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Greater Boston’s First Annual Pre-Purim Drinking Contest (Mar. 8, 2014) with Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe


Greater Boston’s First Annual
Pre-Purim Drinking Contest & Melavah Malkah

…was held at the Adams Street Shul in Newton, Massachusetts, on March 8, 2014.

The wonderful (and entertaining) Torah Thoughts presented by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe at that event are recorded in this video.

The contents of the video are as follows:

Welcome & Insights by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

Rabbi Yaffe’s Commentary:

Let it Go Frozen – It’s a Purim Song


Let it Go remix for Purim.



Purim Remix


Some good music to play on Purim

Chabad Serving Drexel 2014


Purim Megillah Reading at the chabad hope to see you there




Judging The Dishes – Chabad Cookoff


BOB DYLAN Hava Nagila הבה נגילה


Bob Dylan accompanies son-in-law Peter Himmelman and Harry Dean Stanton in this unorthodox rendition of “Hava Nagila.” for a telethon.

Check out the rabbi who tells Harry Dean he should be the cantor in his synagogue! A classic.

25th Anniversary of Chabad, a Lubavitch organization.
Los Angeles, California
September 24, 1989

AVISHAI COHEN @ Filloa Jazz Club (A Coruña, 5.5.13) – A Night in Tunisia [HD]


Avishai Cohen (trompeta), Omer Avital (contrabaixo) e Iago Fernández (batería) interpretan esta composición de Dizzy Gillespie.
VI ciclo 1906 JAZZ | A CORUÑA | 05.05.2013 | jazzFilloa

The Mooche (Duke Ellington cover) Three Cohens live with Aaron Goldberg 2012


soprano saxophone: Yuval Cohen
tenor saxophone: Anat Cohen
trumpet: Avishai Cohen
piano: Aaron Goldberg
bass: Reuben Rogers
drums: Rudy Royston

6. L’ma’an Achai – Carlebach (Selichot 2010)

08.01.2011  Yochanan Sebastian Winston

6. L’ma’an Achai – Carlebach  (Selichot 2010)

This is Asian Jewish Life!


This is Asian Jewish Life! A look at some the incredible people we have met and the amazing places we have been. Special thanks to Irene Orleansky for the music.

Jewish Food Festival


Temple Emanu-El hosted it’s annual Jewish Food Festival today.
The event was brought back by popular demand after the Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-El was unable to put on the festival last year.
Although Temple Emanu-El hosted the festival, all walks of life were welcomed today.

She Speaks with Authority: Women in Karaite Judaism


Shawn Lichaa gives a brief talk about the religious standing of Karaite Jewish women from the middle ages through today. Shawn dedicated this talk in honor of the life and achievement of Sheila Cohen.

Per Shawn Lichaa: “In reviewing the video, I note that I stumbled on some words when speaking about the Egyptian Karaite Marriage crisis. For clarification, the ‘dowry’ is what the bride’s father would contribute to the new marriage. The ‘bride price’ is what was paid by grooms/husbands in ancient Israel. (E.g., Exodus 22:16-17.)”

Bibliography: The talk discusses three works that focus on Karaite Judaism, which are listed here for your reference.

The Stains of Culture: An Ethno-Reading of Karaite Jewish Women by Ruth Tsoffar

Karaite Marriage Documents from the Cairo Geniza: Legal Tradition and Community Life in Mediaeval Egypt and Palestine by Judith Olszowy-Schlanger

Male Greed, Female Influence and the Future of the Egyptian Karaites: Social change in al-Kalīm, 1945-1951 (A dissertation submitted to the University of Manchester for the
degree of Master of Arts in the Faculty of Humanities 2013) by Katharine Halls

Gershon Veroba – Morasha@50 Concert


Gershon Veroba – Morasha@50 Concert Motzei Shabbos February 22 2014 at Purchase College Theater In Westchester, Music Conducted by the Legendary Yisroel Lamm

About the Concert

Hosted by Nachum Segal, Starring Abie Rotenberg, Baruch Levine, Eitan Katz, Benny Friedman and Edan Pinchot,

Morasha at 50 Concert, a Journey Through song

For a half a century, music has been at the core of the Morasha experience. From Shiria to Shabbat, Color War to camp plays, the ram kol to a kumsitz — it’s often the songs from our camp experience that triggers the most tangible memories. For our 50th anniversary celebration, we thought it would only be appropriate to celebrate our fifty summers through song.

Whether you’re an alumnus, camper, parent, staff member, or someone who simply loves music — you’re invited to join us for the biggest event of Camp Morasha’s history. Through music and multimedia, our star-studded lineup and surprise alumni musicians will tell the story of Morasha. Following the concert, the entire audience is invited to a gala dessert reception to reconnect with camp friends and staff.

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive – Jewish Life in Lvov


Name: Jewish Life in Lvov
Year: 1939
Duration: 00:10:07
Language: English

Abstract: Jewish life in Lvov, Poland, on the eve of World War II.

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive –
The 500 films, selected for the virtual cinema, reflect the vast scope of documentary material collected in the Spielberg Archive. The films range from 1911 to the present and include home movies, short films and full length features.

שם: חיים יהודיים בלבוב
שנה: 1939
אורך: 00:10:07
שפה: אנגלית

תקציר: החיים היהודיים בלבוב ערב מלחמת העולם השנייה.

ארכיון הסרטים היהודיים על שם סטיבן שפילברג –
חמש מאות הסרטים שנבחרו עבור הקולנוע הווירטואלי משקפים את ההיקף הנרחב של החומר התיעודי בארכיון שפילברג. באתר ישנם סרטים משנת 1911 ועד ימינו אלה ביתיים, קצרים ובאורך מלא.

כל הזכויות שמורות לארכיון הסרטים היהודיים על שם סטיבן שפילברג ולאוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים 2010; דף הבית; http://www.spielbergfilmarchive.org.il

Jewish Moroccan Contemporary Artists


A review of leading contemporary Jewish Moroccan artists, Elbaz, Ben Haim, Cohen Gan and Eliany. Click to add a description…

Beni Melal Women Sung Poetry conference 2013 Hebrew and English


Beni Mellal Conference on Women Sung Poetry among Moroccan Jews 2013 was held at the World Center of North African Jewry in Jerusalem in collaboration with Jewish Moroccan Archive.
The event included a community getting together, Sharing food , A video on Beni Mellal and its surroundings made by Marc Eliany, An Art Exhibition by Marc Eliany on Cultural Transitions between Mountains and Seas, Women Sung Poetry by Zohra Biton Cohen, Lectures by professors Ephraim Hazan and Moshe Amar, Lectures by the Minister Amir Peretz and economy professor Momi Dahan .

The event was sponsored by Victor Biton. Zohra Biton made the conference a memorable event, and
Sidney Corcos, Dan Albo, Mimon Cohen and volunteers too many to list by name, as well as,
The World Center of North African Jewry and The Jewish Moroccan Archive made it possible.
Contact jmma@walla.com if you wish to organize or participate, exhibit, lecture, or contribute to similar community conferences.

Jewish Klezmer Music


Karsten Troyke
Gennadi Desatnik violin
Valery Khoryshman accordeon
Micha Jach double-bass
Jan Hermerschmidt clarinet

buy: https://itunes.apple.com/album/live-k…

Russian Speaking Jews in North America


The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) in Jerusalem hosted a briefing by Professor Jonathan Sarna, The Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis University, to present his research on the Russian speaking Jews in North America. The briefing is introduced by Natan Sharansky, the Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI).

Professor Jonathan Sarna: Jews come to the “New World”



In contemporary times, the power of antisemitism to form a bulwark against assimilation has declined. We face a paradox−a desire for complete acceptance of Jews within society, while at the same time hoping that younger Jews and coming generations do not choose to assimilate and instead commit to living a Jewish life. How is this to be accomplished?

To Be a Jew in the Free World: Jewish Identity Through the Lens of Modern History
A New Six Week Course by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.

What was it like for our ancestors to say goodbye to the shtetl, to set out to discover new lives for themselves, along with all of the liberties the free world had to offer? At the dawn of the enlightenment, how did our parents adapt their Judaism to the developments of a modern age? And what can we learn from their struggles to connect deeply with our own Jewish identities?

This new course will give you the opportunity to make sense of your personal Jewishness; it will help you overcome perceived incompatibilities between Judaism and modern society; and it will provide you with the clarity and conviction to pass on a legacy of Jewish pride to the next generation.

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive – Home And Away


Home And Away
Jewish life in Odessa, Ukraine

בבית ובחוץ
שנות ה90
עברית ואנגלית
חיים יהודיים באודסה, אוקראינה

International Conference of Shluchim 5774-2013 – Feature Film


L’Chaim – Chabad Tzomo


Chabad Tzomo, the eighth track of the acappella L’Chaim (“To Life”) album, Chasidishe Oitzros Volume 1. The album was released on March 15, 2002.

הרבי מלך המשיח


Making a difference at Chabad House Bowery


Sarrica Fink talking about the ability to make a difference at Chabad House Bowery.

 Celebrate Purim: ❹ Mitzvahs!

Jewish apps to guide you through the holidays

Jewish apps to guide you through the holidays. From ‘Whack-a-Haman’ to ‘Appy Chanukah,’ whether you’re after spiritual growth or a distraction from 

Purim: A Rejuvenation Of The Torah

The answer is that the central point of the story of Purim is the Jews’ rededication to the Torah over and above the merrymaking, and that this time it 
How Jewish Are You?

Oy, I need to brush up on my Yiddish terms. c.  The story of Queen Esther saving the Jewish population in Persia is read on which holiday: a. Purim.
Vocal music clips: Chazzan Helfgott & The 
Torah Café presents two vocal music video clips of Chazzan Yitzchak Meir Helfgott and the 
8th Day: Behind the Lyrics – Jewish Music Report
How does the Chassidic Rebbe, Reb Zusha of Anipoli, inspire non-Jewish record engineers to 
COL Chavlog #3 plus nigun download – Jewish 
COLlive.com presents: Chavlog, a Chabad niggunim video blog sung and explained by ‘A 
Behind Scenes Footage of MBD Recording Moshiach 
Footage just showed up on YouTube featuring almost an hour in studio, behind the scenes 



Sacred scroll

A GIFT—Camarillo residents Joey Lewis, 13, and his father, Lee, hold a Torah scroll, a sacred, handwritten document in the Jewish faith made up of 

Mercaz Harav Students to Visit Rav Kook’s Grave for Fast of Esther

Today (Thursday), on the Fast of Esther, Mercaz Harav Yeshiva (torah academy) students, along with students of other yeshivas,, will be making their 

Survey: Most Israelis are content with their lives
Some 86 percent of Israelis say they are satisfied with their lives • Ultra-Orthodox rank highest, with secular Jews well behind • Married people more satisfied than singles • Israeli Jews overwhelmingly want families of at least two children.

WATCH: TLV Fashion Week — is blue and white the new black? 
Three-day style celebration gets underway in Tel Aviv • Panelists Simona Weinglass, Viktoria Kanar and Maya Kramer discuss the state of fashion in the Jewish state. 

Israel cuts army exemption granted to ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who study 
Reuters Blogs (blog)
Israel cuts army exemption granted to ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who study Torah for life. By Reuters Staff. March 13, 2014. Email · Print · israel jewish ultra-orthodox haredi torahstudy army exemption netanyahu draft. (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men study 
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Purim: A Rejuvenation Of The Torah
The Jewish Press
The answer is that the central point of the story of Purim is the Jews’ rededication to theTorah over and above the merrymaking, and that this time it was done willingly and with love, unlike at Mount Sinai when it took some coercion. In fact, the joy 
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torah | Keeping the fire burning within requires sacrifice
michael kohane “I have nothing to wear” probably was not one of the things the priests of the Tabernacle used to say in the morning. As we learned earlier in the Book of Exodus, they had carefully designed, beautiful clothing that was full of splendor 
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Jewish Unity Live
Russell Raskin of Providence considers Jewish Unity Live one of the preeminent Jewish events, designed to meet the needs of every Jewish person regardless of his or her level of observance. Raskin finds it exciting to see the Jewish community come 
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Family leaves their mark
The Leibowitz Family recently joined scribe Rabbi Levi Selwyn to write a letter in the newTorah for Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley. The next date to write a letter in theTorah is March 30. Call the temple office or go to WriteaTorah.com for 
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Rutgers Alumna seeks to create pluralist society
RU Daily Targum
Pruce believes more work needs to be done because women are still denied the use of any of the hundreds of Torah scrolls made available to men at the Wall. The Torah scrolls are Jewish texts used in prayer containing the history and tradition of Judaism.
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Mercaz Harav Students to Visit Rav Kook’s Grave for Fast of Esther
Arutz Sheva
Today (Thursday), on the Fast of Esther, Mercaz Harav Yeshiva (torah academy) students, along with students of other yeshivas,, will be making their annual visit to the grave of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, ztz”l, son of Israel’s first chief rabbi, Rabbi 
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Parshas Tzav
The Jewish Press
This Shabbos is Parashas Zachor. At Shacharis some recite Yotzros in the Reader’s Repetition. We take out two Torah scrolls from the Ark. In the first we read the weekly Parasha of Tzav and call up seven Aliyos. For Maftir we read from the second 
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Maine Film Center To Host Maine Jewish Film Festival Satellite
The Maine Film Center will host a satellite of the Maine Jewish Film Festival (MJFF) at Railroad Square Cinema on March 22 and 23, 2014. Satellite events will include an opening party, five film screenings, and a visit from filmmaker Monica Haim, who 
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Purim And The Joy Of Life
The Jewish Press
Young or old, wealthy or poor, they were counted as one, and on that fateful day theJewish people would cease to be. According to the ways of the world, and according to the natural course of events, that is what should have happened. But it didn’t 
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MK Orbach: Jewish Home a ‘Real’ Party, Not Just Sectorial
Arutz Sheva
The party’s key input on three major laws discussed and voted on in the Knesset this week prove that “we are involved and active in the dramatic events that affect the government and the coalition.” Jewish Home, he said, was far more than a sectorial 
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Reading Megillah in Tehran: How Iranian Jews Celebrate Purim
Tablet Magazine
And yet, many thousands of Jews continue to freely make their lives in the Islamic Republic, much to the bewilderment of Jews in the West and the government of Israel. Recent fieldwork done in Tehran’s Jewish community shows Jews publicly practicing 
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For Transgender Jews, a Visit to the Western Wall Holds Unique Symbolism
Tablet Magazine
In her memoir, Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey Between Genders, she documents two separate visits to the Kotel, “one for each side of the mechitza.” The first was in spring 2002, years before her transition, when she went to the men’s side 
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Is environmental education the wave of the Jewish future?
More than five months after the Pew Research Center’s “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” survey highlighted rising intermarriage rates and declining connections with organizedJewish life, proponents of a newly released study believe they may have the 
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Israel cuts army exemption granted to ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who study 
Reuters Blogs (blog)
The issue is at the heart of a raging national debate over “sharing the burden” of life in a country where most Jewish men and women are called up for military service when they turn 18. Most ultra-Orthodox Jews, or “Haredim”, a Hebrew term meaning 
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Gardens and earth stewardship in Jewish tradition
There are many ways that gardens and earth stewardship play a role in Jewish life. According to Jewish tradition, the first person (Adam) was placed in the Garden of Eden to work in it and to care for it. In Hebrew, people who help to care for nature 
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Putin’s Jewish embrace: Love, or strategy?
To him, the Sochi anecdote illustrates Putin’s positive attitude toward Russian Jewry — an attitude Gorin says is sincere, unprecedented in Russian history and hugely beneficial forJewish life in the country. Others, however, see more cynical motives 
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Rabbi, JDC execs to brief community on Georgia, Ukraine
Jewish Post
“Georgian-speaking Jewry is one of the oldest surviving Jewish communities in the world. The Georgian Jews have an approximately 2,600-year history in the region, and Tbilisi became a center of Jewish life. The city’s religious tolerance is reflected 
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Jewish man hurt by stun gun near Paris synagogue
The site of the attack — the 4th arrondissement, or Marais — once was the center ofJewish life in Paris and is considered its historic Jewish quarter. According to a French watchdog group, the assault was among a spate of hate crimes against Jews 
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Israel cuts army exemption to ultra-Orthodox Jews
The Nation
Haredim say the study of holy scriptures is a foundation of Jewish life, that scholars have a right to devote themselves full time to the tradition, and that army service would deny them fulfillment of that religious edict. Changing the so-called 
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Are Jews Putin’s political cover?
Intermountain Jewish News
To him, the Sochi anecdote illustrates Putin’s positive attitude toward Russian Jewry — an attitude Gorin says is sincere, unprecedented in Russian history and hugely beneficial forJewish life in the country. Others, however, see more cynical motives 
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Birnbaum ready to be Jewish voice in National Assembly
Canadian Jewish News
MONTREAL — David Birnbaum has been away from Jewish community affairs for a decade, but he’s ready to assume the mantle of the community’s representative in Quebec City from Lawrence Bergman. “It’s quite a legacy I’m seeking to follow in… It would 
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Kadima gets $1.2 million grant for mid-income new families

“A lot of the Jewish leadership talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk,”  “Jewish day school makes you fall in love with Jewish life,” he said, citing his 

Torah Group to Present Book of Esther in Sign Language

The Garin Torani (Torah core group) in the city of Herzliya will hold a special reading of the Scroll of Esther, which is read on Purim, accompanied by a 

‘Shalom America’ sets 40th Megillah broadcast

The words of Megilat Esther will take over the airwaves for the 40th consecutive year when “Phil Fink’s Shalom America” presents its annual Purim 

Purim books

The following books about Purim are available at the Aaron Garber Library at the Siegal facility, 26500 Shaker Blvd. in Beachwood. The library is open 

Foolish News

Although it will not film on Shabbat or Jewish holidays, cameras will roll during special events at the house, including visits from local rabbis.

Sunday Lecture at Dance Museum on American-Jewish Music

Robert L. Cohen will present a free lecture and discussion with musical accompaniment, relating American-Jewish Music and African-American Music.

Swampscott welcomes renowned violinist

Music lovers take note: internationally known violinist Yaeko Miranda  Tickets can be purchased on the Boston Jewish Music festival website, 

Purim on the Train Tracks to Unite Jerusalem

The local musical celebrity talks to the Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast about bridging the secular and religious world at the new event center 

Shloime Gertner & Dudi Kalish Release Yiddish CD – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report ⋅ Jewish Music Reporter
Both talented stars of Jewish Music collected and produced this all Yiddish  Shloime describes Dudi as a musical genius, who he in fact calls, Dudi 

Miami Boys Choir Announces 2 Amazing Shows This Pesach – Jewish MusicReport

Shirainu Presents: MIAMI 5774 – ‘UT UT’! Thurs Eve. April 17, 7:45pm @ Brooklyn College. Chol Hamoed Pesach A live presentation of the future.
British PM Cameron Claims Jewish Ancestors
The Haredi Knesset Members who walked out of David Cameron’s speech didn’t miss very much.
cameron at bibi's office flash 90.
Be A Purim Sponsor
Alcohol on Purim is viewed by many as the drinking equivalent of the Autobahn: no limits, no control.
Despair, Hope And Explosives
The haredim are not afraid of connecting Israeli nationalism to its faith. Just the opposite. They are afraid to connect the Jewish faith to the Israeli nationalism reawakening in Israel.


Jewish Singles Events – Program One Hundred 
To create an institute to help Jewish singles meet requires the careful guidance of a rabbinic 
Chabad Nigun Simcha – “The Heart and the 
Thank you ACR, Baltimore. The music is so beautiful that I, as a woman, would really would 
The Spiritual Difference Between Male and Female 
In resolving an apparent difficulty in one of the laws of sacrifices as it is expressed by Maimonides 
New JCC aims to nurture Jewish life in Boulder 
“They wanted to create a place for Jewish life to flourish in Boulder,” said Jonathan Lev 

Have a Really Good Time This Purim

THIS PURIM HAVE A REALLY GOOD TIME�HELP YOURSELF to a precious plateful of opportunity to fulfill the Purim mitzvah of matonos loevyanim, gifts to the poor, by filling the plates of the needy families in Eretz Yisroel.

Due to the worldwide financial situation the needs are greater than ever.

�HELP YOURSELF to a feast of Heavenly reward by bringing joy to thousands of families lacking the basic necessities and truly need your help.

�HELP YOURSELF by helping these needy families this Purim through your tax-deductible gift to Keren Yehoshua V’Yisroel Inc.

We help over 1500 families through the distribution of food coupons. Now is your opportunity to bring joy and happiness to these families. Please sponsor as many families as possible.

Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated, but please consider sponsoring:Small family – $180, Medium family – $360, Large family – $ 540,
6 small families – $ 1080, 4 medium families – $ 1440,
5 medium families – $ 1800, 4 large families – $ 2160.

Checks can be sent to: Keren Y&Y, 805-A Roosevelt Ct., Far Rockaway, NY 11691



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