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הקבר של אוסקר שינדלר – סרט המתאר את הדרך אל הקבר הנמצא בבית

הקברות הקתולי בהר ציון, ירושלים


Zahi Shaked A tour guide in Israel and his camera 9726905522 tel

Mazewot of the Jewish cemetery

Sephardic Jews

Go with Neil and Jamie to Spain as they explore the history of the Jews from Sepharad (Spain). You will be fascinated by the stories of believers in Spain and the U.S. who have reconnected with the Jewish roots of their ancestors. Enjoy Sephardic cooking with Sheryl, Spanish music with Jonathan Settel.

HJRM – Lesson 1 – 2011-10-25

History of Jewish Religious Movements
by David Taylor
Lesson 1 –
From Ancient Messopotamia to Abraham

Paul Eisen speaks with Gilad Atzmon

An insightful conversation between Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen. It takes a deep look into their minds and the troublesome relationship they hold with ‘Jewish identity politics’, ‘Jewish ideology’,’Jewish power’ and Jewish history alongside their prolonged intellectual and political activism

7. Simon Schama: The History of the Jews 25.02.13

Simon Schama presents a special preview of the book and documentary, ‘The History of the Jews’, at Jewish Book Week. It describes an intellectual territory reaching from the Hebrews’ invention of a single God to Jewish responsibility for killing the saviour, to currents of dispossession, destruction and diaspora. The account takes in the birth of modernism and the horrors of the 20th century.

NY Center for Jewish History uploading gigapixel image to Google Art Project
N.Y. Center for Jewish History uploading gigapixel image to Google Art Project. With over one billion pixels, viewers can even see brushstrokes of Marc Janco’s ‘Arab Cafe in Ramallah.’ By Haaretz | Feb. 25, 2014 | 7:27 PM 
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Technology, Memory, and Jewish History: An Interview with Novelist Dara Horn
Religion & Politics
HistoryJewish religion, and memory are not new themes for Horn, whose previous award-winning novels, In the Image (2002), The World to Come (2006), and All Other Nights (2009), as well as her 2012 e-book, The Rescuer, have taken their titles and 
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Israel-Palestine Peace: A Hostage to History
The American Prospect
The long version, as he laid out last week before the most amenable audience he could find, is that the Palestinians must sign off on the entire Jewish narrative of the history of the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan. Speaking in Jerusalem 
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When History Disrupts Dreams
The Jewish Week
In an interview last week in the offices of The Jewish Week when Antopol was visiting New York City, she explains that while the stories — written over 10 years — move back and forward in time, and feature shifting voices and locales, a few questions 
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Shalom, Latvia: A Jewish Culture Guide
Shalom Life
Latvia’s oldest Jewish history is centered in Courland, and was divided into two separate regions, Piltene and Courland, respectively. The first Jewish settlers arrived in Piltene in the late 16th century. In terms of government, Piltene was ruled by 
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Montreal’s Iraqi-Jewish Community Pieces Together Fragments of its History
The Link
Today, Shashoua is among the thousands of Iraqi Jews in Montreal, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Jews around the world, expressing opposition to the return of their community’s historical artifacts to Iraq. The artifacts, some dating back 500 years 
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Jewish Comics Anthology Needs Your Help Our exclusive interview with 
Shalom Life
Her thesis for OCAD is a part of her exploration of her own history and Jewish ethnicity, themes which may appear in her contribution if the project meets its goal. “My thesis is interested in how Jewish history intertwines with the history of comic 
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