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General Assembly of Jewish Communities: over 4000 delegates from across world meet in Israel


The 68th General Assembly of the Jewish Communities is great show of support in Israel of almost 4000-delegates from around the world, side by side, with raising issues that the diaspora Jewish communities are tackling these days.

Yad Ezra V’Shulamit – Pesach 2014 for Children in Israel


Yaakov Shwekey sings for Yad Ezra V’Shulamit – For donation click –…

Paris rally against anti-Semitism: France is home to Europe’s largest Jewish community


Thousands of people demonstrated around France to mark the second anniversary of the Toulouse attacks. Four Jews were killed in a deadly shooting spree by radical islamist Mohamed Merah in March 2012. Two years on, many feel the situation for Jews is getting worse. In Paris, Toulouse, and other major cities, mass protest rallies were called by France’s Jewish umbrella group, the CRIF. Their objective was to mobilize the population against rising anti-Semitism.

Argentinian Jewish community marks 22nd anniversary of Israeli embassy attack


These walls behind me used to belong to the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Twenty two years ago, a terrorist attack destroyed the building and the lives of twenty nine people. Now all that remains is this square and these flowers, in memory of the lives that have been lost.

Mix Events Israel

New Kosher restaurant in Brussels gains popularity


Food, in particular Kosher food, is an important part of the Jewish way of life.

American Jewish Congress honors Hillary Clinton for her support of US-Israeli ties


American Jewish Congress has, for 100 years, worked to protect the interests of American Jews. Tonight, they honor Hillary Clinton, a woman who herself has worked to maintain a strong relationship between America and Israel and to maintain peace in the Middle East.

WorldJewish Congress

Planning the Future of Local American Jewish Communities (pt. 1)


Speaker: Ira Sheskin
Date: May 27, 2008

Planning the Future of Local American Jewish Communities (pt. 2)


Speaker: Ira Sheskin
Date: May 27, 2008

Brooklyn NY Jewish Russian dance music


For booking call 201-981-2497 or email
This video was recorded on Sunday, March 16th, 2014 at the Haber House, 3024 West 24th Street, Brooklyn, NY. {Lina, Misha, Alish}.
Brighton Beach Brooklyn Purim concert 2014

Jewish Festival in London 16/03/2014 (purim)


Caught in the middle of a Jewish festival in Stamford Hill, North London. Very colourful and loud festival. I can truly say that the Jewish community knows how to have fun!

At the making of this video I had no idea what the holiday was about but after some research, I found out its Purim. Very interesting story and needs to be looked at.

There was a van with a guy in a bear costume 🙂 People around where joining in. A cheerful festival.


Israel Tourism

The Israel Experience

Innovative Israel

Actual  Videos

Chabad of Boulder, Colorado

Groundbreaking Part Four.


Chabad of Boulder in the fourth and final film of the groundbreaking in the Orthodox community of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Jewish News


Rabbi Baruch Epstein Delivers an Invocation Memorializing Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz OBM





Somewhat Jewish, fully Russian: Crimea Karaites recall past glory
The ethnic, religious categorization of Crimea’s tiny Karaite community has been disputed for centuries. The same cannot be said about its national …
Boycotted by Jews in Belgium, welcomed by Likud deputy minister in Israel
A senior official from the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem noted that the Israeli Embassy in Brussels and Belgium’s Jewish community have placed a …
Can intermarriage achieve what anti-Semitism couldn’t?
Jerusalem Post
First of all, intermarriage is practically nonexistent within Orthodox communities, where 98% of married Jews have a Jewish spouse. In addition …
Iranian Jews mourn passing of chief rabbi Hamadani
Jerusalem Post
The Jewish community of Iran is mourning the passing of its chief rabbi, Yosef Hamadani, who died on Saturday, according to sources in Iran.
Demographic changes threaten Israel
Pakistan Observer
Sunday, March 30, 2014 – The western/Aryan non-Semitic Jews, the … and within theJewish communities in the western world, especially in the US.
Alliance to educate Russian Jews about their roots
San Diego Jewish World
There are an estimated 750,000 to 1 million Russian-American Jews in the … by young volunteer participants from the Russian-Jewish community.
Jewish fashion on display at Israel Museum
Clothes with ornate embroidery from Jewish communities in Morocco, Uzbekistan, Iran, India and beyond fill the exhibit space. And despite their age, ..

Community Seders abound in Tucson, Southern Arizona

If you are looking for a community Passover Seder to attend this year, … Chocolate fans can also savor the Tucson Jewish Community Center’s …
Ukrainian Jews lambaste Putin in full-page NYT ad

Leading Ukrainian Jews took out a full-page advertisement in The New York … “TheJewish community should not be the one sending messages to …
Who is a Jew’ in Uganda

Enosh Keki Maniah, the head of the breakaway Orthodox faction of Uganda’s Abayudaya Jewish community NABUGOYE, Uganda — On Fridays at …
Uruguay Jews Fret Over Freed Guantanamo Bay Terror Suspects

Uruguay’s Jewish community has reacted with concern to President Jose Mujica’s decision to accept inmates from Guantanamo Bay. The five …
Jewish perspectives to illumine ICS conference on mental illness

As for Jews and depression “there are no serious studies like in the general population, but if we spoke very broadly, the Jewish community is prone to ..
Jewish Women’s Fund: We can change the world

Collectively, we can be a genuine force in confronting these issues, in both theJewish and general communities, as we add our name to the growing …
European Rabbis call Danish shechita ban cover for terrible animal rights record

Until recently shechita, Jewish ritual slaughter, was legal in Denmark, yet the small Jewish communitypreferred to import meat. In a statement to the …
Knesset Speaker Launches Gathering of Young Russian Jews

Knesset Speaker Launches Gathering of Young Russian Jews … young Jewish adults who are revitalizing Jewish communities and culture in the …
Stolen synagogue textile returns to Czech Republic

The textile dates to 1855 and belonged to the Jewish community in the town of Mlada Vozice, 30 miles south of Prague. It is believed to have been …
An Exploration of Jewish Heritage Tourism in a Mostly Gentile Poland

On the other hand, around 20,000 Jews live today in Poland, where there is an attempt at a revival of Jewish culture, heritage and even communities …
Rabbi Nathan Katz To Present “The Jews of Cochin”

His experience yielded two award-winning books about the community, as well as other volumes onJewish communities throughout the subcontinent …
Coffee table book explores India’s Jews

There are four distinct historic Jewish communities in India – the Cochin or Malabar Jews, the Bene-Israel Jews, the Bene-Menashe Jews and the …
I took the elevator going up

It’s amazing what you can learn from groups of Jewish teens in an elevator at … What better place to do so than a Jewish Community Center and what …
Jewish fashion on display at Israel Museum

This exhibition is called Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe. … Clothes with ornate embroidery from Jewish communities in Morocco, …
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 15, 1957, Part 2
San Diego Jewish World
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 15, 1957, Part 2 … reprinted on theSan Diego Jewish World website, simply copy the website …
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, September 20, 1957, Part 2
San Diego Jewish World
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, September 20, 1957, Part 2 … reprinted on theSan Diego Jewish World website, simply copy the website …
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, November 1, 1957, Part 1
San Diego Jewish World
… from the Southwestern Jewish Press of any “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” article that has been reprinted on the San Diego Jewish World …
Terminating San Diego Opera is too drastic a solution
San Diego Jewish World
First of all, San Diego Opera has been with us for 49 years. …. San Diego Jewish Worldseeks sponsorships to be placed, as this notice is, just below …
Pax Americana: Uniform prayer book for Jews in uniform
… or prayer book, has been published for Jewish members of the United States Armed Forces, the San Diego Jewish World reports. It will be used for …
Jewish Federation tells Yom Ha Atzma ‘Ut plans
San Diego Jewish World
Preceding provided by the Jewish Federation of San Diego County. San Diego Jewish World seeks sponsorships to be placed, as this notice is, just …
Remembering the Sheep of Climate Change
San Diego Jewish World
The review grew out of a letter exchange that the rabbi had with San Diego Jewish Worldfollowing publication of an article by Dan Bloom, calling for a …
In memory of Barry Rubin, scholar and journalist
San Diego Jewish World
Editor’s Note: San Diego Jewish World printed a brief obituary notice about the death of Barry Rubin, whose columns we had the privilege of carrying …
Faulconer names Jewish woman as SD police chief
San Diego Jewish World
Zimmerman, who is Jewish, will be the first woman to lead the San Diego Police Department. … Harrison is editor of San Diego Jewish World. He may …
Allan Finkelstein to retire from JCCA
San Diego Jewish World
San Diego Jewish World seeks sponsorships to be placed, as this notice is, just below articles that appear on our site. This is an ideal opportunity for .


Was Daniel’s ‘River of Fire’ Really the Milky Way
Jewish Daily Forward
In Jewish tradition, the Milky Way is called “the River of Fire,” a term … The Jewish Daily Forward welcomes reader comments in order to promote …
A Visit To Germany Reawakens Fears of an Ultra-Orthodox Childhood
Jewish Daily Forward
I hadn’t come to Germany looking for Jewish history; I was on vacation, … The Jewish Daily Forward welcomes reader comments in order to promote …
In Search of a More Perfect Union

Jewish Daily Forward
The Jewish Daily Forward welcomes reader comments in order to promote thoughtful discussion on issues of importance to the Jewish community.

celebrity jews
The Academy Awards air live at 4 p.m. this Sunday, March 2, with Ellen DeGeneres hosting on ABC. The following are “confirmed” Jewish nominees .



Live view – jn1.tvjewish news one. … Special Report: Jews of LA I’m here at the Grauman Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Where else would we start our special …


The Jews of Holland – History of the Jewish communities of the Netherlands – Lectures – Chabad
Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, chief rabbi of the Netherlands, describes the rich history of the Jewish people in his native country from medieval times until
A Jew, an Irishman and a Corkman : Irish Jewish Community
This week the Irish Jewish gathering takes place celebrating IrishJewish culture. Among the events organised are a series of films byJewish directors
RTE Nationwide Special Irish Jewish Community
RTE Television recently did a programme as part of their Nationwide series that focused on the Jewish community in Dublin. In the programme


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