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Planning the Future of Local American Jewish Communities (pt. 1)


Speaker: Ira Sheskin
Date: May 27, 2008

Planning the Future of Local American Jewish Communities (pt. 2)


Speaker: Ira Sheskin
Date: May 27, 2008

Brooklyn NY Jewish Russian dance music


For booking call 201-981-2497 or email
This video was recorded on Sunday, March 16th, 2014 at the Haber House, 3024 West 24th Street, Brooklyn, NY. {Lina, Misha, Alish}.
Brighton Beach Brooklyn Purim concert 2014

Jewish Festival in London 16/03/2014 (purim)


Caught in the middle of a Jewish festival in Stamford Hill, North London. Very colourful and loud festival. I can truly say that the Jewish community knows how to have fun!

At the making of this video I had no idea what the holiday was about but after some research, I found out its Purim. Very interesting story and needs to be looked at.

There was a van with a guy in a bear costume 🙂 People around where joining in. A cheerful festival.


Israel Tourism

The Israel Experience

Innovative Israel

Actual  Videos

Chabad of Boulder, Colorado

Groundbreaking Part Four.


Chabad of Boulder in the fourth and final film of the groundbreaking in the Orthodox community of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Jewish News



Rabbi Baruch Epstein Delivers an Invocation Memorializing Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz OBM





The Jews of Holland – History of the Jewish communities of the Netherlands – Lectures – Chabad
Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, chief rabbi of the Netherlands, describes the rich history of the Jewish people in his native country from medieval times until
A Jew, an Irishman and a Corkman : Irish Jewish Community
This week the Irish Jewish gathering takes place celebrating IrishJewish culture. Among the events organised are a series of films byJewish directors
RTE Nationwide Special Irish Jewish Community
RTE Television recently did a programme as part of their Nationwide series that focused on the Jewish community in Dublin. In the programme


In rural Uganda, small Jewish community splits over conversion
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Enosh Keki Maniah, the head of the breakaway Orthodox faction of Uganda’s AbayudayaJewish community, says, “We didn’t have a grudge with 
Sheldon Silver And William E. Rapfogel Allegedly Blocked Low Income Housing In Order To Keep
William E. Rapfogel, the disgraced former head of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, the Jewish community’s anti-poverty arm, and New 
Survey: Up to forty percent of Hungarians harbor anti-Semitic attitudes
St. Louis Jewish Light
The conference is taking place amid a dispute between the Jewish communities and the government over the government’s planned commemoration 
Study: Most hate speech, against Roma, Jewish, Hungarian and gay communities in Romania
The Roma minority, the Jewish community, the Hungarian minority, and the gay community are most affected by the hate speech in Romania, but so 
Linda Lane
“Historically, many of the teachers in the Pittsburgh Public Schools have been members of the Jewish community. That’s why we have Rosh Hashanah 
New Bus Line Strengthens Jewish Presence in Eastern Jerusalem
Arutz Sheva
The bus line currently travels from Armon Hanatziv in the eastern part of the capital, to theJewish community of Maaleh Hazeitim on the Mount of 
Initiatives bring Jews, First Nations closer together
Canadian Jewish News (blog)
The resolution recounts the many social, economic, health and education challenges facing First Nations communities. It calls on Reform Jews to 
With Venezuela in a tailspin, Jews opting for ‘Plan B’
“Emigration has really played a big factor in the community-that’s our main problem,” said Sammy Eppel, a Caracas journalist and Jewish community 
Breaking Israeli-Palestinian Clichés in Paris
Huffington Post
Historically, Belleville has been a haven to Jewish communities and more recently Chinese, Sub-Saharan and North African immigrants, specifically 
Brooklyn Hatzoloh Fails To Report Hit-Run
Jewish Daily Forward
A Jewish emergency medical service is receiving flak for failing to report a  primarily ambulance pickups, to Jewish communities across the world.


Jews commemorate Purim with joyful food, costumes
Last week, Jewish communities around the world celebrated Purim, a holiday that commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in Persia during 
Jewish Teacher Beaten by Swastika Attackers in Paris
Jewish Daily Forward
A Jewish teacher from Paris told police that three men assaulted and cursed  The SPCJ security unit of French Jewish communities recorded 423 
Jewish, Muslim leaders: Danish minister ‘put[s] animal rights before religious rights’
Jerusalem Post
“The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding will be vigilant in fighting this injustice to the Muslim and Jewish communities,” founder Rabbi Marc 
There’s more to world Jewry than Israel and America
Canadian Jewish News (blog)
The 1-1-/2 million-plus Jews in Europe and thriving Jewish communities in Latin America and Australia weren’t even on their radar. In an attempt to ..

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