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Israel: 65 Years of Achievement

Happy birthday to the State of Israel, which was born 65 years ago!

Over those six-and-a-half decades, Israel grew from a struggling young nation into a highly developed state. While Israel is now known as a world leader in hi-tech, this short clip highlights a number of Israel’s many other accomplishments in nation-building, immigrant absorption, the environment, international aid, culture, peace-making, science and sports.

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Precious timepieces ticking again at Museum for Islamic Art


An invaluable collection was stolen from the Jerusalem museum and only returned 24 years later.

In the early 20th century, Sir David Salomons collected almost 200 incomparable watches and clocks. He later donated them to the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem (

Among the collection on display is a watch made for Marie Antoinette, “but she was executed before she could enjoy it,” say curator Rachel Hasson.

In 1983, this watch and about half the collection were stolen from the museum and weren’t found until late 2006, when police were able to locate 100 of the 110 original pieces. “It is a miracle, after 24 years, to receive such a collection,” says Hasson.

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ירושלים בצבע-גנזך המדינה  Jerusalem Archives


ירושלים בצבע סרט מתוך אוסף הסרטים שצולמו על ידי פרץ חן ונמסרו לגנזך המדינה.סרטי 8 ממ הומרו לקבצים דיגיטאלים על ידי אלכס הירט.
קישור לכתבה ששודרה ב 11.5.2010 לכבוד יום ירושלים בכתבה נעשה שימוש נרחב באוסף הסרטים של פרץ חן.……

Desert tourism in Israel


Tourists discover Israel’s Negev desert

History and scenery come together for visitors to Israel’s Negev Desert.

Israel’s Negev Desert accounts for more than 55 percent of Israel’s land, but only about 8% of its population. Here, among spectacular desert vistas, you can find an increasing number of unique tourist accommodations.
Along the ancient Spice Route, for example, a unique desert B&B offers visitors individual cabins with small private pools and wine made on site. Its name, Carmey Avdat (Vineyards of Avdat) Farm (, draws on Avdat, an important ancient Nabatean city. Several grape-pressing areas, a farm and churches were uncovered by archeologists at this site.
Isrotel Beresheet (Genesis) (…), a new luxury hotel opening this spring, is located on a cliff above Machtesh (Crater) Ramon, a landform unique to the Negev and Sinai deserts. The largest natural crater in the world at 40 kilometers (24.8 miles) long and 10 kilometers (a bit more than six miles) wide, the Ramon formed when soft rocks buried under hard surface rocks eroded, causing the hard upper layers to collapse in the shape of a heart.

Israel in action מלחמת העצמאות – ארכיון המדינה


Israel In Action
ישראל במערכה. הקרב על העיר העתיקה ירושלים תחת אש ירדנית. המלך עבדאללה מתפלל בירושלים. אבא אבן באו”ם ביוני 1948 ערבים הרוגים בתעלות. שבויים ערבים. קרבות יריות לעבר מטוס מצרי בת”א. שיירות מגיעות לירושלים. אספקה רפואית מארה”ב. הלווית קולונל דוד מרקוס.
שם מבצע: נורמן לוריא Palestine film
יוצר: יוסף קרומגולד
פריט מס 1365898

Before Crimea Was an Ethnic Russian Stronghold, It Was a Potential Jewish Homeland

The Crimea became so identified with Russia’s Jewish history, in fact, that Jewish activists in St. Petersburg pointed to the long legacy of Crimean 


The Flexigidity Exchange, Part 1: Taking a Broad View of Jewish History
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
You point out that while Jewish history is clearly a tale of remarkable change, evolution, and adaptability, it is also a story of deep conservatism and rigid adherence to tradition. Besides telling a historical narrative, the book also addresses 


Digging Up Washington DC’s Jewish Past

Jewish Daily Forward (blog)
Zachary Levine may have just landed a curator’s dream job: Conceiving a museum from scratch. The former associate curator at Yeshiva University Museum in Manhattan, Levine this month joined a team that will expand the Jewish Historical Society of 


Jewish Agricultural Colonies In America (Part II)
The Jewish Press
Most of the Russian Jewish emigrants streamed across the Atlantic in the hope of finding a new haven in the United States and, in American Jewish history, this decade marks the beginning of a new era, as has been observed by others. American Jewry came 


Inside out: A Jewish and democratic Israel
Jerusalem Post
 clearly reflects Israel’s Jewish nature. Bible studies, for example, are part of the core curriculum even in secular Israeli schools, and special emphasis is placed on the study ofJewish history and culture throughout the ages, alongside more 


Newsmakers week of March 6, 2014
Jewish Exponent
He has been active in the local Jewish community, supporting the National Museum of American Jewish History and Jewish camping initiatives. In 2012, he was chosen as the recipient of the Philadelphia Award for his commitment to enhancing the city’s 


We All Fall, It is getting up that counts
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
In the beginning of his work “The Guide for the Perplexed,” Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, Maimonidies (1135-1204), one of the greatest philosophers and personalities in Jewish history, raises a question in response to the most misinterpreted stories in the 


Orinda, Livermore, Pleasant Hill host parts of 2014 Jewish film festival
San Jose Mercury News
A leading expert on Jewish themes, Blady will unpack the arguably explosive elements distinguishing Samaritans from ultraorthodox Jews and speak to local Jewish history. Balanced between lighter fare and bold explorations of controversial subjects, are 

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