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Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks in Los Angeles 2014


Popular Chazzanim

Popular Rosh yeshiva videos

Popular Yeshiva videos

Chazzanim of the golden age of Cantorial Music – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report ⋅ Jewish Music Reporter
Fountain Music Studio beautifully remastered fifty-six songs, making an incredible listening experience for the discerning audiophile. Included is a 

Daas Torah – Issues of Jewish Identity: Meeting in Lakewood regarding the TorahApproach to 

Meeting in Lakewood regarding the Torah Approach to Marriage. WHAT? Rabbi Dovid E. Eidensohn, a Talmid of Gedolim HaGaon Amiti HaRav 

So Much for Teens to Do, See and Encounter at New York Shabbaton

The group will then return to Crown Heights to tour the main mikvah there, followed by a farewell banquet in the ballroom of Oholei Torah, complete 

Hesder Yeshivas Welcome Award for Rabbi Lichtenstein

A statement by the union added, “Rabbi Lichtenstein has given merit to and educated generations of students who teach Torah to the public at large 

Yaalon Slammed for Extending Hesder Service Period

Under the Hesder program, youths study Torah in a yeshiva and serve in the army over a five-year period. The army service is generally split into two 

A sober reunion of Torahs

Rachel Dolgov, 21, of Natick clung to her community’s Torah scroll. She processed with it down the aisle of the Westminster Synagogue in London on 

Haredim vow to fight draft bill: ‘We will not compromise’

On Monday, a historic meeting is expected to take place between the Council of Torah Sages (the supreme authority of the Sephardi Shas party) and 

All of Our Children

It’s been twenty-five years since I attended Solomon Schechter Day School and climbed onto a bus with one of my parents for a field trip. Six weeks 

Army service is a part of Torah

His arrogant haredi spin was clearly concocted ahead of time. According to Deri, secular Israelis cannot comprehend how Torah is our oxygen, the 

Foot procession conveys venerable Torah to new home

Change in San Francisco is measured in many ways – and on Sunday, by a 3-mile walk through the southwest corner of the city as a Torah scroll that 

Shapiro: What it means to lead authentic Jewish life
East Valley Tribune
Why was I born into this Jewish family? How shall I balance my Jewish and American selves? I wanted to know what it meant to lead an authentic Jewish life. And, truth be told, I hoped to find a date. Unsure of myself and tentative, I took myself to a 
See all stories on this topic »The Battle Over Gender and Jewish Life
Galus Australis
So what was meant to be a fun and innocuous lesson for the New Year ended up being a battle to help some students unlearn everything they had been taught about gender andJewish life. We are all filled with assumptions – conscious or otherwise – about 
See all stories on this topic »Jewish Agency to Extend Emergency Assistance to Ukraine’s Jewish Community
Yeshiva World News
Though most of world Jewry lives in physical safety, the fund provides financial assistance to Jewish communities that have security concerns, strengthening security measures and helping to ensure that Jewish life takes places in safety. The fund has 
See all stories on this topic »Amb. Power Puts Huge Foot in Mouth with ‘Cycle of Violence’ Comment
The Jewish Press
 the Daniel Pearl Foundation and the Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA proudly presented the 2013-14 Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture, featuring Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, with an introduction 
See all stories on this topic »L.A. City Council approves Iran sanctions
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
 Dave Rand, chair of the Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California, and Sam Yebri, president of 30 Years After, a nonprofit organization that promotes the participation and leadership of Iranian American Jews in American political, civic and 
See all stories on this topic »Oldest Holocaust survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer, dies at 110
The Nazis allowed the Jews to maintain a cultural life there, in order to present the false impression to the world that the inmates were receiving proper treatment. Sommer thus performed there together with other musicians. “We had to play because the 
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