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NEFESH 2004 “My Soul”  Miracle of Change

Video Portrait | West Jerusalem

This is a glimpse of West Jerusalem, and the duality of life there as I witnessed it during my brief stay. West Jerusalem is a sociopolitical term referring to the part of Jerusalem that is mainly Jewish in population – the other half, East Jerusalem, being comprised mostly by Palestinian Arabs. One of the core issues between these two groups is over the control of this city. For more from this series, visit:

International Conference of Shluchim 5774-2013 – Feature Film


L’Chaim – Chabad Tzomo


Chabad Tzomo, the eighth track of the acappella L’Chaim (“To Life”) album, Chasidishe Oitzros Volume 1. The album was released on March 15, 2002.

Tomorrow’s Jews with Rabbi Noah Farkas, VBS, Josh Avedon, Jumpstart and Simone Zimmerman, Nat’l President-JStreet-Feb. 13, 2013

In 1964, Look Magazine published a noted article on “The Vanishing American Jew.” The article predicted that by century’s end, American Jews would reach their third generation on these shores and would assimilate into the American mainstream, just as every other ethnic community had before them. It’s 2013. Look Magazine is gone. We’re still here. We are now seeing the fifth and sixth generations of American Jews. Jewish life is thriving, but it is changing. Jewish life in America will persist into the next generations. But it will look very different than past generations. How will Jewish life change? What is the Jewish identity of this next generation? Is there reason for optimism?

The VBS College of Jewish Studies asked three young Jewish leaders to discuss, “Tomorrow’s Judaism.”
Josh Avedon, leader of Jumpstart; Simone Zimmerman, senior at UC Berkeley and national president of J-Street U and Rabbi Noah Farkas, of Valley Beth Shalom. The evening was hosted by Rabbi Ed Feinstein

הרבי מלך המשיח


Making a difference at Chabad House Bowery


Sarrica Fink talking about the ability to make a difference at Chabad House Bowery.

Sephardic Jews seduced by Spanish citizenship offer

Madrid — Spain’s offer of citizenship to the descendants of Jews who were  The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, a private umbrella 

Photos from Soul II Soul 2014 – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report ⋅ Jewish Music Reporter
(via The annual Soul to Soul concert, starring Benny Friedman and the Eighth Day Band, performed to a sold out crowd in Crown 

Jewish Oscar haul mainly in behind-the-scenes categories

Alice Herz-Sommer, pictured here on her 107th birthday, is the subject of “The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life,” an Oscar-nominated 

Peaceful message through music

“It’s a token of significant pleasure that is beyond music,” he added.  come together for good IsraeliJewish music in such a relaxed atmosphere.”.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Charedim, Israel, and Daas Torah – The Way it Is

Emes Ve-Emunah ⋅ Harry Maryles
And the single most stand out feature of Charedim is their fealty to Daas Torah – the wisdom iof the Torahas expressed by the rabbinc leaders of a 

Rabbi found religious inspiration among Mon refugees

This chapter of her life is told in her book, Singing To the Dead: A  cheating myself of by not thinking about what it meant to have been born Jewish?

The Children Left Out of Judaism

More Than Purim: The fun, chaotic holiday should not be the only way special needs children can participate in Jewish life.

Evolving identities

“It was my first acquaintance with the phenomenon of secular Torah learning. It was during the 2011 social justice protests on Rothschild Boulevard in 

Rationalism, Mysticism, Slaves, and a Sukkah Made From an Elephant

This is not to say that the rabbis are all the same: Many of them are vivid and distinct personalities, from Hillel the poor, Torah-loving convert to the rich 

Podcast: Diverse Voices Speak Out on Massive Draft Rally

But to leave the book of Torah and join the army is a personal choice and definitely should not be enforced with criminal sanctions,” he stated.

Masorti fume as Orthodox get funding to woo secular

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (right), whose Ohr Torah Stone conglomerate of educational institutions will run one of the programs. Photo by Lior Mizrahi.

Rhetoric that Makes their Views Difficult to Respect

We fear the terrible chillul Hashem, and the elbonah shel Torah, that this involves. We fear the result and are pained by the continuing harassment 

Shabbat Across America, National Day of Unplugging

Congregation Avde Torah Jayah: 5:45 p.m. at a Mesa location near Brown Avenue and Mesa Drive. For reservations and location, call 602-518-0229 

Dr. Chaim Charles Cohen Building a Torah Social Culture: Women in IDF

In this way we can slowly build a rich, encompassing Torah social culture, and make G-d’s voice a very present, real, sweet part of our daily life.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 15, 1957, Part 2

From time immemorial, the commitment of the Jewish people to its spiritual ideals, which found their expression in the concerns of daily life, has been 

Brian Roberts’ Jewish Roots and Outsized Ambition Drive Comcast’s Rise in Media

Roberts, a Maccabiah Games squash gold medalist known for his affinity for Israel, has not made his mark on Jewish life. But his Jewish identity, 

Jewish life thrives in this tiny Central American republic

The Museum of Costa Rican Art, where a menorah stands in front. The menorah is there all year long and is used by the community at Chanukah.

Association of Community Rabbis Skips March Over Incitement

“We were going to attend the rally in order to protest an insult to Torah,” the Rabbi noted. “However, we may not disgrace the name or honor of Torah 

Revenge May Drive Haredi Settlement Boycott

Meir Porush of United Torah Judaism is “preventing it” for the moment but said that he doesn’t know if he can keep a lid on it. “I do not know if this 

Rabbi Ronsky: Cannot Understand Those Going to Protest

The newspaper, said Rabbi Shapira, had insulted Rabbi Druckman by calling him, among other things, “an exploiter of the Holy Torah,” and Religious 

Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira Changes Stance on Rally

Organizers said the rally was intended to express pain at the blow to the Torah world – including both hareidi and religious-Zionist yeshivas. However 

Appeal To Sarah Netanyahu: ‘Be Our Esther’ – Exert Influence In Protecting TorahWorld

The wives of 18 MKs from the two main ultra-Orthodox parties, Shas and United Torah Judaism, sent a letter to the prime minister’s wife, Sara 

Two Different Tracks: Women and Tefillin vs. Women and Torah

Many of the statements made about women in the Talmud that sound offensive to us relate to women studying Torah. The objections to women 

Tales of the Woodcutter: The Torah Scribe

The Torah~Loren Kantor STUDIO CITY, California –My paternal grandfather was a Torah scribe. He spent his days carefully drawing the Hebrew 
Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally Against Israeli Draft Law
Voice of America
Haredim say the study of holy scriptures is a foundation of Jewish life, that scholars have a right to devote themselves full time to the tradition, and that army service would deny them fulfilment of that religious edict. A ‘crime’ to study Torah “The 
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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 15, 1957, Part 2
San Diego Jewish World
The truth is that all Jewish activities which foster the well-being of the Jewish people—Zionism, among them – are religious. The very notion of Jewish peoplehood is a profoundly religious concept through which the sanctification of human life attains 
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Local rabbis to speak to unaffiliated Jews
I hope this wonderful evening will inspire those who have yet to engage in all that our synagogues and Jewish community have to offer to become more invested in pursuing their own unique Jewish journeys and to supporting Jewish life here in South Florida.
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Jewish Oscar haul mainly in behind-the-scenes categories
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Perhaps the most satisfying win of the evening from a Jewish perspective went to “The Lady in No. 6: Music Saved My Life.” The short documentary tells the story of 110-year-old concert pianist and Holocaust survivor Alice Herz-Sommer, who died one week 
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Jewish Agency Sends Emergency Aid to Ukrainian Jews
Christian Broadcasting Network
Following the 2012 terror attack on a Jewish day school in Toulouse, France, that left a rabbi and three children dead, the agency established a fund specifically to provide financial aid to communities facing securing concerns “to ensure that Jewish 
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Israeli ultra-Orthodox in mass rally over army draft
BBC News
Ultra-Orthodox Jews insist their young men serve the nation through prayer and study. The ultra-Orthodox or haredim, say that army service would stop them devoting themselves to the study of religious scriptures, which is seen as a foundation of Jewish 
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Ultra-Orthodox Jews stage mass protest against Israeli draft law
Free Malaysia Today
Haredim say the study of holy scriptures is a foundation of Jewish life, that scholars have a right to devote themselves full time to the tradition, and that army service would deny them fulfillment of that religious edict. “A crime to study Torah 
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Will the tent open wider for Jews with disabilities?
The Times of Israel
Laszlo Mizrahi, who was the founder and longtime director of The Israel Project, a group shaping public perceptions of Israel, says that certain genetic risks and the tendency of American Jews to have children later in life means Jews likely have more 
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Celebrating the life of ‘Ellie’ Katz
Eleanor “Ellie” Meyerhoff Katz, who died recently at her home in Hollywood at the age of 80, will be remembered for her philanthropy to Jewish institutions but also for her wise counsel, leadership and friendship. Mrs. Katz, a South Florida resident 
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Imaginary Jews
The New York Review of Books
It isn’t a book about anti-Semitism; it isn’t a history of the Jewish experience of discrimination, persecution, and genocide; it isn’t an example of what the historian Salo Baron called the “lachrymose” account of Jewish life in exile; nor is it an 
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