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Ben Zakkai 2011 Honoree – Dr Bernard Lander z”l


Ben Zakkai 2011 Honoree Dr. Bernard Lander z”l. A tribute to the legendary legacy

Dr. Bernard Lander (1915-2010) Founder of Touro College (This Week in Jewish History)


Dr. Bernard Lander (1915-2010) was one of the most influential Jewish educators of the 20th and 21st century. Scholar and social activist, he founded Touro College in 1971, which now serves almost 19,000 students world wide. This short video was prepared to commemorate the recent anniversary of his passing.

Bernard (Bernie) Lander Z”L Chanuka ’05

“Here Their Stories Will Be Told…” – The Valley of the Communities at Yad Vashem

 Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: Religious Life in Ioannina Before the Holocaust

Zionism in Jassy: The Importance of History Today
The Jewish Press
The history of Jassy’s Jews is as comprehensive and as complex as most communities that once inhabited Eastern Europe. Yet Rumania, called by Hannah Arendt as the most anti-semitic country prior to the rise of National Socialism in Germany was not very 
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National Jewish Book Award winners share their personal stories
On March 5, the winners in nearly 20 categories of Jewish books will assemble at the Center for Jewish History in New York City for a celebratory gathering. “I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude,” Yossi Klein Halevi—veteran journalist and author 
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Jewish Women’s Leadership Conference helps 100-plus build workforce skills
Diamondback Online
The event closed with learning groups aimed at empowerment and Lott taught a session called “Badass Women in Jewish History.” Lauren Mishan, Sigma Delta Tau’s president, said she spoke with Bernstein in January about her sorority co-sponsoring the 
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