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V I D E O – C L I P – O F – T H E – D A Y

Habet Mordechai Ben David and Chaim Eliezer Hershtik Radio Kol Chai


Video By Nathan Ibgui – צילום וידיאו נתן איבגי
בקלידן עמי כהן
מוצ”ש חסידי חי עם מנחם טוקר ברדיו קול חי – 01-02-2014

24Jewish Video Clip of the day Habet Mordechai Ben David and Chaim Eliezer Hershtik Radio Kol Chai Great Videos Selection


Elie kakou Mme sarfati et sa fille fortunée


elie kakou sketch Mme sarfati et sa fille Fortunée

24Jewish Video Clip of the day Elie kakou Great Videos Selection

Israel – Small but Outstanding



Israel, a small country of outstanding beauty, is so many different things:

It is a bridge between Africa, Asia & Europe, It has pulsating urban life, breathtaking nature, an abundance of plant & animal species, Thousands of years of fascinating history, a rainbow of cultures and traditions.

Israel offers an energizing experience with a vibrant cultural scene, and is proud to be an innovative leader in science & High-Tech.

Sounds too much? you’ll believe it when you see it.

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Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/Israel

Please credit the MFA and the creators of this clip for any use of this video.

Photographer and Editor: Eyal Bartov
Additional Photographs: Samuel Magal
After Effects: Gili Ittah
Original Music: Israel Kasif

24Jewish Video Clip of the day Israel – Small but Outstanding Great Videos Selection

Simchas Beis Gorlitz Nasad Skver Flatbush, in Borough Park


24Jewish Video Clip of the day, Simchas Beis Gorlitz Nasad Skver Flatbush, in Borough Park and  HaMenagnim Orchestra 

Megillas Lester Official Trailer


Megillas Lester is a full length animated feature film depicting the fictional story of Doniel Lesterovitch (“Lester”); a boy whose imagination turns the Purim story upside down. Suddenly finding himself at the feast of King Achashverosh, Lester is ordered to summon queen Vashti to the party…and he inadvertently convinces her to go! With Vashti alive and well, Esther never needs to come to the palace – and that leaves nobody to save the Jews from evil Haman! Follow Lester’s hilarious and thrilling adventure as he tries to set his version of the Purim story back on track…

24Jewish Video Clip of the day, Megillas Lester Official Trailer and Simchas Beis Gorlitz Nasad Skver Flatbush, in Borough Park GREAT VIDEOS SELECTION

Beri Weber Belz


Acoustic Style with Moishey Schwartz on Guitar

24Jewish Video Clip of the day, Beri Weber Belz and EvanAl Orchestra GREAT VIDEOS SELECTION

חתונה תולדות אהרן ט”ו בשבט תשע”ב


24Jewish Video Clip of the day, wedding Toldot, and Niklesburger rebbe GREAT VIDEOS SELECTION

חתונה תולדות אהרן ט”ו בשבט תשע”ב

24Jewish Video Clip of the day, Valentine’s Day in Tel Aviv  and  A Jewish Star GREAT VIDEOS SELECTION

valentinexy February 14th marks Valentine’s Day, and though not a Jewish holiday, it appears the young and in love celebrate in the Jewish State as well. Jennifer KaidenAmerican Tourist in Israel: “I celebrate Valentine’s Day because celebrating love is important and it doesn’t matter where you are around the world, it’s important for everyone.”  Yuval Sela, Flower Shop Salesman: “Every year we sell on Valentine’s Day, it’s a big day for business, people like roses, like colors. It’s a love day, people like celebration, to go out. First they buy flowers, and then the rest.” Netta Kaiden, American Tourist in Israel: “I think it’s very nice to express your love to someone you love every day, but if you have a special day, even better.” Saint Valentine’s Day is of Christian origin. And in the Hebrew calendar there is another day celebrated by couples called ‘Tu Beav’. Oren Migdal, Chabad representative: “I think it’s very sad that Jews who have traditions of thousands of years and have their own holidays imitate the non-Jews and take their holidays”. Udi Kobi, Tel Aviv Resident: “People don’t know really what is to be a jew, what is Christianity. They don’t know. So they celebrate what they think is good. I don’t judge them, but it is confusion.” Netta Kaiden, American Tourist in Israel: “If they don’t lose their connection to their heritage, I don’t think there’s a problem, you can celebrate.” Jennifer KaidenAmerican Tourist in Israel: “It’s like eating different foods from all over the world.” Yossef Faibish, Bat Ayin Resident: “It’s a Christian holiday. I don’t know exactly what it means, but I know that if people are happy, it makes them happy and they celebrate together, that’s a good thing. So why not.” As in many other countries, many Tel Avivian restaurants, shops and boutiques offer special discounts on products and gifts in honor of the festive day. And though not everyone understands or agrees with the meaning of the holiday or where the tradition stems from, most people we spoke to here in Israel, always like a reason to celebrate. Yuval Sela, Flower Shop Salesman: “I celebrate anything I can celebrate. A party is a party, Valentine’s Day and other days, whichever.” Tamar Golan, Tel Aviv Resident: “If you want to celebrate love, just celebrate. For me, this is life, to enjoy life.” Oren Migdal, Chabad representative : Most of the Jews who celebrate this day, it isn’t because of religious reasons. It’s because they want to dance and party. We have our religion and thank God, we are happy about it.” And so, a Tel Avivian Valentine’s Day takes off, even here, in the Jewish State. Sivan Raviv, JN1, Tel Aviv  Part 2  

A Jewish Star

Defenders of the Negev: Ultra-Orthodox Jews in the IDF


Soldiers in a new IDF company, called “Defenders of the Negev”, maintain an observant Jewish lifestyle as they work to protect the State of Israel. Their service reflects an important goal of the IDF: to help Ultra-Orthodox Jews integrate into the army.

MORE: http://www.idfblog.com/ http://twitter.com/idfspokesperson/ http://www.facebook.com/idfonline/

Rambam Trailer. JewishHistoryDotOrg



PHYSICIAN – PHILOSOPHER – CODIFIER – COMMENTATOR – SPIRITUAL LEADER Rambam, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, was born in Cordova Spain, early in the 12th century. Facing the terror of the fanatic Muslim Almohads, he and his family fled Cordova. For seven years they lived in the mountains and caves of Spain. During that time, his remarkable Torah and Talmudic knowledge increased. His love of Torah combined with his avid study of healing and natural medicine, the sciences, mathematics, astronomy – as well as the works of the classical philosophers, began to shape the destiny of his life. The legacy he left behind is astounding. He wrote Perush Ha-Mishnayot – his commentary on the Mishnah, which included the Thirteen Principles of Faith, before he was 30. He also penned Mishna Torah – over 14 volumes of the laws of the Torah. Amongst his numerous works he wrote and defined Sefer Ha-Mitzvot and the 613 mitzvahs – and The Guide to the Perplaxed – as spiritual and philosophical treatise. Rambam was a holistic healer of body and soul. In an age of ignorance, he was a shining light of compassion and commitment toward his fellow human beings.

what´s happening today February 23, 2014!

  24JEWISH what´s happening today February 23, 2014!

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  24JEWISH what´s happening today February 21, 2014!

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Section Jewish Music & Simcha Channel: 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection videos and feeds in each section

Modzitz Concert 2


קרן ברכה ומוטי זיסר
התזמורת הפילהרמונית הישראלית
ניגוני מודז’יץ – בהשתתפות
יצחק מאיר הלפגוט – יעקב מוצן – חיים אדלר – ישראל רנד – אברמי רוט – מיכאל יצחקי
שרוליק הרשטיק – מקהלת ידידים
ניהול מוזיקלי – עיבוד וניצוח – אלי יפה
מאת – נתן איבגי – By Nathan Ibgui

Modzitz Concert 1


קרן ברכה ומוטי זיסר
התזמורת הפילהרמונית הישראלית
ניגוני מודז’יץ – בהשתתפות
יצחק מאיר הלפגוט – יעקב מוצן – חיים אדלר – ישראל רנד – אברמי רוט – מיכאל יצחקי – בן ציון מילר
שרוליק הרשטיק – מקהלת ידידים
ניהול מוזיקלי – עיבוד וניצוח – אלי יפה
מאת – נתן איבגי – By Nathan Ibgui

Kumzitz with Rav Hilel Paley – קומזיץ עם הרב הלל פלאי .avi


כשהרב הלל פלאי התיישב ללמד ניגון חסידי
היכל הישיבה התיכונית ברמת גן הומה אדם בערב שכולו התעוררות סליחות ושירה יהודית מרגשת בו נטלו חלק מאות מבני הישיבה שהגיעו עם המשפחה כולה בהרכב מלא. אבות ובנים לצד ראשי הישיבה שרו ברגש
מאות התלמידים הצטופפו על כסאות הפלסטיק סביב שולחנות ארוכים כאשר הרב יעקב אריאל רבה של רמת גן פתח את הערב בדברי תורה וחיזוק.
הערב הסתיים עמוק בתוך הלילה כאשר התלמידים יצאו בהרגשת התחזקות מיוחדת השמורה אך ורק לימים הסמוכים ליום כיפור.
צילום תמונות נתן איבגי – צילום וידיאו יניב סירי – By Nathan Ibgui……

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQJikwwlZI8M B D Mordechai Ben David Live

M B D Mordechai Ben David Live


עם מרדכי בן דוד ויידל ורדיגר – MBD and Yeedle Werdiger
By Nathan Ibgui – צילום נתן איבגי

The King Of Cantors Event in Borough Park


A standing-room-only crowd attended an event last night celebrating the 80th anniversary of the passing of the greatest chazzan of all-time at the very Shul where he was Bal Tefillah for five years.

An unforgettable evening celebrating the music of Chazzan Yossele Rosenblatt was held at the First Congregation Anshei Sfard of Boro Park, featuring five of the world’s top Chazzanim.

Performers included Cantor Yaakov Yosef Shtark, who sang the Memorial Prayer in tribute to Rosenblatt; Cantor Yaakov Motzen, who led Maariv; Cantor Binyomin Muller from Antwerp; and Cantors Yaakov Rosenfeld and Yaakov Lemmer, both of Brooklyn.

A surprise guest appearance by rising star, Cantor Usher Bloomberg, was also a highlight.

Monday marks the 80th anniversary of the passing of Chazzan Yossele Rosenblatt, who tragically died at the age of 51 while on a visit to Eretz Yisrael.

Organizers said the event drew such large crowds that people had to be turned away.

The talent coordinator for the evening, Cantor Benny Rogosnitsky said, “What an immense and moving tribute to the greatest Chazzan who ever lived in the very shul where he davened for close to five years. When the Chazzanim sang, you could hear a pin drop. Yossele would have been proud.”

In his remarks Rabbi Yechiel Kaufman, the Rav of the shul, lauded Rosenblatt’s piousness and religiosity and spoke movingly of his contribution to the world of Tefillah.

After the event, a still glowing Cantor Rogosnitsky said, “Last night was a testament to the fact that eighty years later, Chazzanus lives on, and looking around at the many young faces in the audience and the young talent in the program, there is great hope and promise for the future.”

PURIM Section Jewish Torah Insights Channel shiurim Daf Yomi, Purim and more… : 24JEWISH ALERTS


 Baal Shem Tov, Insights. 5/7/2013


Food For Thought with Harry Rothenberg



Today’s topic: “What’s A Nice Jewish Girl Doing in a Palace Like That? – Understanding The Story of Purim“, taught by Harry Rothenberg.

Food For Thought lunchtime learning sessions run every week in Manhattan. For a list of upcoming sessions, visit:http://aishcenter.com/FFT.html

And to take your Jewish journey further, sign up for your own free, customized, one-on-one learning session. Email center@aish.com to set it up.

Rabbi yosef mizrachi Who God Is


L’influence du passé vers le futur par le Rav Dov Roth-Lumbroso


L’influence du passé vers le futur à travers les textes de la Torah par le Rav Dov Roth-Lumbroso.
Quelques révélations sur l’avenir …
copyright chiourim.com

Le monde futur par le Rav Dov Lumbroso Roth – Partie 1

Le monde futur par le Rav Dov Lumbroso Roth – Partie 2

…הרב יוסף מזרחי | מסילת ישרים רמח”ל | חלק

כתר הצניעות לקט מוזיקלי מפי הרב יצחק כהן שליט”א חזק! Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen


מלא מלא הרצאות מידי יום כל הרבנים!

הצטרפו לערוץ צפו תהנו ושתפו!

Rabbi Dovid Feinstein



Daf Yomi Megillah Talmud Rabbi Weisblum דף יומי מגילה ‘ הרב משה ויסבלום

Daf Yomi Talmud Succah  Gemarrah Succot Rabbi Weisblum דף יומי תלמוד גמרא סוכה

פורים חלק א – הרב יוסף שני שליט”א


פורים – חלק ב – הרב יוסף שני שליט”א


הרב פינטו – רבי שלמה פינטו שליט”א – תפילה שיוצאת בלב שלם


הרב יאשיהו פינטו http://www.rabbi-pinto.org
הרב יאשיהו פינטו, נצר לשושלת רבני מרוקו, פינטו ואבוחצירא.
הרב פינטו משמש כנשיא קהילת שובה ישראל
שמונה מעל 20,000 חברים, ב 23 מרכזים רוחניים ברחבי העולם.


הרב יאשיהו פינטו שמחת פורים


הידברות-הרב יונה מצגר-פורים בשנה מעוברת


פורים בשנה מעוברת
הרב יונה מצגר בפינה מיוחדת לחג פורים

הרבי מליובאוויטש: ההכנות לחג הפורים


בהתוועדות פורים קטן תשמ”ו עורר הרבי מליובאוויטש מלך המשיח, אודות ההכנות הנדרשות שלושים יום קודם חג הפורים.

הרב עובדיה יוסף שליט”א Porim 2 המשך הלכות פורים התשע”ד


יום רביעי יב’ אדר א’ התשע”ד http://borokhov.kodesh.tv

הרב זמיר כהן- הלכות תענית אסתר וחג פורים


לעילוי נשמת: שבתאי ארמא בן דינה
לעילוי נשמת: חנניה לוי בן יקוט
לעילוי נשמת: יקוט פחימה בת מסעודה
לעילוי נשמת: יעקב פחימה בן זהרה


פרשת ויקהל – התקהלות בטהרה – בחבלי משיח – פורים – -הרב אלישע

וישליצקי – ערוץ מאיר – פרשת שבוע – שיעורי תורה – יהדות


טיפ: הרשמו לערוץ שלנו ותקבלו עדכון על כל סרט חדש שנעלה!
הקליקו להרשמה: http://go.yahadoot.com/youtube/subscribe

אתר הוידאו הכשר הגדול בעולם: http://video.yahadoot.com
יצירת קשר עם ערוץ “יהדות”: youtube@yahadoot.com

חג פורים הרב יוסף בן פורת חובה לצפות מרתק ביותר!!!


שלום חברים! כל מי שיכול בבקשה ממכם כל סרט טוב שאתם רואים ממה שאני העלתי או אחרים כמובן רק סרטי יהדות תלחצו על אהבתי וגם תגובה טובה או תודה וכמה זה חיזק אותכם זה מאוד חשוב לי ונותן כח להמשיך להעלות סרטים ליוטיוב תודה לכולם! שלום חברים! כל מי שיכול בבקשה ממכם כל סרט טוב שאתם רואים ממה שאני העלתי או אחרים כמובן רק סרטי יהדות תלחצו על אהבתי וגם תגובה טובה או תודה וכמה זה חיזק אותכם זה מאוד חשוב לי ונותן כח להמשיך להעלות סרטים ליוטיוב תודה לכולם! מעוניינים לשמוע עצות מקצועיות בחינוך ילדים?http://www.DifferentEducation.org.ilhttp://www.DifferentEducation.org.il הקליקו לעצות מקצועיות בחינוךילדים

הרב עובדיה יוסף שליט”א Purim מהלכות פורים התשע”ד

יום רביעי ה’ אדר א’ התשע”ד http://borokhov.kodesh.tv

הרב מרדכי שריקי שליט”א ברדיו מנטה

הרב מרדכי שריקי שליט”א ראש מוסדות” בית יוסף ” מתארח ברדיו מנטה בנו וממשיך דרכו של האדמו’ר ” המלומד בניסים” הרב יוסף שריקי זכר צדיק וקדוש לברכה .

הרב זמיר כהן – סוד האותיות ושם האדם חלק

להרצאות נוספות כנסו לאתר הידברות – http://www.hidabroot.org/. ערוץ הידברות משודר באפיק 97 ב-Yes ו-Hot. לפניות הציבור: 073-2221222

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: You can build something indestructible that lasts.


Rav Noach Weinberg on The Six Constant Mitzvos: Mitzvah


Video from http://jewishpathways.com/
Jewish Pathways is for people who want to take the next step in their Torah learning. Jewish Pathways courses are built around essential learning components like videos lectures, readings, slide shows and quizzes. Whether in areas of Jewish law or Jewish thought, Pathways will give you the confidence to handle all kinds of situations and issues that may come up.

Jewish Torah Insights Purim: Pride and Power

Available on naaleh.com at: http://www.naaleh.com/viewclass/2457/single/ In this Torah shiur (class) on Purim, Mrs. Shira Smiles …

Jewish Torah Insights: Purim

Available on naaleh.com at: http://www.naaleh.com/viewclass/2455/single/ In this shiur (Torah class) on chinuch, Mrs. Shira Smiles, Rebbetzin …

Purim: A Time to Speak, A Time to be Silent

Available on naaleh.com at: http://www.naaleh.com/viewclass/2458/single/ In this Torah shiur (class) on Purim, Mrs. Shoshi

Tiferet Shiur on Purim by Mrs. Haber

Mrs.Sara Leah Haber provides a deeper insight into the concept of simcha. May the proper understanding of simcha bring all of us to the ideal level of Purim celebration! Purim Samayach!

Jewish Recipes : 24JEWISH Alerts Section jewish Recipes for PURIM Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut


Hamentaschen Cookies


Recette de Baklava ou Baklawa – 750 Grammes


Le baklava c’est un peu le mille-feuille oriental ! Une couche successive de pâte filo et de beurre, superposées et un mélange de fruits secs, le tout relevé de fleur d’oranger ou de rose… Un délice à partager !

Une recette proposée par Chef Damien et Nadia du blog ‘Paprikas’ pour 750 Grammes.

Ingrédients pour les Baklavas :
20 feuilles de pâte Filo
150g de pistaches
100g de noix
200g d’amandes mondées
3 c à s bombées de sucre glace
1 c à s d’eau de fleur d’oranger

Wine Jerusalem 2014 – Kosher Wine Expo | תערוכת היין הכשר



Leading up to the wine season before purim and pesach, the annual kosher Wine Jerusalem expo took place at Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem. Attracting alcohol stores and distributors from around the world, the expo boasted the largest collection of kosher wines in the world under one roof. Wine tasters, connoisseurs, and reviewers gathered to offer their opinions on some of the finest grape products available today on the kosher market. The event, which was also open to the public for a fee, attracted people from across the Jewish spectrum as they explored new wines.

(YWN – Israel Desk)

How to Make Challah Bread


Watch more How to Bake Bread videos:http://www.howcast.com/videos/239214-…

Making this braided egg bread from scratch is worth the effort.

Step 1: Mix yeast and water
Mix the warm water, 1/4 cup of flour, and the yeast together in a large bowl, and let it stand for 10 to 20 minutes, until it begins to foam and puff up.

Step 2: Beat in sugar, oil, eggs, and salt
Whisk in the sugar, oil, three eggs, and salt.

You can substitute ¼ cup honey for the sugar.

Step 3: Add the flour
Add in the rest of the flour 1 cup at a time, kneading it in with your hands once the mixture thickens. Knead for about five minutes until smooth, adding flour if it’s too sticky. Put the dough in a clean bowl, cover it with plastic wrap, and let it rise until the dough has doubled in size, about two hours.

Step 4: Punch it
Punch the dough down and transfer it to a lightly-floured surface. Knead for about five minutes, adding flour if needed.

Step 5: Make a braid
Divide the dough into three equal parts and roll each piece into an approximately 9-inch long rope. Braid the three ropes together, and pinch the ends together to seal.

Step 6: Let it sit
Put the braid on a greased baking sheet, cover with a dishcloth, and let it rise until it has doubled in size. The dough should stay dented when you poke it, instead of springing back into place.

Step 7: Preheat oven
Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Beat the remaining egg and brush it on the top of the braid. Sprinkle with poppy seeds if you like.
Step 8: Bake
Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until bread is golden brown. Test for doneness by taking it out of the oven and rapping it on the bottom with your knuckles; if it sounds hollow, it’s ready.
If the top is browning too fast, tent it with foil.
Step 9: Enjoy!
Cool at least one hour before slicing. If you have any left over, use it for French toast in the morning!

Did You Know?
Challah loaves are shaped into spirals for the celebration of the Jewish New Year.

מפרום חצילים – ישראל אהרוני


השף ישראל אהרוני מציג לנו מתכון פשוט להכנת מפרום חצילים. למידע נוסף, בקרו באתר מתכון בטוח: http://www.matkon-batuah.co.il/item/%…

Jewish Food Kasha Kasha Recipes Kupecheskaya Russian Jewish

17.02.2014  Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

I have been taking requests for about six months now and doing mostly Asian and Italian cuisines as they are my fave cuisines. The fact is that I LOVE all food and that is why I cook. Last week one of my subbers made a request that I cook some Jewish food. To tell the truth I was stumped by the request because I have never cooked Jewish food. I mean I have eaten matzo ball soup and I make and eat chopped liver and I have eaten at Jewish deli’s but I have never made Jewish food/cuisine. So I did some research and I came up with a traditional Jewish comfort food called Kasha! This week I am going to make the Russian Jewish version of this traditional Jewish comfort food. It is usually called Kasha Varnishkes but in Russian it’s called “Kupecheskaya.” It is a version of Kasha made with onions, garlic, mushrooms and bowtie pasta with the addition of scrambled or crumbled hard boiled eggs. I will be using scrambled eggs as they soak up the flavors of this dish quite well. You can find the exact recipe for this dish on my blog @ http://www.richardblainesezcooking.co

Hamantashen for Hunger 2014


To order Hamantashen from CBS USY, please go to:

Questions or Comments:
Matt Rissien, Congregation Beth Shalom Youth Director: MRissien@BethShalomNB.Org

Izzy’s Traditional Jewish Recipes


Izzy originally from Poland, is an amazing person who spent from age 18 to 24 in German concentration camps doing slave labor, including Auschwitz. Never having had more then a 7th grade education he was liberated in 1945 with nothing more then the clothes he was given, yet he stayed in Germany and became a millionaire there while still in his thirties. In 1964 he came to the US and continued doing business here. Now at 85 he is retired doing the snowbird thing and doing his favorite thing, cooking. Everybody who has tasted his food raves about it, and everyone who knows him thinks he is a real character.
Just for a taste here are his Potato Latkes
available at http://www.simonsezproduction.com and Ebay
This is a 2 volumes, 2 discs DVD of Auschwitz survivor Izzy cooking up a storm in his kitchen. Watch him make Gefilte Fish, Chicken Soup, Lockschen Kugel, Potato Kugel, Potato Latkes, Horse Raddish, Brisket & Veal, Chicken Dish, Matze Brei and Butter Crumb Cake. Everything you need for the holidays. I’ve eaten this food and words can’t describe it. Don’t buy gefilte fish out of a jar make it from scratch, and you’ve never had chicken soup like this before. No wonder Izzy has so much energy at 85. He’s quite a character and fun to watch. This is truly food from the good old days and you can watch it being made. How easy is that to follow?

Now more recipes added: Izzy’s Cookies and Baking Dough, Apple Cake, Goulash, and Cucumber Salad. (The Goulash is my favorite) and really simple to make.

Oznei Haman 01


מיכאלה ותמי אופות אוזני המן ללא גלוטן


למצוא אוזני המן ברשתות ובמאפיות זאת לא בעיה, אבל מה עושים חולי הצליאק שלהם מגוון פחות רחב? פניתי למי שנחשבת לגורו של האפייה ללא גלוטן, מחברת הספר “אפייה ללא גלוטן”, תמי בן דוד שלה גם בלוג קולינרי בתפוז שבו היא מעלה את המתכונים שמותאמים לצרכים המיוחדים גם לה


Chicken Soup cooked by Jewish Bubbie Ruth Zimmer on Loving Spoonfuls


Winnipeg Jewish Bubbie Ruth Zimmer shows David Gale how to make classic chicken soup. From the pilot of Loving Episode.

Kosher Cooking


Jeff and Tara show you how to cook chicken cacciatore–Kosher style.

Jewish Cuisine 2/3


Delicious slow cooked food, warm bread and the famous gefilte fish — the Jewish cuisine is the ultimate comfort food. Learn how to make these mostly Ashkenazi recipes such as the classic Chicken Soup, Gefilte Fish, Cholent, Borscht and the famous Orange and Almond Cake.

Happy Cooking!

(All rights belong to SBS)

Jewish Cuisine 3/3


Jewish Recipe for Shabbat by IsraeliTov : Hamin moroccan style

How to Make Basic Potato Knish Filling and Kasha Potato Filling

26.07.2013 Leah Cooks Kosher

Follow Leah as she prepares the filling for her Knishes

How to make Ultra Fabulous Batter – Fried Chicken


Frying chicken Kosher-style without the greasy mess. Watch Seattle’s top Kosher caterer, Leah Jaffee, make the most mouth-watering fried chicken you’ve ever tasted.

Everyday Kosher Cooking


Everyday Kosher Cooking presents Chaia Frishman (of Fruit Platters & More)

Kosher Honey Chicken Recipe


http://joyofkosher.com/recipe/honey-c… | Jamie Geller from JoyofKosher.com shows you how to make her delicious Kosher Honey Chicken recipe. This easy to make Kosher recipe is perfect for holidays or an elegant dinner party. Jamie Geller is the author of the critically-acclaimed cookbook, “Quick and Kosher: Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing” (Feldheim Publishers, 2007)

For all your kosher food needs, please shop http://www.kosher.com

Beignets- juifs de sefrou-marocain Sfinj



הספינג’ של- yaffa banouz -bente sefrou marocmoreshet

Sfenje Moroccan doughnuts / سفنج مغربي Beignets marocains
מתכון: – 1, ק”ג קמח / שתי כפות שמרים יבשים / כפית סוכר / כף ערק / כפית מלח / שתי כפות שמן / כ-3-כוסות מים פושרים +,

אופן הכנה: – את הקמח , השמרים , הסוכר , מאחדים ולשים ביחד לבצק דליל , אוספים את הבזק לגומה אחת בעזרת השמן והמלח ועוד שתי כפות מים ,
לתת לבצק לנוח ולטפוח עד שהוא מכפיל את נפחו כ-שעה לערך , לגלות אותו וללוש שוב , לאחר כ-1/2 שעה אפשר להתחיל במלכת הטיגון, שאת ההליך רואים בשרטון !!!!!

חג חנוכה שמח !!!!!

צולם ע”י –yaffa banouz -054-5913698

OHEL MALKA – Pourim 5771


L’association a distribué 275 repas pour le Michté de Pourim 5771.
Un repas comprenant : Pains, riz, Pommes de Terres, viandes, Schnitzel, Salades, friandises et jouets pour les enfants.

איך להכין כדורי שוקולד טבעיים שילדים אוהבים


Our Mother’s Recipes – Noodle Kugel


Get the recipe for The Best Ever Classic Jewish Noodle Kugel at See how to.

This is the second video in the Our Mothers Recipe series with Dorene Sager and Armin Feldman. They are demonstrating their mother’s recipe for noodle kuge.

Jamie and friends make an easy classic Kosher Spinach Noodle Kugel, the ultimate in Jewish food. Get the recipe here

Watch more Happy Hanukkah videos: People of any faith can prepare this fanta.

Watch me make noodle kugel and explain how to make it healthier! Here is the recipe for my kugel!

Happy Hanukkah from The Sam Livecast! We’re making a strangely delicious Noodle Kugel dish. It’s egg noodles but sweet. It has cottage cheese but is amazingl.

To view the next video in this series click: This video will show how to mix the ingredients for noodle kugel.

Order it online now! Michael, King and owner of Kosher Kingdom, shares his recipe for sweet noodle .

It’s easy. It’s tasty. It’s a traditional family recipe for the holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Now you can make Noodle Kugel! BTW.recipe uses an .

Jspace Food tells you how to make a savory noodle kugel, the perfect side dish for any meal! Find more recipes, tips and tricks for the Jewish kitchen at htt.

Kosher Deli Restaurant in White Plains New York. Making noodle kugel.

Denison’s Cross-Cultural Community is proud to announce the first annual International Food and Culture Festival! Inherent to one’s migration is the movement.

Get the App from Google Play: ☆ Kitchen Cat ☆ Apple Noodle Kugel Recipe. A recipe from the KC Des.

To view the next video in this series click: This video will show how to bake noodle kugel.

Get the App from Google Play: ☆ Kitchen Cat ☆ Apple Lokshen Noodle Kugel Recipe. A recipe from th.

Our Pineapple Noodle Pudding is a tropical twist on the original Eastern European dish known as kugel. Serve this warm or chilled for brunch or dessert and.

Jodie enjoyed her dinner last night – especially her noodle kugel from Aunt Joan – she had 2 helpings.

it tasted good,, i couldnt finish it all! mirracle noodles 100 g eggwhites 1 apple, chopped sweetener which bakes good cinnamon 0 cal non stick spray for loa.

This Philly Noodle Kugel is a great side dish that compliments any meat, fish, or poultry entrée. Serve either warm or cold. Whether you are traditionally Je.

This easy basic potato kugel recipe is a traditional baked Jewish casserole, served as a side dish. Moist on the inside and crispy golden on the outside it i.

12 oz wide egg noodles, cooked 4 min. 16 oz sour cream, 16 oz farmer’s cheese, 6 eggs, 1/4 c brown sugar, 1/8 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp salt, bla.

Many people are unfamiliar with kugels, which are baked puddings associated with Eastern European Jews. They typically feature ingredients such as rice, nood.

I’ve finally got my act together to provide you with my families traditional holiday dish after years of being asked what is it and how do you make it. Enjoy.

| Jamie Geller from Kosher.com shows you how to make her simple and Kosher Cran-Apple Crunch Kug.

Le Nougat

Voici une recette de pâtisserie orientale, qui est originaire d’Algérie, et que m’a transmise Nelly. Elle fait traditionnellement ce nougat lors de Pourim, une fête juive pendant le mois de février. Rien de compliqué à faire pour peu qu’on fasse bien attention à ne pas faire brûler les dattes sur le feu, et qu’on respect le temps de cuisson.
Ce nougat est un régal, essayez le vous m’en direz des nouvelles !
Merci à Nelly T. pour la recette 🙂

Le Roulé brioché “Crunch”special Pourim du Chef Stéphane Laïk

Le Chef Stéphane Laïk vous délivres les secrets de son Roulé brioché “Crunch” au chocolat et noisettes caramélisées ;une recette special Pourim

Ingrédients pour 2 roulés.

4 verres de farine blanche tamisée (600 g)
1 cube de levure fraîche
1/2 verre de sucre (100 g)
100 g de beurre mou
2 œufs de taille moyenne
1/2 verre d’huile de tournesol
1 pincée de sel
Zest finement haché d’une orange ou d’un citron
1 cuillère à café d’extrait de vanille Bourbon ou 1 sachet de sucre vanillé

Les oreillettes de Pourim. Cuisson1

Les oreillettes de Pourim.

Let’s Talk Nosh: Makin’ Hamantaschen


Television chef Jeanette Friedman of ABC’s “The Taste”, let’s us into her world of cooking as she bakes hamantaschen assisted by Folkbiene Business Manager Jill Goldstein with a cameo appearance by Artistic Director Zalmen Mlotek.


Director, Marketing Communications: Christopher Massimine

12 Reasons why we eat Hamentashen on Purim


The history and origin Hamentashen

Cookies are centerpiece of Jewish celebration


Jews prepare to celebrate Purim

Purim Pastry! Hamantashen/Oznei Haman


Baking Oznei Haman/Hamantashen for purim is so much fun. Enjoy!

Recipe from back of poppyseed can!

Making of Bakery Hamantaschen for Purim – הכנת אוזני המן מאפיה לפורים


Our friendly local bakers Guy and Avi at the Yesh Bakery in Modi’in Illit show us how they bake kosher Hamantaschen for Purim in the spirit of the Jewish holiday.


אופים ידידותי שלנו גיא ואבי במאפייה יש במודיעין עילית הראה לנו איך הם אופים אזני המן לפורים ברוח החג.

How to make Hamantashen for Purim


Making Hamantashen

Recette facile חלה “challah” pain traditionnel du Shabbat


Matériel utilisé pour cette vidéo :
Musique titrée “Cafe anatolia I love secret” prise sur youtube
Cette vidéo reflète ma propre croyance indépendamment à la croyance du compositeur de cette musique et de ceux qui l’accompagnent.

Vidéo filmée par moi-même.
Recette facile חלה “challah” pain traditionnel du Shabbat

Section Events, Jewish Life : 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection in each section

Rabbi Da’vid Sperling – Nishmat’s Alisa Flatow International Program


http://nishmat.net Nishmat’s Alisa Flatow International program offers a unique opportunity for English-speaking women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to study Jewish texts in a warm and intellectually stimulating environment.

Rabbi Da’vid Sperling, was born in Sydney Australia. He studied at Yeshivat Machon Meir and after that, he studied at Yeshivat Ateret Kohanim under the tutelage of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner. Rabbi Sperling received advanced rabbinic ordination from the chief rabbinate of Israel, as well as from Rabbi Yehuda Henkin. Rabbi Sperling has taught Halacha at Nishmat for many years, as well as at Yeshivat Machon Meir. He has published a wide range of halachic articles in journals and on the internet. Rabbi Sperling lives in Jerusalem with his wife Riva and their five cute children.

Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos


Bar Mitzvah Invitation – In Lights


Click here! http://bit.ly/1dnAzx6
Demonstration and Assembly Instructions for the In Lights Bar Mitzvah Invitation from Invitations4Less.com.



AMBASADOR IZRAELA W POLSCE ZVI RAV-NER. שגריר ישראל בפולין,צבי רב-נר משתתף בפתיחת פסטיבל תרבות יהודית בורשה ומספר על חשיבות וסמליות של קיום הארוע בבית הכנסת נוזי’ק,היחיד ששרד בורשה

Kantor Jacov Lemmer [Azkara dla Pamięci,18.04.2013]


18 kwietnia 2013, tuż przed północą, po zakończeniu koncertu w Teatrze Wielkim, pod Pomnikiem Bohaterów Getta, rozpoczęła się “Azkara dla Pamięci” – symboliczna uroczystość upamiętniająca bohaterów Powstania w Getcie Warszawskim. Udział wzięli w niej m.in. Zubin Mehta, muzycy Izraelskiej Orkiestry Filharmonicznej, Samuel Pisar, ambasador Izraela Zvi Rav-ner, Zygmunt Rolat, Gołda Tencer oraz Rabin Schudrich.

Chabad Jewish School Builds New Mikvah In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


A spiritual building known as a Mikvah in hebrew is being built for Jewish people to use in Myrtle Beach.

It’s the first in the state of South Carolina that will house a separate section for men and one for woman in the same building.

“In the bible it talks about the Mikvah, which is a pool of rainwater or spring water that is used in order to deep and wash to purify,” said Rabbi Doron Aizenman.

“I think the rabbi who sent us here 28 years ago had a vision. And he always said you have to aim where the community is going to be rather of when it’s here now,” said Aizenman.

Rabbi Aizenman said this 2 story building is a sign that the future of Myrtle Beach will continue to grow in diversity. And this Mikvah will help introduce a new element of Jewish tradition to the community.

“I think that learning is our best tool of preparation for a perfect world. A world of peace, a world that will allow all the colors to unite to a beautiful rainbow and picture. And when people learn about each others customs and traditions they get to appreciate it and it goes to create unity and peace,” said Aizenman.

As young students play in the yard of the Chabad school of Myrtle Beach, they see a building in the distance, a sign of growth for years to come.

The rabbi said they expect another year of construction before the Mikvah is complete.

Giora Feidman_Halaka Dance


Giora Feidman and Friends
Konzert zum 75. Geburtstag
Berliner Philharmonie, 25. März 2011

Traditional “Halaka Dance (arr. Giora Feidman)

Jewish community in Massachusetts begins Purim celebration


LONGMEADOW, Mass. The Jewish community here in western Mass. began their celebration of Purim.

Lots of fun activities were planned at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy in Longmeadow.

Purim celebrates the Jewish survival from enemies in ancient Persia.

A reading of the story of Purim was followed by a clown performance on Saturday night.

A rabbi told 22News what the holiday is really all about.

“On the surface, this look like an amazing tail of serendipity. Of things that just happened to have happened. Yet we scratch the surface and we find that God’s hand is throughout the story,” Rabbi Chaim Kosofsky said.

And in case your wondering why people are dressed up, it’s traditional to wear a costume during the holiday.

On Sunday, the Jewish holiday celebration continues with a four course feast and live petting zoo at Forest Park in Springfield.

“What’s the Parsha, Pani Zosia?” s01 e18 – Vayakhel


“What’s the Parsha, pani Zosia?” – seria 1, odc. 18. “Vayakhel”. Z gościnnym występem Sławka Pastuszki.

Cykl mini-wykładów dotyczących cotygodniowej porcji Tory prowadzony przez Zofię Radzikowską, zasłużoną członkinię społeczności żydowskiej w Krakowie.

“What’s the Parsha, pani Zosia? – season 1, episode 18. Vayakhel. Guest starring: Sławek Pastuszka.

A series of short lectures on a weekly Torah portion led by Zofia Radzikowska, a distinguished member of the Jewish community in Krakow, Poland.

Choir of Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad Toronto – Yedid Nefesh


Learning if Fun at Chabad Hebrew School February 19, 2014


Learning if Fun at Chabad Hebrew School
February 19, 2014

Legends and stories from Toledo; the Inquisition, Hercules, Pin Street and Jewish keys to Toledo


Take our fascination guide to the stories of old Toledo. Tales of the Spanish inquisition and expulsion of Jews, some of whom legend has it still hold keys to the city today. Hear about the bitter well a la Spanish Romeo and Juliet. Or take a peek at Pin Street if you need some luck to find a man! The Moorish Patio festival, festivals, knight-high arches, Alley of the Dead, Hercules caves.
For mrore details on tours of Toledo and Madrid, email grainne@i2itravel.com

UK Jewish Film Festival 2013 Launch


The 17th annual UK Jewish Film Festival revealed its full programme yesterday at a press launch in Soho attended by guests including filmmaker/comedian Jes Benstock and comedian Arnold Brown. Running from 30 October — 17 November 2013, the festival will feature screenings of over 80 films and other special events across five cities – London, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. 53 of the films will be UK premieres, hailing from countries including Argentina, Israel, USA, UK, Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Please see here for the exciting festival programme: ukjewishfilm.org/ UKJF also launches, in its 17th year, a new VOD channel, sponsored by Think Jam: At the press launch, Festival Founder & Executive Director Judy Ironside MBE introduced some of the highlights of the festival including the UK premiere of the dazzling new comedy Blumenthal from New York writer/director Seth Fisher starring actor Brian Cox CBE. (Both will attend Festival screening for Q&A – 6 Nov, Phoenix Cinema, 20:45) Other highlights include the UK premiere of the award-winning US documentary Joe Papp In Five Acts, a portrait of the legendary New York theatre producer Joe Papp. The screening will be followed by a discussion, with actor Zoe Wanamaker CBE & director Tracie Holder (14 Nov, Barbican, 18:15), on A New Democratic Theatre For The UK. Comedian and filmmaker Jes Benstock was at the launch warming up the audience for his special Festival Comedy Event to be presented with Scottish Jewish comedian Arnold Brown, and a host of witty friends including Miriam Margolyes, Bill Paterson, David Schneider and Helen Lederer. Other guests attending the festival will include the esteemed Lord Michael Grade who will speak after Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy (13 Nov, Barbican, 18:15); award-winning French director Ilan Duran Cohen who will be opening the festival with his gripping historical drama The Jewish Cardinal (30 Oct, BFI, 20:30); Czech writer/director David Ondricek presenting his debut feature In the Shadow (2 Nov, Tricycle, 19:00); and Israeli film director Eytan Fox who will close the festival on a high note with his heart-warming musical comedy Cupcakes (17 Nov, Tricycle 19:45). Other festival highlights include the UK Premiere of thriller Wakolda (5 Nov, Tricycle, 21:00), the new film from award-winning Argentinean director Lucia Puenzo; the Tribeca award-winning Israeli drama Room 514 (3 Nov, Tricycle,20:30); and an Exclusive Preview of The Congress (10 Nov, Odeon Swiss Cottage Imax Screen, 21:00), Ari Folman’s impressive follow-up to Waltz with Bashir.

Vayakhel: Shabbat, Tabernacle & Jewish vs. Israeli Culture War

Echoes of Elijah’s face-off with the false prophets of the Baal; Mordechai’s face-off with the Persian Jewishestablishment who wined and dined at 
Faith Notes: Synagogue gives gift for hospitality

Rabbi Bruce Diamond presented a miniature Torah Scroll to Nick Karas and Maria Mourgis. / Special to The News-Press 
Celebrating the survival of the Holocaust

Mark Levy • photos@svherald.com Jack Farkas kisses the Holocaust Torah being held by Zachary Koltoff, 17, during a recent emotional service 
Midrash service at Adas Israel set

Midrash is discussion/teaching of the week’s Torah portion. This week’s portion is Vayakhel (Exodus 35:1-38:20). Vayakhel means “assembled” and 
Departures / Arrivals: Cantor Amram Mizrachi is the real wandering Jew

I studied Torah every day. Mishna, ritual laws, Talmud … and cantillation. Then someone was called up to the Torah in the synagogue and I was 
Judaism: An Ongoing Process

Shira also trains Torah teachers in special workshops all over the world. ▻ More from this writer. After devoting several weekly Torah readings to 
Where We Pray: Founded as a school, The Valley Temple in Wyoming builds on faith and learning

 faith in God, love of Torah, and identification with the Jewish people, through education, involvement in the Temple and participation in Jewish life.”.
Judaism: Drinking Kiddush Wine

The Aruch HaShulchan ((Chap.271; par.36) brings a proof that even for a Mitzvah in the Torah involving eating (and Kiddush on wine is only a 
Rabbi fosters Jewish revival in downtown Detroit

In this photo, Rabbi Yisreal Pinson talks about the newly-opened Chabad House in Detroit. Four years ago, Rabbi Pinson saw the beginnings of a 
Mattes Weingast to Host Rabbi Edelkopf of Chabad in Sochi, Russia. Nachum Hosted Mattes for a 

This week Mattes’s guest on JM Sunday will be Rabbi Ari Edelkopf, Chabad Director in Sochi, Russia. Mattes and Rabbi Edelkopf will discuss what 

Rav N KahanaWhy Did the Torah Interrupt the Sequence?

The Torah, through the sequence of these five portions, was informing the Jewish people of what awaited them in the future. The instructions in 

Chabad’s Torah Study Class at the EHT Library

Chabad’s Torah Study Class at the EHT Library. Sanctuary in Time A New Outlook on the Workweek Friday, February 21st, 12:15pm Our days are 

A biblical idea for funding a synagogue

SAN DIEGO–This week’s D’var Torah was suggested by Norm Katz, Financial V.P. and regular Torah Reader at Tifereth Israel Synagogue. Norm will 

Rabbi Josh Foster

Unlike this week’s gift to provide the materials to build a dwelling-place for God, however, the gold in last week’s Torah portion went toward building a .

Disloyalty dissed

United Torah Judaism MK Meir Porush handcuffs himself to the microphone on the lectern in the Knesset plenum, during a speech about efforts to 

Rosner’s Torah-Talk: Parashat Vayakhel with Rabbi James Ponet | Rosner’s Domain | Jewish Journal

This week’s Torah portion – Parashat Vayekhal (Exodus 35:1-38:20) – begins with Moses commanding the people of Israel to observe the Shabbat 

Talking Torah Weekly: Ki-Tissa and Vayelekh | Talking Torah

Talking Torah ⋅ Jgilbert
Talking Torah Weekly: Ki-Tissa and Vayelekh. Feb 21, 2014 by Jgilbert. Today we backtrack a little and spend most of our time in Ki-Tissa, I know it is 

Torah Mitzion Torani Tzioni MovementOur Forefathers, the Lumberjacks

This week’s dvar Torah is by Rav Asher Smith – Former emissary (shaliach) in Syracuse and Kansas City, now head of English Speaking Section at 

In Hebrew immersion day camps, summer fun augmented with learning

Approximately 3,000 children, not all of them Jewish, are now enrolled in the tuition-free schools, which focus on Hebrew learning and Israeli culture.

11 Best Performances by Non-Jewish Actors Playing Jews in the Movies

Observers of the convergence of Jewish and mainstream American culture will be keeping a close watch on this year’s Academy Awards in which 

St Paul JCC Celebrating 80 Years

It’s a place where individuals, families and communities come together for Jewish culture, child care, fitness, recreation and socialization in a safe, 

Temple Israel presents Torah Fund Study Day workshop

Temple Israel of Winter Springs is hosting a Torah Fund Study Day on Sunday, March 2. Following registration at 9:30 a.m., participants will have the 

Choices at 20- JFGO celebrates an anniversary of note

A video timeline documented changes, progress and historical events in the Central Florida Jewishcommunity, spanning from Orlando’s first Jewish 

More than 100 brides attend Jstyle Weddings event

More than 100 brides-to-be attended the event, including 33-year-old Carrie  of the Cleveland JewishPublication Company, who planned the event.

Jewish LIFE presents A Taste of Jewish Spain

A Taste of Jewish Spain is co-sponsored by Jewish LIFE and the Cultural Arts Committee of Temple Beth-El. For further information or to register, call 

Cooking up a storm for Leeds food fans at new Jewish festival

Helen Frais, cultural director, said: “This festival is really a celebration of Jewish culture as well as a chance to try new and exciting food. “Everyone is 

Hoffman brings new novel to Brandeis event

Hoffman, who was raised “culturally Jewish,” she says, is one of the authors at the 24th Annual Brandeis National Committee, Phoenix Chapter, Book 

Jewish Immigration Advocates Push Eric Cantor To Support Broad Reforms

Some Jewish activists believe that they may have found a pathway to the  “I am the grandson of immigrants, and as such my life has been blessed 

Composer/singer to bring her music, passion to JCC

Jewish music has enhanced my observance,” she said. “As a child, I had a hard time connecting to God in yeshiva, but singing zemirot in front of the 

Final 2013 Federation Fundraising Totals Hit $19.68 million

Funds raised by Federation support a community-wide network of organizations that care for people in need and nurture and sustain Jewish life and 

Ukraine: Don’t Scapegoat Your Jews and Muslims

During the conference, I met many wonderful Jewish and Muslim  the supreme moral imperative of the moment is the preservation of human life.


UF opens doors of new Jewish student center on campus

The new building-The Tabacinic Campus and Marilyn Kapner Levin Center for Jewish Life and Learning-is named in memory of Menachem Mendel 

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Die ARCHÄOLOGISCHE ZONE / JÜDISCHES MUSEUM, einer der größten Archäologischen Zonen mitten in Köln, stellt sich vor.

Der Siegeszug der Archäologie – Das Versteck der Pharaonen – Troja ist überall


Im ägyptischen Sakkara hatte der französische Ägyptologe Auguste Ferdinand François Mariette (1821 – 1881) 1851 den Zugang zu einem Grab gefunden. Doch die Gruft vor den Sarkophagen stand leer. Es stellte sich heraus, dass Mariette eine sensationelle Entdeckung gemacht hatte. – Der Film zeichnet die Geschichte der Doku deutsch,
Südlich von Kairo, genauer im ägyptischen Sakkara, hatte der französische Ägyptologe Auguste Ferdinand François Mariette (1821 – 1881) 1851 den Zugang zu einem Grab gefunden. Doch die Gruft vor den Sarkophagen stand leer. Mariette fand dort lediglich für ihn unverständliche Inschriften. Da die Grabstätte keine Spuren von Plünderungen zeigte, vermutete er, dass ihm die Schrifttafeln den entscheidenden Hinweis auf den Verbleib der wertvollen Grabbeigaben geben könnten. Jedoch fehlten dem Franzosen die nötigen Sprachkenntnisse, um die merkwürdigen Zeichen zu lesen

Sarahs Schwestern – Jüdische Frauen in Deutschland


Nach den Festen, den Hochzeiten, der Architektur und der Kindheit, stehen 2010 die Frauen im Zentrum der Dokumentationsreihe “Religionen in Deutschland”. Ob Judentum, Buddhismus, Islam oder Katholizismus: Frauen wird von den Religionen eine ganz bestimmte Rolle zugewiesen. Inwieweit gläubige Frauen diese erfüllen bzw. sich bewusst dagegen entscheiden, will die 4-teilige Serie anhand von ausgewählten Beispielen beleuchten. Im Zentrum stehen dabei pro Film zwei sehr unterschiedliche Frauen, die ihre Religion und ihren Glauben aus ihrer ganz persönlichen Sicht erklären. Die Rabbinerin Irit Shillor ist gebürtige Israelin. Mit den Ritualen des Judentums ist sie wie selbstverständlich groß geworden, eine besondere, religiöse Erziehung hat sie jedoch nicht genossen. Als sie nach ihrem Mathematikstudium nach England zog, lernte sie die liberale Strömung des Judentums kennen und lieben. Heute pendelt sie zwischen England und Deutschland, wo sie in der kleinen Hamelner Gemeinde als Rabbinerin tätig ist. Als religiöses Vorbild will sie ihrer Gemeinde vor allem die Gleichstellung von Mann und Frau nahe bringen. Joelle Spinner ist orthodoxe Jüdin und nimmt die religiösen Vorschriften sehr ernst. Die aus der Schweiz stammende Frau ist wie selbstverständlich mit der Orthodoxie aufgewachsen.Die promovierte Kunsthistorikerin ist verheiratet mit dem Vorsitzenden der Lauderfoundation und hat mit ihren drei Töchtern und dem Haushalt, der jede Woche am Shabbat seine Türen für Gäste aus aller Welt öffnet viel zu tun. Ihr Mann und sie kamen 2000 nach Berlin, sie waren die ersten, sichtbaren Juden am Prenzlauer Berg. Joelle Spinner zeigt, wie es gelingen kann als moderne, weltoffene Frau das orthodoxe Judentum ganz selbstverständlich hier in Deutschland zu leben.

Weiterleben! Jüdischer Neuanfang in Deutschland nach dem 2. Weltkrieg


60 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland bedeutet auch 60 Jahre jüdisches Leben in Deutschland. In der Bundesrepublik blüht das jüdische Leben an vielen Orten neu auf. Mittlerweile gibt es 102 jüdische Gemeinden mit insgesamt 105.000 Mitgliedern.

Goldenes Kalb 1 Kabbala Fankfurt


Das goldene Kalb
Zitat 1
1 Als aber das Volk sah, dass Mose ausblieb und nicht wieder von dem Berge zurückkam, sammelte es sich gegen Aaron und sprach zu ihm: Auf, mach uns einen G-tt, der vor uns hergehe! Denn wir wissen nicht, was diesem Mann Mose widerfahren ist, der uns aus Ägyptenland geführt hat.
2 Aaron sprach zu ihnen: Reißt ab die goldenen Ohrringe an den Ohren eurer Frauen, eurer Söhne und eurer Töchter und bringt sie zu mir.
3 Da riss alles Volk sich die goldenen Ohrringe von den Ohren und brachte sie zu Aaron.
4 Und er nahm sie von ihren Händen und bildete das Gold in einer Form und machte ein gegossenes Kalb. Und sie sprachen: Das ist dein G-tt, Israel, der dich aus Ägyptenland geführt hat!
(2. Moses 32:1-4)

Zitat 2
19 Sie machten ein Kalb am Horeb und beteten das gegossene Bild an
20 und verwandelten die Herrlichkeit ihres G-ttes in das Bild eines Ochsen, der Gras frisst.
21 Sie vergaßen G-tt, ihren Heiland, der so große Dinge in Ägypten getan hatte,
22 Wunder im Lande Hams und schreckliche Taten am Schilfmeer.
23 Und er gedachte, sie zu vertilgen, wäre nicht Mose gewesen, sein Auserwählter; der trat vor ihm in die Bresche, seinen Grimm abzuwenden, dass er sie nicht verderbe.
(Psalmen 106:19-23)

Zitat 3
Wo keine Rinder sind, da ist die Krippe leer; aber die Kraft des Ochsen bringt reichen Ertrag.
(Sprüche 14:4)

Zitat 4
3 Ein Ochse kennt seinen Herrn und ein Esel die Krippe seines Herrn; aber Israel kennt’s nicht, und mein Volk versteht’s nicht.
(Jesaja 1:3)

Shlomo Raskin öffnet für euch ein Fenster zu den chassidischen, spirituelle Gedanken der Geheim-Lehre der Thora, nach der Lehre vom Lubawitchen Rebbe.

Die Kabbala-Lern Abende sind für die alle offen die Änderung und sinfolles Leben wollen!

Für weitere Informationen besuchen sie unsere Website: http://www.kabbala-frankfurt.com

david verwandlungen part  ,,,,


Eine Hommage an den Hohenemser David von Pavel Schmidt. Buchvorstellung mit Pavel Schmidt und Himi Burmeister im Jüdischen Mueum Hohenems am 7.3.2013.

“Ari heißt Löwe” Erinnerungen


Ari heißt Löwe. Buchvorstellung und Gespräch mit dem israelischen Journalisten Ari Rath im Jüdischen Museum Hohenems am 11. Dezember 2013. Moderation: Peter Niedermair

Herzlich Willkommen beim You Tube Kanal des Jüdischen Museums Hohenems. Sie finden auf dieser Seite Videos von Ausstellungseröffnungen und Veranstaltungen des Museums.

Israel Heute

Israelnetz Nachrichten

Die letzte jüdische Familie ging 1887

4000 Besucherinnen und Besucher der Webseite von “Alemannia Judaica” der Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Erforschung der jüdischen Geschichte im 

Israel: Grazer Pilger im selben Hotel mit hochrangigen Rabbinern

Aufgrund der staatlichen Regelungen in Israel sind die Rabbiner u.a. für alle familienrechtlichen Themen unter Juden zuständig. Die steirischen Pilger 

Mamme und das Coming-out

Doch für orthodoxe Rabbiner und Gemeinden ist das keine leichte Aufgabe – weder in Baltimore noch in vielen anderen jüdischen Gemeinden.

General und Gottesmann

Er war nicht nur Rabbiner und Wissenschaftler, sondern auch General der israelischen Armee – und amtierte danach zwölf Jahre lang, bis 1992, als 

Jugendkongress: Auf ein Neues

Für uns als jüdische Gemeinschaft wäre es fatal, vor den Gefahren des  Veranstaltungen wie der Jugendkongress bieten dazu eine gute Plattform.

Spanien bürgert israelische Juden ein Al-Andalus’ neue Zuwanderer

Manchmal wird diese Zeit – die Zeit von Al-Andalus, als sich Christen, Moslems undJuden spanischen Boden teilten – als Epoche des friedvollen 

Die Juden auf der Karibikinsel wünschen sich einen engeren Kontakt zu Gemeinden im Ausland

Zum ersten Mal hat sich ein Mitglied der jüdischen Gemeinde in Kuba in einem ausländischen Medium ausführlich geäußert. David Prinstein, der 

Ausstellung über jüdische Silberschmiede startet in München

Am Beispiel der Silberschmiede «M.T. Wetzlar» wird gezeigt, wie brutal die Nationalsozialisten in dasLeben jüdischer Geschäftsleute einbrachen.
Jüdische Geschichte erforscht

Für das »Gedenkbuch im Salmen« setzen sich Schülerinnen mit den Biografien von Offenburger Juden auseinander. Während viele Juden deportiert 
Literarischer Salon widmet sich jüdischen Autoren

Ehingen / sz Die Vielfalt jüdischer Autoren ist das neue Thema des Literarischen Salons. Von Februar bis Juli wird über Romane diskutiert, die zeigen, 
“Die Geretteten”: Kinder im Lager Föhrenwald

Eine Fotodokumentation zur Geschichte jüdischer Kinder, die den Holocaust überlebt haben, zeigt dasJüdische Gemeindezentrum am Münchner 

Jetzt noch schärfer

Ulm-Mähringen Der jüdische Humor besteht keineswegs nur aus Ephraim Kishon. Das hat das Teatrino-Trio mit seinem Programm „Schärfer als ein 

 Provokation? Rabbiner kritisiert Esztergomer Bürgermeisterin wegen Jobbik-Treffen in ehemaliger 

Nachdem die rechtsradikale ungarische Oppositionspartei Jobbik (“Bewegung für ein besseres/rechteres Ungarn”) in der vergangenen Woche mit der .

Aus eins mach zwei fürs Jüdische Museum
Frankfurter Neue Presse
Zwei Millionen Euro will das Jüdische Museum für die Umgestaltung und Erweiterung des Hauses durch Spenden einnehmen. „Stein für Stein zum neuen Haus- Sie spenden, wir verdoppeln.“ So lautet das Motto der Spendenaktion. Auf Werbeplakaten wird 
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Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau
FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Stiftung verdoppelt Betrag Jüdisches Museum sammelt Spenden für Umbau. 28.01.2014 · Zwei Millionen Euro will das Jüdische Museum in Frankfurt für seinen Umbau einsammeln. Die Kölner Bethe-Stiftung will alle bis Mai eingehenden Spenden verdoppln, 
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Bürgermeister von Tel Aviv: Hoffen auf Jüdisches Museum Bürgermeister von 
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
Der Oberbürgermeister von Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, hofft auf baldige Fortschritte beim Bau desJüdischen Museums Köln. „Dieses wichtige Projekt zeugt von ihrem Bekenntnis zum jüdischen Erbe ihrer Stadt, und ich würde mich sehr geehrt fühlen, das Museum 
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Jüdisches Museum Wien mit 100.000 Besuchern im Jahr 2013
Wien, 29.01.2014 (KAP) Das Jüdische Museum Wien kann für das Jubiläumsjahr 2013 mit einem Anstieg der Besucherzahlen aufwarten: vier Prozent mehr als im Jahr zuvor und somit fast 100.000 Menschen haben die Ausstellungen, Veranstaltungen und 
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Blinde Guides im Jüdischen Museum
neues deutschland
Das Jüdische Museum Berlin setzt künftig auch blinde Guides für Architekturführungen ein. Sie sollen Besuchern mit Sehbehinderungen die Architektur des Gebäudes näherbringen, teilte das Museum in B… Artikellänge: rund 160 Wörter 
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Brauer illustriert Haggada für Jüdisches Museum
Brauer illustriert Haggada für Jüdisches Museum. Der Maler Arik Brauer hat eine Haggada – die Erzählung des Auszugs der Juden aus Ägypten – für das Jüdische Museumbebildert. Seine Illustrationen sind jetzt dort in einer Ausstellung zu sehen.
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Museumsraub! Jüdisches Museum sucht Kinder mit Spürnase
(29.01.14) Museumsraub im Jüdischen Museum! Jungen und Mädchen mit Spürnase sind am, Sonntag, 2. Februar, 14 Uhr, eingeladen, auf Spurensuche zu gehen. In kleinen Ermittlerteams begeben sich die jungen Teilnehmer auf die Suche nach 
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Meldungen: BerlinNews I
Berliner Morgenpost
Der Jurist Martin Michaelis wird neuer Geschäftsführender Direktor des Jüdischen Museums Berlin. Er folgt auf Börries von Notz, der das Museum Ende Januar verlassen wird, wie das Jüdische Museum am Dienstag mitteilte. Notz übernimmt die Leitung der 
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Bolivien: Neues jüdisches Museum erinnert an Flüchtlinge aus Deutschland
Aktuell wurde in der bolivianischen Stadt Charobamba das erste jüdische Museum des südamerikanischen Landes eröffnet. Anfang der 1940er Jahre flohen zahlreiche Juden aus Deutschland und Österreich nach Südamerika. Nahe bei Charobamba wurde 
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Jüdische Grabsteine aus Dinslaken werden konserviert
„Anders als früher soll die jüdische Kultur heute erhalten bleiben und daher werden im Landschaftsverband vielfach die alten Grabsteine hergerichtet und konserviert“, erklärt Dieter Peters, Friedhofsbeauftragter des Landesverbandes der Jüdischen 
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Dinslaken/Kempen: Jüdische Grabsteine werden restauriert
Dinslaken/Kempen: Jüdische Grabsteine werden restauriert Stark angegriffen: Auf einigen der Grabsteine sind kaum noch Schriftzeichen zu sehen. Komplett restauriert werden die Tafeln allerdings nicht, sondern nur bearbeitet, um sie in ihrem Zustand zu 
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Klitschko will Präsidenten absetzen lassen
neues deutschland
13.15 Uhr: Einem Bericht der israelischen Zeitungen »Haaretz« und »Maariv« zufolge hat der ukrainische Oberrabbiner Moshe Reuven Asman die jüdische Gemeinde in Kiew aufgerufen, die Stadt zu verlassen. Er wolle nicht das Schicksal herausfordern, 
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Jüdische Gemeinde in Kiew in Angst
neues deutschland
21.55 Uhr: Der ukrainische Grenzschutz hat nach eigenen Angaben ein Flugzeug mit Präsident Viktor Janukowitsch kurz vor dem Abflug gestoppt. Janukowitsch habe – begleitet von bewaffneten Sicherheitsleuten – ohne die übliche Grenzabfertigung von der 
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Ausstellung rüttelt auf
Wuppertal. „Sternvergehen“ heißt eine neue Ausstellung in der Begegnungsstätte Alte Synagoge, Genügsamkeitsstraße, die am morgigen Sonntag, 23. Februar, um 16 Uhr eröffnet wird. Die Ausstellung beleuchtet die Geschichte der jüdischen Familie 
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Schicksal der Kinder in Theresienstadt
Frankfurter Neue Presse
An die nach Theresienstadt deportierten jüdischen Kinder, von denen die meisten in Auschwitz ermordet wurden, erinnert derzeit eine Sonderausstellung in der Stadt- und Schulbibliothek. Sie kann laut dem städtischen Pressesprecher Hartmut Blaum 
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Ultraorthodoxen drohen lange Gefängnisstrafen

Nur wenige meldeten sich freiwillig zur Armee, da sich die führenden Rabbiner dagegen aussprachen. Einige argumentierten, die Gebete der 
Unschuldig in Haft New York zahlt 6,4 Millionen Dollar an Justizopfer

David Ranta hat 23 Jahre lang unschuldig für einen Mord an einem Rabbiner im Gefängnis gesessen, weil ein Ermittler Indizien gefälscht hat.
Dmitrij Yegudin: „Ich bin nicht hier, um Russisch zu sprechen“

„Wir bleiben eine offene Gemeinde und wollen das jüdische Leben weiterführen und beleben.“ Das versichert Dmitrij Yegudin, der neue Vorsitzende 
„Wir bleiben eine offene Gemeinde“
„Wir bleiben eine offene Gemeinde und wollen das jüdische Leben weiterführen und beleben.“ Das versichert Dmitrij Yegudin, der neue Vorsitzende der Jüdischen Gemeinde Duisburg-Mülheim-Oberhausen. Der 38-jährige ist Sprecher des neuen 
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