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Jewish Achiever Awards 2012 – Simcha insert – a Sister Spirit Production


Simcha TV show highlights the Jewish Achiever Awards 2012

Ernest Bloch “From Jewish Life”


Karen Kocharyan (cello)
Armenian Chamber Players
conductor Eduard Topchjan

David Rubinger – My Eye on Israel – Mark Chagal



Heritage House Women’s Building Campaign


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Orthodox Jewish Wedding


Jewish Life in Pre-War Eastern Europe


MESSAGE ME if you would like to obtain this footage in broadcast quality.

This video contains scenes of Jewish life in Eastern Europe (Hungary and Czechoslovakia) before the outbreak of World War II. It includes:

-Men on bicycles wear sashes with Hebrew blessing, parading for May Day.
-Huge crowds of well wishers on street.
-Grand Rabbi of Munkacs giving a speech
-Grand Rabbi’s daughter’s wedding.
-Zionist school: Large group of children sing “Hatikva”
-Small group of Orthodox children recite lesson, Melamed leads.
-Orthodox young man buys book from market stall.
-Sign for weaver, in German, Hungarian, Czech and Yiddish
-Shots of family working outdoors: spinning and weaving.
-Zionist youth group
-Large group dancing the hora.

Miami Marathon: ‘Team Lifeline’ Jews run to help Camp Simcha
Among the 25,000 runners in Sunday’s Miami Marathon, one group will stand out for its distinctive gear: some long skirts, a few tzitzit and lots of beards. Blazoned across their T-shirts is “Team Lifeline.” The 300 runners, mostly Orthodox Jews, make 
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Day camps offer new special-needs options
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
 youth sports director at Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center, but this summer there are a couple of local Jewish options – Ometz, a new special-needs camp at the VOSJCC, and Camp Simcha’s partnership with the Southwest Autism Research and 
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Jewish Sochi
St. Louis Jewish Light
Chai Lifeline, which has been around since 1987, is a Jewish organization that helps families and children who have life-threatening and/or chronic illnesses; It runs two camps every summer; Camp Simcha, for children battling cancer and other 
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Jewish preschool teachers work on constructivism
Weiss went on to explain how — in Jewish schools — these open-ended opportunities can result in real-life Jewish learning experiences. For example, through working together in the garden, the children discover Jewish values such as respecting nature, 
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Sam Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature
It recognizes the distinct role modern writers play in describing and examining Jewish lifeboth in the present and past. It is given to fiction and non-fiction writers in alternating years. The Prize derived its name from noted philanthropist and 
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Jewish War Veteran’s Uncommon Valor in Life Is More Important Than His Valor 
Huffington Post
I was excited to read that on March 18, 2014, President Obama will award 24 war veterans the Medal of Honor, the country’s highest commendation for gallantry. Nineteen of the recipients are African-American, Latino, and Jewish men — only three of whom 
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Notes from San Francisco on the “Acceptable” Discourse on Israel
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
Surely, Israel isn’t the only place where Jewish life is meaningful – and the many Israelis who have read my book on American Jewry would attest to my strong belief that American Jews have many strengths and advantages over Israelis. Yet it is Israel 
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Jewish Communal Awareness of Disabilities Is Growing, But Advocates Say Not 
Jewish Exponent
Laszlo Mizrahi, who was the founder and longtime director of The Israel Project, a group shaping public perceptions of Israel, says that certain genetic risks and the tendency of American Jews to have children later in life means Jews likely have more 
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Tifereth to host talk on Jews living in Iran
The Island Now
During the almost 2,700 years of Jewish life in Persia, now Iran, Jews have influenced many aspects of Persian life and culture, and, in turn, have adopted many of the customs and cultural values of this ancient land. The Jewish community’s history in 
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Jewish camp indoctrination = immersion
 a col-umnist for The Jewish Daily Forward, and in her spare time parents five children. THIS ARTICLE FIRST appeared in The Canteen and is reprinted with permission To learn more about Jewish life and sign up for their free daily newsletters, visit www.
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PJ Library keeps Jewish kids Jewish
Orlando Sentinel (blog)
“I love the Jewish people,” said Grinspoon, 84, who worries about rising rates of intermarriage among Jews and other signs that young Jews are growing ever more disconnected from Jewish life. “If I can bring something warm and fuzzy in the form of the
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This Day in Jewish History / Author best known for novel on anti-Semitism in 
Late in life, Hobson, who never denied being Jewish but said she saw herself as “a plain human being who happens to be an American,” acknowledged with some regret having distanced herself from Jewish life and from Israel – two subjects she took up 
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New Book Traces Life of Kenyan Jewish Family
The life story of one of the renown people in Kenya has been chronicled in the new book Abraham’s People. Written by Jane Clare Barbsy, the book traces the story of the Block family from Lithuania, where they were persecuted for being Jews, down to 
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Jewish festival to be held in Greenville April 6
Spartanburg Herald Journal
Jewish baked goods will be available before the event through special order. The pre-sale includes a choice of three items: a baker’s assortment ($18), which will include suchJewish sweets as macaroons, hamantashen, rugelach, black and white cookies 
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Synagogue events
Times Herald-Record
“The Jews Were Never the Same: Events That Changed Who We Were,” 7 p.m. Mon., March 10-April 14. Rabbi Schwab will focus on 24 events that changed the Jewish people forever. For more information and to sign up for the series, call the synagogue 
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Theological exchange between Catholics and Jews
Sr. Dianne Bergant, CSAOn March 6 and 7, Providence College will host a pair of eventsas part of its series, Theological Exchange Between Catholics and Jews. Inaugurated in 2009, the program has created a forum for learning and dialogue about issues 
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Jewish diversity should be preserved, professor says
Canadian Jewish News (blog)
However, Weiser, Silber family professor of modern Jewish studies at York University where he also teaches Yiddish, would go to events with his mother’s family, who were Romaniote Jews, a tiny religious minority from Greece. He attended a Sephardi 
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Montgomery County community events, Feb. 27 to March 6, 2014
Washington Post
Thursday, Feb. 27. Washington Jewish Film Festival begins, featuring Israeli feature-length films, documentaries and short films at screenings throughout the Washington area, celebrating the diversity of Jewish history and culture. Visit the Web site 
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Jewish Women’s Foundation Power Lunch set for March 6
Jewish United Fund
“JWF’s mission is to expand and improve opportunities and choices in all aspects ofJewish women’s and girls’ lives through strategic and effective grant-making, targeting systemic change. Educational events like our semi-annual Power Lunch ensure that 
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Reboot asks people to ‘unplug’ on Shabbat next week
Founded in 2002, Reboot has produced Jewish books, films, music, websites and publicevents, including “Unscrolled,” a modern reinterpretation of the Torah; the design competition Sukkah City, the online self-reflection project 10Q, the Sabbath 
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Notes from San Francisco on the “Acceptable” Discourse on Israel
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
It’s all about capitalism and the growing pressure on Jewish institutions to create the type of controversial events that can draw a crowd. I really think this partially explains the new wave of books questioning Israel, speakers denigrating Israel 
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