stylesPost CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
Some 700 women gather for an important ritual and an evening of sisterhood.Post CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
University of Florida in Gainesville reveals grand, ‘green,’ state-of-the-art new facility with amenities galorePost CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
Chabad couple hopes to inspire a Jewish revival in a well-known urban neighborhoodPost CommentPost Comment  |  Read Story
Talk of the Planet
Former Governor of Hawaii Regales Students Over Shabbat Dinner
At her Californian alma mater, Linda Lingle discusses charity, adversity and Jewish identity
Ottawa Students Take Study Break to Bake for the Homeless
Chabad Student Network in Canada stresses the need to help others, and by doing so, help yourself

More News Briefs  

In the Media
At Sochi Olympics, Online Kosher Meal Orders and Extra Rabbis for Visiting Jews
ReutersRabbi Fosters Jewish Revival in Downtown Detroit
APRabbi Fostering Jewish Community Downtown
Detroit News

Handwritten Torah a Labor of Faith
Herald Tribune – FL

Chabad Unites UCF and Orlando Jewish Student Community With Shabbat 613
Heritage Florida Jewish News

Super Sunday Raises $1.3 Million
LA Jewish Journal

“Shabbat In An Hour” Gourmet Kosher Cooking For Women On The Go
Hartford Courant – CT

Chabad in Ethiopia Helps Jewish Heart Attack Victim at Airport
Arutz Sheva

Two Women to Be Honored at Feb. 23 Chabad Program
News Transcript – NJ

Torah Lessons in Sochi Amid Fears of Terror

Athletes In Sochi Honor Memory Of Munich 11
Jewish Week

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