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Standing Rib Roast – Kosher Recipe


http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/sta… | Jamie Geller from Kosher.com shows you how to make her Standing Rib Roast Kosher recipe. Perfect for holidays or an elegant dinner. Mix soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, minced garlic and pour over the roast. Cook at 450 for 10-15 minutes, then lower to 325 and cook for 2 hours. Jamie Geller is the author of the critically-acclaimed cookbook, “Quick and Kosher: Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing” (Feldheim Publishers, 2007)

For all your kosher food needs, please shop http://www.kosher.com


A companion video series to the photo journal and recipe blog by Seattle’s Premier kosher caterer, Leah Jaffee. The popular website comes to life with high quality video capturing the easy to follow directions for making fabulous kosher foods. Traditional favorites and regional specialties converge in a zone of dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free dishes. Kosher meat, poultry and fish prepared following dietary laws round out the offering. Stay tuned for more video!

Kosher Zombies


Leah (of LeahsCatering.com) wanted to do more than simply receive a complimentary program mention for catering the Chinese food for the Christmas day showing of Fiddler On The Roof at the Uptown Theatre in Seattle, WA. Instead, Leah came up with the idea of a takeoff on the silent black & white cinema classic Metropolis. She enlisted the help of Ariel Greene, Herschel Cox, and Reuven Bolnick to play the zombies who escape the frozen food locker and chase her around the kitchen. Enjoy the fun!

Cuisine juive Tunisienne

 Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut


 Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Seven Species Couscous Salad


For Tu B’Sevat we eat the 7 species grown in Israel in ancient times. This recipe has Sephardic flair and includes all seven, as well as almonds, the unofficial eighth species. Using pearl barley as the base, we add the fruit and almonds pilaf style and use olive oil and grape juice as flavorings. Topped off with whole wheat mint parmesan croutons, this dish pop in your mouth. Wait till you try it my Seven Species Couscous Salad! It is a meal all by itself.

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