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Emil Aybinder


“From Safed to Jerusalem” – A Concert of Jewish Soul Music, Yad Vashem
Gypsy Suite & Bulgar – Folk songs, Arr. Emil Aybinder
Emil Aybinder, accordion & the Balkan music workshop

On August 24, 2011, a concert of Jewish soul music was held in Yad Vashem’s Valley of the Communities. “From Safed to Jerusalem — A Concert of Jewish Soul Music” was held in the presence of hundreds of Holocaust survivors, their families and friends of Yad Vashem from Israel and abroad

Emil Aybinder – Improvisation on a Yugoslavian Theme


The Emil Aybinder ensemble on a live concert.

Violin – Zalman Profis, Flute – Vladimir Friedman.

Emil Aybinder – Sagapo & Milise mou


Japan tour – Osaka


Emil Aybinder – Oblivion


From the “Akkordeon Festival” in Vienna, Austria.

Mandolin – Tom Cohen, Guitar – Ezequiel Jait, Bass – Shai Ran

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